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Unlocking Opportunities in a post-COVID world - A submarine perspective

COVID-19 has set the tone for several megatrends in a short span of time underpinning connectivity and technology to be the critical factor for success in any business. The pandemic has created a lasting impact with both challenges and opportunities. As the world recovers and prepares for transitions, hear from our submarine experts on, how to leverage the new opportunities and manage the challenges in a post COVID world.

Join the upcoming Tata Communications webinar to hear more about:
1.How network can support building agile businesses and manage risk
2.Preparing your business for digital-first strategies in the post recovery
3.Creating a global digital infrastructure for business resiliency and continuity
Recorded Oct 7 2020 45 mins
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Presented by
Sawan Sachdeva, Associate Vice President - Global Network Services, Tata Communications
Presentation preview: Unlocking Opportunities in a post-COVID world - A submarine perspective

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  • Enabling Next-Gen Services for India & APAC Service Providers Mar 17 2021 8:30 am UTC 60 mins
    Rajarshi Purkayastha, Associate Vice President & Head of Presales, Tata Communications
    The democratization of data services and the favourable demographic of both workforce and consumers in India and APAC has unleashed the demand for high-quality connectivity along with cutting-edge technologies.

    Saddled with stiff competition and consolidation, service providers in India and APAC are striving to continually improve quality of service, reduce operating expenses, accelerate time to revenue, and launch and retire services at unprecedented speeds.

    In this webinar discussion, you will discover the multiple ways Tata Communications can help service providers to meet the expectations of diverse customer segments.

    Three key takeaways are:
    1. How to deliver maximum performance with a network that can adapt;
    2. How to maintain revenue streams, explore new and innovative solutions; and
    3. Expert rollout of IoT, 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and beyond.

    Rajarshi Purkayastha, Associate Vice President & Head of Presales, Tata Communications
  • Best practices to build and manage 3M+ remote access users Recorded: Feb 17 2021 47 mins
    Liam Cooney, Head of Sales Engineering, Open Systems
    How people work may never be the same. 2020 saw millions of people leave their cubicles, offices, and sites. They became mobile and worked from their homes, coffee shops, parks, and any other point on the planet.

    IT leaders had a new challenge. Whether users were working at home or in the office, they needed the same work experience – including performance, access to applications, and cybersecurity.

    During and after the pandemic, 'working from home' – whether full time or a few days each week – has and will become the new normal for many organizations and millions of employees. Users need the same access, performance, and security regardless of where and when they work.

    Join this webinar and explore how to provide users with scalable remote access and reliable performance while ensuring complete cybersecurity for any organization – including one that manages over 3 million remote users for companies across the globe.
  • NCL-IX - Putting the North of England on the digital infrastructure map Recorded: Feb 11 2021 76 mins
    Gerry Murray; Tema Hassan; Paul Armstrong; Chris Fraser; Barry O’Donovan; Colin Peckham
    The formal launch of NCL-IX, the UK’s newest Internet Exchange located at the Stellium Data Centre campus in the Northern Powerhouse of Newcastle UK.

    The webinar will discuss the launch of the UKs latest Internet Exchange and how it enriches the connectivity for the North of England and positions Newcastle into the mainstream of national and regional network connectivity, making StelliumDC/NCL-IX the meeting place for data transfer from USA to Northern Europe.

    Hear from the below leading executives:

    Gerry Murray, Chief Communications Officer, Stellium Datacenters
    Tema Hassan, Director, Product Development, Zayo Group
    Paul Armstrong, Chief Digital Officer, North Tyne Combined Authority
    Chris Fraser, Managing Director, Aspire Technology Solutions
    Barry O’Donovan, Founder/Director, Island bridge Networks
    Colin Peckham, Cloud and Interconnection Manager - EMEA, IXReach (a BSO Company)
  • Orange: How to meet 2021's data connectivity needs Recorded: Feb 2 2021 60 mins
    Carine Romanetti; Jean-Louis Le Roux; Jean-Marc Barraqué; Anne Morel; Jason McGee-Abe
    If you are a telecommunications operator or content provider with large bandwidth requirements, you presumably want to maintain the best level of service for your customers, whilst also remaining agile and resilient.

    With 2020 recording the largest annual data consumption to date, now more than ever before your customers require optimum speed, bandwidth and quality of service.

    During this webinar, Orange experts explore how to meet your customers’ growing demands, while simultaneously scaling back costs and maintaining flexibility through unpredictable environments.

    Orange experts share insights and news on:
    - The latest submarine cables and transatlantic connectivity;
    - How the implementation of virtualisation, automation and API functionalities help improve operational efficiency and deliver increased network QoS and security; and
    - How agility is now embedded into our offers so you can rapidly adjust your service to your actual business needs (within minutes in some cases!)

    > Carine Romanetti, Head, Networks Strategy & Submarine Systems, Orange
    > Jean-Louis Le Roux, VP, Global Wholesale and Enterprise Networks, Orange
    > Jean-Marc Barraqué, VP, Connectivity Platform, Orange International Carriers
    > Anne Morel, SVP, Global Carrier Sales, Orange International Carriers
    > (Moderator) Jason McGee-Abe, Commercial Editor & Publisher, Capacity Media
  • Proactive Procurement: Renewable Energy for Data Centres Recorded: Dec 10 2020 47 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    With exponential growth in global consumption of online services, the need for data centre services is growing, and by extension, the amount of energy required to build and operate them. Meet the data centre operators challenging themselves and their suppliers to source clean energy for their operations and be inspired to embrace the change.

    Patrik Ohlund
    Node Pole & Chair, iMasons Sustainability Committee

    Alex Veytsel
    Chief Strategy Officer

    Paul Cranfield
    Partner& Co-Founder
    Vipa Digital

    Chuck McBride
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Integra Mission Critical
  • State of the Market: Nordics Recorded: Dec 10 2020 76 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Capture market forecasts and deep dive with regional leaders and experts to discover how the Nordics are leading the way in reducing carbon emissions

    Tor Kristian Gyland
    Green Mountain

    Lars Schedin

    Seppo Ihalainen

    Dag Aanensen
    Nordic Consulting

    Isabelle Kemlin
    Business Unit Director Nordics, Datacenter Solutions

    Halvor Bjerke

    Tor Björn Minde
    RISE ICE Data Center Research Institute
  • Global Keynote: Legislating for Change Recorded: Dec 10 2020 63 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    If there is a compelling reason for a business to change its operating model, it’s because it’s legally obliged to do so. Governments can incentivise efforts to reduce carbon emissions through tax relief and subsidies for using green energy. But is there enough collaboration between policy makers and the TMT sector? What more can be done to ensure that all communications infrastructure providers are made accountable for their carbon footprint?

    Maarit Palovirta
    Director of Regulatory Affairs

    Malcolm Johnson
    Deputy Secretary General
    International Telecommunications Union

    Paolo Bertoldi
    Senior Expert on Energy Efficiency in ICT
    European Commission

    Gordon Mackay
    Head of Multilateral Organisations and Sustainability Policy Lead
    Access Partnership
  • Building Back Better: Has Covid-19 Changed the Industry for Good? Recorded: Dec 10 2020 46 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Global Keynote

    Kay Killmann
    Head of Europe
    Green Business Certification

    Rob Elder
    VP Data Centres
    Bulk Data Centres

    Chuck McBride
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Integra Mission Critical

    Alan Burkitt-Gray
    Capacity & Data Economy
  • Case Study Presentation: The Sustainability Imperative for Data Centres Recorded: Dec 10 2020 24 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Hector Martinez Perdomo
    MCTA Account Manager Caribbean
    Schneider Electric
  • Greening the Grid: Iron Mountain Data Centre's Customer Case Study Recorded: Dec 10 2020 14 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    A creative partnership that sparks a renewable energy solution for sustainable data centers everywhere.

    Kevin Hagen
    VP Environment, Social & Governance
    Iron Mountain
  • State of the Market: North America Recorded: Dec 10 2020 47 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Capture market forecasts and deep dive with regional leaders and experts to discover what is happening across the USA and Canada to improve the environmental impact of communications infrastructure.
  • Global Keynote: Changing the Cultural Mind-Set about Sustainability Recorded: Dec 9 2020 64 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    The ICT infrastructure industry has a choice to contribute to carbon emissions or to be part of the solution. Now is the time for business leaders to commit to measurable actions, which will drive personal investment in improving sustainability across the board.

    Susanna Kass
    Energy Fellow, STANFORD UNIVERSITY & Data Centre Advisor
    United Nations Sustainable Development Program

    Byrne Murphy

    Manuel Mateo Goyet
    Deputy Head Cloud & Software Unit
    European Commission DB Connect

    Keri Gilder

    Carl Roberts
    Hadaara Consulting
  • Love in a Cold Climate: Keeping it Cool with Minimal Energy Usage Recorded: Dec 9 2020 46 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    State-of-the-art cooling technologies make it possible to monitor and lower the temperature of the data centre, whilst minimising use of energy. It is also worth considering locating your data centre in a cold climate to reduce the need for energy intensive air conditioning.

    Alberto Carpita
    Business Development Europe Smart Infrastructure

    Andrea Miserocchi
    Head of Segment Sales Data Centre & Telecom Europe

    Paul Morrison

    John Booth
    Managing Director

    Peter Poulin
    Green Revolution Cooling

    Chris Ward
    Senior Consultant
    Frazer Nash Consultancy
  • State of the Market: Subsea Recorded: Dec 9 2020 65 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Experts disagree on whether pulling up decommissioned subsea cables for recycling is the best thing for the marine environment. Should operators adapt cables to detect tectonic activity? Should they invest in cable removal and seabed refurbishment? What can be done to minimise the environmental impact of cable clusters in subsea hubs such as Singapore? How can environmental surveys mitigate damage during cable laying and maintenance?

    Andy Palmer-Felgate
    Submarine Cable Engineer

    Nigel Bayliff
    Aqua Comms

    Philippe Dumont

    Sean Bergin
    Co-Founder & President
    AP Telecom

    Jas Dhooper
    VP Service Delivery
    HMN Technologies

    Alwyn du Plessis
    Mertech Marine
  • Establishing Green Space: The Satellite Dilemma Recorded: Dec 9 2020 64 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Satellite operators pose an appealing partnership opportunity to telcos and data centres because they reduce the
    physical infrastructure needed on Earth, providing connectivity over much larger areas than fibre or towers. However,
    there are concerns about debris in space and the sustainability of rocket fuel to launch satellites. Our panellists discuss potential solutions to this challenge.

    Betty Bonnardel - Azzarelli

    Luc Piguet
    CEO & Co-Founder

    Krystal Azelton
    Director of Space Applications Programs

    Chris Blackerby
    Group COO

    Matt Desch
  • Sharing is Caring: Lessons Learned from the Towercos Recorded: Dec 9 2020 74 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Towercos established the long-standing infrastructure-sharing model, to manage capex and reduce the requirement
    for site maintenance. However, there are also significant environmental benefits, which could be adopted in other
    areas of TMT infrastructure. Similarly, the use of renewable energy (for both on and off-grid tower sites) is becoming
    much more prevalent.

    Shylesh Moras
    SVP - Operations, Development & IT

    Christian Hillabrant

    Bernard Borghei
    Co-Founder & EVP of Operations

    Rajendra Singh
    Senior Regulatory Specialist -
    Digital Development
  • Effective Power Monitoring and Control Systems for Colocation Facilities Recorded: Dec 9 2020 59 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Schneider Electric Presentation
  • The Future of Cities: Sustainable & Smart Recorded: Dec 9 2020 49 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Smart cities are being developed to solve urbanisation problems through modern management. Learn how 5G and edge computing will provide the technical backbone to enable more sustainable and user-friendly cities.

    Khaled ElShabrawy
    Government & Smart City Lead UAE

    Richard Hsu
    Secretary General
    Taiwan Association of Green Energy Transition

    Jacques Vermeulen
    Director Future Cities

    Murray Simpson
    Global Lead Sustainability, Climate & Transition

    Nassia Skoulikariti
    Founder & CEO
    Apiro Data
  • Building Sustainable Data Centres from the Ground Up Recorded: Dec 9 2020 47 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    New build data centres are being considered holistically through the entire life cycle and the circular economy is coming to the fore. From design and building materials to AI- enabled optimisation of data centre operations and the management of equipment decommissioning, there is plenty more to be done.

    Alex Sharp
    VP & Global Head of Design & Construction
    Iron Mountain

    Alex Rabbetts
    Interim MD

    Matt Peacock

    Kyle Myers
    Director, Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability

    Petter Tommeraas
    SVP Data Centre Services
  • Decarbonized Energy Solutions for Data Centers Recorded: Dec 9 2020 23 mins
    Critical Connections: Greening The TMT Sector
    Christoph Schuenemann
    Lead of COC Data Center - Decarbonised Energy Systems

    Thorsten Krol
    Vertical Manager Grid Services & Infrastructure
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  • Title: Unlocking Opportunities in a post-COVID world - A submarine perspective
  • Live at: Oct 7 2020 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sawan Sachdeva, Associate Vice President - Global Network Services, Tata Communications
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