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Security Visibility at Scale for Dummies

Explore how architecting a modern security visibility network infrastructure can help your business adapt to new threats, lengthen the usefulness of your current security system investments, and enhance uptime and availability to drive business assurance.

As security threats grow in scope and volume, you increasingly need to ensure complete and timely security visibility down to the packet level. Join Chad Russell, a leading cyber security expert and author of the 2017 “Security Visibility at Scale for Dummies,” as we review the critical highlights from this popular guide.

Attend the webinar to:

* Understand security visibility basics
* Learn the difference between supporting inline and out-of-band systems
* Find out what’s involved in optimizing packet flows
* Review security visibility use cases

The webinar is designed for network & security architects, network operations, and network security specialists.

Speaker bio:

Chad Russell has been in the cyber security business for over 15 years. He leads and conducts security risk assessments for customers throughout North America. Chad has held numerous certifications including CISSP, CCNP, MCSE, and MCDBA. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
Recorded Apr 4 2017 33 mins
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Presented by
Chad Russell, Cyber Security Expert
Presentation preview: Security Visibility at Scale for Dummies

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  • Atacando problemas de PoE Sep 19 2017 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    David Rodriguez Laurentie
    PoE simplifica y reduce los costes de instalación gracias a que sólo es necesario un cable para proporcionar datos y alimentación. Es de utilidad en edificios antiguos en dónde no es fácil instalar tomas de corriente eléctrica para alimentar dispositivos que pueden estar montados en el techo o en los muros. Los dispositivos que hoy frecuentemente utilizan PoE son cámaras para video vigilancia, puntos de acceso para WiFi, teléfonos VoIP, entre otros.

    Participe en esta sesión y aprenda sobre las mejores prácticas para configurar y poner en operación PoE, así como las prácticas recomendadas para atacar los problemas a los que con mayor frecuencia se puede enfrentar.

    La agenda para este webinar es:
    • Beneficios de utilizar PoE
    • Principios de funcionamiento del PoE
    • Puntos de fallo
    • Validación del rendimiento del PoE
    • Soluciones y métodos para atacar problemas en PoE
  • UC&C Voice, Video & Data Performance Management Sep 13 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ray Krug, Solutions Architect, NETSCOUT, and Alan Selby, Senior Sales Engineer, NETSCOUT
    Unified Communications & Collaboration (“UC&C”) platforms continue to evolve to satisfy the growing communication needs of public and private sector entities. UC&C services need to be available all the time to keep government agencies connected with their citizens, residents, and employees. However, keeping those services ‘always on’ can be an impossible mission for IT professionals using traditional management tools. This webinar will share strategies and tactics to manage availability and service quality of multivendor on-prem and Hybrid Cloud UC&C services. You will learn about:

    · Rapid triage of complex UC&C problems related to Voice and Video media performance, call signaling server performance, and network and service enablers

    · Service triage and resolution of issues with VoIP, SIP Trunking, desktop video, Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco UC or Contact Center environments

    · Synthetic, active-testing for automatic and routine service availability and call quality monitoring

    · Pre-deployment planning and assessment of new multi-vendor UC&C services and the base-lining and rollout of those UC&C services
  • Monitor Infrastructure Performance with your nGeniusONE Platform Sep 12 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Zach Belcher
    By using nGeniusONE, you already manage the services you deliver to users and quickly identify the source of service problems. Now you can extend that analysis to monitor the health of the infrastructure delivering the services, as well as the availability and performance of SaaS apps, with nGeniusPULSE.

    Join us on this webinar and learn how to:

    • Extend your visibility to application servers and network devices without needing to rely on disparate 3rd-party tools
    • Monitor access and performance to SaaS, cloud-hosted, on premise apps, and VoIP services
    • Use an end-to-end approach that ties monitoring to root cause analysis
    • Easily deploy nGeniusPULSE with nGeniusONE
  • Securing Wi-Fi Environments Aug 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Greg Rayburn, System Design Engineer, NETSCOUT and Skip Bayro, Chief Solutions Architect, NETSCOUT
    Government agencies, like their private sector counterparts, are providing Wi-Fi access to employees, contractors and the residents they serve to provide fast and secure anytime, anywhere access to the network and critical applications. However, the number of threats against government networks has steadily risen in part due to the ease at which attacks against wireless networks can be launched. From plugging in cheap unauthorized/rogue Access Points (“AP”) in the network, to downloading attack tools from the internet, to buying RF jammers that make the entire wireless spectrum unusable, Network and Security Operation teams are fighting a multi-front Wi-Fi security battle.

    This webinar will address key Wi-Fi security issues and ways to improve protection. You will learn about:

    • The latest wireless attacks and hacks, including Rogue device, DoS and Penetration attacks against client devices and the AP infrastructure
    • Misconceptions users have on the false security offered by the AP infrastructure to monitor itself
    • How to deploy a “no-wireless” zone in sensitive areas of the campus/building
    • Mitigation techniques to prevent the security threats from impacting operations and compromising data
    • Importance of being on the leading edge of detecting the latest wireless threats
    • 24 X 7 WIDS/WIPS solutions from NETSCOUT that helps organizations meet security, performance and compliance demands of today’s mobile workforce
  • Building a Monitoring Foundation Assuring UC&C Quality On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud Aug 22 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ray Krug, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, NETSCOUT
    UC&C platforms continue to evolve to satisfy the needs of your business communications and enhance user collaboration - but how can you keep up and assure service quality as you bring together multiple vendors, platforms creating these complex, hybrid integrated solutions.

    This webinar explores a framework for managing availability and service quality of multivendor on-prem and hybrid Unified Communications Services such as Skype for Business; Cisco UC ; SIP Trunking; VoIP; desktop video; video conferencing; and telepresence, and discusses best practices for improving IT collaboration to reduce management costs and complexity, improve service quality and reduce MTTR.
  • Live Demo of OptiView XG Recorded: Aug 15 2017 55 mins
    Tony Fortunato, Senior Network Performance Specialist with The Technology Firm
    Troubleshooting performance problems in today’s networks is only getting more complex:

    • Growth of 10G links with limited visibility
    • Increasing demands on wireless networks
    • Complex infrastructure with outdated documentation

    Last thing you need are hard-to-use tools that are complex in themselves or require extensive training before you can effectively use them.

    Join Tony for an hour of networking troubleshooting, tips and tricks.
    Tony will be using the Optiview XG on a live network to demonstrate how and what he looks for when baselining or troubleshooting. We will covering topics such as; the value of SNMP, wireless, documentation, dependency analysis, packet capture and traffic generation. Tony will also take questions from the audience as well as review any emails or questions from the last session.

    This session would be informative from the novice to the season veteran.
  • Creating Unified Visibility Plane Recorded: Aug 9 2017 36 mins
    Erik Hjelmstad, Product Manager, NETSCOUT, and Bill Pifer, Senior Sales Engineer, NETSCOUT
    Network monitoring is essential for network, application and security assurance for the modern government agency. However, providing visibility across a monitoring network to an extensive number of diverse tools and appliances that all need access to the same information, all of the time, can be daunting and nearly impossible. Creating a Unified Visibility Plane enables Network and Security Administrators to separate their monitoring traffic from their live network to maximize network uptime while also ensuring that all of their monitoring appliances get the information they need.

    This webinar will discuss proven strategies and key tactics to create a Unified Visibility Plane. You will learn about:

    • Deploying Taps and Bypass devices to keep your Network separate from your Visibility Plane
    • Ways to improve the performance of all of your deployed network, application and security monitoring appliances
    • Adding components to your Visibility Plane to extend your visibility without disrupting your network
    • Impacts and benefits of deploying NETSCOUT Packet Flow Switches throughout your network to create a Unified Visibility Plane
  • Infrastructure Performance Management Recorded: Jul 26 2017 46 mins
    Zach Belcher, Product Manager, NETSCOUT, and Tory Blaha, Senior Sales Engineer, NETSCOUT
    Managing and monitoring the health of devices within an infrastructure has traditionally been done by disparate, third-party tools. With nGeniusPULSE 2.0, government customers can cost-effectively leverage one platform to quickly and accurately identify the root cause of issues impacting network and application performance. nGeniusPULSE 2.0 combines active tests with monitoring of infrastructure and server health to identify current and potential connectivity and performance problems.

    This webinar will address how Infrastructure Performance Management capabilities can be seamlessly added to your wire data approach to provide the most complete and in-depth view of the health of the services and the infrastructure delivering them. You will learn how:

    • nGeniusONE’s service-centric approach can extend to monitor the availability and health of the infrastructure
    • nGeniusPULSE helps you ensure that on-premises equipment is functioning properly and applications are meeting expected service levels whether they are in private, public or hybrid clouds
    • nGeniusPULSE helps users to complete their root-cause analysis more quickly and effectively, within the nGeniusONE environment by collecting heath information from network equipment, log files, and servers
  • Solving UC&C quality issues in Contact Centers Recorded: Jul 25 2017 34 mins
    Ray Krug, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, NETSCOUT
    Delivering high quality services in your Contact Center is critical to your long term success. They are often the first touch your customers and partners have with your organization and enable your customers to spend more time, and of course, more money with your business.

    This session explores how NETSCOUT users have solved key UC&C service issues in their contact centers, reducing MTTR, and finger pointing across IT functions, so that effective communications aren’t hampered by poor call quality, excessive call waiting times or application availability.
  • Spectrum Analysis Essentials Recorded: Jul 20 2017 59 mins
    Devin Akin, CEO, Divergent Dynamics
    When designing Wi-Fi networks, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of the RF environment, both before and during use of the network. Without proper planning, discovery, monitoring, and remediation, the large number and variety of RF interference sources and client device types may wreck even a perfectly architected Wi-Fi infrastructure.

    It pays to understand how various devices and technologies negatively impact the ISM and UNII bands and how the proper tools can help prevent low performance and poor user experience. Deploying high-performance networks starts with a detailed look at your environment’s RF spectrum, and there’s no shortcut to success.

    Attend this webinar to understand the tools and process required to help prevent low performance and poor user experience.

    Devin Akin is the founder of Divergent Dynamics, a Wi-Fi Systems Integrator, Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and Training organization. Akin has over 20 years in IT, with 15 years in WLAN specifically, and was recently named to the TWW Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts list for 2014.
  • What’s New from NETSCOUT Recorded: Jul 13 2017 50 mins
    Carlos Morales, VP, Security Engineering, Arbor Networks and Russ Currie, VP Enterprise Strategy, NETSCOUT
    Check out the latest technology, products and solutions from NETSCOUT. Fresh from our biggest and best “Engage 17” customer event, we’ll give you the highlights on how NETSCOUT is leveraging Smart Data and driving even smarter analytics to ensure that you have the ability to deliver the highest quality and most secure services to your users.

    Join us on this webinar for an update on how we can help you with:

    • Managing Hybrid Cloud deployments
    • Ensuring the security of you networks and applications
    • Delivering high quality applications
    • Getting a handle on your wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence Recorded: Jul 12 2017 30 mins
    Russ Currie, Vice President, Strategy, NETSCOUT, and Karl Schaub, Chief Solution Architect, NETSCOUT
    Embracing Cloud technologies requires sophisticated and intelligent Service Assurance tools for both the migration to the Cloud and subsequent efficient, secure operation in the Cloud. Government agencies are accelerating their digital transformations and becoming more reliant on interconnected software applications. This substantially increases the complexity of deploying and managing these new services. With increased dependence on hybrid cloud, the risk of these technologies slowing down or failing is greatly increased.

    On this webinar our experts will address several key Cloud migration issues. You will learn about:

    • The challenges IT teams face which can create barriers to migration and operation of applications
    • Strategies to simplify and assure the success of cloud migration projects
    • Safe and successful operation of services running in dis-aggregated, hybrid cloud environments
    • Transforming high value wire data into the “smart data” you need to maintain continuity, visibility and service throughout transition
  • Live Demo of OptiView XG Recorded: Jul 11 2017 60 mins
    Tony Fortunato, Senior Network Performance Specialist with The Technology Firm
    Troubleshooting performance problems in today’s networks is only getting more complex:
    • Growth of 10G links with limited visibility
    • Increasing demands on wireless networks
    • Complex infrastructure with outdated documentation

    Last thing you need are hard-to-use tools that are complex in themselves or require extensive training before you can effectively use them.

    Please join us for a free webinar where Tony Fortunato will talk about these issues and present a live demo of the OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet. In this session Tony will spend some extra time covering various monitoring tips and tricks:
    • Packet Capture Tips and Trips
    – Capture Filters
    – Packet Slicing
    – Ring Buffers
    – Stop Triggers

    • Protocol Analysis Tips and Tricks
    – TCP connect Time
    – Retransmissions
    – TCP SYN, MSS, SACK and WIN options
    – IPv4 and IPv6
    – UDP
    – ICMP

    • Packet analysis tips and trips
    • Various packet reassembly examples and what that is
  • Advanced DDoS Attack Protection Recorded: Jun 28 2017 52 mins
    Frank Onyango, Consulting Engineer, Arbor Networks and Karl Schaub, Chief Solution Architect, NETSCOUT
    Government Agencies, Enterprises and Service Providers all experience continuous cybersecurity attacks that often begin with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks are a world-wide phenomenon impacting all industries, are more complex than ever before, and are increasing in size and frequency. It has never been easier to launch a DDoS attack because DDoS attack tools and DDoS for Hire Services are accelerating the weaponization of DDoS.

    On this webinar our experts will address several key DDoS issues. You will learn about:

    · The latest DDoS attack trends and recent examples of destructive attacks

    · The real impact of a DDoS attack to an organization and common misconceptions

    · Best practices for DDoS attack mitigation

    · Advanced attack protection solutions for Cloud and On-premise, from Arbor Networks, the Security Division of NETSCOUT

    Presented by: Frank Onyango, Consulting Engineer, Arbor Networks, The Security Division of NETSCOUT, and Karl Schaub, Chief Solution Architect, NETSCOUT
  • Deceptive Speed: How to Fix Fast, Unstable Wi-Fi Recorded: Jun 15 2017 45 mins
    Ben Miller, Wireless Specialist
    What's worse than bad Wi-Fi? Bad Wi-Fi that tests like good Wi-Fi. Join NETSCOUT and Ben Miller for this webinar, Deceptive Speed: How to Fix Fast, Unstable Wi-Fi, and learn simple tools and methods for diagnosing and resolving real world Wi-Fi performance issues.

    Ben Miller is a wireless specialist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Ben offers training services for professional training centers and organizations looking to design, manage and support wireless networks. Mr. Miller also offers surveying services to organizations in need of wireless network optimization.
  • Migración a WiFi 802.11ac – 1ª Sesión Recorded: Jun 13 2017 90 mins
    Pepe Bonilla Cepeda
    Son muchas las promesas, y mayores las expectativas, respecto a la mejor experiencia de usuario que tendremos al conectarnos a infraestructura de acceso WiFi 802.11ac. Aún y cuando esta tecnología ha estado en el mercado desde 2013, y de que por consecuencia hay ya muchas instalaciones, es muy común que su funcionamiento no necesariamente esté mejorando nuestra experiencia de usuario. Participe del primero de dos webinars en los que hablaremos de las consideraciones y desafíos que enfrentamos al migrar nuestra infraestructura WiFi al estándar 802.11ac. En esta sesión platicaremos los siguientes temas:

    * ¿Qué es 802.11ac?

    * Manejo de canales.

    * Planificación de redes WiFi.

    Acompáñenos y comparta esta invitación con sus colegas relacionados con diseño, despliegue, puesta en marcha y mantenimiento de redes WiFi. Los esperamos.
  • Live Demo of OptiView XG Recorded: Jun 7 2017 55 mins
    Tony Fortunato, Senior Network Performance Specialist with The Technology Firm
    Troubleshooting performance problems in today’s networks is only getting more complex:

    • Growth of 10G links with limited visibility
    • Increasing demands on wireless networks
    • Complex infrastructure with outdated documentation

    Last thing you need are hard-to-use tools that are complex in themselves or require extensive training before you can effectively use them.

    Please join us for a free webinar where Tony Fortunato will talk about these issues and present a live demo of the OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet. In this session Tony will spend some extra time covering various monitoring tips and tricks:

    Learn how to tune ping for your specific purpose. If ping is blocked, Tony will show you how to use specific techniques for your monitoring needs. Get introduced to port monitoring and application level testing. Tony will also use protocol analysis to show you how these techniques work and what to look out for.

    XG expedites network performance problem solving by automating root cause analysis and providing guided troubleshooting to address problem areas - anywhere on the network – wired or wireless.
  • Best Practices: Diagnosis and Resolution of Network and Application Performance Recorded: Jun 6 2017 47 mins
    Sameer Khanna and Eric Gray, Chief Solutions Architects, NETSCOUT
    Sometimes the IT organization is the last to know when there’s a problem with your enterprise network.

    Whenever there’s a performance issue lying somewhere in your complex network infrastructure, end users are usually the first to alert. By the time you get the call, frustrations are high and business impacts are painful.

    Join NETSCOUT for this webinar and learn about:

    • Challenges to getting to root-cause correctly and quickly

    • How to gain the visibility you need to resolve and even prevent issues

    • Real-life examples of how Enterprises have reduced time to know and repair

    • See how NETSCOUT can now be deployed in cloud environments
  • HL7: On the Path to Interoperability Recorded: May 23 2017 63 mins
    Wayne R. Kubick, Health Level Seven International and Brian Philips, NETSCOUT
    HL7 is growing as a wide-ranging solution to the requirement for improved interoperability. But merely conforming to HL7 specifications is not enough to deliver superior IT performance. This webinar will provide an update through insights into the Standards and explore the steps that healthcare providers are taking in building optimized HL7 application environments.

    In this webinar, learn:

    * Overview of HL7 standards

    * The role of HL7 toward achieving health data interoperability

    * How to leverage HL7 for service assurance to uncover the full context of IT service anomalies crossing multiple layers which contribute to slow application response times and poor patient experience in transmitting health information.
  • The New Mandate for Monitoring Infrastructure Recorded: May 17 2017 46 mins
    Jim Metzler, Founder and Vice President, Ashton, Metzler & Assoc
    Join industry analyst, Jim Metzler, for The Mandate for a New Monitoring Infrastructure, where he looks at the developments that are making monitoring within the data center more complicated, and at the solutions to challenges they present.

    Attend the webinar to gain insights into:

    * Trends affecting packet flow visibility

    * Organizational impact

    * Architecting a unified packet plane

    Register today and learn how to meet and overcome these monitoring challenges within the data center.

    Presenter: Jim Metzler, Founder and Vice President, Ashton, Metzler & Assoc

    Jim’s practice focus in on how IT creates business value. Application Delivery, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization are key technical interests. Jim brings over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of networking roles; Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Network Manager, Market Research and managing a consulting organization, to his presentations and work with customers.
Ensuring a connected world--one network at a time
NETSCOUT is a market leader in real-time service assurance and cybersecurity solutions for today’s most demanding service provider, enterprise and government networks. NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology continuously monitors the service delivery environment to identify performance issues and provides insight into network-based security threats, helping teams to quickly resolve issues that can cause business disruptions or impact user experience. NETSCOUT delivers unmatched service visibility and protects the digital infrastructure that supports our connected world. To learn more, visit www.netscout.com.

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