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Secure and Successful Deployments of NSX: Extend Your Visibility with NETSCOUT

Making the decision to evolve to the agile NSX SDDC environment as part of your Digital Transformation initiative brings its own challenges of security design and application deployment; and is not without risk. This means that maintaining visibility to assure your business service into this new virtual, secure world is critical to migration success.

Join Ray Krug, Enterprise Solutions Architect as he discusses how you can leverage NETSCOUT, a VMware Ready Certified Partner in Networking and Security for SDDC space, and your existing nGenusONE Service Assurance platform to extend continuous visibility of your micro-segmented environment, to assure the successful deployment and ongoing security and performance of services in your NSX environment.

Key takeaways from this session:

•The challenges faced by IT, DevOPs and Security in the NSX SDDC

•How NETSCOUT can extend the visibility you already depend on with deployment in an NSX environment.

•An example use case of application deployed in NSX being monitored by NETSCOUT

•Demonstrate how NETSCOUT provides visibility for SDDC in NSX and beyond into the public cloud.
Recorded Oct 16 2018 60 mins
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Presented by
Ray Krug, Enterprise Solutions Architect NETSCOUT
Presentation preview: Secure and Successful Deployments of NSX: Extend Your Visibility with NETSCOUT
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  • Ensure Successful Application Migrations to Google Cloud Oct 8 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Shishir Agrawal, Product Manager, Google Cloud Ray Krug, Director Product Marketing, NETSCOUT Ganesh Palaniappan, Senior Mana
    Companies undergoing digital transformation most likely rely on their IT and SecOps to continuously deploy new services and migrate on-premises workloads across hybrid cloud environments. As Enterprises implement new technology and look to improve connectivity, the complexity of this hybrid cloud environment adds both security and performance challenges to mission-critical applications. It's not enough to isolate a problem to a specific domain; you need to have visibility across the entire hybrid cloud infrastructure.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • Real-world examples of how to gain complete visibility into hybrid cloud traffic traversing across Google Cloud environment by leveraging Packet Mirroring feature.

    • What is smart data and how to use it to intelligently and efficiently analyze traffic flows for a contextual view of service, and its' interdependencies end-to-end across the service delivery infrastructure.

    • How to accelerate deployments of services into Google Cloud, while assuring application reliability, availability, responsiveness, and business continuity through NETSCOUT's smart data.
  • Typische Webmeeting (Webex/Zoom/MS Teams) Probleme und die Lösung Recorded: Sep 24 2020 47 mins
    Thomas Rohrschach, Senior Sales Engineer
    Webmeetings und die dazugehörigen Probleme gehören mittlerweile zum Alltag. Da aber eine einwandfreie Kommunikation auch von Zuhause möglich sein muss, um den Betrieb am Laufen zu halten, zeigen wir welche Probleme häufig auftreten, wie diese erkannt werden können und Lösungen, um diese zu vor dem Meeting zu erkennen und zu beheben.
  • DDoS Attacks in 2020 & Best Practices in Defense Recorded: Aug 17 2020 45 mins
    Tom Bienkowski, Director Product Marketing and Richard Hummel, Manager Threat Intelligence
    The years not even over yet, but there’s little doubt 2020 will be a year for the history books. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity teams gallantly protected their organizations and work/learn-from-home users from a massive uptick in COVID-19 related phishing, ransomware, and DDoS attacks.
    In this session, experts from NETSCOUT’s ATLAS Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) will discuss:
    • Worldwide, DDoS attack trends during the 1st half of 2020
    • DDoS attacks designed to restrict remote workforce access to corporate resources
    • Some common misconceptions about DDoS attacks
    • And best practices in DDoS defense
  • Ensure Performance of Telemedicine to Optimize Patient Experience Recorded: Jul 21 2020 44 mins
    Eric Gray, Chief Solutions Architect
    Are you concerned about the delivery and performance of your telemedicine services? Telemedicine is no longer a “nice to have,” but a necessary capability to keep patients and healthcare workers safe and avoid compromising the overall quality of patient care.

    Attend this webinar to get practical steps on how to maintain your telemedicine services and keep them up and running efficiently. In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of maintaining actionable visibility across complex telemedicine services and workflows given increased demand. In this webinar, NETSCOUT expert Eric Gray, Chief Solutions Architect, will discuss diagnosing the source of issues with telemedicine services for faster resolution:

    1.Before Consultation with Healthcare Provider
    2.During Visit with Healthcare Provider
    3.After Consult with Healthcare Provider
    4.Enabling Technology for Telemedicine Delivery and Support
  • Assurer les performances des applications et du réseau sur VPN Recorded: Jul 9 2020 49 mins
    Stéphane Froment, Chief Solutions Architect
    L'importance de la disponibilité et des performances des VPN pour vos utilisateurs distants n'a jamais été aussi essentielle, dans un monde où beaucoup de vos salariés travaillent à domicile. Les perturbations d'accès ou les ralentissements des temps de réponse mettent en danger le fonctionnement de votre entreprise et votre capacité à travailler avec vos clients. Rejoignez ce webinaire pour:

    • Apprendre comment l'utilisation et les performances des liens VPN ont un impact sur l'expérience de l'utilisateur final
    • Apprendre comment les services voix et vidéo consomment votre bande passante pour que vous puissiez prendre des décisions éclairées
    • Bien gérer les attaques DDoS et assurer une disponibilité de votre VPN
  • Garantizar la continuidad del negocio para ubicaciones remotas y domésticas Recorded: Apr 20 2020 41 mins
    Damian Miguelez Llamas, Engineer NETSCOUT
    Asegurar la continuidad del negocio protegiendo las VPN. Ahora más que nunca es crítico proteger el acceso VPN de ataques tales como los ataques DDoS. En estos momentos en los que una gran parte de los usuarios están trabajando desde casa, una caída de las VPN resulta en la paralización del negocio. Es probable que después del confinamiento El número de usuarios trabajando en remoto se incremente notablemente con respecto al número que había antes de la situación del COVID-19. Por lo tanto, los accesos VPN son y serán más críticos que nunca y deben protegerse frente a posibles ataques.
  • Ensure Business Continuity by Maximizing Visibility Into Your VPN Services Recorded: Apr 16 2020 31 mins
    NETSCOUT Experts: Paul Barrett, CTO Enterprise, Lewis Sharpe, Enterprise IT Architect
    In NETSCOUT’s Business Continuity webinar series, we are sharing how to ensure the performance, availability, and security of essential business services like the network, VPN, VDI, UC&C, Call Centers, Office365, and other SaaS applications.

    In this second webinar of the series, we will discuss the challenges presented by different VPN architectures when the entire company is working remotely. In this webinar, NETSCOUT experts Paul Barrett, CTO for Enterprise and Lewis Sharpe, Enterprise IT Architect, will discuss:
    •How NETSCOUT’s IT organization is using nGeniusONE to gain the visibility it needs to ensure employees have uninterrupted and unimpaired access to the business services they need to work effectively and efficiently from home.
    •Understanding the usage and performance of VPN links, gaining visibility into which services are being used via VPN, whether the Split VPN rules can be further optimized, and helping remote workers to understand how to use the VPN services available more efficiently.
    •Visibility into the impacts that saturated VPN connections has on UC&C service audio and video quality.
    •Tips for quickly configuring VPN centric views and reports in nGeniusONE
  • Arbor DDoS Threat Intel for Situational Awareness Recorded: Apr 9 2020 30 mins
    Tom Bienkowski
    Are you prepared to properly defend yourself if you’re the next target? Join us as we demonstrate Cyber Threat Horizon. Cyber Threat Horizon is a free tool allowing you to leverage global visibility derived from the Arbor Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS) to gain unique insight into DDoS attack trends and statistics such as size, frequency, attack vector, region of world and/or industry sector – enabling you to gain the situational awareness you need to determine your risk and/or preparedness for a DDoS attack.
  • Ensuring Business Continuity for Remote and Home Locations Recorded: Apr 2 2020 33 mins
    NETSCOUT Experts: Tom Bienkowski Director, Product Marketing and Darren Anstee, CTO
    The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented work/learn from home policies to be implemented globally and at massive scale. Now running at/near-maximum capacity, the VPN gateway has become a crucial link in the chain of communication from home users to corporate resources. Even the smallest sized DDoS attack now poses a significant threat.

    Join NETSCOUT experts for this brief, informative webinar where you will learn about:

    •Which specific types of DDoS attacks pose the biggest threat to
    your VPN Gateway.
    •How to use Arbor DDoS protection products to mitigate DDoS attacks
    that impact your VPN gateway.
    •New short-term licenses design to easily allow you to increase
    mitigation capacity for Arbor DDoS protection products.
    •A Top 10 List of Other Best Practices for VPN Resiliency.

    In this webinar, which is a first in a series of webinars, we will also introduce you to NETSCOUT’s Business Continuity resource site. The site contains a plethora of information related to how NETSCOUT solutions can help you ensure the performance and availability of essential business services like the network, VDI, UC&C, Call Centers, Office365, and other SaaS applications.
  • Monitoring Hybrid Environments and Deep Visibility to Improve User Experience Recorded: Feb 11 2020 58 mins
    Michael Segal, AVP Strategic Alliances and Eric Smith, Senior Manager, Product Management
    Transforming your data center but concerned how that will impact application performance? Service triage in virtualized server farms requires advanced monitoring across hybrid environments. Attend to learn strategies to reduce service MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and efficiently migrate applications in the hybrid cloud. Attendees will also learn crucial characteristics of visibility needed from the client point of view when consuming digital services. To this end, attendees will hear approaches for monitoring access to IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, multi-clouds and assuring mobile user connectivity.
  • Setting the Stage for Rapid Service Triage and Actionable Visibility Recorded: Jan 28 2020 55 mins
    Michael Segal, AVP Strategic Alliances and Eric Smith, Senior Manager, Product Management
    Is pressure building regarding data center transformation initiatives? In today’s digital world, businesses are under increasing pressure to cut time-to-market and improve customer satisfaction. The need for greater business agility has created a paradigm shift in IT priorities, technologies and operations.

    Learn why blind spots in the IT environment CAN hurt your organization and how to achieve end-to-end visibility into clouds, co-locations, and on-premise data centers. Discover how a service assurance platform can enhance end-users’ and customers’ productivity through improved network and service availability, reliability and responsiveness.
  • Ensure Successful Application Migrations to AWS Recorded: Jan 14 2020 61 mins
    Ray Krug, Solutions Architect, NETSCOUT and Michael Segal, Strategic Alliances, NETSCOUT
    The combination of cloud, colo and virtualization is changing the data center in ways we never expected in the past. As enterprises implement new technology and look to improve connectivity, the complexity of this hybrid cloud environment adds both security and performance challenges to mission critical applications. It’s not enough to isolate a problem to a specific domain, you need to have visibility across the entire hybrid cloud infrastructure.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    •What is smart data and how to use it to intelligently and efficiently analyze traffic flows for a contextual view of service, and its' interdependencies end-to-end across the service delivery infrastructure.

    •How to accelerate deployments of services into AWS, while assuring application reliability, availability, responsiveness, and business continuity.

    •Real-world examples of how NETSCOUT’s customers have gained visibility across the environment as they build and migrate applications to AWS.
  • Ensure risk-free UC&C and contact center deployments through NETSCOUT visibility Recorded: Dec 17 2019 48 mins
    Ray Krug, Solutions Architect, NETSCOUT
    Delivering high quality UC services for your Enterprise or your Contact Centre is critical to your long-term success. Possibly the first touch your customers have with your organization, or an enabler for efficient collaboration in your organization, you need positive interactions for your business to thrive.

    Attend the webinar: Ensuring risk-free UC&C and contact centre deployments through NETSCOUT visibility solutions and learn about: 

    - Pinpointing the source of failure or quality issues for inbound and outbound calls 

    - Best practices for ongoing performance monitoring Enterprise UC and your Contact centres

    - Leveraging active and synthetic testing for UC availability

    - Ensuring successful UC deployments on premise, in the Cloud or with SaaS providers

    - Customer Success stories for improving your UC performance
  • How to Leverage Data Across the Entire Organization Recorded: Dec 11 2019 61 mins
    Chief Analyst, Mark Newman, and NETSCOUT's Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Greg Mayo
    They discuss the value of data to communications service providers (CSPs) is not in question. What is unclear, however, is whether they are capable of leveraging it across the entire organization. Indeed, operators have been trying to come to grips with big data and data analytics for the last decade, and lack of a cohesive strategy is arguably the biggest obstacle to them becoming digital service providers (DSPs). For this report we conducted a tightly focused survey of people working in data analytics roles within CSPs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 88% of respondents said they consider the effective use of data across the entire organization essential for their businesses. We explore how CSPs are collecting, storing and using data, and we offer guidance to help operators leverage data to improve customer experience and optimize networks.

    - Which CSP executives are leading data strategies
    - The types of data operators collect and generate – and which are most valuable
    - Where CSPs store data and how it’s accessed
    - What data lakes are and why they’re challenging to manage
    - How effectively CSPs are using data
    - What the biggest barriers are to leveraging data
    - Why data models are important but challenging
    - Why a strategy for data governance is necessary
    - How CSPs can leverage network and operations data
    - How CSPs can use data to improve customer experience
  • Packet Brokers for Cost-effective Unified Visibility Across NetOps and SecOps Recorded: Dec 11 2019 51 mins
    Ray Jones, Senior Director, NETSCOUT
    In today’s threat landscape, more tools means more security, right? Not necessarily. The resulting tool sprawl places new and stressful demands on security and network operations. The challenges are especially acute when it comes to active (inline) security systems that are designed to act on live network traffic. Every change or upgrade means a potential network disruption. Trying to deal with this sprawl can be a true IT nightmare.

    Please join Ray Jones, Senior Director at NETSCOUT as we discuss how full packet visibility empowers your security systems to perform at their utmost efficiency – by processing the traffic they are designed to see. In the webinar you will learn:

    How to get unified visibility that allows multiple IT groups to access packet flows without creating disruptions

    Real world examples of how to optimize the flow of traffic from the network to your security systems and monitoring tools

    Ways you can leverage NETSCOUT’s cost-effective and flexible software-driven network packet brokers- at scale
  • Monitoring Encrypted Traffic to Ensure Efficiency and Availability Recorded: Nov 13 2019 46 mins
    Erik Hjelmstad, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
    In order to ensure networks are efficient, we need to monitor all traffic flowing through the wire. There are many tools to help, but they all rely on being able to read and decode network traffic. When the network traffic is encrypted, these tools provide limited value.

    With the nGenius Decryption Appliance (nDA), you get full visibility into all of the traffic across your network, and the ability to send that traffic to just the tools that need to see it.

    In the Webcast, you will learn about:

    • Expanding visibility by utilizing PFS in front of nDA.
    • Limiting types of decrypted traffic to ensure known good traffic stays encrypted
    • Finding malicious attacks that would otherwise be hidden by encryption
  • Solving UC&C Performance Issues in Contact Centers Recorded: Nov 12 2019 51 mins
    Ray Krug, Solutions Architect, NETSCOUT
    Delivering high quality services in your Contact Center is critical to your long-term success. Your contact center is often the first touch your customers have with your organization, and enables positive and lucrative interactions with your business.

    Join this webinar and learn about:

    •Pinpointing the source of failure or quality issues for in-bound and outbound calls
    •Best practices for ongoing performance monitoring of Contact Centers
    •Leveraging active and synthetic testing for Contact Center availability
    •Ensuring successful Contact Center deployments on premise, in the Cloud or with SaaS providers
    •Customer Success stories for improving Contact Center performance
  • The Age of Smarter Network Visibility & DDoS Protection is Now Recorded: Oct 30 2019 48 mins
    Zach Wilkinson - Product Manager, Jamal Bethea - Product Marketing Manager, Traffic Visibility Solutions at NETSCOUT
    Your network traffic deserves a purpose-built network Visibility and DDoS protection solution to address your business requirements, but it should be able to provide more. Service Provider and Enterprise businesses share similar struggles when it comes to traffic troubleshooting to maintaining your network uptime. The network is a business and left unprotected, could cause more significant harm for your employees, or even worse, your customers.

    While NETSCOUT continues to enhance our customers' ability to view, analyze, and mitigate their network traffic patterns, other security vendors continue to find the standard challenging to maintain. With enhancements to our Network Visibility and DDoS Protection solution, not only do we continue to address your Visibility and DDoS requirements; we are solving your ability to work smarter and not harder.

    In this webinar, you will learn about improving:
    • Content and subscriber analysis patterns make it easier to see how users value network connectivity so you can forecast future traffic patterns;
    • Operation support requirements such as AWS compatibility, OTT Managed Objects definitions and Webhook notifications; and
    • DDoS attack mitigation capabilities with improved speed to detection and protection with enhanced packet inspection and smarter traffic mitigation design.
  • Fix Wi-Fi Issues Fast with nGeniusPULSE Recorded: Oct 16 2019 38 mins
    John Anderson, Product Manager, NETSCOUT
    Wi-Fi access to the network can be a frequent source of performance issues. However, there are many other sources of performance issues, and not all Wi-Fi problems are due to the Wi-Fi.

    As a result, the ability to quickly identify service performance issues and determine the problem source is critical to restoring the service and minimizing impacts.

    Join us in examining real-world cases where performance issues affecting services over Wi-Fi impacted productivity and identifying the cause in the Wi-Fi or other part of the network led to rapid resolution.

    Learn how nGeniusPULSE helps enterprises:

    Monitor the performance of critical business services at every site, using both Wi-Fi and Ethernet access.

    Identify issues affecting the availability and performance of services: 

    Wi-Fi issues such as RF interference, excessive channel utilization, poor signal coverage

    Other issues such as WAN congestion, slow route hops, server and application problems.

    Isolate faults to the Wi-Fi network or other part of the network

    Focus troubleshooting on the specific fault and resolve the issue quickly
  • Empowering Your Network to Stop DDoS Attacks Recorded: Sep 19 2019 37 mins
    Scott Iekel-Johnson, Director of Product Management, DDoS Protection at NETSCOUT
    The goal to network protection is pretty simple. We must get ahead of the threats and protect our investments. Instead we continue to play catchup to attackers. While this goal is far from being achieved, we must abandon the idea that discreet solutions can solve multi-vectored threats. No single technology can solve this type of problem by itself. This goes for DDoS attacks like any other sophisticated threat.

    Join NETSCOUT as we discuss how smarter visibility can drives a smarter DDoS protection strategy. As we evolve our Arbor platforms for next generation of DDoS attacks, we are helping Service Providers and Enterprises change their approach to DDoS mitigation.

    In this webinar you will learn how to:
    • Detect attacks by combining smart analytics with best-in-class data
    • Defend from attacks by orchestrating multiple network protections simultaneously
    • Monitor comprehensive protection through a single interface

    With almost 20 years of expertise, the Arbor platforms have unparalleled visibility and knowledge on network-based attacks. Register for this webcast to listen how The Arbor platforms once again raise the bar on network visibility and DDoS protection.
Ensuring a connected world--one network at a time
NETSCOUT is a market leader in real-time service assurance and cybersecurity solutions for today’s most demanding service provider, enterprise and government networks. NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology continuously monitors the service delivery environment to identify performance issues and provides insight into network-based security threats, helping teams to quickly resolve issues that can cause business disruptions or impact user experience. NETSCOUT delivers unmatched service visibility and protects the digital infrastructure that supports our connected world. To learn more, visit www.netscout.com.

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  • Title: Secure and Successful Deployments of NSX: Extend Your Visibility with NETSCOUT
  • Live at: Oct 16 2018 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ray Krug, Enterprise Solutions Architect NETSCOUT
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