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AEC – Opportunities and challenges for Automotive Players

AEC is aimed at converting ASEAN into a single market place making it a level playing field. Implementation of AEC however is a politically and economically sensitive issue. This briefing outlines possible scenarios of AEC implementation and analysis covers the impact on various automotive players depending on their competitive position.
Recorded Mar 13 2013 50 mins
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Presented by
Vivek Vaidya, VIce President Asia Pacific, Automotive & Transportation
Presentation preview: AEC – Opportunities and challenges for Automotive Players

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  • Need for Intelligent Chassis Controls Creates Growth Opportunities in Automotive Aug 2 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Arunprasad Nandakumar | Team Leader - Chassis, Safety & Autonomous Driving Systems
    Why You Must Attend:
    · With the need for precision control for core chassis components, what investments are currently pushing the development of intelligent chassis control systems?
    · Beyond control, what wider impacts on aspects like powernet availability and automation are expected from the growth of intelligent chassis control systems?
    · With growth of electronics in cars, is it possible for new market players outside the automotive ecosystem to enter core automotive markets like chassis systems, or is it likely to be dominated by the existing power houses in the industry?
  • Software Enhancements Tipping the Balance in Favor of Autonomous Driving Adoptio Recorded: Jun 8 2016 55 mins
    Arunprasad Nandakumar, Karl Iagnemma, Andreas Strasser
    Why You Must Attend:
    · What hardware and software approaches are industry players looking into as the industry moves from disruption to commercialization of autonomous driving?
    · Industry is now at the cusp of a convergence between various technology programs. What new business opportunities are likely to evolve from the emergence of aspects like new mobility services and auto insurance?
    · The US and EU are seeing growth of new autonomous test beds. How important are independent test beds and programs in the wider development and acceptance of autonomous driving?
  • How will Game-changing Technologies Boost Growth Opportunities in Logistics? Recorded: Jun 8 2016 27 mins
    Jahnavi Gokulakrishnan
    Adoption of new technologies in logistics has become imperative for industry participants as supply chain visibility, faster delivery timelines, and focus on saving costs without compromising on service offerings are becoming norms of day-to-day business across industries. Technology advancements are not just bridging the gap of efficiencies; they are providing the industry with new channels and business models, and hence a new dimension to evolution. Adoption of these technologies is not a matter of gaining an edge over competitors, but a matter of survival.
  • Aging Vehicles, Environmental Concerns Driving Global Demand for Remanufactured Recorded: May 19 2016 66 mins
    Kumar Saha,Avijit Ghosh, Catherine Hutt, Joe Kripli
    As vehicle age increases and environmental legislation tightens across the globe, remanufactured products will play a critical role. These market shifts will create a strong demand for remanufactured parts, resulting in a higher growth than the overall aftermarket. These transformations will create many opportunities for various stakeholders.
  • Top of Mind Issues for Powertrain Industry: Would Electrification Be Enough to M Recorded: May 12 2016 50 mins
    Anjan Hemanth Kumar and Pietro Boggia
    The recent diesel engine cheating scandal has raised many questions on how emissions are being measured. This briefing will shed light on the regulatory changes and how vehicle manufacturers need to align their powertrain portfolio.

    Why You Must Attend:
    · Recent events have brought about a shift of focus from CO2 emission reduction to NOx. What are the implications?
    · What does the surge of electric car sales in Europe and China indicate?
    · Learn about key powertrain trends with regards to changes in engine displacements, injection technologies and, most importantly, the role of exhaust aftertreatment technologies in the future
    · Discuss changes in consumer perception following the Volkswagen emission scandal
  • Truck Telematics Face Major Breakthrough, Enabling Growth Opportunities Globally Recorded: Apr 5 2016 65 mins
    Sathya Kabirdas, Jason Koch, Kara Kerker
    Mobility Research Manager Sathya Kabirdas; president and co-founder of Telogis Jason Koch; and Kara Kerker, executive vice president and CMO of Lytx, will host a panel discussion on truck telematics, growth opportunities unlocked by disruptive technologies, inventive business cases, and regulatory mandates, followed by a live question-and answer session.
  • Growth Opportunities in Global Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Industry Recorded: Mar 24 2016 73 mins
    Sandeep Kar, Eric Starks, Jeffrey C. Walker
    Sandeep Kar and guest speakers Jeffrey C. Walker, director, MD-HD Truck Transmissions at Eaton, and Eric Starks, president at FTR, will provide an executive outlook of key trends and forces shaping the global medium-heavy duty truck market's trajectory in 2016. Sandeep will focus on major takeaways from the market's performance in 2015 and then focus on the top-of-mind issues for commercial vehicle industry executives in 2016. He also will present a forecast for medium-heavy duty truck sales from both regional and global perspectives, focus on powertrain mix for 2016, present the future of connected truck technologies, and highlight product-specific changes that are likely to shape truck technologies and markets. Walker will provide an outlook on the global market and regulatory environment, product and technology imperatives, and Eaton's industry position. Starks will focus on FTR's 2016 outlook for the North American heavy truck and trailer market.
  • 2016 Global Connected Car Outlook Recorded: Mar 10 2016 67 mins
    Krishna Jayaraman, Praveen Chandrasekar, Mahbubul Alam
    The outlook focuses on the key trends and innovations framing the connected car industry in 2016. Topics covered include:
    • Highlights from 2015
    • Top predictions for 2016
    • Regional trends (EU, NA, China, Brazil)
    • Exhibits covering innovation in HMI, telematics and infotainment
    • Connected services, HMI features and telematics services with OEM benchmarking (EU, NA, China, Brazil)
    • Connected car market size and forecasts (2015, 2016 and 2021)
    • Key takeaways and future outlook
  • 2016 Global Automotive Outlook Recorded: Feb 24 2016 67 mins
    Lisa Whalen and Shwetha Surender
    2016 is expected to see global light vehicle sales exceeding 91 million units, with growth in the US and Europe balancing the slowdown in the emerging markets. Ridesharing, intelligent mobility and big data analytics are key trends that will influence the market in 2016. This webinar analyzes emerging market trends and makes bold predictions for 2016.
  • 2016 Global Rail Outlook Recorded: Dec 17 2015 56 mins
    Shyam Raman, Frost & Sullivan and Dan Corns, Magnovate
    Attend this webinar to discover:

    • What will be the impact of Mega Trends on the global rail industry in 2016?
    • What is the global market for rolling stock in 2016?
    • Where are the new opportunities in rail infrastructure?
    • Which markets will drive growth opportunities for rail in 2016?
  • Cloud in the Automotive Industry: Opportunities and Trends Recorded: Nov 17 2015 53 mins
    Niranjan Manohar, Sriram Venkatraman, David Uze
    With increasing challenges and demand for data-intensive and data-sensitive applications, automakers constantly think about their legacy and futuristic applications to support demanding use cases. This webinar will investigate the changing technology landscape in Europe and North America, and will specifically focus on how automotive participants are envisaging cloud-based solutions.
  • Impact of the Emission Scandal on the Volkswagen Group Recorded: Nov 10 2015 69 mins
    Lisa Whalen, Shwetha Surender, Arun Chandranath
    Volkswagen's (VW) concession of corporate malfeasance in circumventing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing in the US has sent the global automotive industry into a tailspin. This briefing examines the fallout from the emission scandal and its impact on the Volkswagen group, as well as the wider automotive ecosystem.
  • Iran—The Largest Untapped Automotive Market on the Planet Recorded: Sep 9 2015 55 mins
    Subhash Joshi, Isaac Abraham, Tahereh Zafarian
    Iran is the largest (population 79.5 million) underserved and untapped market globally where customers and automotive manufacturers suffered the effects of economic sanctions.

    This presentation shows key findings from a recently concluded deep-dive study about the state of automotive business in light of the new political climate, and analyzes developments in the Iranian passenger vehicle (PV) market. Business opportunities and implications of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, which will make Iran more accessible to foreign market participants, will also be discussed in detail.

    Why You Should Attend:

    • Hear an overview of the Iranian PV market, including key market participants and opportunities.
    • Evaluate the attractiveness of the Iranian automotive market and understand how it will mature by 2022.
    • Understand implications of existing local regulations and how they will evolve.
  • Digitizing the Global Automotive Parts and Service Industry Recorded: Aug 26 2015 48 mins
    Stephen Spivey, Program Manager
    Rising personal vehicle ownership offers growth opportunities for vehicle parts and service providers across the world. However, technological, economic and social trends are merging to change how consumers will purchase these products and services in the future.

    Why you should attend:
    -Learn about the high-growth potential of the automotive aftermarket industry
    -Identify how changing consumer behavior will drive growth for new market participants
    -Discover how suppliers can leverage existing technology to penetrate new markets
  • Future of Intelligent Mobility and its Impact on Transportation Recorded: Jun 10 2015 55 mins
    Nick Ford, Senior Consultant
    In an intelligent transportation network that embraces new mobility business models, we must think beyond automated vehicles. There is a need for a unified approach that reaps benefits across safety, fuel economy and better flow of traffic. This can only be done when vehicles are not only automated, but are capable of communicating with each other, have a better sense of eco-driving and embrace new mobility modes to achieve leaner commuting.
  • Automobile Industry Convergence with Healthcare Recorded: May 19 2015 62 mins
    Lisa Whalen, Venkat Rajan, Neelam Barua
    A transition within healthcare delivery from discrete interactions to continuous and ongoing support has taken solutions from in-hospital to in-home, to on-person and now in-vehicle.

    This presentation seeks to assess the market ecosystem of stakeholders, and gauge the opportunity for integrative business models in the healthcare and automobile industries.
  • The Future of Corporate Mobility Recorded: Apr 21 2015 66 mins
    Martyn Briggs, Graeme Banister, Catalin Ciobanu
    We are witnessing a shift in products and services being provided to business travelers and the way in which companies set up their administration of these activities. New mobility business models, such as carsharing, ridesharing, and e-hailing/taxi services for personal use, are also developing into dedicated corporate mobility services and being integrated into corporate travel options.
  • Strategic Analysis of the Chinese Powertrain Market Recorded: Mar 31 2015 15 mins
    Chan Ming Lih | Research Associate | Automotive and Transportation | Frost & Sullivan
    Gasoline powertrain will gradually make way for electric powertrain by 2020. Electric powertrain segment is likely to expand, while the gasoline segment experiences slight decline and diesel powertrain segment retains a stable market share.

    Ming Lih will discuss the market opportunities of the Chinese powertrain market from 3 segments; gasoline, diesel and electric. She will compare the current and future outlook situation across market, industry, technology, government perspective and consumer's perception.
  • Advances Propelling Global Autonomous Heavy-Duty Truck Market Recorded: Mar 18 2015 59 mins
    Sandeep Kar, Wallace Lau, Dr. Josh Switkes
    The global autonomous heavy-duty truck market is gaining momentum, with most major heavy truck-makers trying to make their mark in this competitive field.

    Switkes will provide his company's vision of the market, focusing on vehicle-to-vehicle communication and radar-based active braking technologies.

    Questions this webinar will answer:
    • What is the potential market size?
    • What are the emerging trends?
    • How will platooning technology evolve?
    • What are the costs associated with autonomous driving?
  • 2015 Outlook: Future Trends in Powertrain and Electric Vehicles Recorded: Feb 17 2015 77 mins
    Anjan Hemanth Kumar, Mircea Popescu, Scott Ellsworth
    This briefing will review the market for gasoline and diesel engines. The presentation will also focus on electrification of powertrain and explore which electric powertrains have the recipe for success leading up to 2020. We will showcase two specific trends; Mircea Popescu will compare induction motors and permanent magnet motors for hybrid and EV application, and Scott Ellsworth will benchmark Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf.

    Attend this briefing to:
    1. Find out if electric vehicles were successful in 2014, and to what extent
    2. Learn the gasoline and diesel engine mix for 2014 in Europe
    3. Discover consumer choice of gasoline versus diesel cars and how fuel price fluctuations will impact this buying pattern
    4. Benchmark technologies like induction motors and permanent magnet motors
    5. Compare Tesla Model S with Nissan LEAF
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The Frost & Sullivan Mobility practice provides global market intelligence, prescriptive research, and advisory services tailored to your organization. Our experience and global experts continue to adapt and innovate to identify opportunities and challenges to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Our Analyst briefings are a key insight into some of the advanced analytical tools to address converging mega trends, new business models, technology led solutions, regulatory changes and competitive pressures across a broad spectrum of industry topics.

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  • Title: AEC – Opportunities and challenges for Automotive Players
  • Live at: Mar 13 2013 3:00 am
  • Presented by: Vivek Vaidya, VIce President Asia Pacific, Automotive & Transportation
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