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The Challenges of Client Reporting in European Asset Management

Magnus Spence, Director, Spence Johnson (Chairman)
Damian Bryan, Chief Technical Officer, Equipos
Peter Ellis, Managing Director, Investit
Richard Heald, Commercial Director, BrightTALK
Clive Shelton, Risk & Compliance Director, International Financial Data Services (UK)
Recorded Feb 10 2011 89 mins
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Presented by
Magnus Spence, FS Forum; Damian Bryan, Equipos; Peter Ellis, Investit; Richard Heald, BrightTALK; Clive Shelton, IFDS UK
Presentation preview: The Challenges of Client Reporting in European Asset Management

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  • Why We Are STILL Talking About Trust Sep 24 2020 8:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Pete Dewar, The Clearing & Raj Kumar, Aviva
    The issue of trust has been top of the FS agenda for years amid the continued fallout from 2008 crash, and regular lurid headlines around mis-selling scandals, investment crises (think Woodford) and pension debacles. Everyone agrees public trust is vital– yet it is poorly defined by both brands and the very consumers who hold the industry in such poor regard. This session will look at what trust really means, consider how brands across different FS sectors can change perceptions and better meet consumers’ expectations, and ask how they can capitalise on the opportunity to rebuild consumer faith in the wake of the global pandemic.
  • Rapid Innovation, COVID-19 and the Need to Pivot Sep 17 2020 8:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Paul Vallois, Nimbletank & Priyesh Ranmal, NatWest
    If the pandemic has taught us anything as business leaders, it’s the need to adopt an agile mindset to ensure that the digital products and services we create are built around customers’ needs, and the importance of transitioning our businesses to adopt processes that facilitate rapid delivery. It’s also taught us that whatever we’ve planned, it will change. In this session we will hear from the Head of Digital Experience at NatWest and the MD at Nimbletank, their digital product partner. We’ll learn:
    •How NatWest established a process for rapid prototyping of new concepts and services
    •The role and importance of working with innovation partners
    •How a customer-centric approach can de-risk investment
    •What agile really means for the combined team and learnings along the way
    •The impact of COVID-19 and the need to pivot
    •How both Nimbletank and NatWest used the strategy/framework of RAD (Rapid Application Development) in Q2 in response to COVID-19
  • Pros and Cons of Live Chat in Banking Sep 15 2020 2:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum
    We'll be joined by customer journey and personalization experts Epi, to discuss the pros and cons of live chat in banking.
  • Lockdown Legacy - Lessons for Retail Banking Marketers Sep 8 2020 2:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Fiona Blades, Chief Experience Officer, MESH Experience
    The coronavirus lockdown has significantly impacted retail banking with branch closures driving a whole new cohort online, and an altered customer experience landscape. In this webinar brand experience agency MESH Experience will share insights gleaned from research of 5,000 people, covering over 20,000 experiences across all major brands. The findings span multiple touchpoints, from branch, to online, to news, to ads, and more. MESH president Fiona Blades will examine what worked (and what didn’t) as marketers re-engineered the customer experience in a fast-changing situation, which banks got it right, and highlight emerging issues such as fraud. Ultimately she will consider the legacy of lockdown for retail banks.
  • How Asset Managers Can Drive 1:1 Personalization Jul 9 2020 2:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum
    The asset management industry is being assailed from all sides by a new generation of digital startups and service providers, each one promising your institutional and private wealth clients better service, lower fees and less friction.
    However, the standard has been set by consumer brands like Netflix and Amazon whose responsive experiences predict customer intent and deliver relevance in every interaction. Financial services leaders need to understand this shift in client expectation, and drive initiatives that deliver personalized and predictive digital experiences.
  • Why marketing can make or break digital wealth management Jul 7 2020 8:00 am UTC 90 mins
    The established wealth management industry, already subject to numerous competitive pressures, is facing further disruption with the emergence of a new, digitally native generation of customers. It’s clear that digital transformation is vital for survival as organisations vie to meet the changing needs and behaviours of this tech-savvy generation. And, with technological change affecting every part of a brand’s identity, from how it acquires customers to how it engages and communicates with them, how can marketers champion change to equip their organisation for a new era, and thrive, rather than survive this seismic change? Join us for an exclusive breakfast event to consider what a successful client acquisition/retention model looks like in digital and discuss the role of the marketer to drive success.
  • Webinar: How coronavirus is changing consumers’ financial behaviours Recorded: Jul 1 2020 63 mins
    David Cowan
    Coronavirus has forced consumers to refocus on their financial wellbeing, fueling a desire to feel financially secure. In turn, his has kick-started a behavioural change in the way consumers think and feel about their finances – from savings and credit, to protection and insurance.
    This session will unveil some proprietary research detailing how the consumer mindset has shifted. Consumers – particularly millennials – have never been as engaged in financial services as they are now. Coupled with a rise in digital channel usage, this opens up considerable opportunities for Financial Services marketers to re-examine how they engage with a receptive and open audience.
    Kate Turner, Vice President, Financial Services, Savanta
    Kathy Ellison, Director Financial Services, Savanta
    Charlotte May, Group Head of Customer Research at Legal & General
  • Marketing Effectiveness Showcase - RBS Recorded: Jun 25 2020 52 mins
    Jamie Brookes, RBS
    Marketing Effectiveness winner 2019
  • Empowering SME's Through Covid-19 Recorded: Jun 17 2020 49 mins
    David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum
    The Covid-19 crisis has arguably proven how vital fintechs are to the economy and will be to its recovery. From providing SME loan lifelines in 24 hours to providing wellbeing support, the fintech sector has graduated from the ultimate stress test.

    In this session, hear how leading fintechs responded to the crisis and are supporting our vital SME backbone. Understand the gaps that appeared in the system and how fintech agility to pivot and match changed customer needs was achieved. From alternative loan providers to credit check innovators, we’ll be discussing the lessons the crisis has taught us, what’s now changed forever and how fintechs are accelerating a better fs ecosystem.

    Join us via our BrightTALK channel here.


    Johnnie Ball, Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder, Fluidly
    Tim Boag, Group MD Business Finance, Aldermore Bank PLC
    Paul Morrison, COO Helix Resilience
    Samantha Seaton, CEO, Moneyhub
    Andrew Sieprath, VP Business Development, Credit Kudos
    Chair: Fiona Couper, Business Development & Marketing Director, Teamspirit
  • CMO Surgery - Covid-19 & Social Media, an Opportunity for FS Brands? Recorded: Jun 12 2020 52 mins
    David Cowan, Financial Services Forum
    Amid the outbreak of Covid-19, consumers are seeking advice and information now more than ever to map a path to financial health. With lockdowns and social-distancing the norm, new tranches of people are engaging with digital platforms for the first time, creating a golden opportunity for businesses to use social channels engage and support consumers, while keep their brand at the forefront when selling isn’t an option. BUT social media can also be a hotbed for negativity, where individuals and businesses complain about service, technical issues, and corporate stances they object to. And then there’s the compliance issues. Join our expert panel as they lift the lid on how to navigate the pitfalls to harness the power of social during the era of coronavirus.

    Sharing knowledge, expertise and learning is in The Forum’s DNA; never has this been a more urgent imperative if FS businesses are to survive the global crisis and help keep the UK economy going. Our weekly CMO Surgery features a panel of senior marketers discussing their thinking and approach to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic.
  • Transcending Borders: Marketing to the World with Multilingual Content Recorded: Jun 9 2020 56 mins
    Colt Foutz, Director, Digital Content Optimisation, Transperfect; and Matt Lowe, CEO, performance.io
    According to 2019 figures compiled by Internet World Stats, of more than 4 billion global daily internet users, just 25% are English speakers—and over half of all Google searches are in a language other than English. In fact, a staggering 85% of customers will not engage with your services or products at all if the information is not in their language. Join our discussion considering methods of analysing local markets and potential audiences, and how to deliver a relevant user experience in their language across SEO, Paid Media, Social Media and digital content.
  • CMO Surgery - The Changing Customer Journey Recorded: Jun 5 2020 48 mins
    David Cowan, Financial Services Forum
    Covid-19 has radically changed how brands interact with customers. Lockdown has forced businesses to communicate and transact online. For many industries this is a real problem, but Financial Services trade is intangible, a series of promises.

    You don’t need to test drive an ISA or sit on a Pension to see how comfy it is before you buy. Once marketing has orientated itself to the short term business goals imposed by the current crisis is now the time to be thinking about the longer term?

    Are we on the cusp of a golden age for Financial Service marketing, with customers forced online, to search, consider and transact? What will the lasting legacy of Covid-19 be for consumers and businesses alike?


    Christopher Brooks, Managing Director, Clientship
    David Lundholm, Director, New Income Streams, Legal & General
    Brian Stewart, Global Head of Customer Insight, Analytics and Reporting, AXA Investment Management
  • How Financial Brands Can Use Words to Stand Out Recorded: Jun 3 2020 49 mins
    Nathan Ashfield, AXA; Pete Dewar, The Clearing
    From established brands to edgy disrupters, consumers have a bewildering number of financial services brands to navigate. So how do they choose one from another? And how are financial brands using words to try to stand out from the crowd?

    Pete Dewar is creative director for language at brand consultancy The Clearing, helping brands use words more imaginatively to engage the people that matter to them. He chairs a panel of financial brands to examine how they can use tone of voice more effectively to gain a competitive advantage.
  • CMO Surgery Special – The FSF Big Summer Quiz Recorded: May 29 2020 16 mins
    David Cowan, Financial Services Forum
    Can you tell a Kotler quote from an Aaker without batting an eyelid? Do you remember which rather natty-looking mammal appeared in First Direct's TV adverts? And exactly how long has the Lloyds Bank black horse been around?

    Test your marketing general knowledge and be in with a chance of winning £50 for a charity of your choice, by taking part in our quiz. Which Member will taking the crowning glory? We can't wait to find out.

    We hope that the quiz will be a fun way to welcome the summer months, competing against fellow Members to win money for a good cause.
  • CMO Surgery – the World Post Covid-19 Recorded: May 22 2020 52 mins
    Toby Clark, Mintel; Jez Groom, Cowry Consulting; David Angles Pereda, Allianz Global Investors; David Smith, CEO, GFF
    Coronavirus has turned our world on its head as businesses and consumers alike grapple with the financial fallout of Covid-19. Lenders scrambled to provide billions in business loans and mortgage holidays to keep the country afloat and investors watched their savings implode. A whopping 9 million are expected to join the government’s furlough job retention scheme, bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘welfare state’.
  • CMO Surgery - Post-Pandemic Recovery Planning Recorded: May 15 2020 52 mins
    Richard Buchanan, The Clearing; Sue Helmont, AIG Life; Pete Markey, TSB and Alastair Pegg, Homeserve
    Sharing knowledge, expertise and learning is in The Forum’s DNA; never has this been a more urgent imperative if FS businesses are to survive the global crisis and help keep the UK economy going. Our weekly CMO Surgery features a panel of senior marketers discussing the challenges thrown up by the pandemic. Everyone is welcome: grab a coffee and come armed with questions.

    With countries gradually starting to emerge from lockdown marketers must focus on planning their post-pandemic recovery. While the majority of FS means brands have had to find ways to continue functioning, it’s unlikely there will be a return to ‘business as usual’ any time soon. What are the considerations, then, to getting marketing activity back up and running amid a tsunami of budget cuts and spending freezes? How can brands reconnect with customers – whether B2B or B2C– many of whom are suffering financially? And what does recovery look like for sectors particularly impacted by Covid-19 such as insurance? Join our expert panel as we discuss practical approaches to all this and more.
  • Lifting the Lid on SEO and PPC Recorded: May 12 2020 54 mins
    James Newhouse & Matt Loughlin, Receptional
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns sit at the heart of any digital strategy; done well they should drive revenue and business growth, but a successful campaign requires careful planning. This session will use real-life examples to examine the importance of digital PR in the wider marketing mix, consider what an effective campaign structure looks like and how tailored content can supercharge your SEO campaign. Attendees will find out how to maximise a PPC campaign, understand latest developments such as smart bidding, and key considerations to drive traffic, enquiries and revenue. Join us for a practical and detailed look under the bonnet of SEO and PPC.
  • The Channel Marketing Protagonists in Covid-19 Recorded: May 7 2020 47 mins
    David Cowan
    According to a March 16-31 survey by Ebiquity 80 percent of brands are planning to cut media spending for the rest of the year with offline budgets taking the biggest hit, with online spending down only 2 percent. The biggest media losers in the survey were out-of-home, print and radio. In contrast, of the business leaders and CEOs who are posting on LinkedIn since the crisis began, half of them are getting the best reactions they have seen on a post all year. So in our new Covid 19 reality, which marketing channels should FS brand be using and what are the key messages? Come join the channel specialists from Teamspirit who will share their insight into which channels to prioritise and how to determine the most relevant content to your audience.
  • CMO Surgery - Heroes and Villains Recorded: May 1 2020 50 mins
    James Daly, Fairer Finance; Paul Hibbs, Nationwide; Tony Langham, Lansons and Nuala Walsh, Mind Equity
    Sharing knowledge, expertise and learning has never been a more urgent imperative if FS businesses are to survive the global crisis and help keep the UK economy going. This week our CMO Surgery panel of marketing and reputation experts will look at the actions of brands in response to the crisis, and public perceptions. Everyone is welcome, so grab a coffee and come armed with questions, and help our community to get through this together.

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures; brands that have instinctively understood the urgent need to stand together and do everything possible to help at a time of unprecedented national crisis are emerging as the heroes of the day. Supermarkets, food and catering businesses, even luxury brands like LVMH and Formula1 – not the likeliest of contenders – have garnered an extraordinary degree of public approval and goodwill by their actions; others have aroused widespread ire for poorly considered edicts. This session will consider how brands should behave in times of crisis and delve into the values and purpose behind differing corporate responses. We'll consider the characteristics driving public affection - and whether that can build trust and, ultimately, translate into longer-term consumer loyalty when the pandemic passes.
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  • Title: The Challenges of Client Reporting in European Asset Management
  • Live at: Feb 10 2011 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Magnus Spence, FS Forum; Damian Bryan, Equipos; Peter Ellis, Investit; Richard Heald, BrightTALK; Clive Shelton, IFDS UK
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