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Go for Growth - Case study - Fintricity

Fintricity was the winner of the Go for Growth excellence awards for professional services for 2010.
During this interview Alpesh Doshi will introduce Fintricity to the Go for Growth community, outline some the growth plans which attracted the judges attention and explain how the grand prize is further supporting Fintricity's growth plans.
Recorded Jan 17 2011 26 mins
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Presented by
Alpesh Doshi, Fintricity and Roland van Breukelen, SAP
Presentation preview: Go for Growth - Case study - Fintricity

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  • Pitching for management, not money Recorded: May 11 2011 15 mins
    Modwenna Rees-Mogg, CEO, AngelNews and Roland van Breukelen, Business Development, SAP
    Entrepreneurs and small business owners are used to “Pitching for money” from investors while at the same time often looking for a set of complementary skills to help grow the business.
    Modwenna Rees-Mogg, CEO of AngelNews has been connecting entrepreneurs and investors for many years and recognised the need that growing businesses also need complementary business skills to take them to the next level and so ‘Pitching for Management, Not Money' was born.
    Modwenna will share how the idea came about and the experiences and feedback from small business owners to date.
  • Social Media Helped You Build Communities - Now What? Recorded: Mar 22 2011 29 mins
    Schalk Viljoen, Director of Business Development, SAP
    Please note that this is a recording and will be available to view from this date. Questions, and voting are unavailable during the recorded webcast.

    1.Case study: Integrating Virtual Communities into Reputation Management Programs
    2.Community Building through networking of channels
    3.Building Community Engagement: Social Channels Drive Interaction Where The Users Are
  • Protecting and monetising your Intellectual Property Recorded: Feb 15 2011 45 mins
    Adrian Murray, Partner, W.P. Thompson
    All companies have some form of Intellectual Property, but awareness of what IP consists of, how you can protect it and how you can gain from investing in IP is very limited. This Webcast will help business leaders understand their own IP position better, and hopefully provide ideas on how to protect and monetise that IP. We will include the findings from a number of business case studies that Knowledge Peers have researched, together with the chance to ask an expert live and online about your own IP position".

    Topics covered:
    Better understanding of your IP position
    Ideas for protecting and monetising your IP more effectively
    Present your questions live to an IP expert

    Adrian worked in private practice for several years before moving into the corporate patent department of a multinational pharmaceutical company, where he was employed as Senior Patent Counsel. In this role, he was responsible for providing IP support to five research and development facilities across Europe and in doing so, gained wide experience in managing all IP-related aspects of product development, from the initiation of development to launch. He joined W.P. Thompson & Co. in 2009, becoming a Partner in the same year. He is qualified as both a Chartered Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney. Adrian read Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Warwick, graduating with a BSc (Hons) and has lived and worked in Japan.
  • How to capitalise on the end of the recession Recorded: Feb 2 2011 36 mins
    David Good - Shirlaws Business Coaching and Roland van Breukelen - SAP Business ByDesign
    Now is the time for companies to asses and understand how to strategically plan their capacity and their growth over a hesitant and uneasy economic recovery.
    Are you able to control your growth and manage your costs and profits as well as your competitors?
    Do you have processes in place that will support your next level of growth through perhaps, international expansion or a merger?

    SAP and Shirlaws Business Coaching have specifically designed this presentation to gain access to tremendous insight and assets to help growing companies through their current phase of growth and prepare for the next. SAP and Shirlaws will discuss:
    •How to understand your businesses Capacity
    •How you are performing against your peers
    •How to put in place a business platform to support your next phase of growth
  • Go for Growth - Case study - Fintricity Recorded: Jan 17 2011 26 mins
    Alpesh Doshi, Fintricity and Roland van Breukelen, SAP
    Fintricity was the winner of the Go for Growth excellence awards for professional services for 2010.
    During this interview Alpesh Doshi will introduce Fintricity to the Go for Growth community, outline some the growth plans which attracted the judges attention and explain how the grand prize is further supporting Fintricity's growth plans.
  • Winning in business now Recorded: Nov 8 2010 26 mins
    Marc Lawn, The Business GP & Go For Growth Awards Moderator
    Announcing the top 10 finalists for the Go for Growth Awards
  • Finding New Clients in Professional Services Recorded: Oct 19 2010 41 mins
    Fash Darabi, Director & Co-founder, Knowledge Peers
    Finding new clients

    Attend this complimentary webcast as Fash Darabi of Knowledge Peers shares his conclusions from interviewing the managing partners of a number of successful professional services firms who are particularly good at finding and converting new clients.

    Topics covered:
    -Identifying your target pool and sharpening your USPs for your target clients
    -Improving your ability to convert referrals
    -Sales expectations from the different roles in your firm: finders vs minders vs grinders
    -Supporting your rain-makers and improving their networking skills
    -Useful marketing activities which generate leads (and the ones which are a waste of money).
  • Business Growth: Growing in Professional Services Recorded: Oct 13 2010 19 mins
    Marc Lawn DBA, Founder, Competition Moderator & Nigel Bacon, CEO, Secantor
    Engage with Nigel Bacon, CEO of Secantor as they discuss the factors that are impacting business growth for professional services companies in the UK.

    Topics Covered:

    Market Trends
    Planning & Preparation
  • What's Impacting the ITSM Industry in the UK? Recorded: Oct 12 2010 28 mins
    Roland van Breukelen, SAP & Ken Turbitt, ITSM Expert
    In this current economic climate, what are the implications of new technologies such as cloud computing and virtulization for ITSM companies in the UK? Learn where to look for the top opportunities in the ITSM industry in the UK.

    This webcast is part of the Go for Growth Awards 2010, searching for UK growing service companies with the best growth plans. Enter directly by clicking on "apply" on the competition website here: www.go-for-growth.co.uk.
  • Is Social Media Transforming Your Business Processes? Recorded: Oct 12 2010 39 mins
    Christian Happel, Social Media Director, SAP Business ByDesign
    Attend this complimentary webcast as Christian Happel of SAP shares his views on what social media means for your growing business. You will learn that social media is not only for your employees in the marketing functions, but can be applied to all functions of a business and how your business processes are affected by that.

    How social media is affecting business growth
    How business processes are now becoming more social
    How SAP is integrating socials tools to help businesses become more social

    Prepare your questions and attend live so Christian can respond to you directly in this 45 minute webcast. If you are unable to attend live, you can also watch the recording afterwards at your convenience.

    • How social media will transform traditional business software
    • Why the SAP strategy includes social media
    • Features of the current SAP Business ByDesign version to integrate social media

    Prepare your questions and attend live so Christian can respond to you directly in this 45 minute webcast. If you are unable to attend live, you can also watch the recording afterwards at your convenience.
  • How to Grow Your Business Through Networking Recorded: Oct 8 2010 48 mins
    Andy Lopata, Business Networking Strategist
    The last couple of years have been tough and many have been forced to adapt to survive. Despite the credit crunch many businesses have thrived and they all share one thing in common…..they haven’t done it alone.
    Networking is a key tool in the success for any business, particularly when the going gets tough. Use it effectively and you can generate your own recovery. To do that you need to understand exactly what you need to achieve in your business and how your network can help.

    Labelled ‘Mr Network’ by The Sun, Andy Lopata was called ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ by the Financial Times. The co-author of two books on networking, Andy is a featured columnist the US magazine ‘The National Networker’, as well as being regularly quoted in the national press. Previously, Andy was Managing Director of UK network Business Referral Exchange. Andy has since worked with companies from one-man bands to organisations such as NatWest Bank, Merrill Lynch and Mastercard to help them realise the full potential from their networking. He is a former vice-president of the Professional Speakers Association.
  • SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services Starter Package Recorded: Oct 6 2010 25 mins
    Anne Breadmore, SAP, Solution Advisor
    The prize for the winner of the Go for Growth excellence awards is one year’s subscription to SAP Business ByDesign for up to 20 users. This webcast provides more information about SAP Business ByDesign and the Professional Services Starter Package which provides a fully integrated business management solution designed for midsize companies or small businesses that want the benefits of large-scale business applications without the need for a large IT infrastructure or spend. It enables preconfigured process best practices for managing financials, customer relationships, human resources, projects, and procurement. SAP takes care of installation, maintenance and upgrades – so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Interview: CEO of AngelNews Recorded: Oct 6 2010 29 mins
    Richard Alvin, Managing Director, Capital Business Media, Modwenna Rees Mogg, CEO, AngelNews
    Richard Alvin, Managing Director of Capital Business Media will be interviewing the CEO of Angel News, Modwenna Rees-Mogg as part of the Go for Growth competition.

    AngelNews is the leading European news service for the investment market, especially for business angels, investors and the companies they back.
    Due to rapid growth over the last few years and equally aggressive future plans they have decided to implement SAP Business ByDesign as their business platform to support their expansion.

    Hear directly from the CEO about:
    •The growth environment for AngelNews
    •How the rapid growth impacted business operations and processes
    •What AngelNews did to solve growing pains
    •Plans for the future
  • Interview: Co-founder of Social Media Networking Site Xing Recorded: Oct 5 2010 24 mins
    Bill Liao, Co-founder, XING & Marc Lawn, Business GP & Competition Moderator
    Engage live with Bill as he is interviewed by Marc Lawn on business growth for SMEs.

    Topics covered:
    Bill's view on the current challenges facing growing businesses in this climate
    What businesses should consider when planning for growth
    Top tips for growth plans.

    Bill Liao, entrepreneur, philanthropist, diplomat and author, is a co-founder of the social network site XING and CEO of Finaxis AG, a privately held company in the financial services industry. Bill is a special diplomatic envoy for St Kitts and Nevis, with a special interest in sustainable development and the environment. He is also founder and co-ordinator of Neo.org, a global citizenship initiative, and WeForest.com, which will reforest twenty million square kilometres of stripped land. Bill is dedicated to the vision that business and enterprise, conducted fairly and with respect for the environment, can and will create a better environment for work, life and the world that we all share. This vision is captured in his book: Stone Soup; a Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing.
  • How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media Recorded: Sep 30 2010 49 mins
    Dr Jim Hamill & Alan Stevenson, Directors, energise2-0.com
    Used effectively, social media can help to break down many of the business growth barriers facing SMEs. However, the key term here is ‘used effectively’. In the rush to become ‘cool and funky’, many SMEs have established social media channels without thinking strategically. What are our core business objectives for social media? How will we measure social media performance and ROI? Do we have the time and resource to fully support the channels we have established? What team do we need in place to manage our social media activities?

    In this Webcast, Dr Jim Hamill and Alan Stevenson of Energise 2.0, will discuss key success factors in the effective use of social media to achieve sustained business growth and profitability. The discussion is structured around their innovative Social Media Development Cycle framework. Key issues addressed include:

    -External Analysis: Evaluate Your Social Media Landscape
    -Internal Analysis: Evaluate Your ‘Readiness to Engage’
    -Develop Your Social Media Strategy and Action Plans for ‘Getting There’
    -Evaluate Your Social Media Performance and ROI
    -Organization, People and Resource Issues
  • Business Growth: Growing in Professional Services Recorded: Sep 27 2010 25 mins
    Marc Lawn DBA, Founder, Competition Moderator & Nigel Bacon, CEO, Secantor
    Engage with Nigel Bacon, CEO of Secantor as they discuss the factors that are impacting business growth for professional services companies in the UK.

    Topics Covered:

    Market Trends
    Planning & Preparation
  • SAP Business ByDesign explained Recorded: Sep 23 2010 9 mins
    Ian Anstey - Country Manager Business ByDesign, SAP UK
    The company judged to have the most innovative growth plan of all the finalists will also receive the opportunity to implement the SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services Starter Package. The Package is specially designed to give Professional Services companies a fast start and affordable access to the world-class business process management capabilities you need to compete and grow successfully.
  • PRIZE: SAP Enterprise Health Check Benchmark Explained Recorded: Aug 31 2010 10 mins
    Ashish Morzaria - Value Engineering, SAP
    The 10 Go for Growth finalists will each receive an Enterprise Health Check. This is a unique opportunity, as the high value SAP Enterprise Health Check is not generally available to the public and is used exclusively with selected customers and prospects to assess current strengths, identify areas for improvement, and begin to quantify the business value associated with enterprise software applications. Watch this webcast to understand more about this highly valued prize.
  • Simple Guide to Adapting and Acting on Changing Customer Needs Recorded: Jul 1 2010 49 mins
    Marc Lawn DBA, Founder, The Business GP
    As markets develop and products mature customer needs can change. This is a fundamental area for businesses to get right, but how do I start and what are the things to watch out for? A simple beginners guide to help you on your way Marc is an experienced leader with a track record of delivering world class customer and consumer solutions on an international scale, having won three global accolades, he works with an ethical and sustainable stance. He pioneered the ‘making life easier’ management philosophy, one based on clarity, and has coined a ‘renaissance management’ theory, where senior leaders understand clearly the total context in which they operate. As a consultant to some key blue chip businesses Marc is adding value across the globe, he is a fellow of the RSA, a recent DBA graduate and a member of the IOD. His employment and assignment history covers middle and senior leadership roles in global organisations across multiple industries. Regular expert contributor to The Telegraph Business Club.
  • Symbian Foundation Case Study: Executing your SMB Cloud Strategy Recorded: May 27 2010 47 mins
    Ian McDonald, Head of IT, Symbian Foundation
    Ian will talk about how the Symbian Foundation setup their IT environment to use the cloud and the lessons learned from this. Most of the infrastructure for Symbian is now using the cloud - using things such as Platform, Infrastructure and Software as a Service. Ian will also talk about transitioning from private virtual machines into the public virtual cloud, along with topics such as file storage, accounting and email without needing your own servers. Ian McDonald has been a leader in IT for over 15 years working in a range of multinational companies such as BHP, DHL, Sitel and Ecolab. Ian has extensive experience ranging from national/regional responsibility for IT, leading software teams and being General Manager at a large outsourcing firm. Ian is now global Head of IT for Symbian Foundation who provide the delivery and roadmap for the open source Symbian platform used in many smart-phones. Ian has a first class honours degree and is currently studying towards a doctorate and has spoken at conferences such as IEEE events and has been involved with IETF working groups, along with being a contributor to the Linux kernel and other open source projects.
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  • Title: Go for Growth - Case study - Fintricity
  • Live at: Jan 17 2011 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Alpesh Doshi, Fintricity and Roland van Breukelen, SAP
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