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A new breed of advanced threats requires a new approach...

As recent high profile reports have shown, advanced threats are high on the security agenda. These complex attacks are defeating traditional defences and organisations need a different approach. Advanced attacks are exploiting people, technology and system vulnerabilities and to defeat this, you need an integrated approach. Point security products are not providing the required visibility: Security needs to evolve.

In this webcast, we discuss using customer examples, the nature of the new advanced threats, how to mitigate the impact of these attack, using advanced intelligence and correlation. And, should the worst happen, how you can be prepared with effective detection and recovery plans.
Recorded Jun 15 2016 61 mins
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Presented by
Sunil Choudrie, Solution Marketing and Paul Murgatroyd, Solutions Expert - Symantec
Presentation preview: A new breed of advanced threats requires a new approach...
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  • Minimieren Sie den Impact einer Cyber-Attacke durch 24x7 Monitoring Jul 31 2018 12:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Nicole Groke (Enterprise Account Manager) & Lars Kroll (Cyber Security Strategist)
    Symantec Managed Security Services – Minimieren Sie den Impact einer Cyber-Attacke durch 24x7 Monitoring unserer Experten, die kontinuierlich die Bedrohungslage analysieren.

    Lernen Sie Symantec Managed SIEM (Managed SOC) + Incident Response Services kennen und diskutieren Sie mit unseren Experten über Ihre jahrelangen und ggf. kostenintensiven SIEM-Ansätze.
  • Symantec Control & Compliance Suite – Automatisieren Sie Compliance-Abläufe Jul 13 2018 9:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Armin Schneider ; Olaf Mischkovsky
    Symantec Control & Compliance Suite – Automatisieren Sie Compliance-Abläufe, schaffen Sie Transparenz und sparen Sie wertvolle Zeit

    Symantec Control Compliance Suite liefert geschäftsrelevante Sicherheits- und Risikoinformationen, mit denen Sie Prioritäten für die Bereiche Sicherheit, IT-Betrieb und Compliance effektiv abstimmen können. Bewertungen erfolgen fortlaufend und automatisiert. Sie erhalten damit eine Gesamtübersicht über Sicherheitskontrollen und Sicherheitslücken. Auf diese Weise sind Sie in der Lage, das Rechenzentrum zu härten, die Behebung von Sicherheitsvorfällen zu priorisieren, sicher auf ein Software-Defined Data Center umzustellen sowie kontinuierliche Bewertungen für die Cyber-Sicherheit und die fortlaufende Überwachung zu unterstützen
  • When the Walls Come Tumbling Down – Network Security for the Cloud Generation Jun 27 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mike Chen, Director of Product Marketing, Tim Murphy, Sr. Manager Network Product Marketing, Robert Arandjelovic EMEA
    Cyber security professionals are at a crossroads. The game has changed, and the bad guys are getting more aggressive and inflicting more and more damage on corporate assets—and reputations—worldwide.

    Ransomware is through the roof, zero-day exploits are exploding, threats are hiding in encrypted traffic and email is riddled with malware. There is no perimeter anymore. Data, devices and employees are mobilized and traffic is increasingly going to the internet and cloud applications. So, the question now is, how do you protect a castle—by which we mean your enterprise—when the walls are tumbling down?

    In this webinar we'll discuss:

    - Why you should embrace cloud-based network security

    - The tools you need to provide protection against a variety of attacks

    - Why a proxy belongs at the center of your cloud service

    - Cloud migration strategies

    - Integrations that orchestrate defenses across control points and attack vectors

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  • What role does the Security Web Gateway play in your proxy posture? [Proxy and P Recorded: Jun 19 2018 5 mins
    Sunil Choudrie, Sr Manager Product Marketing & Robert Arandjelovic Product Marketing Director
    Symantec experts Sunil Choudrie & Robert Arandjelovic talk through Security Web Gateway during this Ask the Expert video.
  • Solving Mobile Security: Peer-tested Strategies That Work Recorded: Jun 13 2018 61 mins
    Brian Duckering,Mobile Security Specialist, Symantec and Brian Jacome, Director of Applications and Controls, RBC
    Businesses of all sizes are wary of the added risk that comes from the use of mobile devices and are struggling to figure out the best strategies to protect their sensitive information.

    Attend this webcast to hear the advice from experienced security professionals who have successfully navigated the path to protect their businesses from mobile threats.

    Hear from Brian Jacome, Director of Applications and Controls from Royal Bank of Canada and learn about his journey and get answers to the following questions and more:

    - Why is it important to secure mobile devices?

    - What is your advice to your peers who are starting their mobile security journey?

    - What are the most important requirements of a mobile security solution?

    By the end of this webcast, you will have gained important advice and perspective from those who have gone before you and are able to sleep better at night.

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  • Improving Security & Data Breach Response Recorded: Jun 7 2018 45 mins
    Amar Singh, Darren Thomson, Giampiero Nanni and George Patsis
    How are CISOs staying on top of the latest cyber threats? Where should enterprises be investing their cybersecurity budgets? What should you do in the event of a data breach? Get the tactical insights on how to protect your organization before, during, and after a data breach.

    Join top security experts to get the answer to these questions and more:
    - The biggest trends from the 2018 threatscape
    - What to do if there is a data breach
    - The data breach checklist
    - Cyber risk management
    - Building a cyber resilient enterprise

    - Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Wisdom of Crowds, Cyber Management Alliance
    - Darren Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA Region, Symantec
    - Giampiero Nanni, Government Affairs, EMEA, Symantec
    - George Patsis, CEO, Obrela Security Industries

    The session will be streamed LIVE from London from the Infosecurity Europe conference.
  • GDPR J+7 ... et ensuite Recorded: Jun 1 2018 60 mins
    Patrice Payen, Team leader Risk, Compliance & GDPR - Laurent Heslault, Directeur Stratégies de Sécurité
    Le GDPR est donc entré en vigueur et doit changer durablement la stratégie de protection des données clients, pour toutes les entreprises qui collectent, stockent ou échangent des données de citoyens européens, qu'elles soient basées en Europe ou non. Le chemin de mise en conformité nécessite un fort engagement, avec des défis légaux et logistiques à résoudre, et des amendes significatives en cas de non-respect.

    Rejoignez les experts Symantec pour en savoir plus sur :
    • les besoins liés au GDPR en termes de conformité, exposition au risque et brèches
    • l'évaluation du niveau de risque et les recommandations pour après
    • les autres réglementations à prendre en compte et les projets futurs
  • GDPR: The Importance of Looking Beyond 25 May, 2018 Recorded: May 25 2018 61 mins
    Robert Arandjelovic, Giampiero Nanni
    Today is the day that GDPR changes things substantially in protecting customer data, affecting businesses that handle, store or pass data of European Citizens both in and outside of Europe. It’s a huge undertaking with comprehensive and extensive compliance requirements and as it takes effect inevitably there will be stops and starts, legal and logistical challenges and hefty fines for non-compliance.
  • GDPR: Se non sei pronto, potrebbe essere rischioso” Recorded: May 24 2018 56 mins
    Giampiero Nanni, Ramses Gallego
    Il 25 maggio è il “gran giorno”, quello in cui diventerà applicabile il GDPR. Cambierà il modo in cui le aziende gestiscono le informazioni sui soggetti interessati nell’UE. È un’impresa improba che metterà alla prova le organizzazioni, con problemi di natura legale e logistica, e sanzioni potenzialmente gravose in caso di mancata conformità.
    Unisciti a Symantec alla vigilia del giorno fatidico, per acquisire informazioni su:
    •I requisiti di conformità del GDPR, l’esposizione al rischio e le violazioni
    •Il tuo rischio e i consigli per gestire la nuova normativa una volta applicta
    •Le altre normative all'orizzonte •Gli ultimi sviluppi del GDPR
  • Llegó el día del RGPD: Si no está preparado, le podría salir caro Recorded: May 24 2018 64 mins
    Ramses Gallego, Giampiero Nanni
    El 25 de mayo es la fecha clave de los datos. El plazo límite del RGPD lo va a cambiar todo en lo que se refiere a la protección de los datos de los clientes y afectará a aquellas empresas que gestionen, almacenen o trasfieran datos de ciudadanos europeos dentro y fuera de la Unión Europea. Se trata de una medida gigantesca con unos requisitos de cumplimiento muy completos y extensos. Además, a medida que entra en vigor, inevitablemente habrá atascos, desafíos legales y logísticos, así como duras penalizaciones en caso de incumplimiento.

    Únase a Symantec antes de la fecha clave de los datos para:
    •Comprender los requisitos del RGPD en cuanto a cumplimiento, exposición y fugas.
    •Evaluar sus riesgos y obtener recomendaciones posteriores a la fecha clave de los datos.
    •Saber qué desafíos se avecinan. Entérese sobre los reglamentos de implementación pronta e inmediata.
    •Mantenerse actualizado con relación a los últimos desarrollos.
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  • Der Stichtag. Die DS-GVO Umsetzung fängt jetzt erst richtig an. Recorded: May 23 2018 55 mins
    Thomas Hemker and Alexander Peters
    Die DSGVO ist da! Wenn Sie jetzt nicht vorbereitet sind, kann Sie das teuer zu stehen kommen.

    Am 25. Mai endet der Countdown für die DSGVO-Umsetzung. Ab dann gelten neue gesetzliche Bestimmungen zum Schutz sensibler Kundendaten – und zwar für alle Unternehmen, die personenbezogene Daten von EU-Bürgern verarbeiten, speichern oder weitergeben, unabhängig davon, ob ihr Sitz in oder außerhalb der EU liegt. Die DSGVO definiert strenge Regeln für den Umgang mit kritischen Daten, und es ist alles andere als einfach, Compliance sicherzustellen. Hinzu kommt, dass die Bestimmungen sofort in Kraft treten – und bei Verstößen hohe Bußgelder drohen.

    Sprechen Sie mit den Symantec-Experten!
    •Erfahren Sie, was die DSGVO für Sie bedeutet – und was Sie bei einem Angriff tun müssen
    •Wir helfen Ihnen, Risiken richtig einzuschätzen, und geben Ihnen Tipps für die Zeit nach der Einführung.
    •Was kommt noch auf Sie zu? Alles über die anstehenden gesetzlichen Neuerungen
    •Bleiben Sie durchgehend auf dem Laufenden
  • GDPR: Identifying and Responding to a Data Breach Recorded: May 22 2018 63 mins
    Duncan Brown IDC, Ilias Chantzos, Sunil Choudrie and Giampiero Nanni,Symantec
    With GDPR coming, businesses are endeavouring to change how they collect and use personal data with more accountable and compliant processes. However, the GDPR’s data breach notification requirements continue to present a challenge for many.

    Join Duncan Brown, IDC and Ilias Chantzos, Senior Director, Global CIP and Privacy Advisor, Symantec and panel hosts to discuss

    •Findings from the current IDC GDPR Assessment
    •Gain practical advice on GDPR breach notification rules
    •Guidance issued from European Data Protection Authorities
    •Data transfers and how a breach can affect multiple locations and jurisdictions.
  • GDPR: Act now to accelerate your GDPR journey Recorded: May 1 2018 49 mins
    Robert Arandjelovic and Sunil Choudrie, Symantec
    With GDPR almost here, there’s no time to lose. But what can you actively do right now to help you prepare? Hosted by Symantec security experts, this webinar is packed with essential tips and advice.

    Wherever you are in your preparations, this webinar helps you understand your level of readiness and gives you practical, actionable steps ahead of the May deadline.

    Before you attend the webinar, if you haven’t already, take IDC’s GDPR Readiness Assessment. It will determine what stage your GDPR planning is at.

    Take Assessment >> https://symantecgdpr.idcready.net/?utm=jyWguSFtTX
  • Get all your questions on GDPR answered Recorded: Apr 24 2018 60 mins
    Sunil Choudrie, Giampiero Nanni, Robert Arandjelovi, Alexander Peters, Ramses Gallego
    Do you have a burning question you’d like to ask about the GDPR? Now you have a chance to get an answer – straight from the experts. We’ll be hosting a live Q&A with a panel of GDPR experts. And with the clock ticking down to the May 25th deadline, this is a perfect opportunity to get the answers you need.

    The discussion will enable you to successfully prepare for the GDPR by:

    • Understanding its full implications for your organisation
    • Identifying and tracking personal data, wherever it may be
    • Implementing cyber security to protect your data systems
    • Detecting and responding effectively to security breaches
    • Building a GDPR compliance program for the long term

    Get all your questions answered and ensure you’re ready for May 25th by joining our Q&A.
  • Desde la minería de monedas virtuales hasta los ataques a la cadena desuministro Recorded: Apr 18 2018 64 mins
    Ramses Gallego
    Le explicamos las últimas tendencias de las amenazas.

    Desde la repentina expansión de WannaCry y Petya/NotPetya, hasta el rápido crecimiento de los mineros de monedas virtuales, el 2017 nos ha recordado una vez más que las amenazas a la seguridad digital pueden venir de fuentes totalmente nu evas e inesperadas. No solo ha aumentado el propio volumen de las amenazas, sino que su entorno se ha hecho más diverso ya que los atacantes trabajan cada
    vez más duro para descubrir nuevas vías de ataque y, a su vez, ocultar sus pistas mientras lo hacen.

    Únase a la experta líder sobre amenazas de Symantec, quien nos compartirá los hallazgos del Informe sobre las ame nazas para la seguridad en Internet (ISTR por sus siglas en inglés) de 2018, en donde se incluyen datos clave sobre:

    - La fiebre del oro de la minería de monedas virtuales.
    - Los cambios en las tendencias del ransomware.
    - Ataques dirigidos ilustrados en números.
    - Infecciones de la cadena de suministro del software.
    - La explosión de las amenazas móviles.

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  • Dal coin mining agli attacchi alle supply chain Recorded: Apr 18 2018 49 mins
    Giampiero Nanni and Antonio Forzieri
    Analisi delle ultime tendenze delle minacce

    Dal boom inaspettato di Wanna e Petya/NotPetya al veloce dilagare dei coin miner, il 2017 ci ha dimostrato ancora una volta che le minacce per la sicurezza digitale possono provenire da fonti inattese.
    Oltre all’impennata nel volume, le minacce si sono ulteriormente diversificate, con i criminali che si industriano pur di scoprire nuove strategie di attacco e, allo stesso tempo, coprire le proprie tracce.

    Segui l’esperta in minacce di Symantec che illustra i risultati dell’Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) 2018, analizzando anche:

    La corsa all’oro digitale

    - Le attuali tendenze dei ransomware
    - Gli attacchi mirati, in cifre
    - Le infezioni della supply chain dei software
    - Il picco delle minacce per i dispositivi port atili

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  • Cyber menaces : du minage de cryptomonnaies aux attaques de la chaîne logicielle Recorded: Apr 13 2018 61 mins
    Laurent Heslault, Directeur des Stratégies Sécurité, Symantec France
    De la propagation des ransomwares WannaCry et Petya/NotPetya à l’essor fulgurant du minage de cryptomonnaies, l’année 2017 nous a rappelé que les menaces de sécurité peuvent provenir de sources aussi changeantes qu’inattendues. Outre la très forte augmentation du volume des attaques, le paysage des menaces s’est diversifié, les attaquants s’efforçant de découvrir de nouveaux vecteurs d’attaques tout en brouillant les pistes.

    Retrouvez nos experts Symantec pour en savoir plus sur les conclusions de l’Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) 2018, notamment :
    - La ruée vers l’or numérique, avec le minage des cryptomonnaies
    - La réorientation des tendances liées au ransomware
    - Les derniers chiffres des attaques ciblées
    - Les infections visant la chaîne logistique logicielle
    - La flambée des menaces mobiles

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  • From Coin Mining to Supply Chain Attacks. The Latest Threat Trends Explained. Recorded: Apr 12 2018 35 mins
    Orla Cox, Director Development Symantec
    From the sudden spread of WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya, to the swift growth in coin miners, 2017 provided us with another reminder that digital security threats can come from new and unexpected sources.Not only has the sheer volume of threats increased, but the threat landscape has become more diverse, with attackers working harder to discover new avenues of attack and cover their tracks while doing so.

    Join Symantec's leading threat expert, Orla Cox as she shares findings from the 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) including insights on:

    - The Coin Mining Gold Rush
    - Shifting Trends in Ransomware
    - Targeted Attacks by the Numbers
    - Infecting the Software Supply Chain
    - The Surge in Mobile Threats

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  • „Erkenntnisse aus dem neuesten Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) 2018“ Recorded: Apr 12 2018 61 mins
    Candid Wuest and Alexander Peters
    Verpassen Sie die Möglichkeit nicht, sich mit den führenden Analysten von Symantec über die Erkenntnisse aus dem neuesten Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) aus dem Jahr 2018 auszutauschen.
    Erhalten Sie tiefe Einblicke in die Themen:

    - Der Goldrausch der Cryptominen
    - Der sich wandelnde Trend der Ransomware-Infektionen
    - Details über gezielte Cyber-Angriffe
    - Infektionsgefahren durch Softwareupdates
    - Die Welle der mobilen und IoT Bedrohungen setzt sich fort
  • Did you complete the IDC Assessment? You're Stage 4/5 Recorded: Apr 5 2018 9 mins
    Sunil Choudrie, Symantec
    Have you completed the IDC Assessment and your report has identified that you are Stage 4/5. Listen to this 15 minute webinar on what it means to you and what you can do next.
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We operate a worldwide cyberintelligence threat network that positions us to proactively address where you’re most vulnerable. This network captures worldwide security intelligence data that gives Symantec analysts unparalleled sources of data to identify and analyse, to deliver protection and provide informed commentary on emerging trends in attacks, malicious code activity, phishing and spam.

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  • Title: A new breed of advanced threats requires a new approach...
  • Live at: Jun 15 2016 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Sunil Choudrie, Solution Marketing and Paul Murgatroyd, Solutions Expert - Symantec
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