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2016 Global Oil & Gas Outlook

The dramatic decline in oil prices at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 is having major implications for the sector and the wider economy.

The presentation will cover:

· Slowdown in upstream investment - What will it mean for E&Ps and oilfield service companies?
· M&A activity - Will lower prices drive deal making?
· Downstream surges to the fore - Can players take advantage to drive longer-term gains?
· Impact of these changes so far and the potential developments in 2016.
Recorded Mar 3 2016 53 mins
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Presented by
Jonathan Robinson, Principal Consultant and Carl Larry, Oil & Gas Lead Analyst
Presentation preview: 2016 Global Oil & Gas Outlook

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  • Leveraging Changing Policies Can Boost Adoption of Smart Water Networks Jun 8 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Seth Cutler, Senior Industry Analyst, Energy & Environment
    North America is in a period of transition with new political directions. This includes the drive to constrict the EPA and reduce regulation in the midst of national worries over water quality, the adoption of new technologies and business models, an increased need for partnerships at the local level, and incorporating private partners and practices. Now more now than ever, water utilities must build a framework to adopt policies and directions to improve local efficiencies and management. Data-driven smart water technologies are poised to be at the center of this transition, helping North American water utilities manage current and impending challenges, and form the bridge between today's utility operations and successful navigation of the changing policy landscape.
  • Power and Petrochemicals Dominate the Mobile Treatment Market May 16 2017 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Seth Cutler, Senior Industry Analyst, Energy & Environment
    Without mobile water and wastewater treatment systems, end users across all industries would incur sever service disruptions, regulatory non-compliance issues, and an inability to cater to agile needs for mobile activity in select industries, such as Oil & Gas. The critical nature of products and services in this market presents growth opportunities at all levels. Despite three key market participants, GE Water & Process Technologies, Evoqua, and MPW Industries, the range of technologies used and low customer loyalty present market openings for many organizations. Those that cater to industry needs and understand their demands can make strong inroads in the future.
  • New Entrants to Create Revenue Models through Convergence of Building Systems May 9 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Raspin, Partner and Senior Research Analyst, Anirudh Bhaskaran, Energy & Environment
    The homes and buildings industry is full of huge opportunities for different tier-level participants. Disruptors and deeply entrenched participants are competing in terms of business models, technology-based product offerings, and price. Therefore, it is necessary for participants to understand growth opportunities, technologies transforming the industry, companies to watch, and potential business models to stay competitive in the industry. This outlook will help participants understand the dynamics of the industry while focusing on key market developments.
  • SWAN Forum North American Alliance will Promote Data-enabled Smart Water Future Recorded: Nov 1 2016 54 mins
    Frost & Sullivan and SWAN Forum
    In the past five years, the North American municipal water industry has laid the foundation to leap frog the rest of the world in the adoption of smart, data-driven technologies. The SWAN North American Alliance is organized to help speed this adoption. This webinar is a joint effort between the SWAN Forum and Frost & Sullivan, and will form the first of an ongoing webinar series to highlight and promote best practices for smart solutions within the water industry.
  • Reliability and Resiliency Fuels Positive Investments in Distribution Automation Recorded: Oct 24 2016 41 mins
    Principal Consultant Farah Saeed and Industry Analyst Rajalingam
    With increasing challenges and demand for automation in transmission and distribution applications, OEMs constantly develop systems and applications to support changing grid dynamics. 2016 is expected to see distribution automation sales recording $7 billion, with growth driven by developed economies. The distribution automation market is expected to experience steady growth through 2020, thanks to rising demand from the Asia-Pacific region. This webinar analyzes emerging market trends, such as edge intelligence and increasing distributed energy resources, and will discuss future predictions.
  • Top 10 Implications of Brexit on the UK Energy Sector Recorded: Sep 1 2016 51 mins
    John Raspin, Malavika Tohani, Jonathan Robinson
    The historic vote by the UK to leave the European Union has created a huge amount of uncertainty in the UK, Europe, and the wider global economy. In the energy sector, the main areas of uncertainty hinge on the future of nuclear projects, UK’s commitment to renewable energy, and power infrastructure project costs.
    Why You Must Attend:
    · Find out the likely impact of Brexit on key aspects of the energy sector
    · What are the opportunities created and what could change as a result of this vote?
    · Understand the position of foreign utilities and how this vote could affect their decisions
  • Solar PV Gains Momentum as a Globally Irreversible Mainstream Energy Source Recorded: Jul 13 2016 60 mins
    Frost & Sullivan Energy & Environment Team, Siu-Fung Chan, CEO, Honeywell Solar Modules
    Why You Must Attend:
    · Understand how pro-solar incentives across the globe and the recently made pledges at the COP 21 summit will ensure that the market for solar PV continues to grow exponentially.
    · Learn about the key enablers and challenges affecting the global solar market. Identify and understand new business models, especially in distributed solar power.
    · Are you ready to channelize geographic expansion into the emerging market as the Asia Pacific countries of China, India and Japan will account for more than 80% of all solar installations?
    · Discover the opportunities available as countries launch new policies to support distributed and renewable investments across the world.
    · Participate in an interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan industry experts and Honeywell Solar Modules.
  • Wearables Poised to Change Our Lifestyles — Can Batteries Keep Up? Recorded: Jul 12 2016 57 mins
    Suba Arunkumar, Kamaljit Behera, Frost & Sullivan and Ross Dueber, President & CEO of ZPower
    Wearables are gaining acceptance across multiple applications. Most of the major consumer brands are introducing wearables to their product lines. However, the initial consumer acceptance is challenged by power source, which requires frequent recharging or has heating issues.

    This briefing highlights the different chemistries that are advancing toward meeting the expectations of wearables. Growth opportunities across geographic regions, a snapshot of key participants in this space, and battery advancements will be discussed.
  • To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt: Understanding the Global Microgrid Market Recorded: Jun 15 2016 50 mins
    Ross Bruton and Farah Saeed
    “Microgrids” is the new buzz word amidst the rise of distributed energy resources and battery energy storage systems. Significant price declines in both distributed renewable power and battery technologies, coupled with increased technological advancements in control and energy management systems, have created a vision of highly reliable, efficient, renewable and "islandable" grid networks embedded with advanced smart grid technologies. To provide an understanding of the nuances of the global market, the briefing will provide clarity on market drivers for different application and geographic markets; policies governing microgrid orientation and interaction with the central grid and bordering microgrids.
  • Growth Expected as Energy-harvesting Technologies Become Increasingly Mature Recorded: Jun 9 2016 34 mins
    Maximilian E. Wernicke and Jonathan Robinson
    Why You Must Attend:
    • The amount of electric devices in our environment has already risen significantly during the past decades, but is still far from an all-time high. Powering from line power is cost-prohibitive given the large cost of laying cable and wires. The power of batteries on the other hand is limited; they are replaced by the thousands every day, creating a maintenance nightmare. Is there an alternate way to power these devices?
    • Learn about future energy harvesting technologies.
  • Strong Global Growth Expected as the Grid Becomes Increasingly Intelligent Recorded: Jun 1 2016 47 mins
    Malavika Tohani and Farah Saeed
    Why You Must Attend:
    • Smart Grids are undergoing their own form of "Digital Transformation". Learn about the confluence of digital technologies and power industry practices for improved management
    • Prioritize and optimize your smart grid business models to implement new solutions
    • Distributed energy sources will account for the majority of new investment by 2023, creating an urgent requirement for smart grid solutions in the distribution network. Are you ready for the new requirements?
    • Microgrids will be an integral part of the smart grid transformation. Discover the opportunities available due to this transformation.
    • The global demand response market is forecast to be worth $12.8 billion by 2025. Learn how you can take advantage of the global demand market opportunities.
  • Transformational Trends in the Building Energy Management Solutions Industry Recorded: Mar 25 2016 10 mins
    Melvin Leong, Research Manager Asia-Pacific, Energy & Environment
    Real-time building energy management or BEM is becoming a reality due to advancements in software control and cloud solutions. The use of IoT and subsequently ‘Internet of Everything’ in buildings will alter the competitive landscape, resulting in in new service models and customer-centric propositions. In the highly dynamic buildings industry, market participants need to:
    •Understand the top five transformation trends and its implications to the industry
    •Address upcoming challenges in visionary trends beyond 2020
  • 2016 Global Homes & Buildings Outlook Recorded: Mar 17 2016 54 mins
    Energy & Environment Partner John Raspin and Industry Analyst Anirudh Bhaskaran
    In the commercial buildings arena, the focus is on the impact of connectivity driving efficiency. In homes, it is all about who will win the battle for the connected home customer—will it be utilities, telcos, technology companies, or someone else?

    Join Frost & Sullivan for this webinar, where we will address these areas as well as many more issues shaping the 2016 Outlook for Homes & Buildings.
  • 2016 Global Oil & Gas Outlook Recorded: Mar 3 2016 53 mins
    Jonathan Robinson, Principal Consultant and Carl Larry, Oil & Gas Lead Analyst
    The dramatic decline in oil prices at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 is having major implications for the sector and the wider economy.

    The presentation will cover:

    · Slowdown in upstream investment - What will it mean for E&Ps and oilfield service companies?
    · M&A activity - Will lower prices drive deal making?
    · Downstream surges to the fore - Can players take advantage to drive longer-term gains?
    · Impact of these changes so far and the potential developments in 2016.
  • Modular Data Centers: Opportunities and Trends Impacting the Market Recorded: Oct 29 2015 49 mins
    Gautham Gnanajothi and Ted Reddicliffe, chairman, Cannon Technologies
    It is no secret that the Modular Data Center Market is witnessing extremely high growth rates. This webinar will explore the market trends and growth opportunities in different regions, vertical application sectors, and application types. We will provide a realistic picture of the current market size and conditions, and include market insights from our guest speaker, Ted Reddicliffe, chairman, Cannon Technologies.
  • Opportunity Analysis for Smart Water Metering in Asia-Pacific Recorded: Sep 22 2015 12 mins
    Melvin Leong, Research Manager, Energy & Environment
    The major threats for the water industry in Asia-Pacific (APAC) that may necessitate significant adoption of smart grid solutions are water scarcity, aging Infrastructure, population growth and urbanization, and climate change. Furthermore, the developing economies in are suffering in water management due to a vicious cycle of non-revenue water (NRW). As a result, the adoption of smart water meter (SWM) solutions is expected to see more than 20% growth annually post 2015 in the region.
  • Residential Water Treatment Equipment Market in APAC Recorded: Sep 22 2015 9 mins
    Melvin Leong, Research Manager, Energy & Environment
    The residential water treatment equipment (RWTE) market in Asia-Pacific is fueled by growing concern about potable water condition and increasing awareness on various associated benefits that water treatment equipment claims to provide. Market revenue and unit shipment will grow between 7 to 8% annually until 2020. Southeast Asia brings the highest growth in APAC’s RWTE market.
  • Strategic Analysis of the Biomass and Waste-to-Power Market in Southeast Asia Recorded: Sep 17 2015 26 mins
    Suchitra Sriram, Program Manager, Energy & Environment
    Global investment in the renewable energy (RE) market exceeded $300 billion in 2014, at a 16% growth rate over 2013. Biomass and waste-to-energy (WTE) projects saw more than $8 billion worth of investment in 2014. With rising primary energy needs, Southeast Asia is experiencing power turbulence across most of its economically backward regions, indicating a heightened need to implement RE projects for better energy security. There is an urgent need for effective waste management spurring the growth of biomass and waste-to-power projects in Southeast Asia.
    Key Takeaway:
    •Understand the potential of biomass in the region and countries that would take the lead.
    •Government support in the form of regulations and policy framework will provide the much needed push.
    •What are the best practices and key success factors for increasing biomass power projects in the region?
    •How will the market change with the application of new technologies to treat biomass and waste?
  • Opportunities for US Companies in the European Smart Grid Market Recorded: Sep 3 2015 55 mins
    Malavika Tohani, Frost & Sullivan; Shannon Fraser, U.S. Commercial Service, Paddy Young, European Utility Week
    Smart grid has emerged as a fast-growing area in the past five years. However, it is not one big market; it is an amalgamation of different sectors, technologies, products, and components. Installation of smart meters is considered the first step toward smart grid implementation. The smart meter rollout in Europe is well under way, boosted by the European Union legislation to achieve 80 percent coverage by 2020. However, there are other growth areas, beyond smart meters, that are interesting for U.S. companies to invest into.

    For example, the U.S. Commercial Service, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, helps U.S. companies expand their exports to overseas markets. Around the world, 1,400 Commercial Service officers promote U.S. business interests abroad. In this briefing find out what the company can do to support export objectives in the smart grid space.

    This analyst briefing also will highlight and discuss the opportunities that exist for the US companies within the European smart grid market, including a special offer available to those interested in European Utility Week, the largest and most comprehensive Smart utility event in Europe. About 10,000 visitors and 450 solution providers will do business, network and share best practices in Vienna this year.
  • Integrating Renewable into Utilities: Lessons Learned Globally Recorded: Aug 19 2015 50 mins
    Ravi K, Vice President, Energy & Environment
    On a given day in January 2014, renewable energy generation, accounted for more than 105% of Denmark's power demand. This was more than what the existing network could handle, creating voltage and frequency management issues. As the proportion of renewable energy increases in a country's energy mix, it creates significant technical, regulatory and business challenges. Globally, utilities are spending nearly $25 billion in maintaining and modernizing their power grid infrastructure. With the need to integrate more renewable, this will only increase. Is there a risk of these increased investments becoming stranded assets for utilities?

    Key Takeaway from the presentation:

    1. Understand the challenges and consequences of integrating large amount of renewable into utilities
    2. Learn about the Increasing role of energy storage technologies in integrating renewable into utilities
    3. Case studies from early adopters like Germany and Denmark
    4. What are the best practices and key success factors for integration
    5. Role of disruptive technologies and policy makers
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Further, our in-depth coverage of global Mega Trends and emerging markets prepares Energy & Environment market participants to confront a zero-carbon economy, the growing economic importance of BRIC (as well as the Next Eleven) countries, and growing international interest in energy independence.

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  • Title: 2016 Global Oil & Gas Outlook
  • Live at: Mar 3 2016 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jonathan Robinson, Principal Consultant and Carl Larry, Oil & Gas Lead Analyst
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