ASEAN - The Final Frontier

Vivek Vaidya, Vice President Automotive & Transportation
Asia will be the biggest growth market in the coming years. Global OEMs and suppliers have sorted the China and India strategy while ASEAN is still an untapped market. The market share of Japanese OEMs in ASEAN is higher than their market share in Japan. Further, ASEAN will be the 8th largest market in the coming years with total production of over 3 million vehicles with Thailand and Indonesia emerging as production hubs.

This briefing will investigate the type of vehicles that needs to be introduced in each country and also opportunities and challenges that lies ahead for OEMs and suppliers in ASEAN market.
Nov 17 2011
49 mins
ASEAN - The Final Frontier
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  • CV Telematics: Who will Drive the Market in the Coming Years? May 7 2014 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    This briefing will provide a global outlook of the commercial vehicles telematics market in 2014. With growing importance of data in the industry, the commercial vehicles telematics ecosystem is increasing in complexity. This briefing will cover top market predictions by Frost & Sullivan and growth opportunities across different regions. It will also focus on prognostics in North America and Europe.

    Why You Should Attend:

    • Receive insights on trends, regulations and market growth in the global commercial vehicles telematics industry for 2014
    • Identify key fleet management features/services across different regions
    • Learn about prognostics ecosystem stakeholders, influence on market and technology, and identify opportunities in the prognostics space
    • Understand key drivers, challenges and the future of prognostics in medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in North America and Europe
  • Future of the Global Powertrain and Electric Vehicles Market - 2014 Outlook Recorded: Apr 2 2014 63 mins
    This briefing will provide a global outlook of the passenger vehicle powertrain and electric vehicle landscape in 2014. Growth in three-cylinder engines, increased turbo-downsizing and powertrain modularity are key trends; vehicle gasoline powertrains continue to dominate the global market. Top predictions by Frost & Sullivan, and forecasts and market shifts expected to disrupt the global automotive market will be discussed. The outlook of key technologies such as high-speed transmissions (8-, 9-, 10-speed transmissions); two-cylinder engines; GDI and DCT; and specific powertrain mix changes such as CNG also will be covered. Finally, diesel, mild and full hybrids, plus a breakdown of the EV space and key OEMs, will be addressed.
  • Future of Mobility: Corporate Carsharing Recorded: Mar 18 2014 55 mins
    Dedicated corporate carsharing solutions are becoming far more prevalent in a company’s mobility requirements, as the attractiveness and awareness of such offerings increase.

    A recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan estimates the number of vehicles to stand at about 2,000 vehicles in such fleets in 2013. It forecasts that by 2020, there could be between 75,000 and 100,000 such vehicles in operation, as providers such as OEMs, leasing arms, rental companies, carsharing organizations (CSOs) and technology providers continually enter the market and expand geographically with competing solutions.

    During this analyst briefing, Frost & Sullivan will present the key findings of this report, highlighting the trends impacting the market, the key industry groups and companies developing products and their target market, as well as give some predictions on the market potential and the impacts through to 2020.
  • Temperature Controlled Logistics Services Market in India Recorded: Mar 12 2014 44 mins
    Why should you attend?
    •Learn about current size and segmentation of the TCL services market in India
    •Learn about the forecasted market size for the next four years
    •Identify the specific factors driving the growth of this market
    •Understand the key user industries of these services and their practice preferences
    •Find out about key challenges to be addressed by logistics service providers and tap into the potential opportunity
  • 2014 Outlook for the Global Automotive Industry Recorded: Feb 12 2014 64 mins
    In 2014 the global light vehicle market is expected to cross the 88 million unit mark with growth in the Chinese and U.S. markets balancing the downturn in Europe. Key trends influencing the market include corporate carsharing, eRetailing and big data analytics.

    This briefing will analyse emerging market trends and make bold predictions for 2014.
  • Impact of Big Data on Automotive Industry Recorded: Dec 10 2013 59 mins
    Big data is not a new phenomenon in the automotive industry. The increasing presence of connectivity, with the short- to mid-terms promising high-speed/high-bandwidth connectivity like LTE in the car, is a key reason for pursing big data in the industry. The shift is taking place due to the need to cut down on spiraling warranty costs and the need to create a data sharing network between the dealer, customer, and the OEM and others.
  • Future of Autonomous Driving Recorded: Nov 7 2013 66 mins
    Join Prana Natarajan, team leader; Nick Ford, consultant; Dr. Anthony Baxendale, research manager-Future Transport Technologies at MIRA Ltd; and Harald Barth, product marketing manager at Valeo, as they discuss future trends in autonomous driving in the defense sector.

    Why You Should Attend:
    - Discuss the future of autonomous driving with experts from Frost & Sullivan, MIRA and Valeo, and how to address market, engineering and product challenges
    - Learn strategies from experts who have implemented autonomous driving solutions in the defense sector
    - Compare and contrast the strategies of traditional OEMs with that of newer participants, such as Google, and related business models
    - Hear from the experts on the design, testing and validation requirements for autonomous cars
  • 2020 Vision of Global Medium-Heavy Commercial Truck Market Recorded: Oct 10 2013 49 mins
    This analyst briefing will offer attendees unique and insightful takeaways focused on:

    - Global economic trends and forces shaping demand for medium-heavy commercial vehicles
    - Regional and global growth outlook for the medium-heavy truck market
    - Powertrain, connectivity and safety technology outlook
    - The movement towards platform-based truck production
    - The move globally to a low-cost truck
    - The top 5 predictions and trends for the global medium-heavy commercial truck market
  • Future of Vehicle Parking Management Systems in North America and Europe Recorded: Oct 1 2013 52 mins
    Hear Praveen Chandrasekar, Program Manager, Neelam Barua, Industry Analyst and Zia Yusuf, CEO innovative parking management company Streetline, Inc. talk about key trends, current happenings and market sizing of Vehicle Parking Management systems.
  • The Future of Automotive Parts Retailing in North America: Are you Prepared? Recorded: Sep 19 2013 59 mins
    This briefing will provide several strategic insights into the evolving nature of parts eRetailing, including:

    •Key competitive factors
    •Operational challenges faced by traditional parts distributors and retailers, eRetailers OEMs, dealer groups and parts suppliers.
    •Best practices in digital retailing
    •Comprehensive case studies
  • Global Outlook for High-Speed Automotive Transmissions - What's in Store? Recorded: Sep 17 2013 46 mins
    The high-speed automotive transmissions market is expected to grow to more than 13 million units by 2020. OEMs and tier-1 suppliers therefore have a key role to play in the growth of this market, which is coaxed by stringent emission regulations, fuel economy standards and dynamic consumer demand. With the entire automotive value chain questioning the "optimum number of transmissions speeds" while achieving cost-benefits at the same time, this analyst briefing will share industry thoughts and views as to how this market will unfold toward 2020.
  • Emerging Hotspots for Commercial Vehicles in Africa Recorded: Jul 3 2013 14 mins
    Given increased changes in legislation on imports and exports of commercial vehicles in various African countries, a major shift is expected to take place amongst the dominant suppliers of commercial vehicles across the continent. China is anticipated to play a key role in determining the future suppliers of commercial vehicles in Sub-Saharan Africa. This briefing will identify how the Sub-Saharan African commercial vehicles market is expected to evolve between 2012 and 2020.
  • Car Sharing - The Voice of the Consumer Recorded: May 14 2013 38 mins
    Whilst car sharing has existed for several years, the uptake rates and emergence of new players has proliferated in the last five years; the number of members increased by more than 90 percent between 2008 and 2012, for example. With that in mind, Frost & Sullivan wanted to learn more about the members currently using car sharing services, including their preferences and aspirations for the car sharing concept in the future, but also to understand from non-members what would encourage them to join such services, as well as their idea of a “winning concept.” In doing so, a targeted survey of more than 2,300 people was conducted in the UK, France, and Germany, with 12 cities in total.

    Attendees should attend to:
    · Understand the current and future usage of car sharing services from a customer/member perspective
    · Discuss the winning concept and willingness to pay that was highlighted across our sample
    · Look at existing car sharing member profiles
    · Understand familiarity, interest and adoption amongst non-members
  • The Future of Car Retailing Recorded: May 8 2013 49 mins
    Frost & Sullivan's new study on the future of car retailing suggests that car companies will increasingly apply an omni-channel strategy to market and sell their cars. The study finds that about 4 percent of all new cars sold in the future, about 4.5 million cars, could be sold completely online by 2020. As a consequence, dealerships will need to change their traditional approach to sales. OEMs will choose either an evolutionary approach or a completely revolutionary, omni-channel approach.

    Why You Should Attend:
    - Hear a comprehensive analysis of a new omni-channel retail strategy
    - Focus on the futuristic scenario of automotive retail influenced by social media, fashion, and the consumer electronics industry
    - Listen to success stories of automotive OEMs in online retailing
    - Find out about digital retailing and how it impacts hard and soft KPIs
    - Participate in an interactive Q&A session
  • The Coming Global Aftermarket Boom Recorded: Apr 9 2013 41 mins
    Given the high growth in the total number of passenger vehicles in the world, more motorists will be looking for businesses to provide parts and services to keep their cars on the road. However, distribution channels and service networks are virtually non-existent in many regions, causing vehicle owners to pay high prices with few options.

    This briefing will highlight emerging, unmet needs in the global automotive aftermarket that could provide new opportunities for companies across the value chain.
  • AEC – Opportunities and challenges for Automotive Players Recorded: Mar 13 2013 50 mins
    AEC is aimed at converting ASEAN into a single market place making it a level playing field. Implementation of AEC however is a politically and economically sensitive issue. This briefing outlines possible scenarios of AEC implementation and analysis covers the impact on various automotive players depending on their competitive position.
  • 2013 Automotive Industry Outlook: Learn the 5 Bold Predictions and Trends Recorded: Feb 5 2013 46 mins
    2013 is expected to be the year of the dragons and eagles to push the growth and balance the fall in Europe. China is expected to cross 20 million vehicle sales, and the U.S. is expected to reach 15 million sales since the 2007 economic crisis. Competition for the top spot is expected to continue between Toyota, VW and GM, but which OEM is expected to cross the 10 million mark? Join us for the 2013 Automotive Industry Outlook to learn the five bold predictions and trends for 2013.
  • Is Luxury Car Market in India Bigger than the Numbers Suggest? Recorded: Jan 23 2013 22 mins
    This briefing will investigate the changing market landscape in the luxury vehicles market in India and will specifically focus on some of the most important trends that are governing the industry.

    Why You Should Attend:
    ·Learn about the growth of the luxury vehicles market in India
    ·Identify the market drivers and restraints for luxury vehicle sales in India
    ·Understand growth potential of this market
  • Future of Mobility - New Business Models, Opportunities and Market Entrants Recorded: Jan 17 2013 48 mins
    The way people move is evolving and the future is about flexible, integrated mobility and on-demand services. The paradigm shift toward door-to-door travel provides opportunities for a new class of market entrants: mobility integrators (MIs). This briefing examines this emerging market space and features a wide spectrum of visionary opportunities for MIs.

    Why You Should Attend:
    • Analysis of a new emerging market entrant, “Mobility integrator,” discussing opportunities for an ever-growing value chain
    • 360 degree perspective on 5W1H of Mobility Integrators (emerging business models, Mega Trends)
    • Success stories from various industries and focus points for stakeholders trending towards a future of integrated mobility and being a Mobility Player in an open market
    • Interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan thought leaders
  • Strategic Analysis of the European Market for Variable Valvetrain Technologies Recorded: Jun 28 2012 21 mins
    The study “Strategic Analysis of the European Market for Variable Valvetrain Technologies" will cover the market for valvetrain systems for gasoline and diesel vehicles in Europe. It sheds light on the new valvetrain technologies that bring significant gains when accompanied with downsizing and other emission-reduction techniques. This briefing will highlight trends in the market while projecting the future outlook and the opportunities for different participants from development to production.

    Why You Should Attend:
    · Learn about the growth of the variable valvetrain market
    · Understand OEM strategies pertaining to gasoline downsizing and diesel valvetrain
    · Identify opportunities in the valvetrain market
Frost & Sullivan Analyst Briefing Series
Frost & Sullivan's Automotive & Transportation practice provides global industry analysis, custom consulting, market research, market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your firm address current trends and challenges, identify new technologies, and take advantage of opportunities for growth in the Automotive & Transportation markets. Our global team of industry experts, consultants, and market research analysts evaluate and monitor the automotive aftermarket, advanced automotive technologies, telematics, infotainment (including multimedia), remanufactured parts, safety, and logistics markets.

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