Review of the OCTG market and outlook to 2016

James May, Metal Bulletin Research
MBR will be offering an analysis on the current global market for seamless and welded OCTG and regional analysis including North America and others. Forecast volumes, trade flows and pricing out to 2016 will also be provided.
Jan 24 2012
34 mins
Review of the OCTG market and outlook to 2016
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  • MBR’s outlook for the OCTG markets in North America and MENA in 2014 Recorded: Mar 19 2014 52 mins
    Join MBR for an outlook for the OCTG markets in North America and MENA in 2014. In the presentation we will investigate the potential impact of trade cases on the outlook for the OCTG market in the USA in 2014. We will also examine the increasing acceptance of Chinese premium connections on the MENA market in 2014 and forecast short-term outlook for the pricing of OCTG.
  • Europe's galvanized steel industry: finally turning a corner? Recorded: Mar 13 2014 22 mins
    This webcast looks at how Europe's galvanized steel industry has developed over the past decade, in particular since the global financial crisis. While the industry has suffered heavily from large contractions in Europe's automotive and construction industries in recent years, there are indications that demand growth may be returning at last. Combined with capacity cutbacks on behalf of some of Europe's largest galvanized steel producers, the industry looks set to improve during 2014 and the coming years.
  • An Outlook for the Chinese Scrap Market Recorded: Mar 4 2014 35 mins
    Join MBR for an outlook on the Chinese scrap market. We will discuss the fundamentals that are impacting the Chinese scrap consumption volumes, the significance of iron ore on scrap prices and the amount of scrap being consumed in Chinese EAF’s and how this has impacted Chinese scrap import volumes. We will also cover forecasts including the outlook for domestic and international scrap prices and the growth of the domestic scrap fund.
  • MBR's Outlook Steel & Ferro-silicon Recorded: Feb 12 2014 17 mins
    Join MBR for an outlook on the steel and ferro-silicon industries for 2014. Highlights of the presentation include MBR’s outlook for global crude steel output and stainless steel output for 2014, as well as analysis of ferro-silicon supply, demand and trade flows. We will examine structural changes in the steel sector, and the impact on the ferro-silicon market. The troubling issue of smuggled Chinese ferro-silicon exports will also be analysed in depth. The presentation culminates with our ferro-silicon price forecasts for 2014.
  • Opportunities and Challenges facing the Middle East Steel Industry Recorded: Feb 10 2014 27 mins
    Strong governmental expenditures, buoyed by high energy prices, will continue to spur construction-led steel demand for the region, but challenges and pressures are expected to persist, and in some cases deepen. This will act to dampen producer margin and price improvements over the forecast period, according to MBR’s brand new market report, A Strategic Outlook for the Middle East Steel Industry out to 2019.

    Join Brian Levich, Consultancy & Special Projects Director at Metal Bulletin Research, who will be presenting some of the report’s main findings and insights, as well as discuss these themes in more detail.
  • A Strategic Market Outlook for Regional US Ferrous Scrap to 2021 Recorded: Jan 30 2014 46 mins
    This webcast will provide valuable insights into ferrous scrap supply/demand balance within 14 distinct regions of the US, interregional trade and regional scrap reservoirs including changes from 1996 to 2013 including forecasts to 2021.
  • Strategic Prospects for the Global Transmission Linepipe market by Type, Size Ra Recorded: Jan 23 2014 39 mins
    Global energy demand is expected to rise by 35% by 2035. Tranmission linepipes will play an increasingly important role in conveying natural gas, oil and other products.

    This webcast will provide an overview of the latest MBR study including coverage of the demand and price forecasts. We will also address the impact of renewables on linepipe demand.
  • Global Outlook for FRP and Extrusion Markets Recorded: Jul 4 2013 27 mins
    Metal Bulletin Research's Next Webcast:
    Global trends in demand for FRP and Extrusions: Is there light at the end of the tunnel for aluminium?
  • Galvanized Steel Outlook Recorded: May 17 2013 15 mins
    Can the industry continue to rely on China?
  • MBR's Aluminium Market Outlook Recorded: May 10 2013 23 mins
    Examination of current affairs and future developments within the global aluminium market
  • Measured optimism in large-diameter linepipe market: MBR’s outlook Recorded: May 2 2013 30 mins
    Producers of large OD linepipe are optimistic over the outlook for linepipe demand over the coming five year period, following lackluster growth in the previous two years. Since the start of the global recession, linepipe supply has exceeded demand causing prices to slip and producers to cut output rates or shift production to non-energy tubing. Demand is now in recovery but in the meantime, there have been some structural changes in the markets that affect the prevailing sentiment as well as our outlook for the industry. The slower-than-expected economic recovery, development of shale gas and oil reserves, demand for infrastructure investment and environmental concerns have all shaped the landscape of the market.
  • Key strategic issues for the global OCTG market Recorded: Apr 24 2013 40 mins
    Metal Bulletin Research will release its 4th 5-Year Strategic Outlook for the Global OCTG Industry in April 2013.

    The global OCTG industry continues to grow and remains one of the brightest niches within the global steel industry. This webcast will provide insight into the global market size, the split between welded and seamless supply, regional differences, trade flows and historic demand and supply. Crucially, the webcast and the report will address some of the key issues regarding the industry over the medium term. These will include:
    - Existing players and new market entrants are building capacity – will the market be able to absorb this?
    - What impact does shale gas, oil and NGLs have on OCTG demand in terms of grades, connections and volumes?
    - What does the industry cost structure look like and will this change?
    - What is the outlook for margins given Metal Bulletin Research’s view on supply and demand?
  • Strategic Alliances in the global Steel Industry. Recorded: Apr 10 2013 17 mins
    The increasing adoption of strategic alliances in the steel industry is a relevant trend, with considerable impacts for company’s current and prospective performance. The steel giants rarely survive without partnerships. Consequently, steel enterprises (and its customers and suppliers) must understand how to play the strategic alliance game. Although steel companies have been adopting more and more partnerships, they have many differences regarding: a) motivations; b) preferential stages of production; c) average duration of strategic alliances; d) divorce ratio. This presentation will be cover some of the 24 selected steel companies, showing their similarities and differences among them and, as a consequence, the major issues related to it.
  • Managing the Political and Social Risks of Mining Operations in Africa Recorded: Mar 27 2013 32 mins
    Coinciding with its emergence as a major frontier for mining exploration, Africa has entered a period of political transition that carries profound implications for natural resources investors. While the colonial legacies of corruption, weak states, and irregular transfers of power persist, a new generation of political leaders more responsive to domestic constituencies and more assertive in relation to external investors is also making its mark. This generational shift on the African continent dovetails with broader geopolitical and normative changes that demand the adoption of mutually beneficial approaches to investment and business engagement. This presentation will offer insights on a range of non-technical challenges confronting investors on the continent and will introduce principles to employ in assessing and mitigating these risks.
  • Transport constraints are crucial to the future coking coal market and prices Recorded: Oct 25 2012 45 mins
    Coking coal prices were at an all time high in April 2011 partly because of logistics bottlenecks. Since then prices for prime coking coal have fallen by around 50%. Chinese demand is faltering and some suppliers are cutting production, but Peabody and Teck are continuing to expand, anticipating renewed market tightness. Some transport constraints will then again become crucial to how the market and prices develop. This webcast will cover in detail on all of the foregoing, especially the logistics bottlenecks.
  • Forecasting steel metallic prices out to 2020 Recorded: Jul 12 2012 37 mins
    You are kindly invited to attend a special webinar dedicated to Metal Bulletin Research’s latest long-term forecast for the global steel metallics industry. MBR will provide an analysis of past trends and forecasts to 2020 for the complete supply chain of the world steel metallics industry for all the key products and sectors.
  • North American Steel Flat Product Market Trends Recorded: Mar 20 2012 15 mins
    The North American steel market in 2012 is expected to mirror 2011 in many ways. Demand growth is forecast to be steady, but will remain vulnerable to economic shocks, similar to that experienced last year. Economic reports are pointing to declining unemployment and stronger manufacturing activity, both key to sustainable recovery in steel consumption. Steel mills are reporting stronger demand in the first quarter from most of their key end-use industries in a positive sign for steel markets this year. Although steel demand has increased in early 2012, both through inventory rebuilding and improvement in underlying demand from a number of key consuming industries, underlying cost pressures are a key factor in the upturn in steel prices thus far this year. Meanwhile, domestic steel mills are increasing production in response to higher prices, but if output rises in excess of demand, prices could reverse. We will assess these market factors and present our 2012 forecasts for North American steel flat product prices.
  • Review of the OCTG market and outlook to 2016 Recorded: Jan 24 2012 34 mins
    MBR will be offering an analysis on the current global market for seamless and welded OCTG and regional analysis including North America and others. Forecast volumes, trade flows and pricing out to 2016 will also be provided.
  • Aluminium’s Future Under A New Power Market Paradigm: Costs, Location & Prices Recorded: Jan 17 2012 32 mins
    At a time of weak aluminium prices, variables in power input costs are playing a keyrole in determining which smelters are most at risk of closure.

    Could the current downturn result in the permanent closure of some smelting capacity located in regions where competitive power contracts are a thing of the distant past?

    The webcast will provide an overview of our recently released Aluminium Under a New Power Paradigm report. We will address just how exposed the world's aluminium producers are at current metal and power prices. We also take a look into the future, and discuss how power price trends will determine where future smelting capacity will be located and the implications that this will have on aluminium production costs and long run metal prices.
  • Eastern European steel: well positioned to export west? Recorded: Nov 24 2011 22 mins
    With rising input costs, environmental regulations and a fluid market, the production of Western European steel is looking less economical. Blast furnaces have already been mothballed, and the fear remains that these could be permanently shut.

    As with other manufacturing, could outsourcing the production of steel-semis make sense? With its steel overcapacity, China could provide an answer, but China has built its economy on exporting - exporting finished products, rather than semi-finished steel.

    So could the close proximity of Eastern Europe steel mills make them a supplier of semi-finished steel into Western Europe?
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