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The Five Myths of Server-side Caching
 - Separating Fact from Fiction

Recorded Sep 5 2013 64 mins
Presented by
George Crump and Rich Petersen
Presentation preview: The Five Myths of Server-side Caching
 - Separating Fact from Fiction
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  • The virtualization wave is beginning to stall as companies confront application performance problems that can no longer be addressed effectively, even in the short term, by the expensive deployment of silicon storage, brute force caching, or complex log structuring schemes. Simply put, hypervisor-based computing has hit the performance wall established decades ago when the industry shifted from multi-processor parallel computing to unicore/serial bus server computing.

    Join industry analyst Jon Toigo and DataCore in this presentation where you will learn how your business can benefit from our Adaptive Parallel I/O software by:

    - Harnessing the untapped power of today's multi-core processing systems and efficient CPU memory to create a new class of storage servers and hyper-converged systems
    - Enabling order of magnitude improvements in I/O throughput
    - Reducing the cost per I/O significantly
    - Increasing the number of virtual machines that an individual server can host without application performance slowdowns
  • Gli strumenti Command Line Interface (CLI) di AWS forniscono un’interfaccia a riga di commando semplice da utilizzare che permette di creare potenti script di automazione. In questo Webinar, scopirari techiche avanzate che aprono nuovi scenari nell’utilizzo della CLI AWS. Ti mostreremo come filtrare e trasformare le risposte dei servizi via JMESPath, come concatenare script e comandi per ottenere automazioni complesse, ed esplorare le nuove caratteristiche e funzionalità.
  • IT organizations today are under constant pressure to deliver better services more quickly and with lower cost. Traditional approaches are being rapidly replaced with enabling technologies such as virtualization, software-defined architectures, and cloud computing, introducing more complexity while the relentless growth of data pushes the limits of scalability. As IT undergoes this transformation, backup and recovery services must transform with it, and together can enable a greater transformation for your business.

    Join our upcoming webcast to:
    •Identify three ways NetBackup 7.7 reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection
    •Understand three ways NetBackup 7.7 helps you scale with growth
    •Realize three ways in which NetBackup 7.7 can make your organization more agile
    •Learn about the latest capabilities added in the 7.7.1 release.

    Find out how you can improve enterprise backup and recovery and ultimately move faster and take bigger risks trusting that your information is safe.
  • Descubra los beneficios de nuestra plataforma EMC Isilon, el líder en arquitecturas Scale-Out Nas que proporciona sencillez, escalabilidad, eficiencia y flexibilidad así como innumerables beneficios a su negocio: elimina las islas de NAS y las migraciones manuales de usuarios y datos, redefine la eficiencia en la administración, hace predecibles las actualizaciones sin agregar complejidad y cuenta con una organización en niveñes automatizada simple y eficaz. Accede ahora al contenido completo.
    Cesar Tapias, Isilon Regional Territory Manager de EMC, cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia en el sector de las tecnologías de la información. Durante su trayectoria profesional ha desarrollado distintos puestos de responsabilidad relacionados con el desarrollo de negocio participando en proyectos estratégicos para la compañía en España. En los últimos 4 años Tapias ha liderado la división de Isilon en España, uno de los pilares de la visión Big Data definida por EMC.
    The webcasts are on demand.
  • Решайте любые задачи с помощью унифицированных гибридных флэш-массивов VNX.Выберите подходящее сочетание цены, производительности и емкости. Вы сможете работать с широчайшим диапазоном смешанных рабочих нагрузок и будете готовы к реализации модели "ИТ как услуга".
  • ¿Necesita actualizar su solución de almacenamiento? Ha llegado el momento de plantearse un enfoque diferente. Acceda a la webcast del programa EMC 4U sobre la familia de almacenamiento EMC VNX diseñada para ofrecer eficiencia y sencillez de almacenamiento y transforme su negocio en cuanto a rendimiento, simplicidad y costes.
    Jose Manuel Álvarez, Senior Specialist CTD de EMC España, compañía a la que se unió en 1998 como Implementation Specialist. Cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en los mundos de IT de ellos 15, en el mundo de EMC.
    The webcasts are on demand.
  • La transformación de su centro de datos puede transformar completamente su negocio, y el almacenamiento es la clave para la aceleración de todo el proceso. Bases de datos y analítica. Aplicaciones del negocio. Nube híbrida. Cargas de trabajo combinadas. Todo. La consolidación y la optimización totales de TI impulsan la agilidad en toda su organización. Tiene la capacidad de responder, reaccionar y tener éxito en formas que hasta el momento parecían imposibles. ¿Cómo? Con XtremIO. Acceda al webcast y libere a la bestia.
    David Peña, Senior Specialist EMSD y Flash Business Developer de EMC España, compañía a la que se unió en 2005 como Tecnology Consultant. Cuenta con más de 17 años de experiencia en los mundos de IT y en especial, en el mundo de EMC.
    The webcasts are on demand.
  • Hear about 5 key storage advancements in this webinar. You'll learn:
    --How to enable greater infrastructure agility
    --How to cut storage-related costs by 60% or more
    --How customers benefit from recent storage innovations
  • As NVM Express becomes the de facto interface standard for Enterprise and Client PCIe-based storage, the NVMe specification is evolving to take on the challenge of maintaining low latency to storage media while scaling out to meet the needs of modern data centers and applications. This talk will explore the coming NVMe Over Fabrics specification, and how it enables NVMe to be used across RDMA fabrics (e.g., Ethernet or InfiniBand™ with RDMA, Fibre Channel, etc.) and connect to other NVMe storage devices. Who should attend: engineering and marketing people interested in learning about how NVMe Over Fabrics works and the new types of system architectures enabled by this protocol.
  • When we talk about “Storage” in the context of data centers, it can mean different things to different people. Someone who is developing applications will have a very different perspective than, say, someone who is responsible for managing that data on some form of media. Moreover, someone who is responsible for transporting data from one place to another has their own view that is related to, and yet different from, the previous two.
    Add in virtualization and layers of abstraction, from file systems to storage protocols, and things can get very confusing very quickly. Pretty soon people don’t even know the right questions to ask!
    How do applications and workloads get the information? What happens when you need more of it? Or faster access to it? Or move it far away? This webinar will take a step back and look at “storage” with a “big picture” approach, looking at the whole piece and attempt to fill in some of the blanks for you. We’ll be talking about:
    - Applications and RAM
    - Servers and Disks
    - Networks and Storage Types
    - Storage and Distances
    - Tools of the Trade/Offs
    The goal of the webinar is not to make specific recommendations, but equip the viewer with information that helps them ask the relevant questions, as well as get a keener insight to the consequences of storage choices.

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  • Title: The Five Myths of Server-side Caching
 - Separating Fact from Fiction
  • Live at: Sep 5 2013 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: George Crump and Rich Petersen
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