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Software as a Service: Navigating the Compliance Whirlpools

CIOs, IT architects and lawyers will learn important strategies for identifying and controlling compliance risks arising from the launch of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.
Recorded Sep 8 2008 26 mins
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Presented by
Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
Presentation preview: Software as a Service: Navigating the Compliance Whirlpools

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  • Emerging Technologies: Trusting the Cloud, UC and Web 2.0 Recorded: Dec 15 2009 61 mins
    E.Regan Adams, Esq. and Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
    Just when corporations began to stabilize their IT services, an explosion of new technologies emerge--economically compelling, but presenting general counsel with new legal complexities. This program outlines key strategies for managing the legal risks of doing business “in the cloud” as privacy and e-discovery collide with “unified communications“, VoIP, email-to-voice mail, etc.
  • E-Discovery, Privacy and the Cloud Recorded: Dec 10 2009 61 mins
    Kenneth Rashbaum, Esq. and Scott Giordano, Esq.
    E-discovery presents new challenges when discovery procedures collide against legal privacy requirements and the increased use of cloud computing solutions. Learn what these challenges are, and emerging business and technology solutions for achieving compliance
  • E-Discovery--The Rising Tsunami in Corporate Governance Recorded: Dec 10 2009 58 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.--CEO, Waters Edge
    E-Discovery is creating enormous new forces upon limited corporate resources, yet vendors, law firms and consultants continue to resist delivering functional, responsive solutions to the real problems inside companies. This provocative keynote reveals 10 critical truths regarding the current market, and how companies must respond in order to truly gain control of their organizations and their information.
  • The Legal Compass for Unified Communications Recorded: Jul 9 2009 44 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    Unified communications challenge companies to navigate an increasing portfolio of laws governing content, monitoring and interception of communications and accessing stored records. Courts are also challenging the use of effective security on new UC solutions. Learn more in this valuable webcast.
  • Discovering the Digital Record--New Weapons for War Recorded: Jun 9 2009 31 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
    Learn about the authoritative and powerful new tools that arm lawyers to ask the right questions . . . and discover the digital record with powerful accuracy.

    In this interview, we will learn some of the stories that motivated the new book designed to arm lawyers with the tough questions with which to challenge electronic business records.

    Host: David Courvoisier
    Guest: Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
  • E-Discovery: The Litmus Test for IT Governance Recorded: Feb 26 2009 43 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    E-Discovery is proving to be the litmus test for evaluating whether IT governance is actually working. Learn the critical questions that e-discovery requires to be answered, and how to leverage e-discovery to launch and improve IT governance projects and programs.
  • Defending Electronic Mail as Evidence--Security on Trial Recorded: Feb 25 2009 58 mins
    Bob West--Host; Jeffrey Ritter--Guest
    Security professionals are squarely on the firing line as courts increasingly demand that digital evidence--including e-mail--be authentic and reliable in order to be admitted into the court. THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FROM FEBRUARY 10 DUE TO PERSONAL ILLNESS.

    Echelon One CEO Bob West interviews Jeffrey Ritter, Esq., the author of a new book on the critical e-discovery questions, and uncovers the critical defensive strategies to be employed.
  • Using CastleQuest Discovery Maps--10 Winning Strategies Recorded: Feb 20 2009 28 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    Until now, no tools have emerged that allow lawyers, IT professionals, records managers and e-discovery specialists to literally see their challenges--and plan their success! THIS BROADCAST IS BEING RESCHEDULED TO FEB. 20 DUE TO PERSONAL ILLNESS

    This webcast introduces the CastleQuest Discovery Maps and how they are being used to transform the strategies and battle plans of today's e-discovery challenges.

    Learn from Jeffrey Ritter, the creator of the CastleQuest Discovery Library, 10 winning strategies for how the CastleQuest Maps can deliver the path forward.
  • Six Essential Questions on E-Discovery Recorded: Oct 28 2008 58 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
    Understanding the critical business impacts of e-discovery is vital -- this program enables information security professionals to learn how to show new value for their programs and reduce e-discovery risks.
  • PCI--Myths and Mistakes Recorded: Oct 22 2008 43 mins
    Brian Serra, PCI Program Manager, Accuvant
    As the pressure for organizations to become PCI compliant increases, there are a number of common myths and mistakes around this process.

    Brian Serra, Accuvant’s PCI Program Manager, will identify these myths and mistakes and how to address them.

    Topics of discussion include:
    • Understanding the 12 major requirements
    • The complexity of PCI compliance
    • The enforcement of PCI compliance
    • PCI policy and standards requirements
    • Significant control sets
  • Evaluating Law Firm E-Discovery Capabilities Recorded: Sep 15 2008 45 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
    Based on the nationally recognized best-seller, this program surveys the critical importance of evaluating the e-discovery capabilities of outside law firms and the economic risks of making the wrong choice. 13 key topics to investigate through dialogue and competitive bidding are reviewed. Extensive audience questions are encouraged!
  • Software as a Service: Navigating the Compliance Whirlpools Recorded: Sep 8 2008 26 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
    CIOs, IT architects and lawyers will learn important strategies for identifying and controlling compliance risks arising from the launch of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.
  • Surviving E-Discovery: Five Strategies for Information Security Recorded: Sep 3 2008 39 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
    Information Security professionals are increasingly asked to play critical roles in responding to legal requests for electronic records and information. Learn five key strategies for being prepared to perform your role--and survive the maelstroms of the e-discovery storms.
Webcasts for Legal, IT and E-Discovery professionals
Our webcasts deliver authoritative analysis and key strategies for how to gain control over-- and win--the battles in litigation over finding and trusting electronic information as evidence.

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  • Title: Software as a Service: Navigating the Compliance Whirlpools
  • Live at: Sep 8 2008 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
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