Forecasting steel metallic prices out to 2020

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Russell Egge, Principal Consultant for Metal Bulletin Research
You are kindly invited to attend a special webinar dedicated to Metal Bulletin Research’s latest long-term forecast for the global steel metallics industry. MBR will provide an analysis of past trends and forecasts to 2020 for the complete supply chain of the world steel metallics industry for all the key products and sectors.
Jul 12 2012
37 mins
Forecasting steel metallic prices out to 2020
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  • What is the Market and Price Outlook for Aluminium Extrusions by Sector? Recorded: Jun 4 2015 25 mins
    Martin Haller
    The big story on everyone’s lips is the fall in aluminium extrusion premiums.

    But what is the market outlook beyond the short-term? And how best should you read the market in the medium-to-long term that will have important ramifications to your business?

    Metal Bulletin Research is a leading specialist in understanding, tracking and forecasting the global aluminium extrusions market, led by an expert team of consultants and analysts located around the world.

    As part of this unique webinar, Metal Bulletin Research will also be discussing other key points in the aluminium extrusions market, including:
    • Global billet availability trends
    • Analysis of how extrusions consumption in various industries, including ABC, transport and industrial will trend over the foreseeable future
    • How key producing companies are expected to perform in the current and future market and pricing environment
  • MBR's Stainless Steel Flat-rolled Outlook Recorded: May 14 2015 49 mins
    Alistair Ramsay, Metal Bulletin Research
    MBR will review recent developments in stainless flat-rolled pricing and how supply/demand fundamentals have shaped the course before going on to point out how base prices and transaction (effective) prices overall are forecast to move in the short-medium term ending in 2016
  • MBR’s outlook for large-diameter linepipe in 2015 Recorded: Apr 1 2015 60 mins
    Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov, James Ley
    As MBR launches its new 5-year outlook for the global large-diameter linepipe market, the Tube & Pipe team will present some of their findings in this free live webinar.

    Providing a global outlook with specific focus on North America, the CIS, Europe and the Middle East MBR’s Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov and James Ley will share their views on how this market is performing during the challenging global market conditions of volatile oil prices coupled with increased political tensions in several regions.

    Join the team as they discuss:
    • How has the global large-diameter market recovered from the low demand point seen in 2013?
    • How do volatile oil prices impact on large-diameter linepipe demand?
    • What trends are we seeing in the market in 2015? Is HSAW continuing to take market share from LSAW?
  • Chinese Alumina Market Review & Outlook Recorded: Mar 16 2015 25 mins
    Yang Cao
    What's in store for the alumina market in China?

    Analysing prices, capacity and demand in China, Yang will discuss:
    • How is the market looking in China?
    • What is the outlook by province?
    • After the Indonesian import ban, where will China import its much-needed bauxite from?
    • What are the issues with each of these potential suppliers?

    Following on from his successful presentation in Miami at the Bauxite & Alumina conference, Yang Cao presents his review for this important market and provides you with an outlook for the coming year.

    Yang is a Senior Analyst at Metal Bulletin Research and editor of the Aluminium Weekly Market Tracker.
  • MBR’s Steel Market Outlook for 2015 Recorded: Feb 26 2015 28 mins
    Alistair Ramsay
    MBR will examine what has caused prices of various flat-rolled prices to fall, why margins at steelmakers have generally risen anyway, and what are the supply/demand fundamentals to watch out for over the year ahead. We will provide our view on China’s export market share and its impact on steel prices.
  • MBR's Outlook for EU Industrial & Structural Tube & Pipe Markets in 2015 Recorded: Feb 19 2015 42 mins
    James Ley
    Dr James Ley, MBR’s leading tube and pipe consultant, will be discussing this year’s outlook for European tube and pipe markets.

    He will be covering:
    - Historical supply/demand analysis of the EU HSS, mechanical and drawn markets (seamless and welded)
    - Overcapacity – how is the European industry responding to this, if at all?
    - The currency fluctuations and the resulting consequences on imports into the EU for all industrial tube markets in 2015
    - How does MBR expect prices of these tubular products to develop in the next half year?
  • Examination of aluminium premium developments Recorded: Oct 14 2014 20 mins
    Yang Cao
    A review of aluminium premium development since 2012 – why
    there has been such a significant increase in the premium, what are the
    key factors that are driving premium, and where the premium will go in
    the future.
  • MBR’s Outlook for the Global OCTG Industry Recorded: Oct 2 2014 53 mins
    James Ley, Kim Leppold, Roman Filimonov
    As MBR publishes its annual 5-year outlook for the Global OCTG industry, the group’s tube and pipe team will present their thoughts on how they see the market developing in the next few years. This will include our assessment of the outlook for key demand markets such as the USA, Russian and Central Asia and the Middle Eastern markets. The team will also examine key supply issues that the industry is facing, along with the development of both offshore and unconventional shale drilling worldwide.
  • Southeast Asia Steel: Key trends and prospects amid the dominance of China Recorded: Jul 10 2014 50 mins
    Roman Kucinskij, Metal Bulletin Research
    Concerns about relentless steel product flows from China out (what we term as the “Boron Steel Phenomena”) into the wider southeast Asian region in the form of competitively priced exports must be the focal point of any steel executive operating in the Southeast Asia region. This is especially so given that so many in the region are also looking to ramp up on new steel capacity in their drive to improve self-sufficiency. This will have a direct impact on the future evolution of regional supply and pricing pattern within the region over the forecast period, according to MBR’s brand new market report, A Strategic Five Year Market Outlook for the Southeast Asian Steel and Raw Materials Industry.

    Join Roman Kucinskij, Consultant at Metal Bulletin Research, who will be presenting some of the report’s main findings and insights, as well as discuss these core themes in more detail.
  • Outlook for the Global Steel Market 2014 Recorded: Jul 3 2014 25 mins
    Julia Tilley, Metal Bulletin Research
    Join MBR for an outlook on the global steel market for 2014. Highlights of the presentation include MBR’s outlook for global crude steel output, as well as analysis of current supply, demand and trade flows by region. We will examine structural changes in the steel sector, and the presentation culminates with our steel price forecasts for 2014.
  • A Strategic Outlook for the Bauxite and Alumina Markets to 2022 Recorded: May 21 2014 32 mins
    Martin Haller, Metal Bulletin Research
    In this webcast Martin Haller will consider the main themes that will dominate the markets for bauxite and alumina over the coming decade. This will include the factors that will influence prices, the outlook for trade, market balances and the medium term strategies of the major producers and consumers of bauxite and alumina. The presentation will include an analysis of the major longs and shorts in bauxite and alumina and how these are expected to evolve.
  • Aluminium to drive steel out of car industry Recorded: May 20 2014 52 mins
    Roger Emmott
    Steelmakers need to accelerate production, marketing and R&D expenditure with regards to the latest types of steel to protect their position in the automotive industry. Ford’s sudden and unexpected adoption of aluminium for its best-selling vehicle is nothing less than a “major wake-up call” to steel mill executives.

    The issue is so stark that some are asking how much do steel executives in some of the world’s largest steel producing companies have themselves to blame for not seeing the serious threat aluminium now poses to steel in the car manufacturing market?

    What led to them falling asleep at the wheel? Is it a lack of R&D investment, too much onus on budget cutting and not enough in strategic vision and implementation?
    Is this fair criticism even?

    What should steel mills do now to improve their strategic positioning against aluminium and other materials under construction and coming to the market to compete? Can steelmakers produce advanced steel fast enough to stop more carmakers switching to aluminium?

    Utilising interviews with confidential sources, Metal Bulletin Research has recently produced a new report called, Strategic Prospects for Steel and Aluminium in the Global Automotive Sector

    To introduce the report, MBR has organised this webinar which will cover the background and context to the report. It will explain the combined effects on the sector from lightweighting, safety and carbon dioxide emissions. It will highlight the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector as it struggles to manage the often competing requirements from consumers, materials suppliers, the automotive sector, governments and other stakeholders.
  • MBR’s outlook for the OCTG markets in North America and MENA in 2014 Recorded: Mar 19 2014 52 mins
    James Ley & Kim Leppold
    Join MBR for an outlook for the OCTG markets in North America and MENA in 2014. In the presentation we will investigate the potential impact of trade cases on the outlook for the OCTG market in the USA in 2014. We will also examine the increasing acceptance of Chinese premium connections on the MENA market in 2014 and forecast short-term outlook for the pricing of OCTG.
  • Europe's galvanized steel industry: finally turning a corner? Recorded: Mar 13 2014 22 mins
    Robert Cartman
    This webcast looks at how Europe's galvanized steel industry has developed over the past decade, in particular since the global financial crisis. While the industry has suffered heavily from large contractions in Europe's automotive and construction industries in recent years, there are indications that demand growth may be returning at last. Combined with capacity cutbacks on behalf of some of Europe's largest galvanized steel producers, the industry looks set to improve during 2014 and the coming years.
  • An Outlook for the Chinese Scrap Market Recorded: Mar 4 2014 35 mins
    Atilla Widnell
    Join MBR for an outlook on the Chinese scrap market. We will discuss the fundamentals that are impacting the Chinese scrap consumption volumes, the significance of iron ore on scrap prices and the amount of scrap being consumed in Chinese EAF’s and how this has impacted Chinese scrap import volumes. We will also cover forecasts including the outlook for domestic and international scrap prices and the growth of the domestic scrap fund.
  • MBR's Outlook Steel & Ferro-silicon Recorded: Feb 12 2014 17 mins
    Amy Bennett - MBR
    Join MBR for an outlook on the steel and ferro-silicon industries for 2014. Highlights of the presentation include MBR’s outlook for global crude steel output and stainless steel output for 2014, as well as analysis of ferro-silicon supply, demand and trade flows. We will examine structural changes in the steel sector, and the impact on the ferro-silicon market. The troubling issue of smuggled Chinese ferro-silicon exports will also be analysed in depth. The presentation culminates with our ferro-silicon price forecasts for 2014.
  • Opportunities and Challenges facing the Middle East Steel Industry Recorded: Feb 10 2014 27 mins
    Brian, Levich, Metal Bulletin Research
    Strong governmental expenditures, buoyed by high energy prices, will continue to spur construction-led steel demand for the region, but challenges and pressures are expected to persist, and in some cases deepen. This will act to dampen producer margin and price improvements over the forecast period, according to MBR’s brand new market report, A Strategic Outlook for the Middle East Steel Industry out to 2019.

    Join Brian Levich, Consultancy & Special Projects Director at Metal Bulletin Research, who will be presenting some of the report’s main findings and insights, as well as discuss these themes in more detail.
  • A Strategic Market Outlook for Regional US Ferrous Scrap to 2021 Recorded: Jan 30 2014 46 mins
    Russell Egge, Metal Bulletin Research
    This webcast will provide valuable insights into ferrous scrap supply/demand balance within 14 distinct regions of the US, interregional trade and regional scrap reservoirs including changes from 1996 to 2013 including forecasts to 2021.
  • Strategic Prospects for the Global Transmission Linepipe market by Type, Size Ra Recorded: Jan 23 2014 39 mins
    Roger Emmott, Metal Bulletin Research
    Global energy demand is expected to rise by 35% by 2035. Tranmission linepipes will play an increasingly important role in conveying natural gas, oil and other products.

    This webcast will provide an overview of the latest MBR study including coverage of the demand and price forecasts. We will also address the impact of renewables on linepipe demand.
  • Global Outlook for FRP and Extrusion Markets Recorded: Jul 4 2013 27 mins
    Yang Cao
    Metal Bulletin Research's Next Webcast:
    Global trends in demand for FRP and Extrusions: Is there light at the end of the tunnel for aluminium?
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  • Live at: Jul 12 2012 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Russell Egge, Principal Consultant for Metal Bulletin Research
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