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Adventures in Cross-Platform

Jason talks about his experience in developing cross-platform, native apps - the various tools that can be used to produce them, common misconceptions and mistakes, design and development approach, coding, commercial arrangements, publishing and delivery etc.

- Tools to develop cross-platform native apps
- UI/UX mistakes
- Coding for cross-platform
- Retina, Density / Screen issues
- Planning and delivery
- Testing
Recorded Apr 21 2017 49 mins
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Presented by
Jason Kneen, Titanium Mobile Native App Developer, Speaker, Author, TCAD / TCD / TCI Certified, Titan
Presentation preview: Adventures in Cross-Platform

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  • BrightTALK Coding Academy: Taking a Leap into Software Development Oct 2 2018 7:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Amanda Cavallaro, Full Stack Developer and Google Developer Expert
    In this talk, Full-Stack and Google Developer Expert Amanda Cavallaro shares how technology has impacted and affected her life and career. From her empathy and experiences growing up in Brazil, to taking the leap to move to the UK and become a software developer and an advocate for the information technology community, Amanda discusses the challenges and lessons, and how the developer community helps people achieve their potential.
  • How Containers Promote Rapid Application Development Sep 27 2018 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Julian Fahrer, Software Engineer, Hover, Inc.
    This webinar focuses on the aspects of Docker and Containers that can help you in the development lifecycle of your applications. By utilizing containers you can save time and simplify your development workflow. The benefits you will learn about range from frictionless onboarding of new developers, consistent environments, saving time in managing workstations and dependencies to quickly adapting to new requirements. You will understand the challenges of developing applications within containers and techniques to overcome them. After this session, you will understand:

    - How to utilize containers to speed up your development process and free up resources
    - Where to start and how to drive progress on integrating containers into your development workflow
    - Challenges you might encounter along the way and techniques to overcome them
    - The ways containers will shape how you think about application and infrastructure design

    Julian is a Software Engineer, Online Educator, and Container Enthusiast. He automates all the things and containerizes Ruby applications at day. At night he sleeps. In between those times, he is busy climbing, hiking and teaching people about Docker and Containers at LearnDocker.online. His current life goal is to drastically reduce the time he sits per day.
  • Modernize Software Delivery: Using Git, Docker and Jenkins for CI/CD Sep 27 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Mike Zazon, Cloud Systems Developer Lead - Cloudreach
    Modernizing the software development lifecycle is a great way to bring efficiency to your business or side project. There are a lot of great tools available for this process, and the open source Jenkins build server from CloudBees is one of them. It brings efficiency through automation, integration and extensibility through massive catalog of plugins, and helps streamline development activities so that developers can focus on what they do best: getting awesome software out to users! In this webinar we will look at using Git, Docker, and Jenkins to build code from source, package the code into Docker containers, and deploy to a docker environment.
  • Making Continuous Security in Applications a Reality Sep 25 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Aaron Weaver - Application Security Architect, OWASP and DefectDojo
    You’ve probably heard many talks about DevSecOps and continuous security testing but how many provided the tools needed to actually start that testing? This talk does exactly that. It provides an overview of the open source AppSec Pipeline tool which has been used in real-world companies to do real security work. Beyond a stand-alone tool, the OWASP AppSec Pipeline provides numerous docker containers ready to automate, a specification to customize with the ability to create your own implementation and references to get you started.

    The talk will also cover how to add an AppSec Pipeline to your team’s arsenal and provide example templates of how best to run the automated tools provided. Finally, we’ll briefly cover using OWASP Defect Dojo to store and curate the issues found by your AppSec Pipeline. The goal of this talk is to share the field-tested methods of Aaron Weaver - If you want to start your DevSecOps journey by continuously testing rather then hear about it, this talk is for you.
  • Coding for All: Writing Smart Contracts Using Higher Natural Blockchain Language Sep 20 2018 10:00 am UTC 55 mins
    Arnoud Berghuis, Founder of the Blockchain Knowledge Foundation (BKS)
    In this talk, you will learn how managers or lawyers & accountants can write and read error free blockchain themselves using a higher natural programming language. Smart contracts are like real contracts, once referred to in the consideration of a real contract, there is a need to understand the smart contract.

    OLE Natural blockchain language enables managers to produce error free executable blockchain code faster. The compiler does the work, generates executable Solidity for Ethereum or Quorum blockchains. More important than speed is that OLE makes that lawyers or managers can understand (R/W/Validate) blockchains and that code is error free. Blockchain is write only, hence errors cannot be removed!

    OLE comes with a simple 2 STEP methodology to grantee ERROR FREE code: First, the OLE natural language input texts can be validated for correctness by domain experts. Second, compiler does the work and compiles to executable blockchain. The authors highlight further the need for a semantic blockchain.
  • BrightTALK Coding Academy: How to Adapt DevRel for the DevOps Community Aug 22 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mandy Waite, Advocacy and TLM for Ops and Infrastructure at Google
    Join Google’s Mandy Waite - Advocacy and TLM for Ops and Infrastructure and no.5 on Tech Reckoning’s Top 50 Google Cloud Influencers - and learn how you can adapt DevRel to work for the DevOps community in this live BrightTALK session.

    Mandy leads the team at Google that advocates to and behalf of Ops, DevOps, Sys & IT Admins, NetOps, SecOps, SRE and anyone building infrastructure, platforms and/or build + CI/CD pipelines. Ask Mandy any questions you have on how DevRel and DevOps can work together to drive business output and optimise work culture.
  • AI-Powered, Blockchain-Protected App Skejul - From Concept to Wefunder Campaign Aug 21 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matthew Lamons, Paul Heirendt - Skejul
    Join Matthew Lamons and Paul Heirendt of Skejul in this discussion of how they've taken their AI-powered, Blockchain-protected Skejul app from conception through to Wefunder.
  • How to Containerize Java Spring Applications using Docker Recorded: Jul 26 2018 54 mins
    Mike Zazon, Cloud Systems Developer Lead, Cloudreach
    So you want to containerize your Java Spring application? Great idea!

    Java is continuing to evolve and closer integration with Docker is one of the recent benefits of the latest releases! Docker provides a lot of great constructs and mechanisms to take applications all the way from development to production. Simplifying development activities and managing dependencies is one of the biggest advantages! There are a lot of great tricks and best practices that will make your life easier as you start to get your hands dirty with Docker, so join Mike Zazon, Cloud Systems Developer Lead at Cloudreach, as looks at some of those tricks and best practices and go through some examples that will help you along your journey to containerizing your Java Spring applications!
  • 7 Reasons Why Value Stream Integration Improves SW Quality Assurance Recorded: Jul 25 2018 56 mins
    Matt Angerer
    In this presentation, we break down 7 key reasons why VSI will inherently improve the effectiveness of your QA and Testing practice. Inspired by Matt Angerer’s trials and tribulations as a Program Testing Consultant for over 8 vertical markets and 10 end-to-end SAP implementations, this presentation is a no-nonsense action-packed roadmap to understanding VSI, but to also apply it immediately for lasting results.
  • Q&T SIG Talk Series Ep. 17: Automating UFT, LoadRunner & Perf Center Testing Recorded: Jul 24 2018 34 mins
    Richard Bishop
    Automating UFT, LoadRunner and Performance Center tests using Jenkins

    Richard is a test specialist at Lloyds Banking Group in the UK and in recent years has helped test teams to adopt automated approaches to testing. In a shortened version of his recent presentation at the Micro Focus Universe conference in Monaco, Richard will demonstrate the use of Jenkins as an orchestrater for Micro Focus ADM tools including UFT, LoadRunner and Performance Center. There will be opportunities for Q&A and discussion of the approach that he has used.
  • Q & T SIG Talk Series - Jenkins & Continuous Integration [Complete Edition] Recorded: Jul 24 2018 67 mins
    Richard Bishop, Chris Trimper
    Quality and Testing SIG Talk Series - Automation with Jenkins and Continuous Integration [Complete Edition]

    This SIG talk features two Vivit Board members, Richard Bishop and Chris Trimper. They will share their expertise and knowledge about automation with Jenkins and Continuous Integration.

    Shown below is an outline of the agenda and topics:

    Speaker: Richard Bishop
    Automating UFT, LoadRunner and Performance Center tests using Jenkins: Richard is a test specialist at Lloyds Banking Group in the UK and in recent years has helped test teams to adopt automated approaches to testing. In a shortened version of his recent presentation at the Micro Focus Universe conference in Monaco, Richard will demonstrate the use of Jenkins as an orchestrater for Micro Focus ADM tools including UFT, LoadRunner and Performance Center. There will be opportunities for Q&A and discussion of the approach that he has used.

    Speaker: Chris Trimper
    Preparing functional test automation for Continuous Integration
  • [Ep.17] Founders' Spotlight: Matthew Lamons & Paul Heirendt, Co-Founders- Skejul Recorded: Jul 17 2018 58 mins
    Harriet Jamieson, BrightTALK and Matthew Lamons and Paul Heirendt, Skejul
    In this episode of Founders Spotlight, Matthew Lamons and Paul Heirendt, Co-Founders of Skejul, share how they started the AI driven, Blockchain-protected Calendar Assistant application.

    Skejul was named “Cool Vendor for Unified Communications 2017” by Gartner, Inc, and enables its users to set meetings in seconds without sharing calendars, bouncing emails, or disclosing private information. It also lets users see all planned and potential events in one place, on any device and lets you share your time, thoughts and activities with whoever you choose, wherever you are.
  • How to Modernize Applications in the Cloud Era Recorded: Jul 6 2018 58 mins
    Jeffrey Deverter, Cloud Strategist, Cloudreach
    Learn from industry-leading Cloud Strategist Jeffrey Deverter how to modernize your applications using continuous deployment and continuous integration on the Cloud.

    Jeffrey will discuss a methodology that will enable you to modernize applications to reap several business benefits - including Agile improvements, transparency into the true cost of ownership of application operation - and share advice on how to drive business value and the direction of applications.
  • A framework for making the move to Behavior Driven Development Recorded: Jun 27 2018 55 mins
    Ryan Yackel, Director of Product, QASymphony
    Behavior Driven Development (BDD) has many benefits, including quicker development cycles, increased automation, better collaboration between departments and reduced siloed communication. But for all the benefits, organizations are still hesitant to transition to BDD because of the changes on their people, processes and tools.

    In this webinar, we’ll explain a successful framework for evaluating your readiness for BDD, considering your potential roadblocks and making a seamless transition.
  • Bringing hope to young refugees with AI-powered education applications: Paz.ai Recorded: Jun 25 2018 59 mins
    Aida Martinez, AI Education Program Lead at Google, Alvaro Sanmartin, Head of Growth at Skills Matter and CEO Leticia Galdon
    Paz.ai is an AI-powered multiplayer online gaming platform that teaches block-based programming to refugees.

    Using Google’s CS First curriculum as a guide to follow a structured educational plan, the AI-powered application was co-founded by Aida Martinez, AI Education Program Lead at Google, Alvaro Sanmartin, Head of Growth at Skills Matter and CEO Leticia Galdon, international social worker.

    Created and backed by leading entrepreneurs, Paz.ai is working with refugee camps to ensure that every young person escaping from violence and war can have a future through technology.

    Learn more about the application, the technology behind it and the story of Paz in this exclusive session with the founders.

    To support the project on Kickstarter, please go to:
  • DevOps 2020 Vision - Achieve Full Continuous Testing Agility Recorded: Jun 14 2018 29 mins
    Ankita Bhargava
    The year 2020 is approaching faster that you imagined. And the paradigm is shifting rapidly, with go, no go decisions being made in seconds and the battle for customer loyalty becoming an everyday reality. As companies across the board are moving towards DevOps and a shift-left approach, defining clear goals and making the right decisions, right now, is critical to success. The enterprises that most espouse shared responsibility, empowered autonomous teams, and continuous learning environment allow DevOps to thrive in their organization, in the truest sense.

    Join Zephyr Product Manager, Ankita Bhargava as she covers the four critical components to test management in a DevOps ecosystem and why it is integral to achieving continuous software delivery.

    In this session Ankita addresses:

    - Why your organization needs to focus NOW on Continuous Testing Agility
    - Actions your organization can take to get ahead in the race
    - How Zephyr is accelerating the global adoption of DevOps with the launch of Zephyr DevOps

    Presenter Bio: Ankita Bhargava brings over 7 years of product, engineering, and networking technology experience. Prior to Zephyr, Ankita has worked in product and marketing roles in companies such as Godrej, Aadtech and Loadstar. She holds an MBA in Product Management & Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Outside of work, Ankita enjoys playing tennis, scuba diving, hiking and travelling and experiencing new cultures.
  • How to Accelerate Serverless Application Development Recorded: Jun 14 2018 54 mins
    Asankha Perera and Chathura Widanage, SLAppForge
    Join Asankha Perera and Chathura Widanage from SLAppForge to learn about:

    - A significantly more productive IDE for Serverless computing
    - How to develop an end-to-end Serverless application in a few minutes
    - How to build, test and deploy applications without leaving the IDE
    - Work hands-on with the AWS API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB and S3
    - Learn about upcoming features - Serverless security and monitoring
  • Site Reliability Engineering vs DevOps: Two Google Developers Chat, Live! Recorded: May 31 2018 54 mins
    Harriet Jamieson, BrightTALK, with Seth Vargo and Liz Fong-Jones, Developer Advocates at Google Cloud Platform
    Join Seth Vargo and Liz Fong-Jones, Developer Advocates at Google Cloud Platform, to discuss SRE vs. DevOps.

    Two trending disciplines with a fair bit of overlap, Seth and Liz share their insights on how the two communities can work together and build better, more reliable systems.

    Tune-in, join the discussion and don't miss your chance to ask any questions you have to two leaders in the field.
  • Project and Portfolio Management: What is new 9.50 Recorded: May 29 2018 64 mins
    Ronen Aseo , Silvia Davis, Keith Flournoy
    As Agile teams are growing exponentially, companies are looking to adapt new process and tools, to integrate, optimize and manage hybrid (Agile, Waterfall) portfolio of applications. There is a need to increase visibility and collaboration while enabling insight into their organization’s process to maintain governance, avoid compliance issues, deliver quality and optimize resource and investments.

    Join this webinar to learn more about:

    • Integrated Portfolio Management focus on product development,
    including new what if scenarios
    • New capabilities to support Enterprise Agile frameworks
    • Consolidated time and resource management for Agile and waterfall projects
Trends and insights for developing apps and maintaining service
The webcasts in this channel will highlight trends and best practices for the application development lifecycle as well as how to make sure your application maintain a steady level of service.

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  • Title: Adventures in Cross-Platform
  • Live at: Apr 21 2017 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jason Kneen, Titanium Mobile Native App Developer, Speaker, Author, TCAD / TCD / TCI Certified, Titan
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