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Conversational RPA Drives Exceptional Experience

Ever thought about an AI-driven service desk solution that can provide conversational workflow automation to deliver self-service and exceptional experience through an IT Cloud? Wait no more.

In this webinar, Muddu Sudhakar will showcase how cloud-native Conversational RPA is driving end-to-end automation for ITSM and operations within the enterprise to improve the service experience for all users while cutting costs up to 90%. Sudhakar tells all, as he shares the anatomy of conversational intelligence and Experience as a Service (XaaS). He’ll share how these transformational AI solutions are changing the way enterprises deliver improved collaborative employee and customer experiences while achieving business growth.
Recorded May 12 2020 37 mins
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Presented by
Muddu Sudhakar, CEO & Investor, Aisera
Presentation preview: Conversational RPA Drives Exceptional Experience

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  • AIOps solution for cloud and on-premise managed services Dec 3 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jared Reimer, Founder and CEO, Cascadeo
    Cloud infrastructures require highly-customized solutions for their various system. Migrating “the right way” to the Cloud and managing a Hybrid Cloud environment is harder than industry pundits would lead you to believe. Many end up resorting to band aid solutions and human power that turn out to be costly in the end.

    Join Jared Reimer, Founder and CEO of Cascadeo in this session as he discusses workload solution for migration and monitoring. As you’re moving workloads and even once they’re moved -- how can you be sure everything is working properly and adequately monitored? How do you provide consistent operational view of both environments?

    Jared Reimer is the Founder and CEO of Cascadeo, a Seattle-based cloud consulting firm with operations in the US and Asia. Cascadeo is uniquely positioned as a leading vendor-neutral, cloud-centric engineering and managed services firm. Areas of focus include large-scale distributed systems, cloud architecture and migration, deployment automation, monitoring systems, and hybrid cloud networking. Jared holds a MS in computer science and engineering from UW, and operated one of the very first ISPs in the Northwest. He resides in Mercer Island, WA with his wife, two dogs,
    and three young children. Jared enjoys world travel, camping, cooking, and SCUBA, is a retired
    single-engine airplane pilot, a passionate electric vehicle enthusiast, a serial entrepreneur and
    an accomplished downhill skier. He served as a senior technical advisor to HBO’s award-
    winning “Silicon Valley" series.
  • How Leading Apps Use AI-First Incident Prediction to Eliminate Outages Recorded: Aug 21 2020 35 mins
    Dan Turchin, CEO, InsightFinder
    Every CIO is expected to deliver innovative new features that are always available. Today, those expectations come with smaller teams, higher velocity release cycles, and more complex system architectures. The most popular apps are turning to smart automation solutions to meet the challenge.

    AI-first systems like InsightFinder automatically detect anomalies across all types of machine data - logs, metrics, traces, and changes - to predict when incidents will occur. Only InsightFinder translates incident predictions into more accurate root cause analyses and actionable insights.

    In this session you will learn:
    - Why CIOs and DevOps teams use InsightFinder to reduce mean time between failures
    - How InsightFinder builds scalable strategies and help businesses innovate faster
  • AI and Automation to Manage Support Requests in the New Remote Workplace Recorded: Aug 21 2020 18 mins
    Christos Karafeizis, Founder & CEO, Gaspardesk Inc
    Over the last few months, we have seen a dramatic shift on how companies operate. Now, more than ever, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, employees need to be empowered to work from home. Companies must not delay the digital transformation required to become remote-first or remote-enabled. They must leverage the latest AI and Automation models as their building blocks to increase employee productivity while controlling headcount needed for their service desk teams and overall IT operations.
    Join this interactive webinar if you are interested in learning about the following topics:
    Shifting focus to the employee and having an omnichannel self-service experience that is available 24x7.
    Implementing automated agents to resolve employee repetitive service requests without human agent’s involvement.
    Using Intelligence Augmentations (IA) to enable service desk agents resolve tickets more expediently.
  • Accelerating Automation and Continual Service Improvement Recorded: Aug 21 2020 17 mins
    Stan Feintstein, President of Project Remedies Inc.
    Stan Feinstein, President of Project Remedies Inc., discusses and connects accelerating automation, and continual service improvement. While AI applies to tasks that can be performed in nanoseconds, continual service improvement involves processes that take much longer.

    In this session, Stan outlines:
    - How to set up a continuous service improvement program
    - The issues involved with a service improvement program
    - The importance of AI when setting up a successful and long lasting program
    - Techniques used to automate processes and capture performance metrics
  • Forget the CMDB, it Will Never Be Your Friend! Recorded: Aug 21 2020 49 mins
    Rob Akershoek, IT Management Architect, Fruition Partners, a DXC Technology Company
    Almost no organization has a solid CMDB underpinning their IT processes. You probably also have a CMDB that is not up to date nor equipped to do the job, despite all efforts including implementing automated inventory and discovery.

    The question is: should we even try to manage the CMDB in this dynamic cloud ecosystem where resources are dynamically deployed and turned off again? Is the current approach to the CMDB suitable for the new multi-vendor digital ecosystem with micro-services, containers, and cloud (e.g. IAAS, SAAS)?

    In this session we will discuss:
    - How CMDB will evolve
    - How to get configuration management on track
    - How to ensure CMDB is up-to-date
    - Why CMDB initiatives have failed, and how to fix this approach
  • Does Virtual Collaboration Virtualize Continual Improvement? Recorded: Aug 21 2020 43 mins
    Robert S. Falkowitz, General Manager, Concentric Circle Consulting
    What does Isaac Asimov have to do with virtual collaboration, COVID-19 and continual improvement? Some people will tell you that the future of work, and consequently how we improve, will be utterly changed. Others cannot wait to return to their old ways of working. Rather than believe there is a single truth, continual improvement is part of an evolving system of labor, behavior and belief. Many of the concepts we think are innovative and recent are, in fact, old and well established.

    This presentation examines the connections among the principles underpinning older and more recent approaches to continual improvement. It looks at practices that we should probably try to conserve and practices that are best laid to rest. Sociological and neurological research of the past decades has provided many lessons for improving how we work.

    How does virtualization and social distancing impact these lessons learned? What Asimov knew 70 years ago may still be of value to us today.
  • Driving Cost Reduction Recorded: Aug 21 2020 52 mins
    Sebastien Adjiman, CEO and Co-Founder, Deepcoding
    Deploying Intelligent Routing in ServiceNow using the Deepcoding Delivery Intelligence Platform

    DeepCoding’s unique AI technology leverages the existing deep-data located in your IT service delivery management tools, such ServiceNow or BMC Remedy, to perform a comprehensive diagnostic of the service delivery organisation. This pinpoints the source of issues affecting their systems, support and users.

    This deep-data can be used to train our cognitive engine, to provide unique real time capabilities such as Intelligent Ticket Routing based on our patented skillset scoring algorithm, automatic emerging problem detection and abnormal incident spike detection. The tickets are automatically routed to the right individual, team or robot based on their skillset and historical efficiency in solving that type of ticket.

    In this session we will discuss how to:

    - Reduce pick up time and resolution time, while reducing the overall number of tickets.
    - Identify problems using NLP to group data of similar tickets into AI based clusters
    - Reduce overall MTTR
    - Increase agent skill-sets and identify training opportunities, by identifying highest performers
    - Improve Knowledge Base accuracy
    - Improve internal and external service levels, by introducing dynamic SLAs and OLAs
    - Increase NPS by monitoring the customer satisfaction

    After this session you will see how DeepCoding complement ServiceNow and BMC Remedy and help you drastically improve your main service delivery metrics.
  • AIOps platform to guide your hybrid journey from on-premise into the cloud Recorded: Aug 20 2020 30 mins
    Jared Reimer, CTO, Cascadeo
    Cloud infrastructures require highly-customized solutions for their various system. Migrating “the right way” to the Cloud and managing a Hybrid Cloud environment is harder than industry pundits would lead you to believe. Many end up resorting to band aid solutions and human power that turn out to be costly in the end.

    Join Jared Reimer, Founder and CEO of Cascadeo in this session as he discusses workload solution for migration and monitoring. As you’re moving workloads and even once they’re moved -- how can you be sure everything is working properly and adequately monitored? How do you provide consistent operational view of both environments?
  • [Panel] Exploring the Future of Automation and AI in ITSM Recorded: Aug 20 2020 49 mins
    Moderator: Daniel Breston | Joe Foley - Numerify, Melody Scheidler - Solar Winds & Phil Bowermaster - Cherwell Software
    Automation and AI in ITSM have come a long way. The improvements they’ve made to parts of ITSM - including to workflows, change management, pushing updates and ticketing - have had a significant impact on customer and employee experience and satisfaction.

    So what’s next for AI, machine learning and automation in ITSM? And how is it changing employee service management? Join this expert panel as they share insights, advice and use cases about areas of ITSM that are being revolutionized by intelligent technologies, including:

    - Improved IT operational efficiencies
    - Increased cost savings
    - Faster incident and problem resolution
    - Better release management
    - Higher customer/end-user satisfaction
  • Are Chatbots Dead? Learn how Chatbots have evolved into Conversational AI Recorded: Aug 20 2020 54 mins
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera
    Ninety percent of chatbot projects failed in 2019—yet 100 percent of customers are optimistic about their benefits and are willing to deploy them again in 2020.

    In this session, we cover the key reasons for the failure of chatbot projects, such as offering robotic & scripted experiences, lack of AI capabilities, and long time-to-value. With the emergence of true Conversational AI, companies can now take advantage of cutting-edge AI that is far more accessible and can deliver tangible business results from Day One.
  • [Panel] What Does the Future of ITSM Hold? Recorded: Aug 20 2020 45 mins
    Claire Agutter - Scopism | Matt Klassen,- Cherwell | Ben Sapp - Numerify | Daniel Breston - Virtual Clarity
    With so much business and technology change surrounding IT Service Management - as well as the impact of COVID-19 - what does the future of ITSM hold?

    Join this expert panel as we take a closer look at the areas in which ITSM is evolving and morphing, as well as those where its roots in people, process and technology are proving to be steadfast supporters in a time of immense upheaval.

    Topics of discussion will include:
    - What are ITSM professionals currently focusing on?
    - Which technological advancements are helping ITSM better meet business demands?
    - How have - or haven’t - ITSM best practices changed?

    - Moderated by Claire Agutter - Director at Scopism
    - Panellists include Matt Klassen,- VP, Product Marketing at Cherwell and Ben Sapp - Insights Solutions Architect at Numerify | Daniel Breston - Consultant and Coach, Virtual Clarity
  • ITSM in the Age of Coronavirus: Supporting Businesses During a Pandemic Recorded: Aug 20 2020 58 mins
    Claire Agutter - ITSM.Zone | Samantha Robinson - NHS Digital | Pete Knowles - Digital Clarity | Joe Foley - Numerify
    Join this special panel as experts explore ITSM in the Age of Coronavirus and how its supporting businesses during a once in a generation pandemic.

    Moderator Claire Agutter, Director at ITSM.Zone will be joined by:

    - Samantha Robinson - Associate Director of Live Services, NHS Digital
    - Joe Foley - Insights Architect, Numerify
    - Pete Knowles - Director, Digital Clarity

    Topics discussed will include:

    - How is ITSM keeping the lights on as people are moving to home working?

    - How will ITSM help when businesses go back to normal?

    - What might change for good, and how can ITSM help?
  • Cut Costs in ITSM with COVID-19 Survival Guide Tips Recorded: Aug 20 2020 27 mins
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera
    Today, IT help desks are operated by humans with manual service-oriented interactions. In the world of cloud and AI, the IT help desk needs to be improved and modernized. With global work environments shifting drastically to remote workers caused by the COVID-19, this exposes the deficit of common IT help desks. Currently, they are not scalable to support the influx of employee requests for IT support.

    AI brings users and services together, in times where social distancing in the workplace is mandated, and AI is the only way to ensure business continuity across remote workers and cross-functional teams. Remote workers do not want to talk to an operator, and even worse, they don't want to wait for service. AI solves these growing business issues while decreasing OPEX in an economic standstill.

    In this talk, Muddu Sudhakar takes a deeper dive into his Survival Guide Tips for leveraging AI to automate existing IT Help Desks to cut costs up to 90%.

    You’ll learn how to:

    1. Apply an AI-first and AI-native approach to your existing ITSM
    2. Give users a Conversational Experience through a Virtual Assistant
    3. Use Conversational RPA to automate existing RPA workflows
    4. Provide end-to-end Omnichannel 24x7 Self-Service
  • COVID-19: Top 3 Challenges for Your Help Desk and How to Solve Them Recorded: Aug 19 2020 25 mins
    Manu Prasanna, Senior Strategist, Avaamo
    Overcoming the Hurdles of servicing a Fully Remote Workforce

    The rapid migration of employees from office-based to remote working has put unprecedented pressure on IT help desk departments of large and small companies - while they themselves manage tickets and handle ticket resolution from their own kitchen table!

    In this session we will discuss:
    - How conversational AI automation is beneficial for IT support teams
    - How AI and automation can help bridge the disconnect between remote workforces
    - Implementing AI into your IT support teams' strategy to overcome challenges caused by Covid-19
  • What Does the Agile Service Desk Look Like Now? Recorded: Aug 19 2020 57 mins
    Barclay Rae | Rusty Robinson - Performance 360 | Ken Fee - Business Technology Architects | Dan Turchin - InsightFinder
    Although Agile was originally conceived to apply solely to software development, it’s influence has been far-reaching. In 2020, it’s notably impacted the service desk - something whose traditional principles are rooted in ITIL.

    So what does the Agile service desk look like in 2020? Has it continuously demonstrated and delivered business-defined value? And does it actually put people before process and technology? Join us for a discussion on what the current - and future - Agile service desk looks like. We’ll cover:

    - Recent use cases showing how the Agile mindset can drive efficiency at the service desk level
    - How Agile can improve the reputation of your service desk - and champion its contribution to the business
    - What Agile metrics you should use, and how they show the positive impact that ITSM has across an organization

    Barclay Rae - Barclay Rae Consulting
    Rusty Robinson, President & Founder, Performance 360
    Ken Fee - CEO, Business Technology Architects
    Dan Turchin - CEO, InsightFinder
  • Achieving IT Transformation Using Agile Methodology at the Service Desk Recorded: Aug 19 2020 51 mins
    Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord, Strategic Advisor, Daffodil Consulting
    For IT organizations to transform into a valued business unit, they need to better understand their impact on the commercial activities and outcomes of the entire organization.

    The service desk can play a critical role, as it can be the driving factor for achieving higher employee—and customer—satisfaction. Due to its functional nature, IT is often sidelined and sometimes considered to be a necessary, though costly, burden. However, by adopting an agile approach—fully supported by an organization's leadership, employees, and technology—the service desk can not only be the catalyst but also an enabler towards real IT transformation.

    In this presentation, Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord will discuss:

    - How to establish a way of working that supports agile methodologies and the ITSM/ITIL framework
    - How to achieve a business-engaged, customer-centric and outcome-driven IT Unit
    - The benefits of an agile service desk
  • AI opportunities for Service Management confidence Recorded: Aug 19 2020 47 mins
    Barclay Rae, Barclay Rae Consulting Ltd.
    As more options become available in automation and artificial Intelligence (AI), it can be daunting and challenging to wade through the various types of technology and identify where benefits can be achieved. There may also be some reticence from business areas to using automation, where previous good levels or personal support have been established.

    In this session we will discuss:
    - Some simple guidelines in terms of business benefits
    - Operational opportunities
    - Overall improvement expectations that can be achieved from AI in the ITSM world
  • MAIDE for SIAM Recorded: Aug 19 2020 53 mins
    Michelle Major-Goldsmith & Simon Dorst, Kinetic IT
    SIAM has been around for some time now, and the publications of the SIAM Bodies of Knowledge has helped to codify the best practice common sense around managing multiple service providers, mainly through the introduction of the service integrator.

    But in our experience, many organisations still struggle with the concept and structure of that service integrator layer and thus could benefit from a practical example SIAM model.

    The MAIDE model presented is allows customers to take control of their SIAM ecosystem, allowing them to divide the service integrator functions in a managed way, retaining control in areas they deem appropriate for their organisation and giving clear guidance and expectations on the areas they want to outsource.

    Michelle Major-Goldsmith Manager, Service Management Capability, Kinetic IT
    Simon Dorst Manager, Service Management Services, Kinetic IT
  • Propelling ITSM to a Predictable and Preventable Paradigm with AIOps Recorded: Aug 18 2020 41 mins
    MuckAI Girish, Chief Revenue Officer, Appnomic Systems, Inc.
    ITSM systems are entrusted with aligning the delivery of IT services with the needs of various stakeholders. Thanks to digital transformation and the application landscape, ITSM systems have to manage these in a much more complex environment in enterprises. In addition to the visibility into the application and infrastructure elements, predictability and preventability are essential features to ensure a superior user experience at all times.

    In this webinar, we will describe the challenges and how AI Ops solutions are helping enterprises address them in the ITSM context.
  • IT Sensible Management; Service Sensible Sustainability Recorded: Aug 18 2020 44 mins
    Beverly Weed-Schertzer, Author, edifyIT
    ITSM and DevOps together increase achievement of higher levels of service sustainability.

    o In this presentation, we bring ITSM and DevOps together from a service sustainability position. It’s not enough to leverage best practices for knowledge management, there must be useable knowledge produced from said best practices and value visible to customers.

    o ITSM and Dev/Ops is a high performing cross functional framework driven by efficient efforts.
The backbone of your IT infrastructure
IT service management forms the backbone of any forward looking IT infrastructure. Whether it’s the latest trends, techniques or strategies, the content in this channel will help you optimize your organization's IT operations.

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  • Title: Conversational RPA Drives Exceptional Experience
  • Live at: May 12 2020 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Muddu Sudhakar, CEO & Investor, Aisera
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