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Brett King Bank two dot zero

Brett King Bank two dot zero
Recorded Nov 28 2011 56 mins
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Brett King
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  • Thought Leadership Marketing: Ten Pearls of Wisdom Jun 29 2017 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Jon Bennett and Keith Brookbank, Linstock
    Every financial services organisation has a unique take on the world. But most struggle to be heard. Linstock Communications will share 10 Pearls of Wisdom on thought leadership marketing, helping organisations discover and give voice to ideas that change people's perspective on issues that matter. The webinar will explore: the naked truth about thought leadership, how you can build thought leadership into your communications strategy and ten key elements every thought leadership marketing campaign should contain.
  • The Future of Financial Services – Utility vs Meaning Recorded: Mar 8 2017 49 mins
    Justin Small, Chief Strategy Officer, The BIO Agency
    Uber, Nike and their like, have turned branding on its head. They have created utilitarian global brands by inserting themselves into our daily lives using technology as their Trojan horse. And through this utility they have invested more meaning into their brands than any global advertising campaign ever could. Utilitarianism is the innovation frontier for financial services. How do traditional financial service companies reconfigure and transform their capabilities to innovate around their customers' needs and rebuild their brand meaning through utility, instead of advertising.
  • User Experience Innovation in the Financial Services Sector Recorded: Nov 26 2015 45 mins
    Andrew Japp, Webcredible
    How could wearable tech transform UX in the financial services sector? What will personalisation and big data impact on UX? Omnichannel - creating a seamless user experience from online to offline.
  • An Overview of LinkedIn – What FS professional can't afford to ignore in 2015 Recorded: Feb 11 2015 40 mins
    David Reilly, Digital Consulting
    Since it made a debut in 2003, LinkedIn has evolved and enhanced its offerings.
    Our mindset about how to use LinkedIn, however, has not evolved as quickly as the product.
    If you haven’t changed your approach to LinkedIn, you’re missing out on some of the biggest benefits.
    This free Webinar will enhance your understanding of this “professional network” and the fundamental benefits to you and your organization, including:
    1. Linkedin: Why it’s a critical tool for financial service marketers in 2015
    2. Company Brand: How your company profile can make or break you
    3. Content: How the most successful companies use content to create their own LinkedIn profile
  • 20:20 Vision 2014 Recorded: Dec 5 2014 21 mins
    The title of The Forum’s Autumn 2015 conference was “20:20 vision” so asked our Members for their comments on their vision for the financial services industry in 2020 – insight into what the future might hold. We also went out on the street and got some vox pops from the general public.
  • The Geography of Banking in 2020 Recorded: Nov 27 2014 33 mins
    Ian Goodliffe, Consulting Partner, CACI
    Societal and technological changes are altering the way consumers interact with their bank. This in turn will shape the branch network of the future, both in terms of where branches will be located and their purpose/format. However, the impact of this change is not happening at the same rate across the UK and does vary according to local demographics.
    Ian will demonstrate that the best way to optimise your branch network by 2020 is to make sure you take these local considerations into account: the best national picture is actually the sum of all the local situations.
  • How Crowdfunding, Peer to Peer and Bitcoin will affect the Future of Finance Recorded: Nov 27 2014 37 mins
    Simon Dixon, CEO & Co-Founder, BankToTheFuture.com
    Simon explains how digital currencies such as Bitcoin, peer to peer lending and CrowdFunding will affect the future of banking and finance.
  • Living With Disruption Recorded: Nov 27 2014 44 mins
    Rohit Talwar, Chief Executive Officer, Fast Future
    In this provocative session, global futurist Rohit Talwar explores how industry strategies, businesses models and organisation design could develop in response to the evolution in social needs and expectations and a rapid acceleration in the capability of personal and corporate technologies. He describes a number of potentially disruptive ventures that could change the game in financial services and highlights practical strategies for firms that want to shape the future rather than be a casualty of it.
  • Challenge to Change Recorded: Nov 27 2014 47 mins
    David Smith, CEO, Global Futures & Foresight
    David describes the driving forces that are making wholesale change in financial services increasing inevitable and desirable for the industry’s participants, their clients and consumers and the regulator.
  • Pensions Freedom Part 1: International Lessons - Q&A Recorded: Oct 15 2014 33 mins
    Mel Duffield, Pensions Policy Institute and Tim Gosden, L&G
    The question and answer session from The Forum's Pensions Reform discussion in September 2014. Panel includes: David Dunn, Making Sense of Retirement (Chair); Mel Duffield, Pensions Policy Institute; Tim Gosden, L&G; James Coney, Money Mail; Simon Lambert,Thisismoney.co.uk.
  • International Lessons:DC pensions and retirement Recorded: Oct 15 2014 21 mins
    Mel Duffield, Pensions Policy Institute
    The third presentations from our recent Pensions Freedom event. The Pension bombshell dropped by The Chancellor in the March budget has galvanised the UK market. Recent research will show how the UK consumer has reacted to the changes. In other countries where savers do not have to buy annuities (e.g. Australia and USA) what do retirees do with their pension pots? What does the retirement income market look like and what products have developed and prospered? What has driven consumer behaviour in those markets? And, with the new pension flexibilities in the UK, what would be a good outcome from a regulatory perspective?
  • Annuities - Experience from the USA and Australia Recorded: Sep 10 2014 23 mins
    Tim Gosden, Head of Strategy, Individual Retirement Income, L&G
    The second of three presentations from our recent Pensions Freedom event. The Pension bombshell dropped by The Chancellor in the March budget has galvanised the UK market. In other countries where savers do not have to buy annuities (e.g. Australia and USA) what do retirees do with their pension pots? What does the retirement income market look like and what products have developed and prospered?
  • Learning From a Retail Sector: Connecting the Customer Recorded: Mar 19 2014 42 mins
    Clive West, Digital Director, Halfords and Peter Veash, CEO, The BIO Agency
    The world of retail is moving at a rapid pace - driven by changing consumer behaviour and new technological advancements. Using digital to improve the online to instore experience has allowed us to be smarter marketers, this has resulted in better relevance to our customers, better service and as a result Halfords are doing more business.
    Clive West, Head of Digital at Halfords, and Peter Veash, CEO of The BIO Agency, have been working closely together to join up the customer experience and drive digital innovation in the business. During this session, they’ll give some insight into the customer behaviour and some of the advancements they have made.
  • Are Consumer Trends Setting The Business Technology Agenda? Recorded: Mar 19 2014 30 mins
    Simon Farr, CTO, Head of Innovation, BT Global Services
    Simon will discuss how customer conversations in technology are dominated by three key areas; Mobility, Collaboration and Cloud. External pressures from consumers around the latest smart phones and tablets fuel the BYOD debate, which in turn present opportunities for richer collaboration, and new consumption models from the cloud. Simon will also highlight how BT plays a leading role around key areas of technology, has a significant heritage in
    research and continues to scout for new innovation. Simon is responsible for global Innovation within BT’s Portfolio and Service Design team and the global Chief Technology Officer programme. Simon is also responsible for setting the thought leadership agenda and leading the team globally.
  • Business Models for The Future Recorded: Feb 14 2014 12 mins
    Warren D’Souza Head of Digital for Consumer Lines, AIG
    Social media has a proven track record of building stronger bonds with consumers in a market where trust has increasingly becoming an issue. Is social media and mobile the way forward in general insurance?
  • Social Media: Shaping the Future Recorded: Feb 14 2014 20 mins
    Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, RSA Group
    (Includes some mobile phone audio interference) More consumers are adapting to the ever growing world of social media and mobile. Is there a future here for the general insurance sector? Are companies doing enough in this space? Pete Markey takes us through the RSA journey and gives examples of innovation in this sector.
  • The Seven Secrets of Building Strong Internal Brands Recorded: Feb 6 2014 90 mins
    Lucian Camp, Neil Dawson, Annabel Venner, Piers Pollock
    Organisations large and small can struggle with internal communications.

    In this webinar, experienced brand managers talk about what works and what doesn't in the crucial area of internal brand development.

    In people businesses, which almost all financial services businesses are, brands are built from within. Without strong internal buy-in, the chances of success in the external marketplace are negligible. Yet the fact is that most internal brand-building initiatives achieve little - and many are actually counter-productive, leading to an increase in off-brand behaviour.

    Speakers include:
    Lucian Camp, Principal, Lucian Camp Consulting (Chair)
    Annabel Venner, Global Brand Director, Hiscox
    Neil Dawson, Chief Strategy Officer, Europe, Sapient Nitro
    Piers Pollock, Executive Director of Strategy and Planning, The Gate London
  • Your Vital Statistics Recorded: Nov 29 2013 22 mins
    Karen Barrett, Chief Executive, Unbiased.co.uk
    A second industry case study. In an age where data is king, how do we future proof and use it to our business advantage? With significant change in the advice industry and the improvement in technology, leading consumer adviser search site unbiased.
    co.uk needed to rethink, rebuild and repopulate their huge database to maintain and drive forward market position. Where do you start and what are the major considerations? How do you engage a mass audience with a call to action in a short amount of time? How do you do this on a tiny budget?
    Karen has twenty years of financial marketing experience, much of which has been focused on utilising online technology and PR to market services to consumers.
    Over the last decade she has positioned unbiased.co.uk as the UK’s leading ‘find an adviser’ company and exponentially increased the numbers of consumers finding an adviser through clever and effective use of social media, online marketing, PR, brand awareness and communications. She was recently voted The Financial Services Forum Marketer of the Year 2013.
Helping to Improve Marketing Effectiveness
The Forum is a community of marketing leaders from across all sectors of the financial services industry. The Forum’ help its Members improve their marketing effectiveness through a calendar of 50+ seminars and conferences per annum, access to a web-based Knowledge Centre archive of marketing intelligence, and via a journal, Argent.

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