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Designing A Cost Effective Solid State Hyperscale Data Center

Recorded May 23 2013 58 mins
Presented by
George Crump, Lead Analyst, Storage Switzerland & Esther Spanjer, Director, SSD Technical Marketing at SMART Storage Systems
Presentation preview: Designing A Cost Effective Solid State Hyperscale Data Center
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  • Every day, your organization is creating more data that is critical to the operational success of your company. Making sure that you have a proper backup solution to recover data is not only important, it’s vital to the long term success of your business.

    Even though users are creating more mission critical data than we have ever seen in the past, that doesn’t mean your backup solution has to be expensive. In this webinar we cover a wide range of options about how you can effectively backup your content without breaking the bank.

    The solutions we will cover will take into account being highly fault-tolerant, mindful of high performance, and assurance that your data will be available when you need it.
  • Haz tus preguntas técnicas directamente a un Arquitecto de Soluciones en Español y recibe una respuesta en vivo.

    Puedes hacer las preguntas en el momento o enviarlas con antelación a qq-iberia@amazon.com. En el email por favor incluye tu NOMBRE, EMPRESA, y PUESTO.

    Esta primera sesión se dividirá en dos partes: Los primeros 30 minutos se dedicarán a contestar preguntas relacionadas con Big Data Analytics (EMR, Redshift, Kinesis) y la segunda parte de 30 minutos a responder preguntas generales.
  • Solid state drives used to be a premium product with a premium price, but falling costs combined with improved performance have made them accessible to virtually all types of businesses for all types of applications.The dynamics of data storage have changed, so the overall cost of solid state and flash have become a better price-performance value than spinning disk. And solid state offers big benefits in reliability and manageability, in addition to increased capacity and speed.

    Join industry experts from SanDisk and Lenovo to explore how to:

    • Improve TCO/TCA
    • Improve performance
    • Reduce power and cooling costs
    • Reduce rack space & cabling
    • Improve reliability
  • Veritas NetBackup appliance è la soluzione efficace e innovativa che semplifica e ottimizza le procedure di backup e recovery.
    Una soluzione pratica che garantisce la scalabilità necessaria per adattare il tuo business ad ambienti, fisici, virtuali e cloud. Performance ed efficienza cresceranno insieme ai profitti: i tuoi team potranno dedicarsi ai clienti e alle attività di business, promuovendo al meglio l'innovazione!
    Che benefici puoi ottenere con le appliance NetBackup di Veritas?
    Scoprilo partecipando al nostro Webcast del 7 ottobre.
  • In questa sessione di un'ora, coordinata da un Solution Architect, risponderemo alle vostre domande di natura tecnica riguardanti l'utilizzo dei prodotti AWS. In particolare, i primi 30 minuti saranno dedicati al topic "Analisi di Big Data (EMR, Redshift, Kinesis)" e i successivi 30 a domande di qualsiasi tipo.
  • В этом вебинаре мы расскажем о том, для каких кампаний и для решения каких задач, использование ScaleIO максимально выгодно. Кроме этого поговорим про версию 2.0 и тестирование.
  • In today's world of unprecedented growth in enterprise storage demands, traditional infrastructure provisioning and management methods just aren’t capable of keeping up with the frequent adjustments required within modern enterprises. New industry research sheds light on how software-defined storage gives modern enterprises a competitive edge, offering improved scalability, performance, and ease of use.

    Please join us for an upcoming webcast on May 19th, featuring guest speaker Sr. Research Analyst Henry Baltazar with Forrester Consulting who will share insights on the growing need to rethink traditional data storage and on where the data industry is heading. Eric Carter, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Hedvig will share how Hedvig’s new software-defined storage solution can deliver modern storage for any enterprise compute environment.

    Attend this webcast featuring industry experts from Forrester Research and Hedvig to discover:

    •Why 55% of technology decision makers are expressing interest in or starting to implement software-defined storage
    •What workloads IT leaders consider as top candidates to operate with software-defined storage
    •Why the need for choice and flexibility are ushering in a new era of data management that brings the simplicity of public clouds to your data center
    •How distributed systems technology transforms commodity server infrastructure into a scalable, resilient, self-service storage platform
  • Медленное выделение ресурсов для VDI? Проблема решена. Шквал пользовательских загрузок, высокая задержка и проблемы с развертыванием? От этих трудностей вы тоже избавитесь. Переход с физических рабочих мест на виртуальные повысит удобство и эффективность работы пользователей. Виртуализация серверов? Отсутствие сбоев позволит обеспечить соответствие соглашениям об уровне обслуживания для приложений с высокими требованиями к вводу-выводу, например баз данных. Больше никаких неполадок СХД и сбоев кэширования. Вместо этого вы получите максимальную производительность операций ввода-вывода, широкие возможности интеграции со средствами виртуализации, высокую доступность и самую эффективную в отрасли полезную емкость.
  • The velocity of change for today's business has exposed weakness in traditional approaches to IT infrastructure. Forrester estimates that 58% of organizations measure storage provisioning in days, weeks, or even months. That’s simply not fast enough!

    Hedvig has re-architected storage using modern, distributed systems capabilities giving you the toolset to successfully deal with the demands of modern business.

    Attend this webinar for an introduction to Hedvig and learn:

    Why software-defined storage is gaining momentum in the enterprise
    How Hedvig is different from other solutions on the market
    What Hedvig uniquely offers for DevOps and IT organizations
  • In this presentation, solution providers learn simple steps to help build and grow their IT security practice. Attendees learn about compliance regulations, cloud integration, how to weave security into each opportunity, adherence to best practices, and re-educating customers.

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  • Title: Designing A Cost Effective Solid State Hyperscale Data Center
  • Live at: May 23 2013 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: George Crump, Lead Analyst, Storage Switzerland & Esther Spanjer, Director, SSD Technical Marketing at SMART Storage Systems
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