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5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities

The cloud seems like a logical destination for backup data. It is by definition off-site, and the organization no longer needs to worry about allocating valuable floor space to secondary data storage. The problem is that most cloud backup solutions fall short of delivering enterprise class data protection.

Most cloud backup solutions are too complicated to set up and upgrade, don't provide complete platform support, don't provide flexible recovery options, can't meet the enterprises RTO/RPO requirements and don't provide a class of support that enables organizations to lower their operational expense.

In this live webinar Storage Switzerland and Carbonite discuss the five critical capabilities that enterprises, looking to move to cloud backup, need to make sure their solution has.

Join us for this live event to learn:

1. Why switch to the cloud for enterprise backup?
2. The five critical capabilities enterprises MUST have in cloud backup solutions. What they are and why enterprises need them.
3. Why and where most solutions miss the mark
4. How Carbonite Server delivers the five critical capabilities
Recorded Mar 26 2019 53 mins
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Presented by
Storage Switzerland, Carbonite
Presentation preview: 5 Critical Enterprise Cloud Backup Capabilities

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  • Meet The CEO: Qumulo’s Bill Richter Recorded: Jul 10 2019 30 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Qumulo
    Qumulo’s CEO, Bill Richter, will share his perspective on how file data sharing and retention requirements are changing and why a new file storage architecture is required in a live discussion with Krista Macomber, Senior Analyst for Storage Switzerland. Be sure to register so you don’t miss this chance to learn how to revamp your file system architecture to obtain visibility and scalability and meet your performance requirements, while at the same time staying within your budget.
  • Meet The CEO: ClearSky Data’s Ellen Rubin Recorded: Jul 8 2019 25 mins
    Storage Switzerland, ClearSky Data
    Join us for a unique opportunity to hear ClearSky Data’s CEO, Ellen Rubin, share her perspective on how combining the cloud and the edge can help IT professionals to mitigate – or to eradicate entirely – physical storage management duties. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to re-think your production storage strategy to embrace storage-as-a-service in a way that frees yourself from the hassle of managing on-premises equipment, from primary storage to backup and disaster recovery.
  • Ransomware, Rapid Restoration and Disasters - Recovering from Backup’s Big Three Recorded: Jun 27 2019 54 mins
    Storage Switzerland, StorageCraft
    Organizations need to make sure their backup infrastructure can meet the recovery objectives of today’s biggest challenges: ransomware, rapid restoration and disasters. Businesses expect their IT teams to recover faster than ever and they need business performance to be the same during the recovery effort as it is during normal production. Meeting these new challenges and expectations requires IT to rethink the backup process.

    Ransomware requires rapid, frequent backups of all types of data and that the backup software also protects itself. Rapid recovery is more than just instantiating a VM from backup storage. It requires understanding the impact on performance, as well as planning a path for migration back to production storage. Finally, there is the never-ending threat of site-wide disasters. Thanks to cyber-attacks, geographically safe areas don’t exist. All data centers must prepare for a site failure and for a rapid disaster recovery without impacting application performance.

    In our live webinar Storage Switzerland and StorageCraft will discuss why these are the top challenges facing the data protection architecture, why current data protection infrastructure won’t meet these challenges, and how to overcome them.
  • The Top Four Challenges of Data Analytics and How to Solve Them Recorded: Jun 26 2019 63 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Promethium
    Data analytics and business intelligence (BI) initiatives have become mission-critical, but today, it is simply taking too long to arrive at insights. 90% of the time that it takes to generate insights lies in human labor, and that labor is significantly tied to data preparation. Join subject matter experts from Storage Switzerland and Promethium for an in-depth look at what’s wrong with data analytics today, and how a self-service data analytics and governance strategy can empower organizations to avoid spending months searching for, collecting and preparing data.
  • MeetTheCEO: Cloud Daddy’s Spencer Kupferman Recorded: Jun 25 2019 30 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Cloud Daddy
    As businesses migrate more of their data and applications to the cloud, a more comprehensive and mature disaster recovery implementation is required. Cloud service providers have built a base layer of data protection capabilities that focus primarily on enabling recovery from hardware failure, but the reality is that most recovery requests today stem from a cyberattack or from human error. As a result, cloud services need some help in the form of intelligent and granular search and tagging, as well as management capabilities such as the ability to schedule snapshots and apply retention policies.

    Cloud Daddy’s CEO, Spencer Kupferman, will join Storage Switzerland for a live webinar discussion regarding how the trifecta of increasing and more sophisticated malware attacks, regulatory oversight of data, and the shift to cloud are changing the face of the disaster recovery market. Register now to be sure you hear his perspective on why capabilities like simplified and centralized oversight of backup and replication jobs and cross-region backup and restore matter in today’s data protection paradigm.
  • MeetTheCEO: HotLink’s Lynn LeBlanc Recorded: Jun 20 2019 27 mins
    Storage Switzerland, HotLink
    Backups cannot be assumed to be safe today, against an emergence of more sophisticated malware. These new variants were designed to be discrete, often sitting idle and being copied across the backup repository to then attack slowly – all with the ultimate goal of attacking as many systems as possible while at the same time avoiding detection for as long as possible. To avoid restoring trigger files, IT must be able to proactively verify and monitor the quality and viability of backups. The problem is that legacy verification methods cannot keep up with the growing volume of backup data that must be verified or the frequency with which verification must occur.

    Lynn LeBlanc, CEO of HotLink, will join Storage Switzerland to share her perspective on how IT professionals may restructure their approach to backup verification so that all recovery points may be vetted, and malware attacks contained. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear her perspective on the new pain points related to backup verification that are emerging with modern ransomware, and how IT professionals may apply analytics and artificial intelligence for more efficient and thorough verification.
  • Will Your Backup Architecture Meet Tomorrow’s SLAs? 3 Steps to Make Sure! Recorded: Jun 18 2019 61 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Veeam and NetApp
    Organizations, application owner and users all have much higher expectations of IT than ever before. They expect IT to recover real-time data instantaneously and recall aged data very quickly. These expectations mean that backup architectures are getting stretched at both ends; rapid primary storage recovery and fast access to data residing on long-term storage repositories.

    Join Storage Switzerland, Veeam and NetApp for our webinar as we discuss the new service level objectives IT needs to prepare for and how the backup software and hardware architecture needs to change to meet these new demands.

    Join our panel of data protection experts as we discuss:
    - The new service level objectives
    - Why current data protection infrastructures fall short
    - The three steps you need to take to modernize your data protection architecture
  • Meet the President of the Fibre Channel Industry Association: Mark Jones Recorded: Jun 17 2019 25 mins
    Storage Switzerland, FCIA
    Against the backdrop of Moore’s Law and ultra-low latency non-volatile memory express (NVMe) solid state drives, network speed and total capacity are increasingly the levers that make or break an application’s performance. Fibre Channel (FC) storage networking may be frequently announced dead, but in fact is alive and growing because of the consistent levels of very low latency and high bandwidth that it can bring to growing NVMe-oF implementations and workloads such as high-velocity analytics, artificial intelligence and private cloud workload hosting. President of the FC Industry Association (FCIA), Mark Jones, joins Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Krista Macomber live to share his take on what is driving continued adoption of FC, and where the technology will fit in moving forward.
  • Meet the CEO: Promethium’s Kaycee Lai Recorded: Jun 13 2019 27 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Promethium
    Kaycee Lai and Promethium have a unique vantage point into the key bottleneck that is greatly slowing down the time it takes to arrive at data-driven business intelligence: data qualification. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about why getting to the right data is so laborious, how it is not only slowing but also jeopardizing the quality of your business intelligence initiatives, and why stringing together multiple data querying tools is not an effective answer.
  • MeetTheCEO: Actifio’s Ash Ashutosh Recorded: Jun 12 2019 23 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Actifio
    Enterprises are dealing with a constant tide of copy data sprawl. More copies are being created to serve secondary business processes like analytics, test and development, and frequently with limited oversight or governance from IT. Meanwhile, regulations like the European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) require more data to be stored for longer periods of time. Copy data management (CDM) solutions can help to contain this sprawl, but they must be agile in order to effectively support business operations. Also, in order to truly minimize infrastructure-related costs, they should have the flexibility to be procured through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

    Ash Ashutosh, CEO of CDM pioneer Actifio, will join Storage Switzerland to share his perspective on how customer pain points related to managing copy data sprawl are evolving, and how his company is pivoting in-line with those requirements. Be sure to join and hear his thoughts on changing business models, and how CDM can not only support more efficient and effective business collaboration, but also to protect against the threat of ransomware and supporting compliance requirements.
  • MeetTheCEO: Wasabi’s David Friend Recorded: Jun 10 2019 26 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Wasabi
    Join us for the chance to hear from Wasabi’s CEO David Friend on the customer pain points that are emerging with many public cloud storage services, including expensive egress fees and vendor lock-in. Friend will join Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Krista Macomber to discuss how Wasabi “hot cloud storage” is tackling these challenges while at the same time accelerating performance and providing key data availability, integrity and security features for its customers. Friend will also draw from his knowledge of the industry to provide predictions into future customer requirements and technology development trends.

    Attend for additional discussion, including learning:
    • Why reliable and affordable storage is the foundation for success for modern workloads like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).
    • How egress fees are breaking the bank for customers, and why they run counter to the flexible multi-cloud world that is required today.
    • Why it might be time to consider working with a new public cloud storage provider like Wasabi.
  • 15 Minute Webinar: What Are Composable Infrastructures? Recorded: May 31 2019 18 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Kaminario
    IT professionals are hearing a lot about composable infrastructures and many vendors are claiming to offer a solution, but only a few have truly composable solutions ready for deployment today. The goal of composability is to bring the cloud like infrastructure experience to the on-premises data center so that mission-critical workloads can benefit.Join Storage Switzerland and Kaminario for our next 15 minute webinar. During this webinar listen in as our panel of experts discuss what composable infrastructures are, how they have evolved and most importantly what to look for in a composable solution.

    Register to receive an exclusive copy of Storage Switzerland’s latest eBook “Developing a Cloud-Like Experience for Mission Critical Data.”
  • 20 Minute Introduction Composing Infrastructure for Elastic, Hadoop, Kafka Recorded: May 29 2019 23 mins
    Storage Switzerland and DriveScale
    Composing Infrastructure for Elastic, Hadoop, Kafka and Cassandra to Drive Down Cloud Data Center Costs

    Hyperscale applications like Elastic, Hadoop, Kafka and Cassandra typically use a shared nothing design where each node in the compute cluster operates on its data. Hyperscale architectures, to maximize storage IO performance, keep data local to the compute node processing the job. The problem is that the organization loses the efficiency of shared storage infrastructure. As the hyperscale architecture scales, overprovisioned and underutilized compute, GPU and storage resources cost the organization money!

    Join Storage Switzerland and DriveScale for our 20 minute webinar to learn how composable infrastructure can provide both high performance and high efficiency.

    In 20 minutes learn:
    - The challenges facing hyperscale architectures
    - The true cost of underutilized compute and storage
    - Why fast Ethernet networks are good for your data
    - How a composable architecture brings scale, performance and cost efficiency to your data center
  • Meet the CEO: Quantum’s Jamie Lerner Recorded: May 29 2019 24 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Quantum
    Quantum’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board, Jamie Lerner, will be joining Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Krista Macomber to talk about how his company is helping its customers more efficiently edit, render, process and store video content and other large unstructured data sets. Quantum has built strong footing in video and rich media infrastructure, from its roots in high-performance shared storage and data protection and archive solutions. Don’t miss this chance to hear Mr. Lerner’s take on the state of the market, where the market is heading, and how Quantum uniquely fits in.
  • 15 Minute Webinar: NVMe Readiness Assessment Recorded: May 17 2019 17 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Virtual Instruments
    Most All-Flash Arrays were bought in the last few years and have not come anywhere close to “end of life,” yet most vendors are now shipping NVMe All-Flash Arrays which offer better performance. As enticing as these new systems might be, IT planners need to proceed with caution to make sure that the organization has workloads that can justify the move to NVMe as well as ensuring the rest of the storage and network infrastructure is up to the task.

    In this 15 Minute webinar Storage Switzerland and Virtual Instruments take an objective look at the NVMe and help you map out a strategy for the transition.
  • Simplifying the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with Azure Stack HCI Recorded: May 16 2019 57 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Axellio Inc.
    Many organizations need to continue to run virtualized applications on-premises but are also looking to replace and consolidate aging server infrastructure. At the same time, these organizations want to leverage cloud services for data protection, high availability and disaster recovery as well as providing a centralized hub to track and manage what is happening across multiple data centers. The challenge is that most infrastructure solutions don’t offer both an efficient approach to demanding scale-up and scale-out applications while effectively integrating cloud services – for on-premises and cloud efficiency. Instead of creating a simple to manage hybrid cloud, the organization is forced to make trade-offs.

    During the webinar, “Simplifying the Large-Scale Hybrid Cloud”, Storage Switzerland and Axellio discuss how Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and Axellio’s FabricXpress Servers can deliver new levels of consolidation in the enterprise. Learn how to intelligently leverage Azure to simplify operations like data protection, business continuity, and data center operations – while deploying less infrastructure and less software for your demanding on-premises workloads.

    Key Takeaways:
    - How to Design Hybrid Cloud for Consolidation of Enterprise Workloads & Infrastructure
    - What Cloud Services Does On-premises HCI Need?
    - What is Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and how does Axellio leverage this for greater simplicity?
  • 15 Minute Webinar: Overcoming the Hybrid Cloud Storage Roadblocks Recorded: May 10 2019 18 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Infinite IO
    For most organizations, unstructured data is their biggest problem. The need to store all this data is forcing IT to expand primary storage capacities at an alarming rate. Unstructured data not only threatens to break IT budgets, but also force organizations to build new data centers. Organizations are looking to hybrid cloud storage for relief but the cloud has several potential roadblocks to prevent many organizations from leveraging it.

    Join Storage Switzerland and infiniteIO for a 15 minute Friday Webinar on May 10 at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT. In 15 minutes learn:
    •. The Goals of a Hybrid Cloud Storage Project
    – What a Hybrid Cloud Storage Architecture Looks Like
    – The Roadblocks to Hybrid Cloud Storage Success
    – How to Overcome those Roadblocks
  • Flash Storage - Deciding Between High Performance and EXTREME Performance Recorded: May 9 2019 48 mins
    Storage Switzerland, Violin Systems
    All-Flash arrays are no longer a one size fits all. There is a clear line of demarcation between standard all-flash and extreme flash, but most suppliers try to squeeze all of an organization’s problems into a single system architecture because typically they only sell one type of architecture. Traditional all-flash vendors are adding NVMe drives internally to their systems, but they are not updating their system internals to keep up with the technology. Other vendors are trying to create an end-to-end NVMe experience without the full enterprise services or trying to layer on 3rd party storage software that reduces performance and which also forces IT to re-think their network architecture due to requiring fork-life upgrades or replacements.

    The truth is that most organizations need both, high-performance and extreme performance. Workloads like Oracle, MS-SQL, and analytics all benefit from extreme performance. Tier 2 applications and other types of unstructured data may have their performance demands met by a high-performance flash array. In both cases, the hardware design and the quality of the software are critical determining factors on how well the solutions will meet the organization’s demands.

    Join Storage Switzerland and Violin Systems for our live webinar “Deciding Between High Performance and EXTREME Performance” as we discuss differences between the two performance levels and what to look for to make sure the system selected lives up to expectations.
  • MeetTheCEO: HubStor’s Geoff Bourgeois Recorded: May 6 2019 26 mins
    Storage Switzerland and HubStor
    HubStor’s CEO, Geoff Bourgeois, will be joining Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Krista Macomber live at 1 p.m. EST on Monday May 6 to talk about how his company is approaching this problem, positioning continuous data protection and integrated backup and archive as the foundation of a modern data management strategy. Don’t miss this chance to hear Mr. Bourgeois’ take on the state of data protection and management, where the market is heading, and how HubStor uniquely fits in.
  • Rearchitecting Storage for the Next Wave of Splunk Data Growth Recorded: May 2 2019 50 mins
    Storage Switzerland, SwiftStack
    Splunk is one of the most broadly adopted analytics applications on the market today. The primary reason for its popularity is it analyzes data that organizations already have, like log and metadata generated from IT operations, enterprise security and various lines of business. Splunk’s popularity though has led organizations to desire to keep more and more of this data so that organizations can improve their decision-making capabilities even further. The desire to keep more data is creating complexity and cost in the underlying infrastructure as IT tries to scale the Splunk environment to meet the ever-growing demand.

    Join Storage Switzerland and SwiftStack, a Splunk technology partner, for our webinar where our panel of experts will discuss the value of having Splunk analyze larger datasets while providing insight into overcoming infrastructure cost and complexity challenges through Splunk enhancements like SmartStore.

    Key Webinar Takeaways:
    - The Value of Increasing Splunk Dataset Size
    - The Challenges Created by Large Splunk Datasets
    - How Splunk SmartStore Enables Splunk Scalability
    - The Requirements of a SmartStore-enabled Storage Infrastructure
    - How Splunk and SwiftStack Work Together to Make Large Datasets more Manageable
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Tune into Storage Switzerland's channel to learn from this analyst firm focused on storage, virtualization and the cloud. Storage Switzerland’s goal is to provide unbiased evaluations and interview content on sponsoring and non-sponsoring companies through articles, public events and product reviews.

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