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RIBA approved Renewable Energy CPD

Basic introduction Rewewables, including ground source heating, earth tubes, underfloor heating & cooling, fenestration, water management, district heating and using waste to generate energy.
Recorded Oct 14 2011 52 mins
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Presented by
Mike Moseley REHAU Ltd
Presentation preview: RIBA approved Renewable Energy CPD

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  • Underfloor Cooling Recorded: Dec 19 2011 38 mins
    Mike Moseley
    -Most of us understand a little about Underfloor heating but what about cooling? Is it possible to put chilled water through you Underfloor heating system and provide cooling? What are the benefits? What are the pitfalls? This introductory seminar will look at many of the issues. The seminar will cover Basics Principles of Underfloor Heating/Cooling, Energy Savings, Component, Design, Installation , Applications and References.
  • Ground Air Heat Exchanger or Earth Tubes CPD Recorded: Nov 14 2011 44 mins
    Michael Moseley
    Earth tube or ground air heat exchanger is a well established way to achieve passive house ventilation and use the earth as a energy source for both cooling the air in summer and heating it in winter. REHAU’s Ground air heat exchanger has been used in the UK and across the globe to produce some stunning low energy buildings. This online webinar will cover an Introduction to REHAU, How a Ground-air Heat Exchanger (GAHE) works, Requirements for GAHE pipe material, Design / installation criteria, Design software for GAHE and look at some Case studies.
  • RIBA approved Renewable Energy CPD Recorded: Oct 14 2011 52 mins
    Mike Moseley REHAU Ltd
    Basic introduction Rewewables, including ground source heating, earth tubes, underfloor heating & cooling, fenestration, water management, district heating and using waste to generate energy.
  • Solar Thermal recharge of Ground Source Heating system Recorded: Sep 29 2011 51 mins
    Mike Moseley
    Most solar thermal systems will produce all the hot water required by a property by 10am on a good sunny day. How can this energy be used? Solar recharged grounds source systems is becoming more a more popular across the globe. This seminar will look at a number of systems and how solar thermal systems are used for heating. From small domestic systems through ICAX’s interseasonal heat storage systems to large German & Danish solar thermal district heating schemes.
  • Interseasonal Heating Recorded: Jun 1 2011 53 mins
    Mike Moseley REHAU Ltd & Edward Thompson ICAX
    Heat pumps are low energy devices. Typical COP are in the region of 3 or 4 to 1. How about using solar energy? It’s sunny when it is hot and not when you need heating. Answer store the solar in the ground and use as heat source for heat pump in winter. Interseasonal heating, this joint presentation with ICAX will show you how to double your heat pump COP. Details of real operating projects.
  • Geothermal Tunnel heating or cooling Recorded: Apr 20 2011 33 mins
    Mike Moseley
    Ground source energy from energy piles or vertical boreholes is an increasingly popular method of providing renewable heat energy for building. What about using tunnels as an energy source? Is it feasible, worthwhile and what are the benefits? This seminar explores the issues and looks at some project examples where energy has been extracted from road and rail tunnels.
  • BMS & Underfloor Heating & Cooling Controls Recorded: Apr 5 2011 44 mins
    Mike Moseley Graham Richardson
    The seminar will look at how to integrate BMS & underfloor heating controls. You
  • District Heating Solutions Recorded: Feb 23 2011 47 mins
    Tony Harbour - Specifications Manager for REHAU
    District Heating in the UK is growing in popularity as it is ideally linked with renewable energy sources, such as Biomass or Biogas. There are dramatic improvements in energy efficiency by producing heat on a local level and also maintenance benefits in having one single plant.
    This 1 hour CPD seminar will cover:

    1. An Introduction to REHAU
    2. What is District Heating?
    3. Potential Heating Sources
    4. Biogas/Anaerobic Digestion
    5. Pipe Materials & Properties (steel vs. polymer)
    6. Installation & Design
    7. Case Studies
    8. Q&A
  • REHAU's RIBA Approved Renewable Energy CPD Recorded: Jul 28 2010 64 mins
    Mike Moseley
    1 Hour Seminar Covering
    1) Overview
    2) Ground-Air Heat Exchanger for controlled ventilation
    3) Ground-source probes and collectors
    4) Underfloor heating/cooling
    5) Low energy windows / curtain walling
    6) Rainwater harvesting / stormwater management
    7) AD Biogas / district heating
Renewable Energy Products for the Built Environment
Range of different CPD style presentations for building professionals.

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  • Title: RIBA approved Renewable Energy CPD
  • Live at: Oct 14 2011 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Moseley REHAU Ltd
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