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15 Minute Webinar: Do You Need to Protect Laptops, Office 365, & Salesforce.com?

If you think the cloud provides enough protection for your critical data, you’re putting that data at risk. You can’t assume data is protected because it’s “in the cloud” -- you need to ensure all of the data in your critical applications, including Office 365 and Salesforce.com, get the protection they deserve.

Join George Crump, Founder, and Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland, and W. Curtis Preston (a.k.a. Mr. Backup), Chief Technologist at Druva, where they will discuss:

- What level of protection do cloud services provide?
- Is the provided level of protection enough for the enterprise?
- What does the enterprise need to add to achieve complete protection?

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Recorded Feb 22 2019 18 mins
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Presented by
George Crump, Storage Switzerland and W. Curtis Preston, Druva
Presentation preview: 15 Minute Webinar: Do You Need to Protect Laptops, Office 365, & Salesforce.com?

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  • Learn the TRUth about Storage Pricing and Efficiency Recorded: May 14 2020 59 mins
    George Crump and Gal Naor with StorONE
    Enterprise Storage costs too much! In this webinar learn why, even though server and storage media are decreasing in price, enterprise storage systems still cost more than ever. By attending this webinar you will learn:

    – Why Inefficient Storage Software Makes Storage Expensive

    – How Efficient Software Can Drive Down the Cost of Storage Hardware

    – A Live Demo of Configuring and PRICING an Enterprise-Class Storage System

    Join us and learn the TRUth about Storage Pricing!
  • Demonstration: Contactless Enterprise Storage Installation Recorded: May 7 2020 54 mins
    George Crump, Scott Armbrust and Jack Aboutboul with StorONE
    The aftermath of COVID-19 is a new economy with new pressures and expectations. The new standard is less physical contact. Companies that sell enterprise storage solutions can no longer send a team of engineers on-site to install their products. A new requirement for enterprise storage is contactless installation. At StorONE, while we are happy to come on-site, our standard installation process is remote installation. In this webinar, we will remotely install our StorONE S1 Enterprise Platform so you can see how easy of a process it is.

    Contactless installation is just one of the new requirements of enterprise storage. During the webinar, we will also discuss the other changes in enterprise storage requirements caused by the new economy:

    1. Extreme low-cost storage that provides performance and data integrity
    2. A significantly simplified operation that requires fewer administrators
    3. Efficient performance - Record-setting performance on yesterday's hardware

    Learn how to change your storage infrastructure to be affordable, manageable, and ready for the new economy. All attendees will receive exclusive access to our new eBook, "Designing Storage for the New Economy."
  • Reduce Backup Costs with Better Primary Storage Recorded: Apr 9 2020 60 mins
    George Crump and Scott Armbrust with StorONE
    Learn how better primary storage can reduce backup infrastructure costs. There are five key features that primary storage solutions must have to protect themselves and reduce an organization's dependency on backup software and hardware. Achieving that goal means the organization can realize immediate cost savings by reducing the number of data protection solutions they use.

    Many storage systems have minimal capabilities, like snapshots and replication, which can’t reduce backup infrastructure investments. Replacing backup requires a primary storage solution with complete and robust data protection. Any gaps in protection leave the organization exposed to the risk of data loss.

    Join us for our on-demand webinar with StorONE's Chief Marketing Officer, George Crump, and Technical Account Manager, Scott Armbrust. During the event you'll learn what capabilities primary storage must have so you can reduce the cost and importance of your backup infrastructure. We also provide a live demonstration of those capabilities during the session.

    Attendees will also receive a copy of our latest eBook "How to Create Invincible Data Storage"
  • LightBoard Video - What's New in StorONE's Q2-2020 Release? Recorded: Apr 8 2020 10 mins
    George Crump
    StorONE's mission is to help IT professionals be Storage Heroes by driving down storage costs, improving data protection, and increasing performance. Our Q2-2020 release continues that commitment. Join StorONE's Chief Marketing Officer, George Crump, as he uses the LightBoard to explain how the new capabilities in our Q2-2020 release can help you become a storage hero.
  • Webinar and Demonstration - Reduce Storage Costs and Risks Recorded: Apr 2 2020 58 mins
    George Crump and Ittai Doron with StorONE
    Learn how to reduce storage costs and risks, while improving performance. Join StorONE’s Chief Marketing Officer, George Crump, and Ittai Doron for this webinar. During the webinar, we discuss how the new features in our Q2-2020 can help you lower storage costs, increase data integrity, and improve performance. The webinar also features a demonstration of the new features in our Q2-2020 update.

    Special Offer: All registrants will receive our white paper, “The High Cost of Inefficient Storage Software.”
  • Webinar - Customer Insight - Affordable Extreme Performance With StorONE Recorded: Mar 26 2020 52 mins
    Guy Loewenberg, Guy Meir and David Leichner
    In this webinar, you will learn how to design a cost-effective, extreme performance storage infrastructure, useable by traditional enterprise applications and performance demanding modern applications. StorONE customer and partner SQream join us to explain how they use StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform to reduce the cost of high-performance storage.
  • Be a Storage Hero - Crush Storage Costs Recorded: Mar 20 2020 41 mins
    StorONE's George Crump and Scott Armbrust
    Now more than ever IT is facing pressure to reduce the cost of its storage infrastructure. Its time to get proactive, be a storage hero and learn five ways you can reduce the cost of your storage infrastructure while improving performance and making it more future-proof. Join StorONE's Chief Marketing Officer, George Crump, and Scott Armbrust Technical Sales Manager for this interactive webinar.
  • Webinar: Future Proof Your Storage - Eliminate Storage Refreshes Recorded: Mar 12 2020 47 mins
    George Crump and Gal Turchinski
    Every few years, IT professionals must start a storage refresh project. These projects are time-consuming, high risk, and costly. The problem is getting worse because the time between refresh projects is shrinking thanks to new technology, new performance expectations, and increased pressure to protect and retain data.

    In this webinar, join StorONE CMO George Crump and Product Manager, Gal Turchinski, for an interactive discussion on how to create a future-proofed storage infrastructure by moving away from a legacy storage system approach to towards an Enterprise Storage Platform.

    Register to learn:
    * The top three causes of storage refreshes
    * The problems with the storage system per use case approach
    * How to eliminate storage refreshes, improve performance and reduce storage infrastructure costs by 45%
  • Introducing The Enterprise Storage Platform Recorded: Mar 5 2020 64 mins
    George Crump and Guy Loewenberg
    Join George Crump and StorONE VP of Strategic Accounts, Guy Loewenberg, this webinar and demonstration where they explain what an Enterprise Storage platform is and how it can radically simplify storage management and reduce storage costs while improving performance. Then watch as Loewenberg demonstrate the S1 Enterprise Storage Platform in action.
  • Three Reasons SRM is Broken and How to Fix It Recorded: Feb 20 2020 34 mins
    Storage Switzerland and Clear Technologies
    Storage Resource Management (SRM), given the growth in storage capacity, the increased emphasis on performance, and the number of storage systems IT is implementing, should be the most popular application category within the storage market. The reality is that SRM is far from the most popular; it may be the least popular.

    Most organizations have not adopted an SRM solution and often count on siloed vendor tools or worse, Excel spreadsheets. The primary challenges to adoption are that SRM offerings are often more complicated than the stand-alone solutions, don’t provide a complete view of the storage infrastructure, and are incredibly expensive.

    In this webinar, George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland, and Phil Godwin, President and COO at Clear Technologies, discuss the problems with current SRM solutions and how to solve them.
  • Are You Treating Unstructured Data as a Second Class Citizen? Recorded: Feb 13 2020 43 mins
    Storage Switzerland and Aparavi
    Unstructured data is the fastest-growing segment of data within most enterprises today. This data set contains the creative output of the organization's employees as well as unique data captured by sensors and machines. Unstructured data is large in terms of capacity and number of files. It is also the prime target of ransomware. Organizations are paying hefty ransoms to regain access to their data.

    Protecting unstructured data is challenging. Most organizations can't protect it frequently enough, and are unable to restore the data quickly enough. The problem is most data protection solutions are protecting unstructured data incorrectly. Data protection vendors count on image-based backups to bypass issues associated with high file counts. Image-based backups, however, sacrifice the granularity required to meet regulations like GDPR and detect ransomware. Being able to see inside all those files being saved, in order to either make intelligent decisions about the data or to put it to use in another way, is a critical new requirement for organizations.

    Join Storage Switzerland and Aparavi for our live webinar to learn how to improve your ability to protect unstructured data while at the same time gaining insight into it.
  • Designing Storage Infrastructures for AI Workloads Recorded: Jan 23 2020 43 mins
    Storage Switzerland and Panasas
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) workloads are fundamentally different from any other workload. These workloads deal in data sets measured in dozens of petabytes of capacity, and large percentages of it can go from dormant to active at any moment. The high storage requirement and highly active data set make using all-flash arrays or even large flash caches impractical.

    IT planners need to rethink their designs to create infrastructures that are highly parallel and leverage high capacity hard disk drives to strike the right balance of performance and capacity. These infrastructures also need metadata efficiency, since AI and ML workloads are metadata heavy.

    Join us to learn:
    * Why all organizations need to prepare for AI and ML
    * The challenges of AI/ML at scale
    * Why current storage infrastructures can’t meet the AI/ML at scale challenge
    * Requirements of an At-Scale AI/ML Storage Infrastructure
  • Wolves in Sheep's Clothing? Recorded: Dec 4 2019 25 mins
    Storage Switzerland, HYCU
    Beware of Backup Software Claiming to provide Cloud Data Management

    Organizations are already multi-cloud. They often have a cloud-like infrastructure on-premises like VMware or Nutanix. They may also have cloud-native applications based on SQL, SAP HANA or PostgreSQL. Even if the organization doesn't have a cloud-native application, they may want to use the cloud for off-site storage or disaster recovery. In any of these uses cases the organization needs a multi-cloud data management strategy and backup software can deliver on many of the requirements. IT planners, however, need to closely examine the sacrifices that these solutions might force them to make. Legacy solutions may require an external and potentially foreign user interface, and so-called cloud-native applications may not provide on-premises protection.
  • Learn How To Solve Your DR Nightmare in Less Than 30 Minutes! Recorded: Nov 21 2019 27 mins
    Storage Switzerland and Veeam
    What is your disaster recovery (DR) plan? Most organizations today do not have a formalized process. When disaster strikes, IT scrambles, hoping to pluck victory from the jaws of defeat. A DR plan prioritizes recovery efforts so that personnel can focus on recovering the most critical applications and their dependencies first. DR Plans also enable anyone in IT to guide the organization through the disaster recovery process.  Not only does the lack of planning puts the company’s reputation at risk, but Storage Switzerland also finds that organizations without a DR plan often spend significantly more on data protection than those with a formal strategy.

    The reality though is most organizations don’t have the time to create a DR plan. Even if they do take the time to develop a plan, they don’t have the time to maintain it and ensure that it is up to date. The good news is the latest advancements in data protection solutions include orchestration and automation, which enables organizations to create, maintain and execute workflows that guide the organization to a successful recovery no matter how severe the disaster.

    In Less Than 30 Minutes Learn:

    *. The challenges with a “best efforts” DR plan
    *. How a DR plan can save Money
    *. How orchestration and automation can make DR plan creation and maintenance possible for even the busiest IT teams
  • 15 Minute Webinar: Do You Really Need to Consolidate Backup? Recorded: Oct 21 2019 20 mins
    Storage Switzerland, HYCU Software
    IT Professionals have been on a life-long mission to find a backup solution that can do everything. The goal is to back up the entire data center to a single backup target, all controlled by a single application. Is it time for a different approach? In this 15-minute webinar Storage Switzerland and HYCU Software will discuss the challenges of backup consolidation and why purpose-built backup may be a better alternative.
  • Meet The CEO of ExaGrid Recorded: Oct 11 2019 35 mins
    Storage Switzerland, ExaGrid
    In this Meet The CEO Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid joins George Crump to discuss the state of the data backup and storage market, what makes ExaGrid a leader in that market, how the business has been able to outlast many of its competitors and predictions about the future.
  • Implementing and Leveraging Multi-cloud and Second Generation Cloud Strategies Recorded: Oct 8 2019 19 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Wasabi
    Many businesses are eager to initiate a cloud migration strategy and take advantage of the economic benefits that clouds offer. However, concerns regarding vendor lock-in, proprietary technology, and hidden costs have served as a deterrent for a large number of IT managers. The answer for a growing number of businesses is a multi-cloud strategy where they can create a cloud solution that is tailored to their specific needs. Giving enterprises the ability to choose the computer, storage, and SaaS services that best fits their business requirements and budget puts them in the driver's seat and gives them full control.

    Join Storage Switzerland and Wasabi where we will discuss the challenges with the soup-to-nuts clouds and how a best-of-breed multi-cloud solution is a better strategy for most organizations.

    Register Today - All registrants receive a copy of Storage Switzerland’s latest eBook “What is a Second-Generation Cloud Strategy?”
  • NAS vs Object - Can NAS Make a Comeback? Recorded: Oct 2 2019 58 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Qumulo
    For over a decade Network Attached Storage (NAS) was the go to file storage device for organizations needing to store large amounts of unstructured data. But unstructured data is changing. While large file use cases are still prevalent, small file use cases are becoming more dominant. Workloads like artificial intelligence, analytics and IoT are typically driven by millions, if not billions of small files.

    Object Storage is often hailed as the heir apparent but is it? Can file systems be redesigned to continue to support traditional NAS workloads while also supporting modern, small file and high velocity workloads? Join Storage Switzerland and Qumulo for our live webinar, “NAS vs. Object — Can NAS Make a Comeback,” to learn the state of unstructured data storage and if NAS file systems can provide a superior alternative to object storage.

    Join us on our live event to learn
    •. Why traditional NAS solutions fall short
    •. Why object storage systems haven't replaced NAS
    • How to bridge the gap by modernizing NAS file systems
    •. Live Q&A with file system and NAS experts
  • Five Reasons Modern Data Centers Need Tape Recorded: Sep 26 2019 56 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Spectra Logic, Fujifilm, Iron Mountain
    To some, tape storage may seem like an outdated technology in the era of NAS and object-based storage. But— here’s a surprise – tape today is more relevant than ever. Even the most modern data centers can benefit from its low cost of ownership, scalability, reliability and security. In our next live webinar, Storage Switzerland is joined by Spectra Logic, Fujifilm and Iron Mountain to discuss why tape use shouldn’t just continue but actually expand, including in hybrid cloud environments.

    Many IT professionals are familiar with tape and have leveraged the numerous advantages the technology has to offer. But for those less familiar or new to tape the webinar will start with:
    • Tape Media and Tape Library Basics
    o How does tape work?
    o How is it different than other storage technologies?

    Our panel of experts will then discuss five use cases where tape media is ideally suited for:
    • Active Backup
    • Active Archive
    • Analytics
    • Ransomware Protection
    • Storage Cost Reduction
  • The Top Four Challenges of Data Analytics and How to Solve Them Recorded: Sep 12 2019 62 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Promethium
    Data analytics and business intelligence (BI) initiatives have become mission-critical, but today, it is simply taking too long to arrive at insights. 90% of the time that it takes to generate insights lies in human labor, and that labor is significantly tied to data preparation. Join subject matter experts from Storage Switzerland and Promethium for an in-depth look at what’s wrong with data analytics today, and how a self-service data analytics and governance strategy can empower organizations to avoid spending months searching for, collecting and preparing data.
StorONE - Turning IT Professionals into Storage Heros
StorONE's mission is to make Storage Heroes by providing IT professionals with a solution that meets all the objectives of software-defined storage, plus adds data protection and resiliency that is 10X better than any other technology on the market. At the same time, it increases storage system performance 10X over industry standard. The result is StorONE's Enterprise Storage Platform.

StorONE founders are proven, successful entrepreneurs who boast over 50 patent awards. Top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors back the company. The S1 Storage Platform changes the perception of data center storage from an IT cost center to a resource that provides organizations with a critical competitive advantage. The StorONE headquarters are in New York, with offices in Fort Worth TX, Tel Aviv, and Singapore.

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  • Title: 15 Minute Webinar: Do You Need to Protect Laptops, Office 365, & Salesforce.com?
  • Live at: Feb 22 2019 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: George Crump, Storage Switzerland and W. Curtis Preston, Druva
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