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Panel: Entering a new era of high-speed internet access


- Brian Jakins, Regional Vice President, Middle East & Africa, Intelsat

- Ranjith Cherickel, Chief Executive Officer, iColo

- Dan Kwach, Managing Director, East Africa Data Centres

- Isfandiyar Shaheen, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, NetEquity Networks

- Didier Nkurikiyimfura, Director of Technology and Innovation, Smart Africa

- Ricardo Orcero, Network Investments, Submarine Cables, Facebook.
Recorded Sep 28 2020 58 mins
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Datacloud Africa
Presentation preview: Panel: Entering a new era of high-speed internet access

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  • Financing Green Datacenters Dec 7 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Bloomberg NEF, BlackRock, ING, Aligned Energy, Equinix
    Time: 2pm ET / 11am PT / 8pm CET

    This panel discussion will highlight the growing focus of sustainability for datacentre operators, as well as the role of sustainable finance in driving ESG priorities.

    What will you learn from this webinar:
    1) Sustainability has become a central pillar of datacentre operators corporate strategies, value offering and competitive positioning.
    2) The rapid evolution of sustainable finance has created opportunities for datacentre operators to connect their long-term sustainability goals with their financing strategies. Sustainable finance creates numerous benefits for issuers, in part due to surging investor demand for ESG-oriented investments.
    3) There is a goldrush of datacentre operators driving ‘firsts’ in sustainable finance for the sector. ING has worked with numerous datacentre clients to help facilitate these ground breaking new financial structures.

    1. Moderator: Danya Liu –Industry Digitalization, Bloomberg NEF
    2. Laura Segafredo, Director, Responsible Investing Group, Global Fixed Income, BlackRock
    3. Daniel Shurey, Vice President, Sustainable Finance, ING
    4. Anubhav Raj, Chief Financial Officer, Aligned Energy
    5. Katrina Rymill, VP of Investor Relations & Sustainability, Equinix
  • Latest Innovations In Subsea Fiber Optics And Malbec Cable System Dec 3 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Philippe A. Perrier, GlobeNet; Diana Perez, GlobeNet; Rick Nilsson, Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN);
    In this webinar we will be discussing the latest innovations in fiber optics and how they have been deployed in the new 2,600 km subsea system that connects the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo with Buenos Aires, Argentina. MALBEC, with it’s state-of-the-art transmission technology, offers the lowest latency from Argentina to Brazil, USA and rest of LatAm.

    What will you learn about?
    • What are the latest innovations in fiber optics
    • Why Malbec makes south America closer than ever
    • Why Malbec and GlobeNet are the best option for wholesale telecom services in the Americas

    Webinar speakers:

    • Philippe A. Perrier, GlobeNet
    • Diana Perez, GlobeNet
    • Rick Nilsson, Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN)
  • O3b mPOWER – the most powerful satellite system ever Nov 26 2020 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Stephen Barr, Imran Malik & Miguel Costa, SES Networks
    O3b mPOWER is the world’s only fully-funded non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) broadband system in development today. Positioned at only 8,000 kilometres away from Earth, the system will power low-latency high-throughput solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing terrestrial networks. When operational in 2022, O3b mPOWER will provide multiple terabits of throughput globally to drive digital transformation and cloud adoption virtually anywhere on the planet.

    The highly flexible O3b mPOWER constellation comprises ultra-high-capacity, low-latency, high-power MEO satellites, each with up to 5,000 fully-shapeable and steerable beams that can be shifted and scaled in real-time to meet customers’ demands. The system is ideally suited for domestic cellular backhaul and simultaneous international IP trunking applications.

    Join the upcoming webinar to learn about the revolutionary O3b mPOWER that will provide multiple terabits of throughput globally to drive digital transformation and cloud adoption virtually anywhere on the planet.

    Webinar speakers:
    Imran Malik - Global VP Fixed Data, SES Networks
    Miguel Costa - Head of Mobile Backhaul service, Product and Strategy group, SES Networks
    Stephen Barr - SES Networks
  • Who is playing at the Edge? Key Insights and trends for 2021 Recorded: Nov 20 2020 58 mins
    Capacity Media
    A fantastic pre-curser to Edge Global Week. Our panelists answer questions such as "What is the definition of Edge?", "What does the future of the Edge value chain look like?" and "How do you gain competitive advantage in this exciting and expanding space?".
  • Evaluating Opportunities in the Digital Infrastructure Space Post COVID Recorded: Nov 5 2020 88 mins
    Antin Infrastructure Partners, Digital Colony Credit, EdgeConneX, Everstream, MIRA, Phoenix Tower International, Macquarie
    5 November at 2pm ET / 11am PT / 8pm CET

    How is the Digital Infrastructure space today preparing for a Post Covid environment? And how are investors evaluating opportunities in the sector?

    This Webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities that companies, operators and investors are seeing in the Digital Infrastructure space. In an increasingly competitive environment, the entire ecosystem needs to function properly in order for businesses, consumers and other end users to have reliable internet service and connectivity. This includes data center owners and operators, hyperscalers, Content Delivery Networks, Fiber Operators, Community Broadband Providers, Wireless Carriers and others that are making 5G and Edge Computing possible.

    What will you learn from this webinar?
    • Given the rapid consolidation and the increasing multiples in the sector, where do investors see opportunities for growth and returns?
    • How are the various infrastructure providers and wireless carrires working together to bring 5G to the masses in a cost-effective manner. And which 5G applications are likely to become most prevalent in the near future?
    • How are all the ecosystems working together to support the increased demand?

    INTRO Speaker:
    Sean Yajnik, Mergers & Acquisitions, Societe Generale

    Richard Knowlton, Managing Director - Technology, Media and Telecom Finance, Societe Generale

    1. Ryan Thom, Investment Director, Antin Infrastructure Partners
    2. Chris Moon, Managing Director, Digital Colony Credit
    3. Joe Harar, Chief Financial Officer, EdgeConneX
    4. Brett Lindsey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Everstream
    5. Dagan T. Kasavana, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Tower International
    6. Valtin Gallani, Director, Societe Generale
    7. Anton Moldan, Managing Director, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets
  • How to choose the right underlay for a successful SD-WAN deployment Recorded: Nov 5 2020 34 mins
    Salim Khouri, Director of Solutions Engineering, Expereo
    Why is choosing the right underlay critical for a successful SD-WAN deployment? How can Expereo improve the underlay and deal with the challenges many regions are facing with their network and Internet services?

    The upcoming webinar will discuss this and more:
    • Why the underlay is still important for SD-WAN
    • The challenges in dealing with Internet in places like South America, Africa, South-East Asia and China
    • How Expereo has improved the underlay with their knowledge of SD-WAN, Data Intelligence of Internet providers, and Cloud Acceleration.

    Speaker: Salim Khouri, Director of Solutions Engineering, Expereo
    With over 20 years’ experience as a technology professional, Salim is the Director of Solutions Engineering to support Expereo’s managed global network and cloud connectivity solutions. His expertise includes, but is not limited to Global Internet, SD-WAN, and Security.
  • Deliver Better Remote Access with VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service Recorded: Oct 20 2020 42 mins
    Chris Le, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware & Aamer Akhter, Product Line Manager at VMware
    With the rise of cloud computing, enterprises can host applications in their data centers and in IaaS and SaaS clouds, enabling their users to access these applications from anywhere. The traditional remote-access VPN solution for applications has a lot of drawbacks in today’s environment and is no longer effective. Enterprises are choosing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for adaptable network designs focused on users, identity, and applications. Learn how VMware SD-WAN Zero Trust Service uses ZTNA and a network of worldwide managed service nodes to provide remote users with consistent, optimal, and secure application access.

    What will the webinar discuss?
    1. The rise in cloud computing has allowed enterprises to host applications in their data canters/IaaS and SaaS clouds which allows their users to access these applications from anywhere.
    2. Because of this shift, the remote access VPN solution is no longer effective.
    3. Choosing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Wholesale Wednesdays | Carrier Resiliency in Times of Crisis Recorded: Oct 20 2020 55 mins
    Eric Green, Alan Burkitt-Gray, Edith Gomez-Cudiamat
    The discussion covers the first-hand experience of running a communications network in 2020, the achievements that have been recorded across the industry, and the necessary changes to business strategy that have helped major players to stay ahead.
  • High Bandwidth & Security – Why Does It Matter? Recorded: Oct 14 2020 59 mins
    Stuart Evers, Vice President at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier & Jürgen Hatheier, Chief Technology officer EMEA at Ciena
    This webinar will give you an overview on the Lambda market and highlight key use cases for high bandwidth offerings in general as well as encrypted connectivity in particular. Learn more about current trends and market demands and get an understanding on how Deutsche Telekom addresses these needs together with its partner Ciena.

    What will the webinar discuss?
    1. What are the market drivers and what has changed in the new normal
    2. How can I scale my business in a cost-efficient, scalable and flexible way
    3. What are the uses cases for Encryption and why not all encryption is created equal
  • Branch of One – Enabling the Secure Office Anywhere Recorded: Oct 8 2020 31 mins
    Mick Higgins, SVP Product, Asavie
    In light of the global pandemic companies have had to accelerate their digital transformation strategies. IT teams have had to enable an office anywhere hybrid work model leveraging existing and new security and networking technologies. This webinar provides attendees with insights on how this can be achieved in a simple, scalable and cost-effective manner without need for costly CPE or cumbersome VPN clients. Attendees will also benefit from insights shared from a recently commissioned global survey of how 1000 CIO offices around the world have been addressing the challenges of the pandemic.

    What will the webinar discuss?

    1. Hear what 1,000 global enterprise CIOs have learned from the recent pandemic about remote working and how they see the strategy of the office anywhere evolving.

    2. How to seamlessly extend the reach of SD-WAN, SASE and Zero Trust solutions to mobile devices in a frictionless manner, without the need for Customer Premise Equipment and VPN Clients.

    3. How to seamlessly extend existing corporate security and governance policies to a mobile workforce without recourse for costly on-premise equipment and cumbersome VPN software clients.
  • Unlocking Opportunities in a post-COVID world - A submarine perspective Recorded: Oct 7 2020 45 mins
    Sawan Sachdeva, Associate Vice President - Global Network Services, Tata Communications
    COVID-19 has set the tone for several megatrends in a short span of time underpinning connectivity and technology to be the critical factor for success in any business. The pandemic has created a lasting impact with both challenges and opportunities. As the world recovers and prepares for transitions, hear from our submarine experts on, how to leverage the new opportunities and manage the challenges in a post COVID world.

    Join the upcoming Tata Communications webinar to hear more about:
    1.How network can support building agile businesses and manage risk
    2.Preparing your business for digital-first strategies in the post recovery
    3.Creating a global digital infrastructure for business resiliency and continuity
  • Where are the “Next Gen” of Connectivity Professionals? Recorded: Oct 2 2020 45 mins
    Capacity Media
    With the pace at which our industries are evolving, it feels like we will never fill the skills-gap. As the industry #keepingtheworldconnected, we need to get creative and use this digital age to our advantage to and use the technology at our fingertips to widen our talent pools and engage, upskill and retain our current workforce.
  • Future You: Deep diving into the opportunities in Subsea Recorded: Oct 2 2020 45 mins
    Capacity Media
    The people who design, manufacture, build, operate, and maintain the fiber optic systems come from many different backgrounds but they are all committed to making the world a more connected place, enfranchising billions of people and enabling them to realize their dreams for a better income, a better education, better health, and a better life. In support of this and to ensure the industry has a diverse, inclusive, and skilled workforce, the SubOptic Association has formed the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Working Group whose mission is to foster innovation and attract diverse talent within the Submarine Cable industry through the advancement and promotion of cultural and ethnic equality, respecting and valuing differences, including (but not limited to) age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation and under-represented countries/markets.

    Please join us for this Virtual Global Women in Telco & Tech 2020 session to discuss the initiatives we are working on and to find out how you can join us to effect change by working together to promote DIB in our industry…
  • Combatting Microaggressions and Inequalities Recorded: Oct 2 2020 17 mins
    Taylor Rae Almonte Fitness Instructor and Racial Justice Activist
    We will be hosting an interactive 25-min Cardio-Boxing class where Taylor simultaneously discusses how to be an ally, offers digestible breakdowns of systemic racism, awareness of intersectionality, the importance of inclusivity, and shares resources and learning materials. GWITTAS will be running the event, encompassing the work-out/cool-down/education, and the Q&A to follow.
  • Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards Recorded: Oct 2 2020 33 mins
    Capacity Media
    We are delighted to present the Global Women in Telco & Tech 2020 Awards
  • 2020: A Pivotal Year for D&I Recorded: Oct 2 2020 60 mins
    Capacity Media
    Sponsored by Verizon Partner Solutions

    The pandemic has brought to light and amplified challenges that we still face as an industry and a society around inclusion and diversity, especially now the lines between work and home life have overlapped more than ever. In this session we take a deep dive into how the pandemic has changed our ways of working and what we can do to keep pushing the movement for equality forward in this new landscape.
  • Faking it: Myths and Fallacies about Women in Tech and the Impostor Phenomenon Recorded: Oct 2 2020 56 mins
    Dr. Terri Simpkin Associate Portman Partners
    As one of the strongest voices on the “Imposter Phenomenon”, Terri has conducted global research into the construct developing a suite of workshops to identify and combat its role as a barrier to board and leadership roles for women and other underrepresented groups. Her work with professionals includes the development of the Braver Stronger Smarter programme for professional coaches providing them with the skills to support their clients’ career development as well as designing digital infrastructure sector programs on workforce constitution and barriers in the labour pipeline.
  • Allyship: Changing the “it’s not my issue” Mindset Recorded: Oct 2 2020 46 mins
    Capacity Media
    Every community needs allies and we will all at some point need to take on that stance if we’re to strive for a truly inclusion and equal society. To create more active allies, we need to dispel the belief that challenges only concern the community facing them and our panel of speakers share their experiences and advice for engaging the people around us.
  • The role of female leadership in driving Africa's digital revolution Recorded: Oct 2 2020 43 mins
    Capacity Media
    In this cross-collaborative session with Datacloud North Africa, speakers will share career lessons, industry insights, and examine the pivotal role of women in telecoms & tech across the region.
  • Why Personal Branding Matters Most for Women: Influencing Perceptions to Impact Recorded: Oct 2 2020 22 mins
    Sophie Ann Terrisse Executive Chairman 26FIVE
    The ability to develop a strong personal brand can reinforce both self and external perceptions, and in the process shift mindsets for Diversity and Inclusion on individual, corporation, and industry wide levels. In this session, learn about:

    The intersection of personal brand and corporate brand
    Brand as lever to bridge gender, diversity and inclusion gaps
    Roadmap to build your brand for purpose and change
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We present leading Webinars focused on business issues within the Wholesale Telecoms Industry to complement the Capacity Magazine and Events. Stay tuned!

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