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Regulatory Compliance While Reducing Enterprise Risk

Compliance - it's more than just managing regulatory requirements.  It requires building a framework of solid policies and processes against which an organization can measure and manage enterprise risk and understand what controls are needed to achieve and maintain compliance.
Recorded Apr 28 2010 60 mins
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Presented by
Brandon Dunlap, Robert Albach, Raj Goel, Doug Landoll & Dr. Pam Fusco
Presentation preview: Regulatory Compliance While Reducing Enterprise Risk

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  • Working with Law Enforcement and the FBI May 25 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Paul Vitchock, FBI; Special Agent (SA) Melissa Fair, FBI; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    The frequency of Incidents and breaches of companies and critical infrastructure continues to increase. Often, law enforcement (local/state/federal) will need to be brought in. But how do you decide if it has risen to that level? Where do you start? Do you bring in local law enforcement or reach out to an organization like the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)? When you do, how do you work with them, what steps do you need to take to protect your organization and the evidence? Join (ISC)2 and representatives from the FBI on May 25, 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on when to bring in law enforcement, how to work with them and how to make vital pre-incident connections. Learn from and about cybersecurity professionals at the FBI and how they help secure and defend the country.
  • Cybersecurity Metrics: The What, Why, and How of Measurement Apr 1 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    When it comes to security metrics, there are lots of variables. The company. The size and scale of that company. Measuring where things are at today and where you hope things will be in the future. There’s a lot at play, but one thing’s for certain: There’s a laundry list of security metrics you could be measuring. So how do you know where to start? And once you have your foundation, what’s next? On April 1, 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern, Axonious and (ISC)2 will host a webcast to examine:

    · Which security metrics are commonly used for executive-level reporting and to track progress across vulnerability management, security operations & incident response, and more
    · The foundational prerequisites to ensuring accuracy and context
    · How to evaluate vulnerability management, security operations, cloud security, and other program
  • Time for an Upgrade? What Next Generation IDS Can Bring to the Enterprise Mar 11 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Don Shin, Sr. PMM, ExtraHop; Matthew Waddell, Dir of DFIR, CBI; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    Traditional Intrusion Detection Systems rely on brittle signatures, and can be a major resource drain. As the internet continues to evolve, so do the methods and tactics of the adversary. Attackers are now more focused on your users rather than system vulnerability exploits. A new approach is needed….one that encompasses machine learning anomaly detection, cross platform visibility and cloud ready. Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 on March 11, 2021 at 1:00pm for a discussion on Next Generation IDS and how it can provide more than just a compliance check off and provide context to the alerts you receive.
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day: Carving a Cybersecurity Career Path Mar 8 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Clar Rosso, CEO, (ISC)2; Aanchal Gupta, CISSP, VP, Azure Security, Microsoft; Lori Ross O'Neil, CISSP; Megan Hargrove, CISSP
    To mark the 46th annual International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, (ISC)2 is proud to present a panel of accomplished women in the field of cybersecurity for a webinar discussion at 11:00am Eastern. This group will come together to discuss data on the demographics that make up the workforce and how they are shifting. They will also outline their own journeys in the profession that led them to the leadership positions they now hold, including the challenges they encountered and strategies they employed to succeed. The discussion will also look ahead to the evolution of diverse cybersecurity teams and the principles that inform how they are being assembled today. Speakers include:
    Clar Rosso, CEO, (ISC)2

    Aanchal Gupta, CISSP, Vice President, Azure Security at Microsoft

    Lori Ross O’Neil, CISSP, Sr. ICS Cyber Researcher & Project Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Vice Chairperson, 2021 (ISC)2 Board of Directors

    Megan Hargrove, CISSP, Cyber Security Incident Response Manager, Tech Data
  • The Daisy Chain of Risk – Examining the Links in Your Vendor Ecosystem Mar 4 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chad Anderson, Sr. Sec Res, DomainTools; Spencer Wilcox,SO;Dr. Thomas Scanlon,Cybersecurity Res Scientist; Brandon Dunalp,Mod
    All of our organizations are dependent on their supply chain and
    having a secure and uninterrupted ecosystem of vendors and partners is critical
    to smooth operations. Of course, if it is important to us, then it is a target,
    no matter the locale. The recent SolarWinds attack illustrated how a patient
    adversary can be successful as they work their way through multiple vendors in a
    supply chain to reach their desired target. This infiltration was difficult to
    spot and for many, even harder to respond to adequately. These types of attacks
    will continue and grow in sophistication. Organizations need to use OSINT and
    other vendor tools that can investigate their partners in the supply chain to
    gain insight into if they can trust what those applications are doing on their
    network. Join DomainTools Senior Security Researcher, Chad Anderson, and
    (ISC)2 on March 4, 2021 at 1:00 PM Eastern for a roundtable discussion on supply chain attacks and security,
    what tools work and can provide insight into your supply chain and partner’s
    infrastructure, and how a good security posture builds from knowing the
    inventory and behaviors of what’s running on your supply
  • Approaches to Managing Insider Risk in a Work-from-Anywhere World Recorded: Feb 23 2021 60 mins
    Sai Chavali,Sr PMM,Proofpoint; Mirtha Collin,Ed Dir,(ISC)²; Spencer Wilcox,CSO, ED of Tech; Brandon Dunlap,Moderator
    With the massive shift to remote working in 2020, organizations are racing to rethink their security programs to both guard from external attacks as well as manage risk from insiders. Modern approaches to insider threat management must incorporate investments in People, Process, and Technology. This means formalized insider threat management programs; it means investment in insider threat management technologies; and it means building resilience into the fabric of your organization with training.

    Join Proofpoint and (ISC)2 on February 23, 2021 at 1:00pm Eastern as we kick off the new year with a discussion about security awareness, education and insider threat management and how best to defend your organization and arm your users to mitigate an insider incident.
  • Doing XDR Right: What It Is and What it Can Do for Your Organization Recorded: Jan 28 2021 59 mins
    Chase Snyder Sr. Prod Mktg Mgr, ExtraHop; Raj Goel, Brainlink; Lloyd Diernisse; B. Dunlap, Moderator
    XDR (Extended Detection and Response) promises to unite and integrate such security tools as focused on threat protection, detection and response, creating a single megasolution. Such an approach could yield significant benefits for an organization, Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 on January 28, 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern for an examination on the costs and benefits of this strategy, a discussion of use cases, as well as:

    • How to avoid vendor lock-in while still getting the best security tools available

    • What XDR is, and what it isn't, including which data sources and security tools are typically included in XDR offerings, and how they work together.

    • The advantages and disadvantages of Best of Breed vs. Single Vendor detection and response strategies.
  • The Infinite Variety of Phishing Attacks & the Security Controls to Address Them Recorded: Dec 15 2020 62 mins
    Brian Thornton, Enterprise Solution Engineer, Mimecast; Tim Campo, Director, Applications & Security, (ISC)2
    Every organization receives unwanted email and various forms of phishing on a daily basis. Most are common and some are quite unique. Protecting against malicious attachments and links on inbound email is now security table stakes. But with the continuous evolution of cybercriminals, what’s old is new and what’s new is new. They never stop recycling or reinventing. And the cybercrime-as-a-service ecosystem never stops making it easier and cheaper to setup and launch phishing-based campaigns to deliver ransomware, RATs, steal credentials, spread internally, impersonate your executives, or exploit your brand online. Mimecast and (ISC)2 will discuss both popular phishing related techniques as well as newly emerging ones on December 15, 2020 at 1:00pm Eastern. We’ll also discuss various types of defensive techniques, emerging analytics, and user training strategies that can be applied today to better protect your organization.
  • Technology Sprawl: The Hidden Disease of IT and What to do About it Recorded: Dec 3 2020 61 mins
    John Matthews, CIO, ExtraHop; Michael Weisberg, CISO, Garnet River; Eric Gauthier, VP, Technical Ops, Burning Glass, B Dunlap
    In most enterprises, you have the phenomenon of tool sprawl - the overlapping abundance of technology in which only 20-30% of a product’s functionality is being used. A product is acquired for a particular use case, then another use case and another, resulting in a potpourri of tools with overlapping capabilities and features. Whether its instances in the cloud, security tools, network management or even the proliferation of personal productivity and LOB SaaS applications, the consequence of technology sprawl is not only financial waste, but also user frustration, security risks, operational inefficiencies, technical debt and lack of visibility into the organization’s processes and functions. Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 on December 3, 2020 at 1:00pm Eastern as a panel of IT and Security executives discuss the root causes of technology sprawl, a path out of this cycle and the benefits to be achieved.
  • Security Congress 2020 Preview Recorded: Nov 6 2020 25 mins
    Wesley Simpson; Sharon Smith; Brandon Dunlap; James McQuiggan
    A panel discussion about (ISC)2 Security Congress 2020
  • Don't Miss the BIGGEST (ISC)2 Security Congress Yet! Recorded: Nov 3 2020 1 min
    Join thousands of cybersecurity professionals at all levels for three days of industry discussion, continuing education and networking, November 16 – 18. Get your passes at: https://securitycongress.brighttalk.live/passes/
  • Your Data Held Hostage: Understanding the Extensive Ransomware Threat Recorded: Oct 29 2020 57 mins
    Tarik Saleh, Senior Security Engineer & Malware Researcher, Domain Tools; Spencer Wilcox; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    There can be many ramifications of a ransomware incident on an
    organization. Financial, reputational and downtime are just some of the more damaging effects a ransomware attack can have. Organizations need to have a plan to deal with such incidents and to understand the marketplaces, economics and latest trends to be prepared. How do you prepare for such an incident? Set aside some money to pay if it happens? Will accounting or even legal allow you to do that? Join DomainTools and (ISC)2 on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 1:00 PM Eastern for a discussion on the current state of ransomware. We’ll examine traditional ransomware vs RaaS (Ransomware as a Service), how RaaS is being leveraged by threat actors, what Blue teams should know and what to consider about planning, response and cyber/business interruption insurance.
  • Improving Threat Detection & Data Protection in Public Clouds Recorded: Oct 1 2020 61 mins
    Itir Clarke, Sr. Product Mktg Mgr Proofpoint; John Yeoh, Global VP, CSA; Michael Weisberg, CISO Garnet Rive,
    Beyond just capturing “shadow IT” have you reached the full potential of your CASB? With a continuous stream of feature enhancements from User Entity Behavior Analysis to Data Loss Prevention, you may have more capabilities that are going untapped. Leveraging your CASBs to its fullest potential can result in a better security posture for your organization. Join Proofpoint and (ISC)2 on October 1, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. eastern for a discussion centered around CASBs, their potential for better security via threat protection and data protection.
  • Privacy's Increasing Role in Cybersecurity: A View from Spirion and the IAPP Recorded: Sep 30 2020 63 mins
    Bob Lewis, IAPP, Cathy Scerbo, IAPP, Scott Giordano, Spirion, Brandon Dunlap (Moderator)
    Every organization today is in some state of digital transformation. While the understanding of security needs in the digital age has matured significantly in the last 2 decades, the implication for data privacy and in particular, its interaction with security, are still not well understood. As data regulations and laws continue to evolve, here in the U.S. and globally, organizations require increased understanding of privacy requirements and their impact to technology solutions. Join IAPP and (ISC)2 on September 30, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern as Bob Lewis and Cathy Scerbo from IAPP, along with Scott Giordano from Spirion, will share the evolution of privacy, discuss key privacy topics like Privacy by Design and the NIST Privacy framework, share their perspectives of the overlap between Security and Privacy and highlight the criticality of understanding the current implications of data privacy today.
  • The Ripple Effect: Latent Vulnerabilities to Be Felt for Years to Come Recorded: Sep 17 2020 60 mins
    Matt Cauthorn, VP Sales Eng, ExtraHop; Kevin McNamee, Dir Threat Intel, Nokia; Graham Speake Sr. Sec Mgr, Brandon, Moderator
    Have you heard about Ripple20? It’s a series of 19 vulnerabilities detected in a widely used TCP/IP stack (Treck) could expose hundreds of millions of devices in healthcare and industrial settings to remote code execution and more. The Treck stack has been used in embedded devices for more than twenty years. These devices are hard to identify and more difficult to patch. Should you remove and/or replace these devices? That can get pricey. Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 on September 17, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern as we explore the ramifications of this, how to detect vulnerable devices and determine if you should patch or replace.
  • The Ups and Downs of Cybersecurity Asset Management Recorded: Sep 3 2020 59 mins
    Lenny Zeltser, CISO, Axonius; Bruce Beam, CISO, (ISC)2; Spencer Wilcox, CSO, PNM Resources; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    As IT environments become increasingly complex, teams struggle to keep up and understand the asset management process and that can impact an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Companies spend millions on security solutions, but oftentimes cannot validate that they are deployed or preforming as they should. Join Axonius and (ISC)2 on September 3, 2020 at 1:00p.m. Eastern as we discuss the hurdles associated with implementing a cybersecurity asset management program at your company — and why it’s more important than ever to have a foundational understanding of the assets in your environment. We’ll look at:

    · The challenges that come along with implementing modern asset management for cybersecurity
    · Real-life stories that highlight the successes seen with cybersecurity asset management programs

    · The pitfalls, hurdles, and lessons learned about cybersecurity asset management from industry leaders and practitioners
  • Navigating the Career Maze—Where Do I Go Next? Recorded: Jul 21 2020 64 mins
    Rob Ayoub, Sharon Smith, Deidre Diamond, Erik Von Geldern, John Esparza
    This webinar will feature several industry professionals within the information security industry who've held a variety of roles ranging from security architect, consultant and sales engineer to marketer to recruiter and CISO. The panel will discuss career direction and offer attendees new ideas and provocative thoughts on the various roles available throughout a security career. Join (ISC)2 on July 21, 2020 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion of the daily tasks involved in each respective area, the joys and the pitfalls, the qualifications typically necessary, and ways to go about getting different positions.
  • Rage Against the Machine: When Attackers Use Machine Learning On Offense Recorded: Jul 16 2020 60 mins
    Sean McNee, Dir of Research, DomainTools; Dr. Chuck Easttom, CISSP, Scientist; Winn Schwartau
    Many of us have embraced machine learning (ML) and even artificial intelligence (AI) for decreasing the time in detection and response for attacks, but our adversaries have also seen the promise of this technology. Offensive Machine Learning has bad actors using these tools to optimize tasks (like password cracking and other brute force methods), as well as creating “Deep Fakes” (for targeted impersonation and phishing attempts). Adversarial Machine Learning sees attackers using their understanding of machine learning to find blind spots and biases in ML platforms and models and exploit those. Join Domain Tools and (ISC)2 on July 16. 2020 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on how organizations can better position their blue, red and purple teams to understand these automated platforms to protect themselves and do their tasks more effectively.
  • Time to Adapt – Integrating SecOps and NetOps Recorded: Jun 25 2020 58 mins
    Matt Cauthorn, VP Cyb. Eng, ExtraHop; Caroline Saxon, Dir, Cyber Governance, Global Payments; Andrew Boyle, Booz Allen
    We know that integrating security operations (SecOps) and network operations (NetOps) teams can lead to faster response and improved productivity. And in the current situation we find ourselves (with budgets slashed and personnel laid off or furloughed), collaboration and shared visibility between the two teams can help IT and cybersecurity organizations adapt to changing requirements. Integrating the two operations can help you eliminate redundant tools, break down data silos, streamline processes, and optimize your budget. Join Extrahop and (ISC)2 on June 25, 2020 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on why now is a great time to tackle this challenge and how you can go about doing so.
  • Automation or Hesitation? Recorded: May 28 2020 58 mins
    Dave Pack, SVP, Customer Exp, Swimlane; Alan Rynarzewski, Faculty, Purdue Global Uni.; Kristy Westphal, VP, MUFG Union Bank
    Many organizations are leaning into automation of key security processes such as threat detection, response speed and supplementing the human workforce. But is automation the panacea and the right fit for your environment?Planning for the introduction of automation into the security infrastructure needs to be considered carefully. For example, you don’t want to automate a broken process. You don’t want your automation to be redundant with duties that are already being done (and done effectively). Join Swimlane and (ISC)2 on May 28, 2020 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on security orchestration,automation and response, what the “low hanging fruit” may be to target for automation and how to make sure the introduction of automation goes smoothly at your organization.
Moderated roundtable discussions on a variety of infosecurity topics.
(ISC)² hosts regular panel discussions on hot button infosecurity topics featuring thought leaders and visionaries from the industry who answer questions from the audience.

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  • Title: Regulatory Compliance While Reducing Enterprise Risk
  • Live at: Apr 28 2010 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Brandon Dunlap, Robert Albach, Raj Goel, Doug Landoll & Dr. Pam Fusco
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