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Configuration Management; Fact, Fiction or Fable

Transforming your program from fable to fact; come share and experience the journey of pure simplicity and beat down the rhetoric that configuration management cannot work and has no place in service improvement.

Andrew Brummer has been in the IT service management space for over 20 years. He has been involved at almost every level of service management engagement, including technician through to trainer, process consultant, solution strategist, program manager, coach & mentor, services practice lead and multi-Sales roles in three continents. Andrew has personally delivered close to forty service management engagements covering most of the IT processes, multiple operational and business processes.
Recorded Dec 6 2011 49 mins
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Presented by
Andrew Brummer, USA Country Manager, ICCM Solutions
Presentation preview: Configuration Management; Fact, Fiction or Fable

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  • What's Needed to Build the Next Generation of IT Service Desks May 14 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Panel of experts
    According to Forbes, users expect enterprise ITSM services to be delivered instantly. However, a third of IT service desk customers say that service desks are ‘failing to deliver the IT support services they need’ - and the reason for this is estimated to be that whilst digital platforms, applications and services have progressed at an unprecedented rate, many service desks are lagging behind.

    With supply not meeting demand, it’s time to take a closer look at the potential reasons for this, and discuss how next generation iterations of service and help desks can start to bridge the gap.

    Join this panel of ITSM experts as they discuss:

    - What solutions should be automatic and not require in-person IT support
    - How to become truly end-user centric
    - Proactive problem solutions
    - How to embrace data and analytics to transform the IT environment
  • Cut Costs in ITSM with COVID-19 Survival Guide Tips Apr 16 2020 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera
    Today, IT help desks are operated by humans with manual service-oriented interactions. In the world of cloud and AI, the IT help desk needs to be improved and modernized. With global work environments shifting drastically to remote workers caused by the COVID-19, this exposes the deficit of common IT help desks. Currently, they are not scalable to support the influx of employee requests for IT support.

    AI brings users and services together, in times where social distancing in the workplace is mandated, and AI is the only way to ensure business continuity across remote workers and cross-functional teams. Remote workers do not want to talk to an operator, and even worse, they don't want to wait for service. AI solves these growing business issues while decreasing OPEX in an economic standstill.

    In this talk, Muddu Sudhakar takes a deeper dive into his Survival Guide Tips for leveraging AI to automate existing IT Help Desks to cut costs up to 90%.

    You’ll learn how to:

    1. Apply an AI-first and AI-native approach to your existing ITSM
    2. Give users a Conversational Experience through a Virtual Assistant
    3. Use Conversational RPA to automate existing RPA workflows
    4. Provide end-to-end Omnichannel 24x7 Self-Service
  • ITSM in the Age of Coronavirus: Supporting Businesses During a Pandemic Apr 9 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Claire Agutter - ITSM.Zone | Pete Knowles - Digital Clarity | Joe Foley - Numerify
    Join this special panel with Claire Agutter, Pete Knowles, Joe Foley and others as they explore ITSM in the Age of Coronavirus and how its supporting businesses during a once in a generation pandemic:

    Topics discussed will include:

    - How is ITSM keeping the lights on as people are moving to home working?

    - How will ITSM help when businesses go back to normal?

    - What might change for good, and how can ITSM help?
  • Ask the Expert: Making Configuration, Change & Release Management a Reality Recorded: Mar 26 2020 25 mins
    Harriet Jamieson, Senior Content Manager, BrightTALK and Ben Sapp, Insight Architect, Numerify
    Join Configuration, Change and Release Management expert Ben Sapp as he answers your questions about how to make it a reality.

    We'll start this live session with Ben's 5 FAQ asked questions around Configuration, Change and Release Management, and then we'll answer the audience's burning questions around this facet of IT Service Management.
  • Understanding Change, Release and Configuration Recorded: Feb 7 2020 49 mins
    Beverly Weed Schertzer, ITSM Business Strategist, edifyIT LLC
    ITSM is dependent on people in the organization to understand it and most people don’t get it. ITSM isn’t a choice it’s a requirement and businesses are losing sight of the core concept of what ITSM practices deliver.

    Understanding Change, Release and Configuration is about providing clarity to help deepen one’s understanding of a major area in ITSM; Change, Release & Configuration Coordination. ITSM is a fundamental aspect in business and its requirements to develop a program that works, and it's sometimes it's more than the common ITSM frameworks can achieve.

    ITSM isn’t a framework to implement, it’s a business function to effectively and efficiently deliver high-value service to customers. Technology is the vehicle to deliver this value, and people are the driving force to ensure the vehicle is controlled, managed, and maintained. Change, Release, and Configuration (CRC) are continuous tasks involved with service delivery.

    In this webinar, Beverly talks about the effects of framework thinking and presents on the importance of understanding CRC in ITSM to produce a high performing service delivery organization.
  • Leverage Nutanix to Accelerate Your DevOps Journey & Improve Service Management Recorded: Feb 6 2020 58 mins
    Paul Harb and Mayank Gupta, Nutanix
    Discover how Nutanix can enable you to accelerate the adoption of DevOps in your IT organization to improve service quality and user experience while reducing costs and accelerate results.

    Key takeaways:

    - DevOps tooling delivered through Nutanix Automation (Calm & CI/CD Pipeline)
    - Service Management through Prism PRO
    - Cost Management via Calm Showback
    - Service Stability - improving code quality
    - Value Acceleration - speed up time to market
    - DevOps mentality - upskilling Infra Engineers to make Cloud Automation Engineers

    By the end of this session, you will understand how to leverage Nutanix to drive more value in your IT Organization through DevOps.

    About the speakers

    Paul Harb oversees Technology Architecture for the Office of the CTO within Nutanix Customer Success. He is responsible for managing a global team of Enterprise Architects with three key goals: to develop robust architectural frameworks for nearly any solution on Nutanix / curate the voice of our largest customers to ensure they derive maximum value from our products and services / identify themes across multiple customers and drive continuous improvement through optimal prioritization of product enhancements.
    Over the past four years he built Nutanix Professional Services from its nascent stages throughout Asia Pacific and the Americas. Prior to Nutanix, he worked at VCE building enterprise-grade cloud automation solutions, and he worked in Australia for ANZ Bank running a $100m IT transformation program.

    Mayank Gupta leads the Product Marketing for the AIOps and DevOps for Nutanix. He has given numerous talks and spoken at industry events on Hyper Converged Infrastructure. Before joining Nutanix, he was working for the Datacenter group at Intel. He has over 15 years of experience in the Compute and Storage space. He holds an MBA from Berkeley-Haas and BS from IIT Bombay.
  • Metrics and Monitoring for Service Desks and Help Desks Recorded: Feb 6 2020 56 mins
    Roy Atkinson, Group Principal Analyst, Informa Tech | HDI and ICMI
    This webinar will cover the what and the why of measuring and monitoring in the technical support center. In addition to discussing some of the differences between a Service Desk and a Help Desk, we will cover:

    - The Why of Metrics
    - Industry Top Metrics – A Closer Look
    - Myths of Measuring
    - Back to Basics
    - Consequences of Automation and Artificial Intelligence
    - Monitoring: What and Why

    Measuring and monitoring help us understand and improve our performance for the organization, but it’s important to be aware of some of the unintended effects of and overemphasis on metrics, and talk about why metrics should not be considered goals, but rather should be mileposts.

    Who should attend: Directors and managers with responsibility for Service Desk or Help Desk operations

    About the speaker

    HDI's 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Roy Atkinson is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. His blogs, presentations, research reports, white papers, keynotes, and webinars have gained him an international reputation. In his role as Group Principal Analyst, he acts as in-house subject matter expert for HDI and ICMI, bringing his years of experience to the community. He holds a master’s certificate in advanced management strategy from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, and he is a certified HDI Support Center Manager. Follow him on Twitter @RoyAtkinson.
  • The Future of IT Service Management Recorded: Feb 6 2020 47 mins
    Simon Dorst and Michelle Major-Goldsmith - Kinetic IT
    Our industry is experiencing massive change in the shape of the 4th Industrial Revolution. With it come the challenges of new business and engagement models, the exploitation of technology for competitive gain and the ongoing pressure of speed to market. The question is, are service management practices sufficient to support digital enabled businesses?

    In this session,Simon and Michelle will explore the role of some of the latest best and enabling practices particularly ITIL 4, DevOps, Agile, SIAM and VeriSM. They will consider the future of service management, and the promises made by the emerging practices within our industry and consider their ability to support this digitised and frenetic environment.
  • Predicting and Preventing Service Outage Failures for Real-Time Applications Recorded: Feb 5 2020 40 mins
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera
    More than 40% of Enterprise customers are “very dissatisfied” with their service’s availability. Thirty-nine percent of outages take up to 12 hours to resolve. Just one hour of downtime for an average-sized enterprise costs $540,000. That same Enterprise experiences, on average, 87 hours of downtime per year, costing $46 million annually. Customers are done with this. They want 0% unplanned service downtime. In this talk, we will start from quantifying the combinatorial complexity of predicting service degradation and/or outages and introduce a fully automated, empirical-driven ML/AI pipeline to discover low-frequency signals leading to future major service problems.

    Key Takeaways:

    Concrete examples of how the networking industry is leveraging the latest techniques in ML/AI and workflow automation

    Advanced de-noising and automated annotation techniques to discover low-frequency signals embedded in a massive amount of input data

    The importance of empirical data analysis as a precursor to designing the ML algorithm pipeline
  • Drive End-to-End Automation for ITSM and Operations Recorded: Feb 5 2020 37 mins
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO & Investor, Aisera
    Have you ever thought about an AI-driven service desk solution that can provide conversational workflow automation to deliver self-service and exceptional experience through an IT Cloud? Wait no more.

    In this webinar, Muddu Sudhakar will showcase how cloud-native Conversational RPA is driving end-to-end automation for ITSM and operations within the enterprise to improve the service experience for all users while cutting costs up to 90%. Sudhakar tells all, as he shares the anatomy of conversational intelligence and Experience as a Service (XaaS). He’ll share how these transformational AI solutions are changing the way enterprises deliver improved collaborative employee and customer experiences while achieving business growth.
  • Digital Perspective – Inside ITIL® 4 Recorded: Feb 5 2020 41 mins
    Mark Smalley, the IT Paradigmologist
    How does ITIL 4 contribute to the digital enterprise?
    What is a digital enterprise, for that matter, and which digital capabilities are required?
    How does the digital operating model contribute to transforming the enterprise?
    What’s the importance of planned and emergent continual improvement in keeping up with dynamic digital demand?
    How is the role of management changing?
    Which resources and practices do ITSM practitioners have at their disposal to co-create value from digital investments?

    This talk will explore these questions and more.
  • [Panel] How ITSM Can Drive and Deliver Digital Transformation Recorded: Feb 4 2020 49 mins
    Stephen Mann, ITSM.tools | Matt Klassen, Cherwell | Muddu Sudhakar, Aisera
    Where does ITSM fit in the Digital Transformation landscape? And does it need to evolve to ensure businesses can deliver what their customers expect in 2020?

    Join this panel of ITSM experts as they debate and discuss:

    - How ITSM can help meet and implement the back-office improvement needs of digital transformation
    - How ITSM can fuel Digital Transformation by educating enterprises on the ‘people’ aspect of strategies
    - What tools are paramount to delivering best-in-class, future-proof DX strategies
    - How to ensure your service management strategy keeps pace as technologies advance

    Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst and Content Director, ITSM.tools
    Matt Klassen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Cherwell
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera
  • ITSM in the Year of Perfect Vision Recorded: Feb 4 2020 37 mins
    Doug Tedder - Tedder Consulting
    Is 2020 the year that organizations realize that ITSM is about the business and not about IT? In this webinar, Doug Tedder discusses four hot business trends that will significantly impact how IT thinks about service management.
  • [Panel] Automation in ITSM to Optimize Digital Transformation Recorded: Feb 4 2020 41 mins
    Wai Wong, Serviceaide | Pierre-André Aeschlimann, Cherwell Software | Harriet Jamieson, BrightTALK
    2019 has seen much of the ITSM industry focus on automation and its impact. From self-service, to AIOps and problem and incident management, the influence of automation has been far-reaching.

    Join this panel to hear ITSM experts take a look back at where automation has taken us, and look forward to where it’ll lead us next.

    Wai Wong, CEO, Serviceaide
    Pierre-André Aeschlimann - Solution / Sales Strategist & Evangelist, Cherwell Software
    Moderated by Harriet Jamieson, Global Content Manager, BrightTALK
  • ITSM in 2020: Experts' Predictions and Forecasts Recorded: Dec 12 2019 52 mins
    Claire Agutter - Director, Scopism; Roy Atkinson - Senior Analyst, UBM; Doug Tedder - Founder, Tedder Consulting
    Join a stellar line-up of ITSM experts as they predict what will impact ITSM in 2020.
  • Is ITIL 4 DevOps Ready? Recorded: Nov 7 2019 55 mins
    Rob Akershoek, IT Architect, Fruition Partners
    Most IT organizations are currently working on transforming their existing IT delivery processes, with increasing use of Agile development methods (such as SCRUM), Continuous Delivery and DevOps. As a result of this transformation, traditional ITIL service management processes are being challenged for their relevance. ITIL processes are considered to be bureaucratic, slow and not relevant for the new digital ecosystem consisting. ITIL v3 also have some significant gaps as it didn’t cover the actual design and development of IT services (or products).

    But now in the beginning of 2019, Axelos introduced ITIL 4.

    Does this new version fill in these gaps?
    How to combine ITIL and DevOps?
    Does the digital enterprise still need ITIL 4?
    Or will your DevOps journey fail without a solid service management practice?

    This presentation will show how DevOps and ITIL should be combined in order to optimally manage the new digital ecosystem while at the same time being able to meet the increasingly stringent requirements imposed on IT service delivery.
  • Effective Dev/Ops Strategies Recorded: Nov 7 2019 57 mins
    Beverly Weed Schertzer, ITSM Business Strategist, edifyIT LLC
    As a term, Dev/Ops isn’t a new concept. The struggle to make development and infrastructure operations. Join this webcast to understand the interdependencies with each other has been a main issue for decades.

    In this webinar practical strategies are explored to implement or improve Dev/Ops practices.
  • DevOps + ITSM: A Merge Request Recorded: Nov 7 2019 64 mins
    Rob Akershoek, IT Management Architect, Fruition Partners, a DXC Technology Company
    Traditional ITSM practices such as ITIL are being challenged by DevOps teams. Does a DevOps team still need an ITSM system? Can we not just use one single backlog to manage all our work including incidents and requests? Do we still need a CAB for change approvals? Is the traditional CMDB suitable for the dynamic cloud environment?

    Join this webinar to learn all about how ITSM needs be transformed to leverage the DevOps way of working.
  • Dev + Ops + Sec = A better business Recorded: Nov 7 2019 48 mins
    Daniel Breston, Principal Consultant, Virtual Clarity & Daniel Blander, Principal Consultants, Techtonica, Inc.
    This is not going to be a normal BrightTalk event of sharing slides but instead an open conversation with Daniel Blander, well-known author of technology security practices and how to best blend them into DevOps, ITSM or general organisational practices. Daniel and I will spend 15-20 minutes discussing some basics, but we are looking for your questions on how to use security to help your staff, processes, suppliers and customers benefit from a safer technology product and services provider.

    Daniel Blander leads the Security Portfolio for Virtual Clarity. He is a highly experienced and recognized expert in the fields of information security, risk management, compliance, operations, and organizational change. He has over 20 years of global experience as CTO, CSO, as well as an advisor to Fortune 100 and startups alike in the fields of Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Technology, Airline, Hospitality, Government, and Entertainment. His work resulted in his nomination in 2008 as Information Security of the Year for the West by the Executive Alliance and is a frequent lecturer at security conferences around the world. Daniel has also been recognised for his contributions to DevOps and the publications many view as the main books of knowledge such as The DevOps Handbook.

    This session will be facilitated by Daniel Breston, a long-time technology professional in Banking and Utilities. Constantly involved in service management practices and events, Daniel has learned how to blend lean and agile to help leaders and teams make the best use of technology to serve their customers. Now Daniel is using this knowledge to look at cloud and other virtualisation practices to create the paradigm of technology and people.
  • Conversational RPA Drives Exceptional Experience Recorded: Nov 6 2019 38 mins
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO & Investor, Aisera
    Ever thought about an AI-driven service desk solution that can provide conversational workflow automation to deliver self-service and exceptional experience through an IT Cloud? Wait no more.

    In this webinar, Muddu Sudhakar will showcase how cloud-native Conversational RPA is driving end-to-end automation for ITSM and operations within the enterprise to improve the service experience for all users while cutting costs up to 90%. Sudhakar tells all, as he shares the anatomy of conversational intelligence and Experience as a Service (XaaS). He’ll share how these transformational AI solutions are changing the way enterprises deliver improved collaborative employee and customer experiences while achieving business growth.
The backbone of your IT infrastructure
IT service management forms the backbone of any forward looking IT infrastructure. Whether it’s the latest trends, techniques or strategies, the content in this channel will help you optimize your organization's IT operations.

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  • Title: Configuration Management; Fact, Fiction or Fable
  • Live at: Dec 6 2011 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Andrew Brummer, USA Country Manager, ICCM Solutions
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