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Improving the State of MS-SQL Backup

Organizations of all sizes are delivering mission critical applications to users and customers that are built on Microsoft SQL. But many of these organizations lack the time, skill sets and tools required to develop a capable data protection strategy. Instead they count on an ad-hoc collection of SQL and Operating System utilities that may leave SQL data exposed and at risk.

Register for Storage Switzerland’s upcoming Webinar “The State of SQL Data Protection” where George Crump, Lead Analyst with Storage Switzerland will cover the state of SQL backup and disaster recovery (DR) and how it can go wrong. He will provide recommendations on how to simplify the backup process for SQL databases and the benefits of having an on-site backup to provide faster local restores in addition to an off-site DR copy for protection in case of a more extensive failure.

Chris Schin from Zetta will also be on hand to discuss the functionality of Zetta’s DataProtect version 4.0. With their SQL plug-in that uses native SQL backup techniques, this software solution can simplify the process of protecting SQL Server databases and provide a fast recovery solution for multiple SQL databases, efficiently at a price even smaller companies can afford.
Recorded Jul 15 2013 54 mins
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Presented by
George Crump & Chris Schin
Presentation preview: Improving the State of MS-SQL Backup

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  • Best Practices for Consolidating Backups Recorded: Oct 14 2021 34 mins
    George Crump and Scott Armbrust with StorONE
    The only part of the data center more fragmented than storage is the process that protects it, backup. Most organizations are actively running three or more backup software applications and an equal number, if not more, of backup storage targets.

    Join us for our live webinar "Best Practices for Consolidating Backups." By attending the webinar, you will learn:
    * What is causing backup fragmentation
    * How NOT to consolidate backups
    * Best Practices for an affordable, long-lasting backup strategy

    Register Now Live on Thursday, October 14th at 11:30 am ET / 8:30 am PT On-demand after that (register to be notified of on-demand availability).
  • How to Scale Backup Storage from 10TBs to 10PBs Recorded: Sep 28 2021 52 mins
    George Crump and Scott Armbrust with StorONE
    Backup Storage grows 5X to 10X faster than primary storage. New threats like ransomware make data retention even more critical. While every backup storage target claims to scale, how those systems scale impacts your budget and the time you spend managing your backups.

    During the webinar, StorONE’s CMO, George Crump, and Technical Marketing Manager, Scott Armbrust, will guide you in designing a backup storage target that can scale from 10TBs 10PBs.

    Register for the Webinar and Learn:
    • The downsides of scaling backup storage that your vendors aren’t telling you about
    • How deduplication inhibits PB scale
    • How the future breaks current scale-out strategies
    • How to design a backup storage solution that scales from 10TB to 10PB using the same backup storage software

    All attendees to the webinar will receive a copy of our latest white paper, “Best Practices for Scaling Backup Storage,” so pre-register now to reserve your copy. Can’t make the live event, register anyway to get your white paper and notification of the on-demand recording.
  • 4 Reasons RAID is Breaking Backups and How to Fix Them Recorded: Sep 16 2021 51 mins
    StorONE CMO George Crump and Scott Armbrust, Technical Account Manager
    Legacy RAID algorithms take multiple days to bring a RAID group back to a protected state. During this time, the background rebuild process means backup times slow down, and recovery efforts are useless. Because of the legacy RAID limitations on redundant drives, there is also a high risk of completely losing all backup history when another drive fails.

    Join StorONE’s CMO George Crump and Technical Account Manager Scott Armbrust for a live TechTalk to learn how to fix the RAID problems breaking backup.

    Pre-register today and receive an advanced copy of our white paper “Understanding vRAID,” the technology behind our S1:Backup’s ability to provide the fasted rebuilds in the industry.

    Can’t make the live event? Pre-register to receive your white paper and be notified when the event is available for on-demand viewing.
  • Backup Storage Targets Need to Change to Keep Pace with Modern Backup Software Recorded: Sep 15 2021 60 mins
    StorONE CEO Gal Naor and CMO George Crump
    The next generation of backup software like Veeam and Rubrik is changing the way organizations protect data. Individual backup jobs are more frequent, smaller in size, and complete more quickly. These modern applications also can recover from a backup almost instantly thanks to their ability to instantiate virtual machines on the backup storage target.

    These modern data protection applications, however, require a more modern backup storage target. Legacy solutions focused primarily on deduplication as a way to keep costs low. The problem is deduplication forces compromise everywhere else. RAID rebuilds take days, making high density (18TB+) drives impractical, and recovery speeds, especially instant recoveries, are egregiously slow.

    Join us for our Tech-Talk featuring, StorONE's CEO, Gal Naor, and CMO George Crump as they discuss the new requirements of modern backup storage:
    • No Compromise Use of High-Density Drives
    • Read-Only Protection of Backup Data
    • High-performance recoveries
    • Future hardware flexibility
    • Beyond backup usability

    Pre-register today, and receive our latest white paper, "Beyond Backup - Modern Backup Software Requires Modern Backup Storage," available exclusively to pre-registrants.
  • How MSPs Can Overcome the Storage Roadblock to Increased MRR Recorded: Sep 2 2021 34 mins
    StorONE CMO George Crump and Marty Godsey, Director of Technical Support
    Manage Service Providers (MSP) need to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR) while decreasing operational costs. Storage is a significant roadblock to achieving these goals. Join StorONE's Chief Marketing Officer George Crump and our Director of Technical Support Marty Godsey to learn how to overcome the storage roadblock to increased MRR.

    During the webinar, you will learn how to reduce your storage OPEX and CAPEX from experts who have run MSP facilities, so you can break through the storage roadblock and enjoy ever-increasing, PROFITABLE monthly recurring revenue.

    Register now for the live event and get your questions answered by MSP storage experts.

    If you register today, we'll send you an advanced copy of our upcoming white paper, "How to Avoid Top Five MSP Storage Traps," before the webinar.
  • Beyond Backup - a Commonsense Approach to Storage Consolidation Recorded: Aug 12 2021 61 mins
    StorONE and Seagate
    Most organizations have five or six different storage systems, often using at least one per workload type in the data center. The multiple storage silos increase storage TCO and complicate data protection. Storage consolidation solves storage fragmentation, but it is a big project, often requiring the organization to "sweep the floor" of many of their current systems. It is an expensive leap of faith.

    But what if there was a better way? What if you could start solving one of your biggest storage challenges right now, backup storage, then evolve that system, as it proves itself, to cover all the workloads in your environment?

    Join Seagate and StorONE for our live Tech-Talk "Beyond Backup - A Common Sense Approach to Storage Consolidation." We'll explain how to consolidate storage by first improving backup storage, then gradually adding archive, NAS, VMware, MS-SQL, and Oracle workloads to the same system using the same software. Learn the first logical approach to storage consolidation that eliminates risk and allows you to continue to add workloads to the same system, as previously purchased storage hardware reaches its end of life.

    During the Tech-Talk, you'll learn the no-risk six-step process to complete storage consolidation:
    1. Modernize backup storage to keep pace with modern backup software
    2. Cost-effectively and transparently archive old data to lower the need for premium-priced primary storage
    3. Consolidate NAS shares into an auto-protecting storage system
    4. Consolidate VMware storage to lower costs, improve data protection and improve performance
    5. Consolidate high-performance databases like MS-SQL and Oracle, onto the same storage platform
    6. Consolidate Cloud Storage to seamlessly move data between cloud and on-premises
  • Overcoming the Flash Shortage of 2021 Recorded: Jul 15 2021 38 mins
    StorONE and Seagate
    Flash storage is in short supply. All-Flash Array (AFA) vendors are quoting delivery times of 12 weeks or more and are raising prices by as much as 25% or more. A combination of the short supply of flash storage going into the pandemic-induced worldwide shutdown, the lack of production capabilities during the shutdown, and the rapid increase in demand as we emerge from it are causing this unprecedented shortage of flash supply. It is time to re-think the all-flash array!

    In this live webinar, join experts from Seagate and StorONE as they discuss:
    * The impact of the shortage of flash storage
    * How long will the shortage last
    * How to overcome the shortage now without impacting performance
    * How to reintegrate flash when availability improves

    Pre-register, and we will send you a copy of our white paper, “The Hard Drive Conspiracy,” which explores why flash-only vendors continue to propagate myths about hard disk storage despite evidence to the contrary.

    Can’t Make the live event? Register, and we will send you a link to the on-demand event as soon as it is available. We will also send you the exclusive “Hard Drive Conspiracy” white paper soon after you register.
  • Fixing Storage - Three Foundational Shifts Required to Reduce Storage TCO Recorded: Jun 16 2021 55 mins
    George Crump and Gal Naor with StorONE
    Storage Infrastructures are broken. Storage costs, both CAPEX and OPEX, continue to spiral out of control because storage software is unable to take advantage of modern advances in storage media and storage networking. Additionally, this software can no longer count on being bailed out by more powerful CPUs to help hide its inefficiencies; while cores are increasing, processing power per core is not. The disconnect between efficient use of available CPU resources and hardware innovation forces customers to use workload specific solutions and to only benefit from a small percentage of the potential advances in storage hardware.

    Fixing the storage disconnect requires three foundational shifts so that customers can realize the full potential of hardware innovation which then leads to the reduction of storage TCO. The three foundational shifts are:

    ● A More Efficient Storage Engine
    ● A Flatter IO Stack
    ● Coordinated Data Services
  • Overcoming the Flash Shortage of 2021 Recorded: Jun 10 2021 38 mins
    StorONE and Seagate
    Flash storage is in short supply. All-Flash Array (AFA) vendors are quoting delivery times of 12 weeks or more and are raising prices by as much as 25% or more. A combination of the short supply of flash storage going into the pandemic-induced worldwide shutdown, the lack of production capabilities during the shutdown, and the rapid increase in demand as we emerge from it are causing this unprecedented shortage of flash supply. It is time to re-think the all-flash array!

    In this live webinar, join experts from Seagate and StorONE as they discuss:
    * The impact of the shortage of flash storage
    * How long will the shortage last
    * How to overcome the shortage now without impacting performance
    * How to reintegrate flash when availability improves

    Pre-register, and we will send you a copy of our white paper, “The Hard Drive Conspiracy,” which explores why flash-only vendors continue to propagate myths about hard disk storage despite evidence to the contrary.

    Can’t Make the live event? Register, and we will send you a link to the on-demand event as soon as it is available. We will also send you the exclusive “Hard Drive Conspiracy” white paper soon after you register.
  • 5 Ways to Minimize the TCO of Disaster Recovery Recorded: May 19 2021 45 mins
    Scott Armbrust and George Crump with StorONE
    Disaster Recovery is a requirement for almost any organization, but paying for disaster recovery often forces them to accept compromises. Disasters now are no longer limited to Natural Disasters. RANSOMWARE and recovering from an attack quickly, with zero data loss, is a top priority. In our Live Webinar and Demonstration, the StorONE team will provide you with five ways to minimize the TCO of your DR strategy and provide specific tips on protecting from all types of disasters, including RANSOMWARE!

    Join StorONE’s Scott Armbrust, Technical Marketing Engineer, and George Crump CMO, as they explain five ways to reduce the cost of DR:

    * Integrate replication from day 1 - not an afterthought
    * Replicate to any hardware at any location
    * Simplify operations and recovery - easy failover and failback
    * Expand the DR Use Case - Replace backup and archive plus defeat ransomware!

    Then join us for a live demonstration to see disaster recovery in action plus some of the expanded use cases.

    Register and receive a copy of our latest white paper, "Reducing the TCO of Disaster Recovery".
  • Debunking Deduplication, Let's Do the Math! Recorded: May 18 2021 13 mins
    George Crump StorONE, CMO
    Have you wondered if dedupe is worth the performance and reliability issues it can cause? Does your existing storage vendor run well as you approach 90% of your capacity? What is the true price of your cost/TB? George Crump, CMO of StorONE will answer these questions, compare real world pricing, and other considerations you might need to make to fairly financially model your own storage systems!

    We will walk you through real world examples, highlighting the efficiency StorONE customers are experiencing today.

    Presentation will be done on our Lightboard, making the math fun!

    Please pre-register and we will send you our white paper "Exposing the High Cost of Deduplication"
  • Eliminate Storage Refreshes Recorded: May 12 2021 30 mins
    Storone, Naka Technologies and Seagate
    Every few years, IT professionals must start a storage refresh project. These projects are time-consuming, high risk, and costly. The problem is getting worse because the time between refresh projects is shrinking, thanks to new technology, new performance expectations, and increased pressure to protect and retain data.

    In this event, join George and the teams from Naka Technologies and Seagate for an interactive whiteboard discussion on creating a future-proofed storage infrastructure by moving away from a legacy storage systems approach towards an Enterprise Storage Platform.

    Register to learn:
    • The top three causes of storage refreshes
    • The problems with the storage system per use case approach
    • How to eliminate storage refreshes, significantly improve data protection, and lower overall storage TCO
  • You Can’t Lower Storage TCO without a Platform Recorded: May 6 2021 60 mins
    StorONE CEO Gal Naor and CMO George Crump
    There are many ways to reduce storage system costs but creating a solution that lowers both the upfront and ongoing operational costs of storage requires breaking from inefficient legacy storage systems. It requires a STORAGE PLATFORM!

    Listen to StorONE CEO Gal Naor and CMO George Crump explain how the only way to permanently lower Storage TCO is for storage vendors to take a holistic approach to the problem. StorONE invested its first eight years re-writing and collapsing the storage stack into a very flexible, streamlined engine of efficiency.

    A holistic approach requires maximizing the utilization and lowering the cost of all the components within every aspect of the storage infrastructure. To tackle this challenge requires rethinking storage software and leaving legacy techniques in the past.

    Register now and receive a complete copy of our latest White Paper, “TRUE Value of Total Resource Utilization”.
  • Reduce Cloud Storage TCO for a More Effective Cloud Strategy Recorded: May 5 2021 64 mins
    StorONE and Microsoft
    The upfront and long-term operational costs of using cloud storage significantly impact an organization’s ability to implement its cloud strategy. There is also a concern about how to protect data once it is in the cloud. Join experts from StorONE and Microsoft for our TechTalk. During the discussion we provide six ways an intelligent storage solution not only delivers minimal cloud storage total cost of ownership (TCO) but also reduces its total cloud investment while at the same time maximizing data protection.

    The Requirements for a Low Enterprise Cloud Storage TCO are:
    * Run on Native Provider Infrastructure
    * Deliver High-Performance on Minimal Compute
    * Leverage ALL the Storage Tiers the Cloud Provides
    * Support On-premises Extensions (DR/Archive) and Native Cloud Apps (MS-SQL)
    * Support ALL-Use Cases from a Single Platform
    * Eliminate the Need for External Data Protection (Snapshots Built-in)
  • LightBoard Session - Learn to Leverage Azure for DR, Cloud Bursting, and More! Recorded: Apr 29 2021 35 mins
    George Crump, StorONE CMO
    Join StorONE as we discuss an exciting expansion of the S1:Enterprise Storage Platform, S1:Azure. Seamlessly connect on-premises to Azure or seamlessly migrate and run applications in Azure while operating at the minimum possible TCO and the maximum level of data protection.

    StorONE is bringing our on-premises S1 Engine to Azure, which lowers the TCO of Azure applications and provides uncompromising data protection. George Crump, StorONE’s CMO, details both the breadth and flexibility of our approach and expose the model that legacy storage vendors have been using in the public cloud.

    StorONE is already well known for maximizing data protection in your data centers. Now, the same space-efficient snapshots, auto-tiering across all four Azure storage tiers, and replication between regions are available within Azure. Our ability to deliver the performance you need from low-cost VMs and storage will enable you to lower your total Azure storage costs.
  • Storage Systems vs. The Software-Defined Storage Platform Recorded: Apr 15 2021 59 mins
    George Crump and Brett Schechter with StorONE
    Do you need to dramatically reduce storage total cost of ownership while maximizing data protection and meeting performance expectations?

    If you answered yes, join George Crump, StorONE’s Chief Marketing Officer, and StorONE’s Director of Product Marketing, Brett Schechter, for an interactive and informative 30-minute whiteboard session. During the session, learn why a platform approach to storage infrastructure is the only way to reduce storage costs and improve data protection.

    During the webinar, they will help you understand why a typical storage system leads to multiple point solutions and a higher total cost of ownership. They will also explain why a platform approach like StorONE’s differs from any other storage solution on the market today and dramatically lowers the storage total cost of ownership while increasing data protection.

    Learn how to:
    *Lower Storage Cost of Ownership
    *Improve Data Protection
    *Simplify Operations

    The webinar is designed for both highly technical teams and those currently tasked with looking for tangible ways to reduce storage costs.
  • Webinar and Demonstration: Storage Snapshots Are Useless, Learn how to fix them Recorded: Apr 9 2021 49 mins
    George Crump and Scott Armbrust with StorONE
    Storage snapshots the most underutilized feature in storage. It is not your fault. They are too limited to be worthwhile. You can't execute them frequently enough or retain them long enough to any real challenges. Why? Because even the most modern storage systems see significant drops in performance when snapshot quantity and age increases.

    StorONE's S1 Enterprise Storage Platform turns snapshots from useless to the most valuable capability in your storage system. What if you could take a snapshot every three minutes and retain it for years? What if you could maintain this type of snapshot strategy and NOT impact performance? S1:Snap delivers these capabilities today!

    George Crump, StorONE's CMO and former Storage Analyst, and Scott Armbrust, StorONE's Technical Marketing Engineer, will explain why StorONE’s S1:Snap technology is superior to any other snapshot on the market. They will also discuss what is possible once you can maintain one million snapshots without impacting performance. Then see our snapshot technology in a live demonstration.
  • How to Leverage Intel Optane™ in VMware Environments Recorded: Apr 8 2021 41 mins
    George Crump at StorONE and Kevin O'Brien at StorageReview
    Do you need to increase VM Density or VM performance? Do you need to lower VMware Storage Costs? Do you need to improve your data protection and disaster recovery capabilities? Is Optane the Answer?

    If you answered yes to any of the questions, join George Crump, StorONE’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Kevin O'Brien, Lab Director at StorageReview for an interactive and informative 45-minute webinar. During the webinar, they will help you understand how to fine-tune your VMware environment using Intel Optane. They also explain the various Intel Optane implementation strategies and how to best maximize the Optane investment.

    We will cover a variety of your real-world architectures, eco-systems and workloads (such as SQL, Oracle, VDI, HCI), and synthetic workloads, so the webinar is designed for both highly technical teams, as well as those currently tasked with looking for alternatives to their legacy storage. The webinar will touch on some of StorageReview’s findings, and we will expand by covering how StorONE + Intel Optane, solves many of the storage issues all VMware architects and administrators face.

    This webinar will focus on the following critical aspects of VMware storage tuning:
    * Determining if and when Intel Optane is right for your VMware Environment
    * Determining the best way to integrate Intel Optane into your environment
    * Determining the RESULTS of integrating Intel Optane into your VMware environment
  • What’s Wrong with Software-Defined Storage? Recorded: Apr 6 2021 61 mins
    George Crump with StorONE and Todd Doresy, DCIG Analyst
    On paper, software-defined storage seems like the ideal answer for IT professionals looking to lower costs, simplify operations and start a move to the cloud. However, what looks good on paper, though, sometimes doesn’t translate to reality, and software-defined storage has at times failed to live up to expectations.

    Join George Crump, StorONE’s Senior Director of Product Strategy, and Todd Doresy, DCIG Analyst, as they discuss the state of the SDS market, how to decide if SDS is right for your organization, and what you should look for in an SDS solution.

    Attendees to the webinar will have first access to DCIG’s latest report, “Top 5 SDS Block Storage Solutions.”
  • 4 Requirements for Using Hard Drives in Primary Storage Recorded: Mar 30 2021 53 mins
    George Crump, CMO at StorONE and Michael Bettenburg, Systems Specialist at Seagate
    Many vendors are trying to convince you that hard disk drives have no primary storage role. Some go so far as to suggest that hard drives don’t even have a role in secondary storage. The reality is that hard drives have a significant contribution to all storage use cases. Combining these cost-effective, high-capacity hard drives with the right amount of flash media and an efficient storage software solution can lower the total storage cost of ownership by a factor of 5X without impacting performance!

    Join StorONE and Seagate for our upcoming live webinar “4 Requirements for Using Hard Drives in Primary Storage.” During this live event, experts from Seagate and StorONE will discuss what your storage infrastructure needs to deliver so you can enjoy the significant cost savings of hard disk drives versus flash:

    ● Intelligent Hybrid Storage
    ● Two Hour RAID Rebuilds from 18TB HDD volumes
    ● 90% of the rated per drive performance from the flash tier
    ● 90% per drive capacity utilization
StorONE - Turning IT Professionals into Storage Heros
StorONE's mission is to make Storage Heroes by providing IT professionals with a solution that meets all the objectives of software-defined storage, plus adds data protection and resiliency that is 10X better than any other technology on the market. At the same time, it increases storage system performance 10X over industry standard. The result is StorONE's Enterprise Storage Platform.

StorONE founders are proven, successful entrepreneurs who boast over 50 patent awards. Top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors back the company. The S1 Storage Platform changes the perception of data center storage from an IT cost center to a resource that provides organizations with a critical competitive advantage. The StorONE headquarters are in New York, with offices in Fort Worth TX, Tel Aviv, and Singapore.

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