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The Rise in Connected Living and What It Means for ICT

Audrey William
We are entering into an era where smart and connected objects will surround us; everyday objects and appliances will monitor their environment, report their status, receive instructions, and even take action based on the information they receive from our PCs, smartphones, and tablets. IT will play an important role in every single industry. This podcast will look into how telecom providers, software designers, systems integrators, utilities and others are actively pursuing this market opportunity.

This podcast will discuss in detail:

1)The definition of connected living in the home, work and city environment
2)The ecosystems of vendors and partners
3)How Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Low Cost Sensors is driving the Internet of Things/Connected Industries
4)Opportunities for vendors, channels and telecom service providers
May 15 2014
31 mins
The Rise in Connected Living and What It Means for ICT
Join us for this summit:
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Collaboration and UC

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  • Impact Sourcing: A Bold New Model for BPO Hiring in a Global Economy May 13 2015 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Michael DeSalles, Rene Yoakum, Mark Pfeiffer, and Sarah Troup
    Impact Sourcing (IS) is a business process service delivery model that provides quality and cost at parity with traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), but with optimized enhancements. IS employs individuals with limited opportunity for sustainable employment as principal workers in BPO centers to provide high-quality, information-based services to domestic and international public and private-sector clients.

    You will learn about:

    ·A qualified, trained talent pool with skillsets aligned to match client needs
    ·Lower attrition rates and higher corresponding levels of employee engagement
    ·Opportunities to fulfil corporate social responsibility and diversity objectives
  • Security and Privacy in Big Data: Problem or Manageable Concern? Apr 30 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mike Jude, Michael Suby, and Sand Borthick
    Mike Jude, Research Manager of Consumer Communications Services, Connected Home, and Big Data Analytics, will host a panel discussion on Security and Privacy in Big Data. Our panel of experts will include Michael Suby, vice president of Stratecast and Sandy Borthick, Big Data Analytics Industry Analyst. The panel will lead a short teleconference about new findings that affect the market, followed by a live question-and-answer session.
  • The Opportunity for OTT Services in the Enterprise Market Recorded: Mar 31 2015 39 mins
    Africa Director Hendrik Malan and Grant Theis, CEO of ttrumpet
    Join us to hear Africa Director Hendrik Malan and guest speaker Grant Theis, CEO of ttrumpet, as they discuss the emergence of Over-the-Top (OTT) providers and the potential opportunities for growth in the enterprise market.
  • Cloud and Security - Can they Co-Exist? Recorded: Mar 19 2015 54 mins
    Lynda Stadtmueller and Mike Suby
    Enterprises still don’t trust the cloud for their sensitive workloads. Are their concerns reasonable? Are they inevitable? In this briefing, Frost & Sullivan examines perceptions and realities associated with cloud security and recommends ways to mitigate risk.

    Why You Should Attend:
    • Understand the “risk premium” ascribed to the cloud versus the private data center.
    • Learn why the cloud requires new processes for governance and compliance.
    • Hear why traditional security approaches, such as asset protection, are not relevant to a cloud environment.
    • Understand how to build a holistic approach to cloud security.
  • Unified Communications in Asia Pacific: How is the market reshaping? Recorded: Mar 12 2015 54 mins
    Shailendra Soni - Industry Principal, Harsh Upadhyay - Industry Analyst
    The unified communications industry in the APAC region will undergo several changes in 2015, which include growth in UCaaS, mid-market uptake, BYOD, and channel ecosystem. Apart from few hindrances, most market factors suggest growth in the UC market. In addition, the Mega Trends (Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Mobility) will induce prosperity in this market. Join us in this webinar to get a Frost & Sullivan’s perspective on the future of APAC unified communications industry, and initiate a dialogue with our analysts.
  • Key Takeaways from the 2015 Mobile World Congress Recorded: Mar 10 2015 70 mins
    Ronald Gruia
    More than 90,000 attendees from 200 countries attended the renowned global telecommunications event of the year, Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, which took place March 2-5, 2015 in the Fira Gran Via venue. Over 2,000 companies participated in the conference and demonstrated their latest products and innovations in various product lines.

    MWC 2015 Key Themes:

    •SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) gaining traction
    •Small cells playing a larger role
    •5G hype cycle begins, ahead of standardization in 2016-17 and commercialization by 2020; Europe making a push to recapture technological mindshare with 5G, after being eclipsed by the US, Japan and Korea for 4G
    •LTE unlicensed (LTE-u), with operators showing interest in using unlicensed spectrum and vendors poised to get incremental small cell deals
    •“Virtual everything” – AT&T targeting 5% of its telco network functions virtualized by CY15; vendors showcased solutions including even Radio Access Network (RAN) virtualization
    •Emerging technologies: signaling orchestration (much more than just diameter routing, the interworking with legacy and other emerging protocols will play a huge role) and Self Organizing Networks (SONs)
    •Endpoint launches galore: MWC would not be complete without the introduction of various products ranging from smartphones to the emerging wearables segment
  • 2015 IT Predictions for Latin America Recorded: Mar 3 2015 56 mins
    Guilherme Campos, Industry Analyst
    Most IT providers have offers related to big data, cloud, mobility and security, and companies are looking at IT as the way to reduce costs and be competitive during an economic crisis. Investments in IT trends such as cloud computing and big data will rise thanks to a new player in the game: the business departments. This analyst briefing will show why companies are investing in IT, and what will change in 2015.

    Why you should attend:

    - Discover how many companies will adopt big data, cloud, mobility and security in 2015
    - Understand the current scenario of these trends in Latin America
    - Learn what will be different in 2015 regarding each trend
  • 2015 Predictions for Telecommunications Services in Latin America Recorded: Feb 5 2015 47 mins
    ICT Latin America Industry Director Renato Pasquini and Telecom Latin America Analyst Georgia Jordan
    Consolidation is increasing in Latin America as revenue growth rates decrease, and there is an increasing demand for network investment to deal with the data traffic generated by smart devices.
    This briefing will underline Frost & Sullivan’s key predictions for 2015, focusing on the implications of competitive dynamics as companies catch the wave of new fixed and mobile services and applications opportunities to substitute voice services revenue.
  • 2015 Key Predictions for Collaboration Technologies in Latin America Recorded: Jan 22 2015 61 mins
    Juan Manuel Gonzalez, Industry Manager
    Collaboration technologies are nowadays a strategic business asset, not simply a desktop tool for messaging and document sharing. The ability to harness the collective knowledge and expertise that lies within a company workforce is a powerful competitive advantage and source of innovation for Latin American businesses.

    Hence the management and implementation of collaboration technologies becomes primordial as the incoming generation expects a more flexible environment that provides choices in how, when, and where they work, as well as the device they use and the way they interact with others.

    Why you should attend:

    - Learn about key trends shaping the collaboration industry in Latin America

    - Understand how various communications and collaboration tools address specific business needs

    - Receive a glimpse into “the office of the future” and the future of industry convergence
  • Connected Work: Technologies Investment Priorities in 2015 and Beyond Recorded: Dec 18 2014 46 mins
    Program Manager Elka Popova, Program Manager Alaa Saayed, and Industry Analyst Michael Brandenburg
    Why you should attend:

    • Learn about Mega Trends shaping the ICT industry
    • Find out how customer IT challenges and business objectives translate into investment priorities
    • Understand how various communications and collaboration tools address specific business needs
    • Learn about the latest developments in communications technology
    • Receive a glimpse into “the office of the future” and the future of industry convergence
    • Make decisions about technology investment priorities in 2015 and beyond
  • Mexico Telecommunications: Winners and Losers in a Changing Scenario Recorded: Dec 17 2014 61 mins
    Ignacio Perrone, Senior Consultant
    The Mexican Total Telecommunications Services Markets earned revenues of $30.8 billion in 2013 and estimates this to reach $37.,2 billion in 2019., This is mainly driven by the positive economic outlook;, intensifying competition;, investments by competitors to offer triple-, quadruple-, and quintuple-play bundles;, and investments to implement and expand thi3rd- generation (3G), long-term evolution (LTE), GigaEthernet, fiber to the home (FTTH), and other networks.

    By attending this Analyst Briefing you will learn:

    -What segments offer the best growth opportunities?

    -What are the growth drivers?

    -What segments are already mature?

    -Where is the competitive pressure larger?
  • Colombia Telecommunications: What's Hot and What's Not? Recorded: Dec 4 2014 61 mins
    Ignacio Perrone, Senior Consultant
    The Colombian telecommunications services market earned revenues of $11.4 billion in 2013 and is estimated to reach $14,9 billion in 2019, mainly driven by the positive economic outlook, intensifying competition and investments to offer triple, quadruple, and quintuple-play bundles. Additionally, the market will be fuelled by expenditures to implement and expand 3rd generation (3G), long-term evolution (LTE), GigaEthernet, fiber to the home (FTTH), and other networks.

    The presentation will help attendees:

    - Improve the understanding of the Telecom competitive landscape in Colombia

    - Learn what Colombian telecom segments offer the best growth opportunities and what are the drivers impelling the market

    - Discover what segments are already mature and where the competitive pressure is larger

    - Follow market recommendations and forecast until 2019
  • Big Data & Analytics: Who's Buying What, and What are They Missing? Recorded: Dec 3 2014 46 mins
    Sandy Borthick, Industry Analyst
    Stratecast recently surveyed 400 enterprise decision makers to find out which Big Data & Analytic solutions they are implementing and how well those deployments are meeting their expectations. Frost & Sullivan will be providing an overview of the survey findings, aimed at dispelling any doubts regarding the growing importance of BDA solutions.

    Attend this webinar to discover:

    • Which types of BDA solutions are enterprises adopting and which are not so popular?

    • Are enterprises getting the ROI and other benefits they expected from utilizing BDA solutions?

    • What are the specific factors that buyers and sellers need to address in order to achieve greater success?

    Webinar attendees also will receive a complimentary copy of Stratecast’s 2014 Big Data Vendor Directory, which covers more than 300 vendors of 18 different types of Big Data and analytic solutions.
  • Insights into ICT Growth Opportunities in Key Industries in SA to 2018 Recorded: Dec 2 2014 34 mins
    Program Manager, Lakshmi Narayanan, Team Lead, Gareth Mellon
    Technological advances and the promotion of connectivity by various stakeholders in South Africa have combined to produce a market that is extremely attractive to a range of ICT providers. Changing market dynamics have also pushed ICT providers to expand their product and service offerings away from basic connectivity, voice, and messaging revenues.

    In order to compete effectively, ICT providers need to improve their understanding of particular industries and their specific ICT requirements. This evolution in strategy requires improved understanding of industry dynamics, particularly adoption trends, in order to better understand the impact of ICT developments on customer needs.

    Why You Should Attend:

    • Learn about the growth of enterprise ICT in key industries in South Africa.
    • Hear the five-year forecast of the enterprise ICT spend and demand across key industries in South Africa.
    • Learn about the growth of enterprise ICT in key industries in South Africa.
  • Tracking Investments in Latin America’s Data Center Services Market until 2019 Recorded: Nov 26 2014 62 mins
    Mauricio Chede, Research Analyst
    The information technology (IT) infrastructure outsourcing services market in Latin America is becoming more mature each day. Companies are understanding the benefits of outsourcing, focusing on the core business, reducing costs, followed by the strategy of turning capital expenditure (CAPEX) into operational expenditure (OPEX), where instead of investing money in expanding capacity, it is turned into services.

    Additionally, new technology trends such as mobility, cloud and big data, are having a positive impact on the regional datacenter services market. As more information is generated and is strategically used by companies, with a necessity of access anywhere, anytime and through any device, datacenter services providers are gaining traction in the region.

    Why you should attend:

    - Discover new market and technology trends that are shaping the regional IT outsourcing sector

    - Learn more about the most demanded datacenter services in the key Latin American countries

    - Improve the understanding of the IT Outsourcing competitive landscape in Latin America

    - Follow recommendations and forecast until 2019
  • Unraveling the Dynamics of the Brazilian Telecommunications Market: 2014-2019 Recorded: Nov 13 2014 78 mins
    Renato Pasquini, Industry Manager
    The expansion of fiber optic, 3G and 4G networks in Brazil is engendering noteworthy investments in the telecommunications sector. Telcos stand in need of reinventing their business models in order to face the increased traffic on networks, which demands continuous investment, while seeking to grow and diversify revenue streams.

    The briefing will underline Frost & Sullivan’s key predictions from 2014 to 2019, focusing on the implications of competitive dynamics as companies fight over new fixed and mobile services and applications opportunities.

    The presentation will help attendees:
    -Improve their understanding of the competitive landscape in the Brazilian Telecom market.
    -Discover the national Telecom perspective with the drop in mobile termination rates until 2019.
    -Obtain the appropriate elements that will support them build their future strategy.
  • Take a Ride into the LATAM Contact Center BPO Panorama: Present and Future Recorded: Nov 4 2014 62 mins
    Sebastian Menutti, Industry Analyst
    Despite the challenging economic conditions experienced by Latin America in 2013, the contact center business process outsourcing (BPO) industry managed to exhibit growth and a positive forecast for the coming years. Positioning the region as a hot spot for nearshoring from the United States and focusing on an omni-channel strategy that will maintain the competitiveness of Latin American markets have been the key wheels of the contact center BPO industry road map.

    The key trends, opportunities and challenges for Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Central American and Caribbean (CACAR), Peru and Colombia, as well as the evolution of the main market metrics regarding services, contact centers channels and key vertical segments will be discussed during the briefing.
  • Are LATAM Companies Adopting Managed Security Services? Recorded: Oct 30 2014 37 mins
    Mauricio Chede, Research Analyst
    New trends such as cloud computing, mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) are progressively impacting the Latin American managed security services (MSS) market. Indeed, the higher level of data flows have generated new vulnerabilities and driven attacks that are exacerbating companies’ security concerns. As the sophistication of Internet attacks escalates in Latin America, managed security service providers (MSSP) are also improving the quality of their services by creating partnerships with other companies to enhance their offers.

    The presentation will help attendees:

    - Improve their understanding of the competitive landscape in the Latin American managed security services market.

    - Learn the key technology trends influencing security investments in the region.

    - Discover the major predictions and recommendations related to the future of the MSS industry.
  • Mobile Devices Security: The Invasion has Started Recorded: Oct 28 2014 32 mins
    Jean-Noël Georges, Global Program Director
    Recent data breaches in the US targeted areas that were never or rarely impacted in the past, such as POS (point-of-sales) terminals. As a result, the industry had to provide a list of best practices and deliver additional software or patches to merchants. The next forecasted target is, without a doubt, the mobile ecosystem.

    This briefing will show you the different threats and existing solutions. We will also discuss the different authentication solutions and the latest market trends.
  • Optimizing the Bottom Line: Financial assurance key for global CSPs Recorded: Oct 15 2014 39 mins
    Troy M Morley, Operations & Monetization Strategy Analyst
    Given the continued global adoption of smartphones and mobile devices, one could envy the financial position of communication service providers (CSPs). However, market saturation in many areas is pushing prices down—reducing revenues—while network and other costs continue to increase to support all these new data-hungry devices. This briefing will focus on the monetization tools suppliers are offering global CSPs in the segment Stratecast refers to as financial assurance.

    Key Questions and Benefits:
    • What is Financial Assurance? Revenue assurance, fraud management, and margin assurance.
    • Isn’t revenue assurance old-school? No! Learn why revenue assurance is more important today than ever.
    • Are we still dealing with fraud? Yes, fraud continues unabated and with increasing sophistication, but with the right fraud management tools, CSPs can reduce the cost drain of fraudulent activity.
    • How do we optimize our bottom line? Learn how purpose-built analytics are providing margin assurance—increasing revenues and decreasing costs—in every area of the offer-to-cash lifecycle.
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Frost & Sullivan's Information & Communication Technologies practice provides global industry analysis, growth consulting (strategy consulting), market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your company address current trends and challenges, identify new technologies, and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Our global teams of industry experts, consultants, and market analysts continuously monitor enterprise communications, communication services, conferencing & collaboration, mobile & wireless, space & communications, IT applications & services, network security, contact centers, and kiosks & retail systems markets.

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