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Changing Structure of the Telecommunications Industry: Lessons for Russia & CIS

With the race to 5G picking up across the region questions about who will own the infrastructure still need answering. With the Infrastructure density required for a 5G network it is not plausible for every major operator to maintain a national network. One credible option is the creation of shared networks ensuring access and competitive pricing for all 5G network operators. Join us to discuss why the future of 5G is a shared one.

Who is best placed to operate a shared network?
What can lessons can the CIS take from other 5G network sharing projects?
What do global 4G network sharing projects teach us about 5G?
Recorded Mar 31 2020 28 mins
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Presented by
Tomas Lamanauskas, Founder, Envision Associates
Presentation preview: Changing Structure of the Telecommunications Industry: Lessons for Russia & CIS

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  • Deliver Better Remote Access with VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service Oct 20 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Le, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware & Aamer Akhter, Product Line Manager at VMware
    With the rise of cloud computing, enterprises can host applications in their data centers and in IaaS and SaaS clouds, enabling their users to access these applications from anywhere. The traditional remote-access VPN solution for applications has a lot of drawbacks in today’s environment and is no longer effective. Enterprises are choosing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for adaptable network designs focused on users, identity, and applications. Learn how VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service uses ZTNA and a network of worldwide managed service nodes to provide remote users with consistent, optimal, and secure application access.

    What will the webinar discuss?
    1. The rise in cloud computing has allowed enterprises to host applications in their data canters/IaaS and SaaS clouds which allows their users to access these applications from anywhere.
    2. Because of this shift, the remote access VPN solution is no longer effective.
    3. Choosing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • High Bandwidth Security – Why Does It Matter? Oct 14 2020 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Stuart Evers, Vice President at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier & Jürgen Hatheier, Chief Technology officer EMEA at Ciena
    This webinar will give you an overview on the Lambda market and highlight key use cases for high bandwidth offerings in general as well as encrypted connectivity in particular. Learn more about current trends and market demands and get an understanding on how Deutsche Telekom addresses these needs together with its partner Ciena.

    What will the webinar discuss?
    1. What are the market drivers and what has changed in the new normal
    2. How can I scale my business in a cost-efficient, scalable and flexible way
    3. What are the uses cases for Encryption and why not all encryption is created equal
  • Branch of One – Enabling the Secure Office Anywhere Oct 8 2020 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Mick Higgins, SVP Product, Asavie
    In light of the global pandemic companies have had to accelerate their digital transformation strategies. IT teams have had to enable an office anywhere hybrid work model leveraging existing and new security and networking technologies. This webinar provides attendees with insights on how this can be achieved in a simple, scalable and cost-effective manner without need for costly CPE or cumbersome VPN clients. Attendees will also benefit from insights shared from a recently commissioned global survey of how 1000 CIO offices around the world have been addressing the challenges of the pandemic.

    What will the webinar discuss?

    1. Hear what 1,000 global enterprise CIOs have learned from the recent pandemic about remote working and how they see the strategy of the office anywhere evolving.

    2. How to seamlessly extend the reach of SD-WAN, SASE and Zero Trust solutions to mobile devices in a frictionless manner, without the need for Customer Premise Equipment and VPN Clients.

    3. How to seamlessly extend existing corporate security and governance policies to a mobile workforce without recourse for costly on-premise equipment and cumbersome VPN software clients.
  • Unlocking Opportunities in a post-COVID world - A submarine perspective Oct 7 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sawan Sachdeva, Associate Vice President - Global Network Services, Tata Communications
    COVID-19 has set the tone for several megatrends in a short span of time underpinning connectivity and technology to be the critical factor for success in any business. The pandemic has created a lasting impact with both challenges and opportunities. As the world recovers and prepares for transitions, hear from our submarine experts on, how to leverage the new opportunities and manage the challenges in a post COVID world.

    Join the upcoming Tata Communications webinar to hear more about:
    1.How network can support building agile businesses and manage risk
    2.Preparing your business for digital-first strategies in the post recovery
    3.Creating a global digital infrastructure for business resiliency and continuity
  • Restoring Trust to the Public Phone Network Recorded: Sep 22 2020 59 mins
    Chris Wendt, Comcast; Douglas Ranalli, NetNumber Inc.; Michael Campbell, TITAN Applications;
    The problem of illegal robocalling is massive, and massively expensive. The FCC tells us that US consumers are deluged with unwanted calls, receiving over 200,000 of them every minute, and that 47% of those calls are illegal scams. Given the wide prevalence of unwanted calls, an increasing number of consumers have completely lost faith in the integrity of the public telephone network and no longer answer incoming calls. Legitimate calls from people and enterprises without nefarious intent have become unplanned collateral damage, and legitimate businesses are experiencing increasing difficulty reaching their legitimate customers.

    To combat this pervasive and growing menace, the FCC has mandated that carriers must implement the STIR/SHAKEN framework by June 2021 in the USA. This has the intent of restoring faith in the public telephone network by eliminating one of the key contributors to the deluge of unwanted calls, fraudulent robocalls. The approach will create a circle of trust that consumers can rely on.

    In August 2020, next generation signalling and security provider NetNumber introduced the industry’s most comprehensive family of STIR/SHAKEN solutions to combat this fraudulent threat and help operators meet the issued mandates.

    Join NetNumber and guest COMCAST in this interactive webinar discussion that will outline the threats posed and explain the industry’s approach to address the challenge
  • TM Presentation Recorded: Sep 18 2020 16 mins
    Ir. Muhamad Sabri Razali
  • The application of drones and digital twins in the tower industry Recorded: Sep 17 2020 92 mins
    The application of digital twin and BIM technologies to the tower space is starting to come to the fore. Yet whilst the technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, the industry is still aiming to define the use cases and understand the top-level architecture that should be put in place. What’s more, without complete, reliable and well organised baseline data, the potential of such sophisticated technologies is unlikely to be reached.

    This Data Collection & Utilisation Working Group meeting will explore the potential being shown by drones and digital twins, examining current limitations and required evolution, whilst questioning how ready towerco data sets are to apply such techniques and whether they are able to demonstrate a measurable ROI.
  • Convergence of Subsea, Cloud and Data Centres Recorded: Sep 15 2020 49 mins
    Apostolos Kakkos, Paul Brodsky, Carl Grivner, Andy Bax

    Across the Middle East we are seeing an unprecedented convergence of subsea, cloud and data centres. With cables going directly to data centres and more and more customers migrating to the cloud. Join us to explore the drivers of this convergence? What does convergences mean for those involved in subsea? How crucial is a carrier neutral landing station for future subsea projects? And how can this new reality enhance connectivity for all?
  • How Subsea cables Can meet the Demands of a 4th Industrial Revolution Recorded: Sep 15 2020 56 mins
    Geoff Bennett, Vlad Ihora, Vaneet Mehta, Simon Webster, Nigel Bayliff, Dr Panagiota Bosdogianni

    The global connectivity industry is changing and companies are shifting business models in search of new revenue streams. As global data volumes grow exponentially and customers demand ever-lower latencies, the underlying subsea backbone needs to adapt to capitalise. What does a new low latency, high capacity global network look like? How can open systems increase flexibility to fit uncertain demand? How can subsea operators capitalise on the growth of traffic promised by IoT?
  • Investment in Subsea: Exploring the Business Models Driving Investment Recorded: Sep 15 2020 47 mins
    Ed McCormack, Ricardo Orcero, Laure Duvernay, Aurélien Vigano, Rayan Alsaedi

    As Global Content Providers extend their influence in subsea network development, the nature of the consortium development models is changing rapidly. As the dominant investors in subsea are increasingly major content players we must understand the drivers of their increasing involvement in Subsea. What drives different players to invest in subsea cables? Why are OTTs increasingly leading subsea development? What will the future role of carriers and other traditional subsea players be?
  • Subsea Keynote: Leveraging strategic location for subsea growth Recorded: Sep 15 2020 62 mins
    Omar Al Zaabi, Carl Roberts, Mahesh Jaishankar, Mohamed Eldahshory, Adil Alaskah

    The Middle East has long held the potential to be the next global connectivity hub, due to the vast volumes of traffic carried by the concentration of cables running off its shores. With opportunity on the horizon for hundreds of businesses, this panel looks at what needs to happen across the region to make the Middle East attractive for more than its geography. What are regulators doing to open up the markets to investment? Are interconnection fees the key to attracting new cables? How are companies collaborating to encourage growth in the industry?
  • GWTT: the value of allyship in the drive for inclusivity Recorded: Sep 15 2020 49 mins
    Virginie Hollebecque, Aaron Russell, Gagun Gahir, Yesmean Luk

    The business case for diversity and inclusion has been demonstrated time and time again. As the Middle East intensifies its drive towards a more inclusive workforce through initiatives and programs, how can male allies help to drive a more inclusive future? This panel will focus on progressive legislation coming into play, how companies will adapt their culture to reflect a changing business environment, and how can we drive the inclusivity debate forward.
  • Fraud Focus: How can ICT be exploited for revenue gain? Recorded: Sep 15 2020 48 mins
    Jussi Makela, Katia Gonzalez, Finn Kornbo, Malick Aissi, Robert Teichmueller, Morgan Ramsey

    Telecoms Fraud leads to degraded quality of experience, high revenue loss, settlement and bill disputes and a downgraded customer experience. This session will tackle the various ways in which sectors of Telecoms such as Voice, Messaging and Roaming can be disrupted and utilised by criminals for profit, and attempt to assess what steps can be taken in order to mitigate the disruption and losses caused by these activities? Which area of messaging fraud poses the largest risk? Grey routes, Smishing, SIM Farms, or other means? What can carriers do to stop fraudulent "robocallers"? Is PBX hacking increasing?
  • How Can Regulators Strike the Balance Between Competition and Protecting Critica Recorded: Sep 15 2020 57 mins
    Laurence Hainault, James Bellis, Mohamed Nasr, Andrew Fawcett

    There is a vast range of regulation across the Middle East, and areas of uncertainty still hinder innovation and growth. With many nations, especially in the GCC, looking to create a digital economy regulation will be key to the transition towards a diverse digital economy. This panel will focus on how regulation is changing in the region? How are regulators looking to protect the connectivity industry during the current crisis? How to strike the balance between protecting critical services and nurturing a competitive environment?
  • Building a Stronger Peering Ecosystem in the Middle East Recorded: Sep 15 2020 51 mins
    Kurtis Lindqvist, Pete Hall, Brenden Rawle, Marco Brandstaetter

    Sponsored by CIENA

    The Middle East is a historically underserved region of the peering world, however this is changing rapidly. Join a panel of regional and global leaders to explore the opportunities peering can offer. How we can ensure a healthy ecosystem? What new is being done to enhance the ecosystem in the Middle East?
  • How to Achieve Maximum Enterprise-Network-Cloud Aggregation Recorded: Sep 15 2020 23 mins
    Michael Winterson

    SPONSORED BY Equinix

    With the current pandemic situation MENA organizations that invest in cloud solutions are better placed to respond to these unprecedented times, businesses that do not invest in cloud solutions are thus expected to suffer greater operational risks, even though they may have put off such investments due to security concerns. Interconnection based solution offer network services providers several significant benefits and efficiencies that can be passed on to cloud partners and enterprise customers. Aggregating the connections among enterprises, networks and clouds enables greater performance and scalability when interconnecting to networks and clouds locally and globally.
  • Digitization Impact on Telecom Wholesalers Recorded: Sep 14 2020 18 mins
    Mohannad Makki

    Sponsored session by STC
  • Transforming carrier interconnection in the Middle East Recorded: Sep 14 2020 39 mins
    Louis Richards
    The Middle East is home to a growing number of important interconnection hubs, with the region acting as a strategic gateway for traffic between Europe, Asia and Africa. How are new technologies such as Software Defined Interconnection helping to improve and facilitate faster interconnections across the region? At the same time, how is this automation technology enabling carriers to better serve the needs of their enterprise customers through faster and more flexible network provisioning?
  • GLF: the role of automation and new technologies in digital transformation Recorded: Sep 14 2020 56 mins
    Jussi Makela, Marc Halbfinger, Emmanuel Rochas, Louisa Gregory, Juan Carlos Bernal, Nick Gliddon
    With the industry at a key moment in its digital transformation global leadership is crucial. Join a panel of ITW Global Leaders’ Forum members to explore the work being done by the GLF and CBAN. With an increasing emphasis on automation to enable new service innovation, improved quality and cost savings, technologies such as Blockchain for settlement or standard APIs for network provisioning are being pioneered through the GLF and CBAN as key enablers of digital transformation in the industry.
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  • Title: Changing Structure of the Telecommunications Industry: Lessons for Russia & CIS
  • Live at: Mar 31 2020 10:30 am
  • Presented by: Tomas Lamanauskas, Founder, Envision Associates
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