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The Future of the United States

Spurred by the presidential election in 2016 – and because this election will play a critical role in the nation’s progress over the next decade – Frost & Sullivan has undertaken a comprehensive study of the future of the United States, analyzing the many Mega Trends that will affect American citizens and business through 2025.

This webcast will provide an overview of key findings from this research and will explore some of the themes that emerged throughout our research, including:

• How expanding data frontiers will force companies to find ever-more-creative ways of keeping pace with rapidly evolving technology
• America’s “network culture” that connects communities and friends, and how virtual relationships across geographies are redefining families, friendships, and professional networks
• The reality of the new “human-centric” workplace and how it will become key to employees’ future health, wellness, and happiness
• The intersection of the collaboration and competition economies, and how companies will take advantage of more opportunities to share assets and form partnerships, while simultaneously trying to compete in a crowded field and amid rapidly evolving customer dynamics
Recorded Nov 12 2015 60 mins
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Presented by
Richard Sear, Partner & Senior Vice President: Visionary Innovation
Presentation preview: The Future of the United States

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  • How Will Geopolitical Events and Weak Investments Add to Global Uncertainties? Recorded: Apr 20 2017 56 mins
    Aroop Zutshi, Craig Parker and Neha Anna Thomas
    2017 will be the sixth year of global stagnation, and we will again see a low rate of global economic growth. Geopolitical events, restrained demand and weak investments will take a toll on the global growth trajectory. Lack of business confidence due to the global uncertainties will make investors wait and watch, which could further slow progress. Amidst such circumstances, which areas of growth will produce the best business opportunities? This briefing delivers an in-depth global and regional growth analysis highlighting the opportunities, risks, policy challenges and economic trends, and provides economic predictions for 2017.
  • Myanmar's Economic and Industrial Evolution Creating Growth Opportunities Recorded: Mar 15 2017 61 mins
    Manoj Menon & Jeremy Chew(Frost&Sullivan). John Dick(Dentons Rodyk&Davidson LLP), Dr.Thaung Han & Azeem M.Azimuddin(AYA BANK)
    Global interest in Myanmar as an investment destination has increased in the past five years following liberalization efforts and other reforms. The country has since witnessed commendable expansion in foreign investment, trade, and gross domestic product (GDP). Enabling factors such as the recent opening of the first special economic zone (SEZ), a rising middle class, and supportive new government policies for businesses will only help accelerate Myanmar's catch-up process.

    In light of these developments, Frost & Sullivan's upcoming webinar will enable you to:

    • Gain a deeper knowledge of Myanmar's economic and business conditions
    • Learn more about the legal and financial landscape in Myanmar
    • Leverage insights and trends associated with key emerging industries
    • Engage in a live Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan experts as well as private sector representatives
  • Trump's Impact on Future Business in the United States Recorded: Feb 28 2017 57 mins
    Jillian Walker, Senior Consultant, Visionary Innovation Group
    Donald Trump's ascendancy to president of the United States promises to bring big change. Controversial campaign rhetoric targeting topics as diverse as trade, the environment and healthcare, coupled with Trump's long list of unconventional government appointees, have created an environment of uncertainty. Citizens, businesses, and governments around the world are trying to separate the hyperbolic from the probable and wondering what policies Trump will actually pursue. “Trump's Impact on the Future of the United States” helps provide clarity without sacrificing complexity.
  • Top 17 Trends to Watch This Year Recorded: Feb 22 2017 61 mins
    Lauren Taylor, Principal Consultant and Richard Sear, Partner & Senior Vice President
    Is your organization prepared to take advantage of the most impactful and transformational trends set to take place in 2017? Frost & Sullivan's Visionary Innovation Group has drawn on the expertise of its global team of futurists, consultants, and analysts to forecast which trends will most affect business, society, and government this year. Each of our top 17 trends are analyzed and supported with key predictions and the expected impact of those predictions.
  • Commercial Drones and Energy Harvesting Technologies Reshaping Industries Recorded: Feb 14 2017 54 mins
    Gopal R. Global Vice President, Transportation & Logistics and Sitanshu Shastri, Research Analyst, TechVision
    Sensor technologies are already signaling transformation across different applications and are expected to bring changes more significantly in the future. Innovative sensor technology is expected to disrupt existing business models and applications. Industries are continuously intermingling with one another to develop innovative products and services to satisfy the discerning needs of consumers. Regulations play a vital role in the adoption of technology, especially drone and energy-harvesting technologies. Therefore, it’s imperative that companies review their portfolio and build their innovation pipeline of sensor technologies and customized products to be ready for the future in line with regulations, and consumer and business demands.
  • Future of Materials Shaped by Emerging Opportunities Recorded: Dec 15 2016 38 mins
    Aarthi Janakiraman, Team Leader - Chemicals and Advanced Materials, TechVision
    Industries are continuously intermingling to develop innovative products and services to satisfy the discerning needs of consumers. This convergence of industries may potentially disrupt existing business models and applications. Technologies, especially material technologies, act as key facilitators for the transforming innovation ecosystem. Therefore, it is imperative that companies review their portfolio and build their innovation pipeline of material technologies and customized products to be ready for future convergence and collaboration trends. The webinar will discuss key trends that are driving material innovations across different industries and focus on the emerging opportunities for materials across applications.
  • Are Batteries Becoming More Dangerous? Recorded: Dec 14 2016 58 mins
    Wai Fun Kee, Industry Principal, TechVision
    The battery sector was stunned with the news of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire or exploding in September 2016, and was further shaken when the replacement smartphones suffered similar fates. Such developments underline the new territory that advanced battery designs are venturing into, where the slightest defect may have catastrophic consequences. Scientists and researchers are thus compelled to improve upon existing battery technologies, where batteries will have to meet ever-increasing demands for high power density, good lifecycle, long shelf life, low cost, and safety.
  • Technology Convergence Scenarios – Exploring Untapped Business Models Recorded: Nov 10 2016 48 mins
    Anand S, Vice President, TechVision, Frost & Sullivan
    Technologies never remain in silos; they intermingle with one another to form innovative scenarios that may potentially disrupt existing business models and applications. For example, technologies such as Smart Haptics, 5G Networks, Surgical Robots, Artificial Intelligence and XaaS could combine to generate an innovative business scenario, “Haptic-enabled Remote Robotic Surgeries,” that may possibly disrupt the healthcare industry. For business executives and R&D organizations, these scenarios usher in innovation for their strategic business planning and help them stay ahead in the market. The webinar also discusses some of the key initiatives enabling the convergence of emerging technologies.
  • Technology Convergence Scenarios – Exploring Untapped Business Models Recorded: Oct 13 2016 51 mins
    Ankit Shukla, Practice Director, TechVision
    In an inter-connected world where technology has no boundaries, two or more emerging technologies across industries may converge in various scenarios, leading to unexplored applications or business models. For example, technologies like next-generation stem cells, additive manufacturing and nano-coatings may converge to give rise to "personalized cosmeceuticals," which are cosmetics customized based on phenotype and genotype of the user. Unexplored business models like these may become the next disruptive billion-dollar idea for investors, corporate executives and R&D professionals. The webinar will discuss key trends that drive these convergence scenarios and potential market challenges that should be noted while considering these opportunities.
  • Look Beyond Machine Learning to an AI Future Recorded: Oct 4 2016 57 mins
    Robin Varghese, Senior Research Analyst, Visionary Innovation Group
    Movies have created much hype around artificial intelligence, which has distorted the understanding of the technology for people, businesses, and government. Most people picture a dystopian society when they think about artificial intelligence, but the truth is light years away from this notion. In reality, the true capabilities of AI devices don’t meet general expectations. But in the past decade, the industry has witnessed significant development in terms of technology and the skills that are pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities. Newer innovations in machine learning algorithms (deep learning) and computing technologies (neuromorphic or quantum computing) show promise for AI. But is the public or government ready for this future? Are businesses aware of what needs to be done to become AI ready?
  • Uncovering Nepal- Exploring Trends and Emerging Growth Opportunities Recorded: Jul 28 2016 63 mins
    Mr. Aroop Zutshi, Mr. Manoj Menon, Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat, Mr. Arjun Kumar Karki, Mr. Abhimanyu Poddar, Mr. Padma Jyoti
    Nepal’s growth story is likely to be shaped by rising urbanization, growing renewable energy development, and greater transport infrastructure development over the next few years. Investors could look to tap into opportunities across sectors such as hydropower and manufacturing, with the government seeking to utilize the significant untapped hydropower potential, and with the development of special economic zones likely to take on greater shape moving ahead. Featuring commentary from the Nepal government, Frost & Sullivan Senior Partners, as well as the private sector in Nepal, this webinar will enable you to gain deeper insights into the future of Nepal, national priorities, investment opportunities, and success stories of local companies as well as multinational corporations.
  • Economic Trends and Growth Opportunities Shaping Qatar and Saudi Arabia Recorded: May 24 2016 51 mins
    Aroop Zutshi, Haritha Ramachandran, Neha Anna Thomas
    Why You Must Attend:
    • Understand fiscal adjustments and their impact on the Saudi and Qatari economies
    • Track the progress of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in diversifying away from oil and gas, and understand the governments’ diversification policies
    • Identify non-hydrocarbon-related growth opportunities across Qatar and Saudi Arabia
    • Participate in interactive Q&A with Frost & Sullivan country experts for Qatar and Saudi Arabia
  • Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative Recorded: Apr 21 2016 58 mins
    Anand S, Vice President, TechVision, Frost & Sullivan
    Multi-billion Dollar Technologies Ready to Propel Industries and Transform our World

    Disruption is a frightening prospect for most companies unaware of new technologies that will soon arrive to threaten their market position and send their strategy, R&D, and product development teams into tail spins. This executive briefing will share golden nuggets from the TechVision group’s latest research titled ‘Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative.’

    Key take-away include:
    - Identify emerging technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation, create innovative products, and drive commercial growth
    - Build a plan to track technologies impacting your business in a fast converging world
    - Expose your mind to multi-billion dollar opportunities arising out of serendipitous technology convergence
  • The Top 50 Emerging Technologies Driving Business Growth Opportunities Globally Recorded: Apr 20 2016 50 mins
    Rajiv Kumar, Partner
    Disruption is a frightening prospect for most companies unaware of new technologies that will soon arrive to threaten their market position and send their strategy, R&D, and product development teams into tailspins.

    Key take-aways include:
    • Identify emerging technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation, create innovative products, and drive commercial growth
    • Build a plan to track technologies impacting your business in a fast converging world
    • Expose your mind to multi-billion dollar opportunities arising out of serendipitous technology convergence
  • Thriving in an Uncertain Growth Environment Recorded: Apr 13 2016 58 mins
    Sath Rao, VP, Visionary Innovation - Convergence
    The blurring of boundaries between industries has accelerated possibilities from converging trends, applications, technologies and markets. Organizations need to seize opportunities emerging from the forces of industry convergence. As industry convergence accelerates the disrupt-collapse-transform cycle, what are the top growth opportunities that businesses must focus on to gain long-term competitive advantage? How can you accelerate the "idea to execution" cycle to drive transformative growth from the forces of industry convergence?
  • The Next Frontier of Growth: Women as a Customer Recorded: Mar 8 2016 61 mins
    Olivia Walker | Principal Consultant | Visionary Innovation Group
    Leaders and innovators all over the world are looking for the next growth opportunity, whether it’s an emerging market, digital transformation or new service industries. This presentation examines the evidence that addressing female consumers and harnessing the power of females in your economy or organization will help yield significant returns and uncover your trillion-dollar customer. Already established as the dominant force in the B2C spending world, women are growing in impact in the B2B world.
  • Global Economic Outlook 2016 - Moving Toward an Era of Stable Growth... Recorded: Mar 3 2016 64 mins
    Aroop Zutshi, global president & managing partner; Craig Parker, senior economic consultant; and Sanghamitra Chatterjee
    What is in store for the global economy following the financial crisis and the great recession? It is important to understand whether the global economy is transitioning to an era of stable growth or whether downward pressures are strong enough to usher in the next global recession.

    Why You Should Attend:
    • Identify the top trends of 2016 that will influence global growth
    • Keep up with risks and drivers that are likely to affect your investment decisions and expansion strategies
    • Identify markets that are growing investment hotbeds
    • Participate in an interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan’s economist and country experts
  • Opportunities in the Smart Cities Ecosystem in Asia Recorded: Mar 3 2016 59 mins
    Archana Amarnath, Global Director Frost & Sullivan ; Shaily Shah, Senior Consultant Frost & Sullivan
    Asia-Pacific is a frontier of growth, development, and activity having quickly embraced disruptive trends in its journey to grow. We are pleased to invite you to join a livecast webinar that will look into how utility providers, infrastructure companies, system integrators and telecom operators are actively pursuing the smart city market, adding more layers of intelligence as either integrators offering pre-packaged bundled solutions or as product vendors offering intelligent hardware and infrastructure. New funding mechanisms and public-private dynamics will be also be touched upon. This webinar will also discuss recommendations for future growth of businesses and cities active in this space.

    In this webinar, you will discover:
    - Eight Critical parameters that define a smart city along with upcoming smart cities in Asia
    - Smart city business models and funding mechanisms
    - Key market participants and next game changers
    - Implications of smart city solutions on key industries
    - Recommendations for businesses and cities
  • Top 16 Trends for 2016 Recorded: Feb 23 2016 59 mins
    Lauren Taylor, Visionary Innovation Senior Consultant, Frost & Sullivan and Brian David Johnson, Futurist
    What are the major trends occurring in 2016 that your company should be aware of and investing in? The Visionary Innovation Group’s team of global futurists predicts 16 key trends that will make an impact on business and society in the coming year.

    Topics include:
    • US and EU clashing data policies
    • Augmented eLearning
    • China’s economic slowdown
    • Fintech revolution
  • India in Focus: Paving a New Era of Growth & Opportunity Recorded: Feb 9 2016 69 mins
    Aroop Zutshi, global president & managing partner; Niju Vijayan, director; and Kaushik Madhavan, director, Automotive
    South Asia is among the fastest growing regions globally with the Indian economy expected to sustain over 7 percent growth in the next five years. The new government, which has been in power since 2014, is spearheading a series of reforms beneficial to investment and economic growth. For example, the Make in India campaign has significantly helped drive foreign investments into the Indian industry and aims to establish India as a global manufacturing powerhouse.

    The government is also striving to spur infrastructure development, digitalization, and the development of smart cities. The webinar will explore the implications of changing policy on the economy and shed light on growth opportunities across key industries.

    Attend this webinar to:

    • Identify growth and investment opportunities based on the political, economic, and business environment of India- the fastest growing major economy globally

    • Stay abreast of Mega Trends in India to improve decision making capabilities

    • Identify trends and growth opportunities across major Indian industries
Frost & Sullivan GIL Webcast Series
Frost & Sullivan's Emerging Market Innovation webcasts are useful for both reactive companies that are new to a country or market, and proactive companies that stay in step with the changing scenarios. Our Emerging Market Growth Monitor, Global Economic Tracker-Insights and Trends (GET-IT) offer demographic, socio-metric, economic, political, and regulatory research by industry and region.

Frost & Sullivan’s Mega Trends research webinars provide identification and analysis of the most important global Mega Trends within and across industries, potential scenarios of specific trends through 2020, and the implications of those trends in transforming business markets, society and cultures. Our services enable companies to develop and implement a macro-to-micro analysis process to integrate Mega Trend knowledge into actionable strategy.

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  • Title: The Future of the United States
  • Live at: Nov 12 2015 2:00 am
  • Presented by: Richard Sear, Partner & Senior Vice President: Visionary Innovation
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