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Chinese Alumina Market Review & Outlook

What's in store for the alumina market in China?

Analysing prices, capacity and demand in China, Yang will discuss:
• How is the market looking in China?
• What is the outlook by province?
• After the Indonesian import ban, where will China import its much-needed bauxite from?
• What are the issues with each of these potential suppliers?

Following on from his successful presentation in Miami at the Bauxite & Alumina conference, Yang Cao presents his review for this important market and provides you with an outlook for the coming year.

Yang is a Senior Analyst at Metal Bulletin Research and editor of the Aluminium Weekly Market Tracker.
Recorded Mar 16 2015 25 mins
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Presented by
Yang Cao
Presentation preview: Chinese Alumina Market Review & Outlook

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  • An Outlook for the Global Large-diameter Linepipe Market May 3 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
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  • Aluminium Industry: Market Developments and Threats Recorded: Jun 23 2016 41 mins
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    Join Metal Bulletin Research's team as they discuss the aluminium market, providing valuable insight into recent industry developments and the outlook for the market.

    The webinar will cover a range of topics, including:

    • Prices stall, but what is ahead?
    • Ex-Chinese production shows limited growth
    • Impact of Chinese restarts is not as pronounced as had been feared
    • Buyers remain cautious
    • How do premiums fit into the picture?

    Join us and get the chance to submit your questions, either before by email to info@metalbulletinresearch.com or during the Q&A session.

    Metal Bulletin Research is the leading independent provider of market analysis and forecasts for the global metals industry, including short and long term forecasts for all aspects of the aluminium market.
  • Industrial & Structural Tube & Pipe Market Outlook Recorded: Apr 28 2016 39 mins
    James Ley, Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov (Metal Bulletin Research)
    In this brand new webinar, Metal Bulletin Research will be examining the current conditions in the global industrial and structural tube and pipe markets, paying particular attention to the cost drivers for seamless vs. welded tube and pipe.
    There has been a notable de-coupling of the welded and seamless markets in terms of price movements. Through our analysis, we will give our forecast of price movements through the fourth quarter of 2016 and whether this separation of welded and seamless fortunes will continue.

    As the only independent information provider following many of these niche markets, the Metal Bulletin Research team have unique insight in this sector.

    Join them as they analyze:
    • The difference in the ability of welded producers to raise prices in response to rising costs more than seamless producers
    • The effect of Chinese HRC price increases on the welded tube producers who buy it
    • How tube export prices are now supporting prices in the domestic markets
    • How long will the price run-up last?
    • When will seamless mills catch up to rising scrap costs?

    There will be time for Q&A - you may submit questions to our experts during the webinar or before by emailing info@metalbulletinresearch.com.

    We look forward to sharing this market insight with you!
  • Energy Markets: OCTG & Linepipe Recorded: Apr 22 2016 46 mins
    James Ley, Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov
    Following a turbulent time for OCTG and recent developments for Linepipe (including 3 million tonnes of orders in March), are we about to see a market turnaround?

    Join the Metal Bulletin Research Tube & Pipe team as they discuss:
    - How have the OCTG and Linepipe markets developed in the past year?
    - Which trends can be seen globally and which are regional?
    - What is the outlook for OCTG and Linepipe?

    Includes time for Q&A.
  • MBR's Outlook for the US Steel Market Recorded: Feb 10 2016 29 mins
    Amy Bennett, Metal Bulletin Research
    Amy Bennett, Principal Analyst for Metal Bulletin Research and AMM Research, presents her findings for the North American steel market in this informative presentation.

    Hear her overview of the global steel market, followed by a closer examination of the US market.

    Covering topics including:
    - Price forecasts
    - Supply and consumption
    - Raw materials
    - Analysis by industry
    - Trade action and its implications
  • Impact of Environmental Policies on the Steel Industry: EU Showcase Recorded: Jan 28 2016 34 mins
    Roman Kucinskij
    The cost implications of environmental legal framework remain increasingly acute for global steelmakers in the light of tightening regulations. EU steel industry was the first to face additional legally imposed costs.

    In 2016, EU carbon market is forecasted to turn into deficit for first time because of reduction in the number of free allocations. Coupled with sliding steel prices amid exuberant cheaper steel supply from China, it is expected to result in EU steel makers potentially struggling to absorb the new costs in the light of thinning margins.

    In this webcast Roman Kucinskij, consultant with Metal Bulletin Consultancy will address:

    •The development of CO2 emissions and carbon intensity for steel making sector
    • What is the estimated cost impact of the environmental regulations for EU steel sector?
    • Which are the most environmentally savvy steelmakers in the EU?
  • MBR’s Steel Long Products, Manganese and Chrome Markets Analysis and Outlook Recorded: Oct 14 2015 27 mins
    Amy Bennett - Metal Bulletin Research
    The presentation begins with a global analysis and outlook for the steel long products market, focusing on recent developments in the Chinese construction sector and the implications for long products. We then turn to MBR’s outlook for crude steel production, and the recent trends in the manganese industry and our outlook for the manganese sector, before highlighting our expectations for stainless steel production and analysing recent developments in the chrome industry and our outlook for 2016.
  • What's happening in the global small-diameter linepipe market? Recorded: Oct 13 2015 45 mins
    James Ley, Roman Filimonov, Kim Leppold
    Join MBR’s Tube & Pipe team on Tuesday 13th October as they discuss the small-diameter linepipe market in this exclusive, free webinar.

    Taking a look at the global market for small-diameter linepipe, including ERW, seamless, clad and lined pipe, James Ley, Roman Filimonov and Kim Leppold will discuss:
    •Small-diameter linepipe's share of both the global tube and pipe and global energy pipe markets
    •Global historical trends
    •The evolution of clad and lined pipe markets
    •The outlook for the industry

    Following recent analysis, the team will share their unique insight into this important market.
    •How is it affected by volatile demand conditions, especially recent oil prices?
    •What is the impact of increasing sour gas and shale drilling?
    •Where do opportunities lie?

    This webinar will be 25 minutes with extra time for Q&A.
    Feel free to submit any questions in advance, simply email info@metalbulletinresearch.com and use the reference “T&P Webinar”.
  • What is the Market and Price Outlook for Aluminium Extrusions by Sector? Recorded: Jun 4 2015 25 mins
    Martin Haller
    The big story on everyone’s lips is the fall in aluminium extrusion premiums.

    But what is the market outlook beyond the short-term? And how best should you read the market in the medium-to-long term that will have important ramifications to your business?

    Metal Bulletin Research is a leading specialist in understanding, tracking and forecasting the global aluminium extrusions market, led by an expert team of consultants and analysts located around the world.

    As part of this unique webinar, Metal Bulletin Research will also be discussing other key points in the aluminium extrusions market, including:
    • Global billet availability trends
    • Analysis of how extrusions consumption in various industries, including ABC, transport and industrial will trend over the foreseeable future
    • How key producing companies are expected to perform in the current and future market and pricing environment
  • MBR's Stainless Steel Flat-rolled Outlook Recorded: May 14 2015 49 mins
    Alistair Ramsay, Metal Bulletin Research
    MBR will review recent developments in stainless flat-rolled pricing and how supply/demand fundamentals have shaped the course before going on to point out how base prices and transaction (effective) prices overall are forecast to move in the short-medium term ending in 2016
  • MBR’s outlook for large-diameter linepipe in 2015 Recorded: Apr 1 2015 60 mins
    Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov, James Ley
    As MBR launches its new 5-year outlook for the global large-diameter linepipe market, the Tube & Pipe team will present some of their findings in this free live webinar.

    Providing a global outlook with specific focus on North America, the CIS, Europe and the Middle East MBR’s Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov and James Ley will share their views on how this market is performing during the challenging global market conditions of volatile oil prices coupled with increased political tensions in several regions.

    Join the team as they discuss:
    • How has the global large-diameter market recovered from the low demand point seen in 2013?
    • How do volatile oil prices impact on large-diameter linepipe demand?
    • What trends are we seeing in the market in 2015? Is HSAW continuing to take market share from LSAW?
  • Chinese Alumina Market Review & Outlook Recorded: Mar 16 2015 25 mins
    Yang Cao
    What's in store for the alumina market in China?

    Analysing prices, capacity and demand in China, Yang will discuss:
    • How is the market looking in China?
    • What is the outlook by province?
    • After the Indonesian import ban, where will China import its much-needed bauxite from?
    • What are the issues with each of these potential suppliers?

    Following on from his successful presentation in Miami at the Bauxite & Alumina conference, Yang Cao presents his review for this important market and provides you with an outlook for the coming year.

    Yang is a Senior Analyst at Metal Bulletin Research and editor of the Aluminium Weekly Market Tracker.
  • MBR’s Steel Market Outlook for 2015 Recorded: Feb 26 2015 28 mins
    Alistair Ramsay
    MBR will examine what has caused prices of various flat-rolled prices to fall, why margins at steelmakers have generally risen anyway, and what are the supply/demand fundamentals to watch out for over the year ahead. We will provide our view on China’s export market share and its impact on steel prices.
  • MBR's Outlook for EU Industrial & Structural Tube & Pipe Markets in 2015 Recorded: Feb 19 2015 42 mins
    James Ley
    Dr James Ley, MBR’s leading tube and pipe consultant, will be discussing this year’s outlook for European tube and pipe markets.

    He will be covering:
    - Historical supply/demand analysis of the EU HSS, mechanical and drawn markets (seamless and welded)
    - Overcapacity – how is the European industry responding to this, if at all?
    - The currency fluctuations and the resulting consequences on imports into the EU for all industrial tube markets in 2015
    - How does MBR expect prices of these tubular products to develop in the next half year?
  • Examination of aluminium premium developments Recorded: Oct 14 2014 20 mins
    Yang Cao
    A review of aluminium premium development since 2012 – why
    there has been such a significant increase in the premium, what are the
    key factors that are driving premium, and where the premium will go in
    the future.
  • MBR’s Outlook for the Global OCTG Industry Recorded: Oct 2 2014 53 mins
    James Ley, Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov
    As MBR publishes its annual 5-year outlook for the Global OCTG industry, the group’s tube and pipe team will present their thoughts on how they see the market developing in the next few years. This will include our assessment of the outlook for key demand markets such as the USA, Russian and Central Asia and the Middle Eastern markets. The team will also examine key supply issues that the industry is facing, along with the development of both offshore and unconventional shale drilling worldwide.
  • Southeast Asia Steel: Key trends and prospects amid the dominance of China Recorded: Jul 10 2014 50 mins
    Roman Kucinskij, Metal Bulletin Research
    Concerns about relentless steel product flows from China out (what we term as the “Boron Steel Phenomena”) into the wider southeast Asian region in the form of competitively priced exports must be the focal point of any steel executive operating in the Southeast Asia region. This is especially so given that so many in the region are also looking to ramp up on new steel capacity in their drive to improve self-sufficiency. This will have a direct impact on the future evolution of regional supply and pricing pattern within the region over the forecast period, according to MBR’s brand new market report, A Strategic Five Year Market Outlook for the Southeast Asian Steel and Raw Materials Industry.

    Join Roman Kucinskij, Consultant at Metal Bulletin Research, who will be presenting some of the report’s main findings and insights, as well as discuss these core themes in more detail.
  • Outlook for the Global Steel Market 2014 Recorded: Jul 3 2014 25 mins
    Julia Tilley, Metal Bulletin Research
    Join MBR for an outlook on the global steel market for 2014. Highlights of the presentation include MBR’s outlook for global crude steel output, as well as analysis of current supply, demand and trade flows by region. We will examine structural changes in the steel sector, and the presentation culminates with our steel price forecasts for 2014.
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