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The Importance of Configuration Audits

Configuration audits are an essential tool of configuration management yet many organisations carry them out as a ‘duty’ without fully considering their purpose or how to conduct them efficiently.

This session will give an insight into how audits can be both effective and efficient in reducing costs and providing value to an organisation.
Recorded Jun 14 2012 43 mins
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Presented by
Kevin Holland, Service Management Consultant Specialist, NHS
Presentation preview: The Importance of Configuration Audits

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  • AI and Automation to Manage Support Requests in the New Remote Workplace Aug 21 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Christos Karafeizis, Founder & CEO, Gaspardesk Inc
    Over the last few months, we have seen a dramatic shift on how companies operate. Now, more than ever, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, employees need to be empowered to work from home. Companies must not delay the digital transformation required to become remote-first or remote-enabled. They must leverage the latest AI and Automation models as their building blocks to increase employee productivity while controlling headcount needed for their service desk teams and overall IT operations.
    Join this interactive webinar if you are interested in learning about the following topics:
    Shifting focus to the employee and having an omnichannel self-service experience that is available 24x7.
    Implementing automated agents to resolve employee repetitive service requests without human agent’s involvement.
    Using Intelligence Augmentations (IA) to enable service desk agents resolve tickets more expediently.
  • Does Virtual Collaboration Virtualize Continual Improvement? Aug 21 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Robert S. Falkowitz, General Manager, Concentric Circle Consulting
    What does Isaac Asimov have to do with virtual collaboration, COVID-19 and continual improvement? Some people will tell you that the future of work, and consequently how we improve, will be utterly changed. Others cannot wait to return to their old ways of working. Rather than believe there is a single truth, continual improvement is part of an evolving system of labor, behavior and belief. Many of the concepts we think are innovative and recent are, in fact, old and well established. This presentation examines the connections among the principles underpinning older and more recent approaches to continual improvement. It looks at practices that we should probably try to conserve and practices that are best laid to rest. Sociological and neurological research of the past decades has provided many lessons for improving how we work. How does virtualization and social distancing impact these lessons learned? What Asimov knew 70 years ago may still be of value to us today.
  • What Does the Agile Service Desk Look Like Now? Aug 19 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rusty Robinson + Panel of experts
    Although Agile was originally conceived to apply solely to software development, it’s influence has been far-reaching. In 2020, it’s notably impacted the service desk - something whose traditional principles are rooted in ITIL.

    So what does the Agile service desk look like in 2020? Has it continuously demonstrated and delivered business-defined value? And does it actually put people before process and technology? Join us for a discussion on what the current - and future - Agile service desk looks like. We’ll cover:

    - Recent use cases showing how the Agile mindset can drive efficiency at the service desk level
    - How Agile can improve the reputation of your service desk - and champion its contribution to the business
    - What Agile metrics you should use, and how they show the positive impact that ITSM has across an organization

    Rusty Robinson, President & Founder, Performance 360
  • Achieving lasting IT transformation using agile methodology at the service desk Aug 19 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord, Strategic Advisor, Force Agile
    For IT organizations to transform into a valued business unit, they need to better understand their impact on the commercial activities and outcomes of the entire organization. The service desk can play a critical role, as it can be the driving factor for achieving higher employee—and customer—satisfaction. Due to its functional nature, IT is often sidelined and sometimes considered to be a necessary, though costly, burden. However, by adopting an agile approach—fully supported by an organization's leadership, employees, and technology—the service desk can not only be the catalyst but also an enabler towards real IT transformation.

    In this presentation, Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord will talk about how to establish a way of working that supports both agile methodologies and the ITSM/ITIL framework. The purpose of her talk is to show you how a business-engaged, customer-centric, and outcome-driven IT unit can be achieved if centered around an agile service desk.
  • IT Sensible Management; Service Sensible Sustainability Aug 18 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Beverly Weed-Schertzer, Author, edifyIT
    ITSM and DevOps together increase achievement of higher levels of service sustainability.

    o In this presentation, we bring ITSM and DevOps together from a service sustainability position. It’s not enough to leverage best practices for knowledge management, there must be useable knowledge produced from said best practices and value visible to customers.

    o ITSM and Dev/Ops is a high performing cross functional framework driven by efficient efforts.
  • Design, Content & Vision - Working Together Aug 18 2020 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Marjola Begaj, Founder & CEO @ Mab Innovations Ltd - Beyond Codes: A Partnership between Humans, Business & Technologies
    In today’s AI, IoT/E environment, being it properly technical or business & social, smart and agile does not necessary meet. The data and the technology that stands behind is flowing, growing and delivering capabilities unmatched before. We see creative forces and strategic planning becoming more prominent and demanding. So, what can we do to find common ground in such dynamic and fast moving ecosystems? In this webinar we will see at some concepts and examples of design, contents and vision that are communicating the change and the need to switch & match services, people, mindsets in order to find harmony in today’s digital transformation and future innovations.
  • VCC [Ep.3] Video Conferencing and the Future of Work-From-Home Jul 23 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director, Nemertes Research
    Visual Communications and Collaboration Series [ Ep.3]

    As the world has rapidly shifted to work-from-home, video conferencing has become an integral component of employee engagement. But what happens next? How will video conferencing evolve over the next six months to a year? In this webinar we'll share groundbreaking research from our 2020-21 Visual Communications and Collaboration to share how video conferencing will evolve in both the meeting room and the home.
  • CBA [Ep.5] Optimizing UC Management Jul 14 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director, Nemertes Research
    Cost-Benefit Analysis Series [Ep.5]

    IT leaders have a variety of approaches when it comes to managing and administering UC applications including voice and video. They can leverage vendor-provided tools, or they can invest in third-party specialty tools designed specifically for UC management.

    In this webinar we'll share our latest research on how best to manage UC performance, utilization, and provisioning and show how the use of specialty tools can deliver quantifiable return on investment
  • VCC [Ep.2] Equipping the Home Office for Video Recorded: Jul 9 2020 58 mins
    Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director, Nemertes Research
    Visual Communications and Collaboration Series [Ep.2] Equipping the Home Office for Video

    With the rapid shift to work-from-home, IT and business leaders are now tasked with ensuring a high quality video experience regardless of location. In this webinar we'll share Nemertes' latest data on what works, and what doesn't, in the ideal home office environment. Specifically we'll answer:

    - Are built-in cameras good enough?
    - What are successful enterprises provisioning for audio?
    - How can organizations ensure adequate performance for video?
    - What other considerations, such as lighting, contribute to success
    - How are organizations using video to support team engagement and community building?

    IT and business leaders will come away with practical and actionable guidance to ensure the success of their own work-from-home initiatives
  • VCC [Ep.1] Achieving Video Conferencing Success Recorded: Jun 25 2020 53 mins
    Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director, Nemertes Research
    Visual Communications and Collaboration Series [Ep.1]

    Video conferencing has become bedrock technology to support work-from-home in the age of Coronavirus. Based on data gathered from more than 500 organizations, Nemertes will both provide insight into how organizations are measuring success. and share the key approaches that correlate with success.

    We'll look at technology and vendor selection, architectures, management and adoption strategies, and how companies are using video to support social employee engagement.

    Attendees will come away with actionable insight to optimize the business value of their own video conferencing strategy.
  • Inside ITIL® 4 – the Digital Perspective Recorded: May 15 2020 41 mins
    Mark Smalley, the IT Paradigmologist
    How does ITIL 4 contribute to the digital enterprise?
    What is a digital enterprise, for that matter, and which digital capabilities are required?
    How does the digital operating model contribute to transforming the enterprise?
    What’s the importance of planned and emergent continual improvement in keeping up with dynamic digital demand?
    How is the role of management changing?
    Which resources and practices do ITSM practitioners have at their disposal to co-create value from digital investments?

    This talk will explore these questions and more.
  • [Panel] How ITSM Can Drive and Deliver Digital Transformation Recorded: May 15 2020 48 mins
    Stephen Mann, ITSM.tools | Matt Klassen, Cherwell | Muddu Sudhakar, Aisera
    Where does ITSM fit in the Digital Transformation landscape? And does it need to evolve to ensure businesses can deliver what their customers expect in 2020?

    Join this panel of ITSM experts as they debate and discuss:

    - How ITSM can help meet and implement the back-office improvement needs of digital transformation
    - How ITSM can fuel Digital Transformation by educating enterprises on the ‘people’ aspect of strategies
    - What tools are paramount to delivering best-in-class, future-proof DX strategies
    - How to ensure your service management strategy keeps pace as technologies advance

    Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst and Content Director, ITSM.tools
    Matt Klassen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Cherwell
    Muddu Sudhakar, CEO, Aisera
  • Improve your continual improvement with a maturity model Recorded: May 15 2020 42 mins
    Robert S. Falkowitz, Trainer and Coach, Concentric Circle Consulting
    Continual improvement is a key practice in both implementing and maintaining the management of your services. But it is not realistic to jump from no continual improvement to an excellent continual improvement discipline. Using a maturity model helps to motivate, to direct and to measure the continual improvement of your continual improvement.
  • Futureproof Your IT Service & Help Desk with AI Recorded: May 14 2020 27 mins
    Karthik Sj, Director of Product, Aisera
    T leaders are challenged to automate and transform their organizations to drive business growth and convert IT into a revenue arm through evolving economic changes. In challenging times where IT help desks are typically known for driving up costs, new AI technologies are now available and enable IT to scale support for remote working, deliver self-service to resolve requests autonomously, and improve employee productivity.

    With AI, IT organizations can now contribute to digital revenue growth with next-gen conversational AI for front-office applications and Conversational RPA for back-end tasks, actions, and workflow automation. These technologies are available within Aisera's cloud-native AI Service Management Solution to dramatically cut resolution times down to an average of 45 seconds.

    Key Takeaways for Futureproofing Help Desks:

    - You don’t need volume data, long training times, and staff/resources
    - Conversational AI and RPA enables minimal time and cost
    - AI doesn't have to be scripted or rule-based
    - AI and ML continuously self-learns in real-time

    About the presenter:
    Karthik Sj leads Product at Aisera for AI Service Desk & Customer Service products. Prior to Aisera, he led the Machine Learning & AI Product group within SAP Customer Experience. He enjoys the growth phase of product development from initial product/market fit to scale. Karthik earned his MBA from the Haas School of Business, Berkeley, and did his undergrad in Computer Science from Bangalore, India. Outside of work - he enjoys traveling, reading & watching sports. He is also a first-time dad and can be approached for tips on swaddling and baby-led weaning!
  • Service Blueprinting: A Design Technique for NextGen Customer Service Innovation Recorded: May 14 2020 50 mins
    Aaron Kennelly, Customer Experience Practice Lead | Joe Benvenuto, Vice President Client Partner, Celerity
    Service Blueprints are an operational tool that can be used to revolutionize services and improve your customer experiences. In this webinar we'll learn:

    - What a Service Blueprint is and why it is important
    - How Service Blueprints can improve your stakeholder experiences and operational metrics (OLAs / SLAs)
    - How to conduct a Service Blueprint workshop at your company
  • What's Needed to Build the Next Generation of IT Service Desks? Recorded: May 14 2020 46 mins
    Barclay Rae | Patrick Bolger | Barry Corless | Evan Carlson
    According to Forbes, users expect enterprise ITSM services to be delivered instantly. However, a third of IT service desk customers say that service desks are ‘failing to deliver the IT support services they need’ - and the reason for this is estimated to be that whilst digital platforms, applications and services have progressed at an unprecedented rate, many service desks are lagging behind.

    With supply not meeting demand, it’s time to take a closer look at the potential reasons for this, and discuss how next generation iterations of service and help desks can start to bridge the gap.

    Join this panel of ITSM experts as they discuss:

    - What solutions should be automatic and not require in-person IT support
    - How to become truly end-user centric
    - Proactive problem solutions
    - How to embrace data and analytics to transform the IT environment
  • Service Desk by The Numbers Recorded: May 14 2020 44 mins
    Roy Atkinson, Sr. Analyst, HDI
    HDI conducts comprehensive annual research on almost every aspect of the service desk, from hiring, staffing, and salaries to metrics, frameworks, and technologies. This webinar will explore not only the statistics around the service desk, but what they mean in terms of industry trends and changes. How successful has the “do more with less” approach been? Are service desks hiring, or reducing staff? Is the workload shrinking or growing? What are the top metrics being gathered, and what do they mean?

    Attendees will learn:

    - What do service desks consider “must-have” technologies for supporting customers/users?
    - What contact channels are being used by customers to get support and request services?
    - What percentage of organizations are hiring for expansion of the service desk?
    - Which frameworks and methodologies are being used?
    - What are some areas where improvement is needed?

    HDI's 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Roy Atkinson is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. His blogs, presentations, research reports, white papers, keynotes, and webinars have gained him an international reputation. In his role as senior writer/analyst, he acts as HDI's in-house subject matter expert, bringing his years of experience to the community. He holds a master’s certificate in advanced management strategy from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, and he is a certified HDI Support Center Manager.

    Follow him on Twitter @RoyAtkinson
  • Metrics and Monitoring for Service Desks and Help Desks Recorded: May 14 2020 55 mins
    Roy Atkinson, Group Principal Analyst, Informa Tech | HDI and ICMI
    This webinar will cover the what and the why of measuring and monitoring in the technical support center. In addition to discussing some of the differences between a Service Desk and a Help Desk, we will cover:

    - The Why of Metrics
    - Industry Top Metrics – A Closer Look
    - Myths of Measuring
    - Back to Basics
    - Consequences of Automation and Artificial Intelligence
    - Monitoring: What and Why

    Measuring and monitoring help us understand and improve our performance for the organization, but it’s important to be aware of some of the unintended effects of and overemphasis on metrics, and talk about why metrics should not be considered goals, but rather should be mileposts.

    Who should attend: Directors and managers with responsibility for Service Desk or Help Desk operations

    About the speaker

    HDI's 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Roy Atkinson is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. His blogs, presentations, research reports, white papers, keynotes, and webinars have gained him an international reputation. In his role as Group Principal Analyst, he acts as in-house subject matter expert for HDI and ICMI, bringing his years of experience to the community. He holds a master’s certificate in advanced management strategy from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, and he is a certified HDI Support Center Manager. Follow him on Twitter @RoyAtkinson.
  • Effective Dev/Ops Strategies Recorded: May 13 2020 56 mins
    Beverly Weed Schertzer, ITSM Business Strategist, edifyIT LLC
    As a term, Dev/Ops isn’t a new concept. The struggle to make development and infrastructure operations. Join this webcast to understand the interdependencies with each other has been a main issue for decades.

    In this webinar practical strategies are explored to implement or improve Dev/Ops practices.
  • [Panel] What Does the Future of ITSM Hold? Recorded: May 13 2020 46 mins
    Claire Agutter - Scopism | Matt Klassen,- Cherwell | Ben Sapp - Numerify | Daniel Breston - Virtual Clarity
    With so much business and technology change surrounding IT Service Management - as well as the impact of COVID-19 - what does the future of ITSM hold?

    Join this expert panel as we take a closer look at the areas in which ITSM is evolving and morphing, as well as those where its roots in people, process and technology are proving to be steadfast supporters in a time of immense upheaval.

    Topics of discussion will include:
    - What are ITSM professionals currently focusing on?
    - Which technological advancements are helping ITSM better meet business demands?
    - How have - or haven’t - ITSM best practices changed?

    - Moderated by Claire Agutter - Director at Scopism
    - Panellists include Matt Klassen,- VP, Product Marketing at Cherwell and Ben Sapp - Insights Solutions Architect at Numerify | Daniel Breston - Consultant and Coach, Virtual Clarity
The backbone of your IT infrastructure
IT service management forms the backbone of any forward looking IT infrastructure. Whether it’s the latest trends, techniques or strategies, the content in this channel will help you optimize your organization's IT operations.

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  • Title: The Importance of Configuration Audits
  • Live at: Jun 14 2012 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Kevin Holland, Service Management Consultant Specialist, NHS
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