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The AIC sector, Global Growth, often known as International Generalist, contains some of the largest, longest established trusts. Aside from delivering the world in a single transaction, these trusts can answer specific investment needs, such as a long term home for the savings of a child. And the managers, amongst the most experienced in the industry, have to take a truly global approach, so their views on world markets are always illuminating.

These can be amongst the largest of the closed ended funds available to investors, so the Total Expense Ratios (TERs) can be very low, but there are also some very interesting smaller trusts that fall into this category. These managers take full advantage of their closed end status to squeeze the best out of their performance. So advisers seeking to add value to their clients’ investment portfolios would do well to learn more about the approaches taken.

Amongst the issues likely to be covered are:

•Global Growth managers have recently been shifting emphasis away from the UK. Is this trend likely to continue?
•How gearing can help for Global Growth managers.
•The advantage of low TERs.
•Why owning the world in a single fund can be a positive advantage.

This is your chance to quiz some of the investment industries’ most experienced and well regarded managers. Do not miss out.
Jun 15 2011
57 mins
Global Growth – The One Stop Shop For Investment
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  • Government bond yields around the world remain very low, and the recent announcement of full-blown QE by the ECB suggests that the search for yield is likely to continue. In the US and UK, expectations were that interest rates would rise this year, although the global disinflationary trend means that there is no need for central banks to act quickly. In credit markets, the outsized excess returns that have characterised the past few years may now be over, but there are still plenty of opportunities to generate alpha. Nonetheless, it is vital that investors employ the largest possible toolkit when investing in bond markets, in order to maximise the likelihood of a favourable investment outcome.

    Join Threadneedle’s Fund Manager Martin Harvey as he discuss topics including:

    - The importance of a diversified investment approach, spanning rate strategies, currencies, asset allocation and security selection
    - Current portfolio themes
    - The outlook for fixed income markets over the remainder of 2015

    Participant Dial In Number(s)
    +44 (0) 20 3003 2666 - Standard International Access
    0808 109 0700 - UK Toll Free
    1 866 966 5335 - USA Toll Free

    Online participants will be able to submit questions during the web conference.
  • Join for the latest of our regular updates as we set out our thoughts on the recent events in markets, what effect this has had on performance and how we have positioned the PFS Hawksmoor Vanbrugh Fund and the PFS Hawksmoor Distribution Fund.
  • From April, investors who used to have to buy annuities may instead be well served by multi-asset income funds. They are easy to understand, accessible and come without the complex and expensive guarantees attached to annuities.

    Hear Nicola Rawlinson, client portfolio manager, as she discusses how the JPM Multi-Asset Income Fund aims to produce a regular, attractive level of income, by continually investigating new and alternative sources of income globally.
    Please note that questions can be submitted during the webconference.

    If you prefer to listen to over the phone please use the appropriate dial in details below. Please note that questions can only be submitted via the online web conference.
    Password: 38585
    +44 (0)20 3003 2666
    0808 109 0700 (UK Toll free)
  • The webinar will be delivered by Toby Vaughan, Lead Fund Manager for the Atlas Portfolios and Head of Fund Management for Santander Asset Management’s Global Multi-Asset Solutions Team. Toby will talk through the key aspects of his approach with the Atlas Portfolios, the current economic landscape and market conditions, and provide an outlook for 2015, explaining how these factors impact on his investment decisions.

    Toby will then be available to answer questions that have been submitted either in advance or live during the webinar.
  • Thoughtleadership Webcast for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners.

    We each represent 1 in 3 billion+ internet users, a population that represents around 40% of the world’s entire population.

    Online fraud continues to increase on ‘the same curve’ with no small part of this attributable to the interception of email and its sometimes sensitive content.

    Email volumes continue to grow exponentially with over 182 billion currently sent every day.

    Professional Services

    The UK government is getting serious about cyber-crime - Keeping the UK safe in cyberspace policy and looking to the professional services sector to lead on the subject.

    “Trusted professionals …… are on the front line of cyber-attacks – they are privy to sensitive information (e.g. client lists, personal information, sensitive commercial information about upcoming deals) which might be attractive to criminals/others. They are also well-placed to encourage their clients to take appropriate actions to protect themselves.”

    Failure to address this subject can carry significant consequences - the regulators, Law Society / FCA / ICO, take a dim view on those who choose to gamble with their clients most precious of assets, ‘their data / identity’.
    It’s estimated that more than 1 in 12 of us might be the subject of fraud whilst winning the lottery carries a probability of 1 in 14 million – or putting it another way
    . . . . you are probably a million times more likely to be defrauded than you are to win the lottery !

    The Webinar
    Panacea and Mailock explore what steps you can take to help address this growing issue, convey value on your clients by offering them a secure communication service - - that others might neglect to mention and build the all-important trust so fundamental to conducting your business.
  • With the UK Equity Income sector continuing to dominate fund sales and investor discussion, join Citywire rated Fund Manager Carl Stick, on Thursday 26th February on our live webcast to discuss what next for this popular sector. Carl will examine how his risk based approach to investment continues to be an attractive proposition for clients seeking diversification with a growing income stream.

    Put your questions to Carl in advance or during the call using the ‘questions’ tab at the top of the video screen. A recording will be available 'on demand' after the call if you unable to join us at 11am.
  • Join JPM US Equity Income Fund Client Portfolio Manager, Fiona Harris, as she discusses the how fund’s focus on high quality companies with sustainable dividend yields can provide an ideal way for your clients to share in the attractive long-term returns from the US stock market.

    If you prefer to listen to over the phone please use the appropriate dial in details below. Please note that questions can only be submitted via the online web conference.
    Password: 38584
    +44 (0)20 3003 2666
    0808 109 0700 (UK Toll free)
  • Join manager, Matthew Williams, as he discusses the benefits of unconstrained investing in GEM equities, the latest strategy positioning and the areas of the market where we are currently unearthing the most compelling bottom-up stock ideas.

    Two years after the launch of the GEM Equity Unconstrained SICAV, Standard Life Investments launched this strategy in an OEIC structure. The Fund is the latest addition to our unconstrained suite of UK mutual funds and follows the same principles as our highly successful UK, UK Income, Global and American Equity Unconstrained Funds.

    If you do not have the facilities to listen online (headphones / speakers) please use the details below:

    UK Toll Free 0808 109 0700
    Password: 37642
  • On 25th February, Richard Buxton will be presenting his regular monthly update on the Old Mutual UK Alpha Fund.

    Please register to hear Richard's current market outlook and to submit your questions regarding the fund.

    You can either submit your questions in advance by emailing or live during the call to learn more about how the fund could benefit your clients' portfolios.

    Dialling details:
    +44 (0) 20 3003 2666 - Standard International Access
    0808 109 0700 - UK Toll Free
    Password: 37981
  • Tune in to discover how your health impacts your business growth. Heidi Hanna, New York Times bestselling author of "The SHARP Solution: A Brain-Based Approach for Optimal Performance" and the follow-up release "Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship With Stress," teaches you how focusing on having enough energy vs having enough time is the key to success.
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  • Round-up: The Year in Investment Trusts Recorded: Dec 11 2013 27 mins
    Fees have come down, performance has once again been ahead of the open-ended sector and fund raising has been buoyant. We discuss the year in investment trusts, whether the sector is finally seeing the much-anticipated RDR bounce and whether some of the issues of investment trusts - such as the fund supermarket problem - are closer to a resolution.

    Your panelists include:
    Jackie Beard, Morningstar UK (moderator)
    Justin Urquhart Stewart, 7IM
    Jeremy Tigue, F&C Assest Management
  • Income Solutions: Investment Trusts For Alternatives Recorded: Nov 13 2013 41 mins
    The investment trust universe is becoming more diverse, enabling investors to incorporate some interesting and non-correlated assets into their portfolios. Among the trusts now available are litigation funds, floating rate note funds, loan funds, and diverse property trusts. Which have performed best? Which have proved to be a genuinely uncorrelated source of returns? Where do these alternatives funds fit in a portfolio?

    Your panel:
    Cherry Reynard (moderator)
    Ben Hayward, TwentyFour Asset Management
    Ian Barrass, Henderson
  • Europe After the Elections Recorded: Oct 16 2013 45 mins
    Much has been written and spoken about with regard to European elections, particularly in Germany. What will our expert panel make of the results, so far? What implications do they believe these results have for investors going forward into 2014?

    This session is intended to help advisers understand the issues and challenges of new political landscapes in Europe and how it may impact on investment decisions. We will discuss and try to answer questions that may be of concern and relevance to you, the adviser.

    Your panel:
    · David Harris (moderator)
    · Stephen Macklow-Smith, J.P. Morgan
    · Jeremy Thomas, Allianz Global Investors
  • What's New in the Investment Trust World? Recorded: Sep 11 2013 30 mins
    We review the latest developments in investment trusts - new launches, new issuance, funds closing and restructuring. We look at the bull and bear cases for the different trusts - and how they can serve a range of investor needs - income, diversity, growth.

    The panel will also broaden this out into a wider discussion of the current market environment and how new issuance meets the needs of that environment - for example, the spike in bond yields, or the improving equity markets.

    Moderator: Jackie Beard, Morningstar UK
    John Yakas, Polar Capital
    Robert Worthington, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Diversifying Your Income Recorded: Jul 17 2013 56 mins
    Why is it important to diversify an income portfolio? What are the challenges of income in a low interest rate environment? Is this likely to change? How is the investment trust industry adapting to investors' income needs? The investment trusts sector offers an increasingly wide range of options to build an income portfolio, including property, infrastructure and emerging market debt in this panel session the speakers explore all the options at your disposal.

    Moderator David Harris, InvaTrust, will be joined by:
    - Innes Urquhart, Winterflood Securities
    - Alex Crooke, Henderson Global Investors Limited
    - Ben Ritchie, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Half-Time Review: Which Markets Are Best? Recorded: Jun 12 2013 43 mins
    The first six months of the year have seen a startling rise in equity markets in spite of the lack of any real improvement in the wider economic environment. But the gains have been focused on certain sectors and geographic regions, while areas such as commodities have significantly lagged. In this panel we ask the following questions of the markets:

    • Is there still value in equity markets and if so, where?
    • What will be the key pinch points for the markets in the second half?
    • Which trusts are best equipped to generate strong returns in that environment?

    Moderator: Szymon Idzikowski, Morningstar will be joined by:
    - Peter Walls, Unicorn Asset Management
    - Phil Doel, F&C Investments
    - Bruce Stout, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Sector Innovations: The Changing Face of Investment Trusts Recorded: May 22 2013 52 mins
    The investment trust industry is changing: Routes to market are becoming more effective, and platforms more receptive; charging structures are improving; discount mechanisms are modernising; and the structures of trusts themselves are changing. We talk about some of the innovations in the sector, analyse new launches and show how it is meeting the needs of investors.

    - Cherry Reynard (moderator)
    - Hugo Thorman, Ascentric
    - James Saunders Watson, J.P. Morgan
    - Annabel Brodie-Smith, The AIC
  • The Value of Experience: Investment Trust Managers Recorded: Apr 24 2013 43 mins
    Investment trust managers tend to have a longer tenure than unit trust managers and this session looks to highlight the value of experience and longevity. Drawing out a number of the longest-serving managers in the industry and we ask them to share:

    • Their accumulated wisdom on investment markets
    • How their style and process have changed and adapted through different investment cycles
    • Whether history does repeat itself, or merely rhyme?
    • What have been the hardest markets to negotiate?
  • Investment Trusts - What's Stopping You? Recorded: Mar 22 2013 59 mins
    Complexity? Gearing? Lack of research? Platform pricing? Liquidity? Poor administration? We address some of the major issues and propose solutions in a live panel session where advisers will have the opportunity to question the experts on using investment trusts, asking them difficult questions on the structure. We also look at the knowledge requirements on investment trusts for advisers.

    Moderator: David Harris, Invatrust
    - James Robson, Plutus Wealth Management
    - Adrian Lowcock, Hargreaves Lansdown
    - Tony Yarrow, Wise Investment
    - Roddy Kohn, Kohn Cougar
  • Due Diligence & Investment Trusts Recorded: Feb 20 2013 51 mins
    For advisers to remain independent, they must now having a working knowledge of investment trusts. A panel of financial advisers discuss how they approach investment trust due diligence, manage liquidity and handle discounts. This offers an opportunity for advisers to understand how their peer group approach investment selection and regulatory obligations in regard to investment trusts.

    - Cherry Reynard (moderator)
    - Gill Cardy, IFA Centre
    - Andrew Merricks, Skerritt Wealth Management
    - Ben Yearsley, Charles Stanley
  • The Market Mood at the Start of 2013 Recorded: Jan 30 2013 55 mins
    In this live session a panel of experts will discuss the mood among investment trust managers/investors at the start of 2013 and asset allocation positioning. Where are the best opportunities to be found? Are there any areas likely to offer the seductive mix of rising asset values and narrowing discounts?

    Conversely, which areas of the market now look fully valued and may struggle in 2013? The experts will share their views on the best investment opportunities for the year and how investment trusts can be used to take advantage.

    Panel line-up:
    - Cherry Reynard (moderator)
    - Peter Hewitt, F&C Investments
    - Andrew McHattie, The McHattie Group
    - Simon Moore, Bestinvest
  • Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Investment Trusts…. Recorded: Dec 5 2012 57 mins
    But Were Too Afraid To Ask

    A panel of investment trust experts answer your questions on everything from gearing, to risk management, to investment performance. The session will also cover developments in the industry in 2012.

    The panel line-up includes:
    - Cherry Reynard (moderator)
    - Harry Katz, Norwest Consultants
    - Francis Klonowski, Klonowski & Co.
    - John Newlands, Brewin Dolphin
  • Investment Trusts for Different Markets Recorded: Nov 14 2012 60 mins
    Investment trusts have some natural advantages: they can use gearing to maximise their exposure to a rising market and they can reserve income in stronger years to distribute in weaker years, for example. This makes them naturally suited to certain types of assets and markets. We will discuss the areas best-suited to investment trusts and why. For example, it might be UK for income or emerging markets for growth. In the interests of objectivity, we will also discuss the markets where investment trusts do not work as well. The discussion will also include a comparison with UCITS III and non-UCITS funds, the different type of powers they have, and where they might be more appropriate.

    Panel line-up:
    David Harris, InvaTrust (moderator)
    Stephen Peters, Charles Stanley
    Nick Wilcox, JP Morgan
    John Pattullo, Henderson
    Alex Barr, Aberdeen
    Peter Hewitt, F&C
  • Building a Multi-Asset Portfolio out of Investment Trusts Recorded: Oct 17 2012 56 mins
    Multi-asset portfolios are the latest buzz-word in investment. They promise lower volatility with a smoother return profile than standard equity funds. Investment trusts offer all the tools to build a multi-asset portfolio, but often at lower cost and with less complexity. This session will explore how investors might go about building or enhancing a multi-asset portfolio with investment trusts. What types of assets are available? How can investors judge correlation? Where can they find true diversity? How can investors blend open-ended and closed-ended to ensure diversification?

    Moderator David Harris of InvaTrust will lead the discussion alongside panelists:
    •Olivia Mayell, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
    •Nick Greenwood, MitonOptimal Multi Asset Management
  • Understanding Gearing Recorded: Sep 12 2012 54 mins
    Gearing is often presented as a stumbling block in investment trust due diligence. It can be difficult to pigeon-hole a trust into a certain risk category when gearing can range significantly, for example. This can be addressed with a proper understanding of gearing – different investment trusts use different types and with that comes different risks. The session will cover: The different types of gearing used; the markets in which it has been particularly effective; how the decision is made; how investors can analyse gearing; how geared investment trusts can be incorporated into traditional risk models.

    Panel line-up:
    Jackie Beard, Morningstar (moderator)
    Simon Moore, BestInvest
    Dennis Hall, Yellowtail
    Peter Hewitt, F&C Investments
    Ben Ritchie, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Adviser Views: Independent vs. Restricted Recorded: Aug 23 2012 2 mins
    Pete Matthew gives his views on the independent vs. restricted debate.
  • Adviser Views: Niche Marketing Recorded: Aug 3 2012 2 mins
    Hear from David Crozier of Navigator Financial Planning as he discusses his thoughts on niche marketing for advisers in this short illustrated video.
  • Adviser Views: Tax Avoidance Recorded: Jul 27 2012 2 mins
    Hear from Steve Trinder of Wingate Financial Planning as he discusses his thoughts on tax avoidance in this short illustrated video.
  • Adviser Views: Financial Education in Schools Recorded: Jul 24 2012 2 mins
    Chris Daems discusses 'My Money Week' in schools and asks what your thoughts are about incorporating financial education into the core curriculum.
  • Half-Time Review 2012 – Let the Battle Commence Recorded: Jul 11 2012 60 mins
    It’s half way through the year and time to take a step back and look at the year so far. Which regions have been the winners and losers? Which now look over/under-valued, including which have the strongest discounts? What has driven markets? What news events have had the biggest impact on each area? Perhaps most importantly, which areas now look like the strongest areas for investment, particularly through investment trusts? Managers from each different region slug it out for the hearts and minds of investors.

    David Harris, Invatrust (moderator)
    Stephen Macklow-Smith, JP Morgan
    Paul Atkinson, Aberdeen Asset Management
    James Henderson, Henderson Global Investors
    Dhiren Shah, BlackRock
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