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Closing the Gap in Campaign Execution

From strategy and implementation through to measuring performance and impact, how can we better understand the gaps and potential compliance challenges associated with campaign execution?
Hear directly from a high profile financial services business that has successfully navigated these challenges and closed the campaign gaps to achieve board level confidence in marketing.
Delivered in partnership with global marketing and sales management consultancy, BluprintX, the webinar will also draw on findings from a recent Forum survey on the topic, sharing insights from our most senior members.
Join us to learn exactly what needs to change in campaign execution, and how you can use this to align organisational strategy and achieve operational impact.
Recorded Sep 22 2020 57 mins
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Presented by
Kieran Noonan, EMEA Delivery Manager, BluprintX
Presentation preview: Closing the Gap in Campaign Execution

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  • A-Z of Digital Marketing – LinkedIn Masterclass Nov 25 2020 10:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Lee Gannon, Head of Paid Social, Receptional
    For the fifth session in the series, Lee Gannon will give an overview of LinkedIn Advertising as a channel in 2020 and what makes it a good fit for the finance sector. We’ll cover audience targeting, recommended ad formats and what makes a successful offer. From attending the session, you will leave with a framework for creating your own campaigns, as well as some actionable tips and tricks to implement.
  • How Coronavirus Turbo-Charged Marketing Transformation Nov 3 2020 9:30 am UTC 90 mins
    David Cowan, Suzi Bentley-Tanner, Mark Brayton, Patrick Fagan,
    Coronavirus has turbo-charged the evolution of financial services marketing as businesses vie to meet customer demands for a more connected, continuous and hyper-relevant experience. With smaller teams and less budget available than ever, the success of marketing transformation is reliant on a wider digital transformation, combined with not only a granular understanding of the business, its customers and the brand, but also of a fast-changing society. This session will discuss the key considerations for FS brands of all shapes and sizes to meet the transformation challenge.
  • A-Z of Digital Marketing – Content Marketing Oct 28 2020 10:00 am UTC 90 mins
    Dave Clough & Phil Vong, Receptional
    How to create a content marketing strategy (that your customers will actually care about)
    We’ve all been in those difficult ideas sessions – butting heads, awkward silences, diplomatically rejecting terrible suggestions one after another while internally screaming “get me out of here!”
    This frustration is often amplified in the finance space where good ideas are particularly hard to come by, what with dry subject matters and all that pesky red-tape.
    Have you ever thought:
    “Surely there has got to be a better way to produce content strategies than throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping something eventually sticks?”
    The answer is yes. There is.
    David Clough is the Head of Content Strategy at Receptional and the above scenario is one painfully close to his heart. With a career in creative strategy spanning over a decade, he has developed a series of go-to methods and get-out-of-jail free cards that turn those headache meetings into delightful and productive meetings of great minds.
    Join him for his Content Strategy Masterclass where he reveals the tricks of the trade, the sharing of which, may well see him barred from the Content Marketing Magic Circle.
    Topics covered include:
    • Historic Content Optimisation
    Quick and easy strategies to improve the performance of old content
    • Content Gap Analysis
    Plug gaps in your content based on competitor insights, and fill them
    • Industry Blog Hijacking
    See what the biggest sites in your niche do and take calculated inspiration
    • Customer-driven Strategies
    Create a content strategy that your customers actually care about.
  • Product & Service Innovation Awards – Winner’s Case Study Recorded: Oct 2 2020 62 mins
    Jez Groom
    This webinar will showcase the winning entry for the Forum’s 2020 Product and Service Innovation Awards in the Marketing and Communication category. Behavioural science consultancy Cowry Consulting worked with pension provider Aegon to develop personalised, animated video summaries to drive scheme members’ engagement with their pensions – a hugely tricky issue for the pensions industry. Featuring real time pension information, each video provides members with an overview of their retirement savings position. Cowry Consulting’s Chief Choice Architect will lift the lid on the challenge, their approach to the solution, and discuss what a winning award entry looks like.
  • The A-Z of Digital Marketing: 25 Steps to a High Converting Financial Website Recorded: Sep 30 2020 52 mins
    Justin Deaville, Receptional
    For this, the third core module, before we begin to focus on channels we'll be looking at how you can optimise your financial services website for conversions. The concept of the marketing funnel is nothing new. It’s called a funnel because lots of people start the process, then potential conversions leak out at every step. This webinar will help you understand how to engage your audience, turning web visitors into conversions.
  • Fintechs – How Open Banking Has Come of Age Recorded: Sep 29 2020 55 mins
    Seema Desai, COO, Iwoca; Sam O’Connor, CEO, Coconut
    Open Banking usage has been accelerated by Covid-19, with its use now expected to double to 40 million by 2021, according to a recent Juniper Research report, with existing hindrances and fears of sharing data being fast tracked as necessary change.

    Fintechs offering the ability to aggregate financial accounts, access to funds from multiple banks on the same platform and to provide insight into financial health, have proved invaluable for SMEs and consumers alike.

    In this session we’ll explore how open banking has become a table stake for providing financial services post Covid, and just how prevalent it will become in all our lives. From payment providers to funding platforms and credit providers, hear about the innovative services that are in-store to further improve service experience and custom solutions, and how open APIs are ensuring banks can still compete with those more digitally enabled.
  • Closing the Gap in Campaign Execution Recorded: Sep 22 2020 57 mins
    Kieran Noonan, EMEA Delivery Manager, BluprintX
    From strategy and implementation through to measuring performance and impact, how can we better understand the gaps and potential compliance challenges associated with campaign execution?
    Hear directly from a high profile financial services business that has successfully navigated these challenges and closed the campaign gaps to achieve board level confidence in marketing.
    Delivered in partnership with global marketing and sales management consultancy, BluprintX, the webinar will also draw on findings from a recent Forum survey on the topic, sharing insights from our most senior members.
    Join us to learn exactly what needs to change in campaign execution, and how you can use this to align organisational strategy and achieve operational impact.
  • Pros and Cons of Live Chat in Banking Recorded: Sep 15 2020 65 mins
    John Field, Episerver; Phil Hazelton & Scott Reed, Appius
    When asked about the top three NEW website features and/or functionality their companies would be most likely to adapt in the next 12 months, 32% of participants in Episerver's Digital Experience Report stated Live Chat was a priority.

    Customer journey and personalization experts Episerver discuss the pros and cons of live chat in banking. What does good live chat look like? And how do you ensure a smooth customer journey and excellent service levels?
  • The Changing Face of Mortgage Lending Recorded: Sep 10 2020 63 mins
    Target Group
    The Changing Face of Mortgage Lending
  • Lockdown Legacy – Lessons for Retail Banking Marketers Recorded: Sep 8 2020 55 mins
    Fiona Blades, MESH Experience; Mark Evans, Direct Line Group
    The coronavirus lockdown has significantly impacted retail banking with branch closures driving a whole new cohort online, and an altered customer experience landscape.

    In this webinar brand experience agency MESH Experience will share insights gleaned from research of 5,000 people, covering over 20,000 experiences across all major brands. The findings span multiple touchpoints, from branch, to online, to news, to ads, and more.

    MESH president Fiona Blades will examine what worked (and what didn’t) as marketers re-engineered the customer experience in a fast-changing situation, which banks got it right, and highlight emerging issues such as fraud. Ultimately she will consider the legacy of lockdown for retail banks.
  • A-Z of Digital Marketing: 10 Ways to Get More value from Your Marketing Budget Recorded: Aug 19 2020 51 mins
    Justin Deaville, Lee Gannon & Dave Clough, Receptional
    For our second session, we'll be looking at 10 ways you can optimise your digital channels to get more value from your marketing budget.

    History suggests some firms will emerge from this downturn stronger. Yes, they’ll cut costs – but, they’ll also plan for the recovery. And, when they spot opportunities, they’ll calmly invest for the future. Our analytics team have been poring over consumer data to see how behaviour has been changing. And we’ve sifted out 10 nuggets of practical advice.
  • A-Z of Digital Marketing: Top 10 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Themselves Recorded: Jul 29 2020 67 mins
    Justin Deauville & Dave Clough, Receptional; Niel Scaife, Hub
    Change is the prevailing facet of life in every business today. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of digital marketing – constantly evolving, and at an ever-accelerating pace.

    Some things don’t change however … such as the fundamental questions to which every digital marketer needs robust, objective answers.

    First up, we'll be sharing some thinking around 'The 10 Most Important Questions Every Ambitious Marketer Should be Able to Answer'. The main purpose is to help you prepare your marketing strategy, so your're ready for recovery post-pandemic.
  • How Asset Managers Can Drive 1:1 Personalization Recorded: Jul 9 2020 51 mins
    David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum
    The asset management industry is being assailed from all sides by a new generation of digital startups and service providers, each one promising your institutional and private wealth clients better service, lower fees and less friction.
    However, the standard has been set by consumer brands like Netflix and Amazon whose responsive experiences predict customer intent and deliver relevance in every interaction. Financial services leaders need to understand this shift in client expectation, and drive initiatives that deliver personalized and predictive digital experiences.
  • Why marketing can make or break digital wealth management Recorded: Jul 7 2020 64 mins
    The established wealth management industry, already subject to numerous competitive pressures, is facing further disruption with the emergence of a new, digitally native generation of customers. It’s clear that digital transformation is vital for survival as organisations vie to meet the changing needs and behaviours of this tech-savvy generation. And, with technological change affecting every part of a brand’s identity, from how it acquires customers to how it engages and communicates with them, how can marketers champion change to equip their organisation for a new era, and thrive, rather than survive this seismic change? Join us for an exclusive breakfast event to consider what a successful client acquisition/retention model looks like in digital and discuss the role of the marketer to drive success.
  • Webinar: How coronavirus is changing consumers’ financial behaviours Recorded: Jul 1 2020 63 mins
    David Cowan
    Coronavirus has forced consumers to refocus on their financial wellbeing, fueling a desire to feel financially secure. In turn, his has kick-started a behavioural change in the way consumers think and feel about their finances – from savings and credit, to protection and insurance.
    This session will unveil some proprietary research detailing how the consumer mindset has shifted. Consumers – particularly millennials – have never been as engaged in financial services as they are now. Coupled with a rise in digital channel usage, this opens up considerable opportunities for Financial Services marketers to re-examine how they engage with a receptive and open audience.
    Kate Turner, Vice President, Financial Services, Savanta
    Kathy Ellison, Director Financial Services, Savanta
    Charlotte May, Group Head of Customer Research at Legal & General
  • Marketing Effectiveness Showcase - RBS Recorded: Jun 25 2020 52 mins
    Jamie Brookes, RBS
    Marketing Effectiveness winner 2019
  • Empowering SME's Through Covid-19 Recorded: Jun 17 2020 49 mins
    David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum
    The Covid-19 crisis has arguably proven how vital fintechs are to the economy and will be to its recovery. From providing SME loan lifelines in 24 hours to providing wellbeing support, the fintech sector has graduated from the ultimate stress test.

    In this session, hear how leading fintechs responded to the crisis and are supporting our vital SME backbone. Understand the gaps that appeared in the system and how fintech agility to pivot and match changed customer needs was achieved. From alternative loan providers to credit check innovators, we’ll be discussing the lessons the crisis has taught us, what’s now changed forever and how fintechs are accelerating a better fs ecosystem.

    Join us via our BrightTALK channel here.


    Johnnie Ball, Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder, Fluidly
    Tim Boag, Group MD Business Finance, Aldermore Bank PLC
    Paul Morrison, COO Helix Resilience
    Samantha Seaton, CEO, Moneyhub
    Andrew Sieprath, VP Business Development, Credit Kudos
    Chair: Fiona Couper, Business Development & Marketing Director, Teamspirit
  • CMO Surgery - Covid-19 & Social Media, an Opportunity for FS Brands? Recorded: Jun 12 2020 52 mins
    David Cowan, Financial Services Forum
    Amid the outbreak of Covid-19, consumers are seeking advice and information now more than ever to map a path to financial health. With lockdowns and social-distancing the norm, new tranches of people are engaging with digital platforms for the first time, creating a golden opportunity for businesses to use social channels engage and support consumers, while keep their brand at the forefront when selling isn’t an option. BUT social media can also be a hotbed for negativity, where individuals and businesses complain about service, technical issues, and corporate stances they object to. And then there’s the compliance issues. Join our expert panel as they lift the lid on how to navigate the pitfalls to harness the power of social during the era of coronavirus.

    Sharing knowledge, expertise and learning is in The Forum’s DNA; never has this been a more urgent imperative if FS businesses are to survive the global crisis and help keep the UK economy going. Our weekly CMO Surgery features a panel of senior marketers discussing their thinking and approach to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic.
  • Transcending Borders: Marketing to the World with Multilingual Content Recorded: Jun 9 2020 56 mins
    Colt Foutz, Director, Digital Content Optimisation, Transperfect; and Matt Lowe, CEO, performance.io
    According to 2019 figures compiled by Internet World Stats, of more than 4 billion global daily internet users, just 25% are English speakers—and over half of all Google searches are in a language other than English. In fact, a staggering 85% of customers will not engage with your services or products at all if the information is not in their language. Join our discussion considering methods of analysing local markets and potential audiences, and how to deliver a relevant user experience in their language across SEO, Paid Media, Social Media and digital content.
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The Forum is a community of marketing leaders from across all sectors of the financial services industry. The Forum’ help its Members improve their marketing effectiveness through a calendar of 50+ seminars and conferences per annum, access to a web-based Knowledge Centre archive of marketing intelligence, and via a journal, Argent.

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  • Title: Closing the Gap in Campaign Execution
  • Live at: Sep 22 2020 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kieran Noonan, EMEA Delivery Manager, BluprintX
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