Mobilizing Enterprise Apps – Too Many Apps, Not Enough Time

Mandeep Khera & Pascal Jaillon, moTwin & Sanjiv Goyal, CEO, Droisys
Enterprises are under tremendous pressure to “mobilize” their enterprise apps for consumers and employees. Mobilizing enterprise apps can provide a boost in increasing revenues and employee productivity. Time to market is of paramount importance but companies are short on resources and expertise. But there are a few strategies that can help companies get organized, be proactive, and rapidly develop and deploy these mobile apps. We will discuss these strategies, challenges, issues, and solutions that can help you execute your mobile initiatives successfully.
Jan 10 2013
48 mins
Mobilizing Enterprise Apps – Too Many Apps, Not Enough Time
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  • How to accelerate your SaaS development using PaaS Apr 23 2014 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    As more and more software product companies are looking to migrate their traditional on-premise software to a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering they are discovering it takes longer than first expected and comes with many challenges.

    Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides a great way to create highly scalable applications. PaaS accelerates application development, testing, deployment and maintenance of your SaaS application.

    Join Mark Eisenberg, a thought leader in cloud and mobile, and Motifworks’ Nitin Agarwal to learn how to accelerate your migration to SaaS using PaaS. This webinar will feature a review of the Windows Azure PaaS platform and Motifworks SaaS development framework to further reduce your time-to-market.

    Attendees will learn:
    * The benefits of Platform as a Service over Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    * How PaaS accelerates development and delivery of SaaS
    * Azure Cloud Services (PaaS) overview
    * Best practices for great cloud application on Azure PaaS
  • HP Apps 12 Update: Gain the Elusive Balance Between Velocity and Quality Recorded: Apr 1 2014 66 mins
    We’re all trying to balance the demands of quickly delivering the innovative applications that drive the business while maintaining an outstanding customer experience with guaranteed quality. Achieving this balance requires a new approach to application development and delivery – one that enables on-going collaboration across teams with relentless automation, insight and the ability to remove constraints that delay development, testing and release.
  • The Modern Data Center: Metrics for Achieving Web-Scale and IT as a Service Recorded: Mar 19 2014 60 mins
    Join us for a discussion between Claus Moldt, former Global CIO at, and David Roth, CEO of AppFirst. Learn best practices from two of the world’s leading organizations on how they’ve achieved web-scale IT.

    During this webinar, we’ll explore:
    - How the right breadth and granularity of metrics is required to successfully achieve and manage web-scale, and transform IT to a Service
    - Best practices established at companies like and eBay
    - Strategies for sizing environments when migrating to virtual or cloud services
    - The benefits of an IT as a Service model
  • Which Cloud? It All Starts with Assessing Application Readiness Recorded: Mar 13 2014 38 mins
    One of the more challenging aspects of cloud adoption is identifying if an application is a good fit for cloud, and what cloud is the best. Gravitant has taken their extensive knowledge and developed a wizard-based tool that determines the business value of moving to the cloud, the amount of effort it will take to make the application cloud ready and what type of cloud is the best fit for this particular app. Join us to learn more about the key criteria to consider when assessing an application and how we enable IT to assist the business in this determination.
  • Building Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Recorded: Feb 24 2014 57 mins
    Microsoft Azure mobile service experts Kirill Gavrylyuk, principal program manager lead, and Miranda Luna, product manager demonstrate how to build a secure mobile app in the enterprise. The topics that this webinar will cover focus on employee facing mobile apps, mobile backends in Azure, mobile services, notification hubs as well as some best practices and resources. Both presenters will walk attendees through how Windows Azure can help build a mobile app that is both efficient and secure.
  • The Need For SSDs: Why Mixed Workloads are the Real Killer of App Performance Recorded: Feb 18 2014 42 mins
    Over 75% of the application performance problems exist today because of poor performing storage in either IOPS, bandwidth or latency. Achieving ideal storage performance becomes a greater challenge the more diverse and complex the workload, which can ultimately bring storage performance to its knees. Many flash array vendors claim to solve application performance challenges, yet few can keep their performance promises with today’s demands on storage.

    In this webcast, we will discuss real world mixed workload requirements for applications focusing on two common use cases – virtualization and SAP. The lessons learned will be valid for all business critical applications. We will focus on how to test mixed workloads and what results to look for from a high performance SSD storage.
  • Faster ROI with ALM Through Education Recorded: Feb 4 2014 64 mins
    Join us to hear the top reasons that thousands of HP Quality Center Enterprise customers have already upgraded to HP Application Lifecycle Management. Plus hear how customers are using the HP Adoption Readiness Tool in conjunction with the upgrade to produce self-educated users who are eagerly willing to take on the benefits of the new features in HP ALM which include:

    Reduced IT Budget Overruns
    Reduced Software Testing Expense
    Increased visibility into reporting with easier access to data
  • Mainframe + Hadoop: Bridging the Gap Between Big Iron and Big Data Recorded: Jan 23 2014 36 mins
    Your mainframe powers mission-critical applications throughout the enterprise - collecting, generating and processing tons of corporate data. You know you can’t afford to neglect this critical data, but there’s no easy way to exploit it ... until now!

    Syncsort brings decades of mainframe expertise to Hadoop, providing a painless and seamless approach to exploit all your data, including mainframe. Because, after all, mainframe data is Big Data too!

    In this webcast, you’ll learn the top technical, skill and cost challenges of ingesting and processing mainframe data in Hadoop -- and how to solve them!

    Topics include:

    -Mainframe to Hadoop connectivity. How to read files directly from mainframe & load them into HDFS
    -Data translation. How to understand & translate mainframe data into a Hadoop-friendly format.
    -Data processing. How to easily develop & deploy common data flows with mainframe data in Hadoop.
    -Deployment and administration. How to deploy, administer and monitor your Hadoop environment.
  • Managing The Complete Application Lifecycle Recorded: Jan 16 2014 51 mins
    This webinar will cover how HP Project & Portfolio Management Center and HP Application Lifecycle Management can be used together to help organizations plan, build and run cloud, web and mobile applications.
  • Managing the Mobile Application Lifecycle Recorded: Dec 6 2013 52 mins
    3 things you will learn/take away from the webinar:

    Challenges in mobile testing, Automated functional testing solution for mobile apps - UFT Mobile
    Performance testing and validation for mobile apps
    Solutions for monitoring mobile apps for performance and availability
  • Framework for Transforming IT Customer Experience Recorded: Dec 6 2013 43 mins
    Today's business climate demands improved customer experience and nearly every customer experience is fueled by technology in some way.

    In some cases, customers’ perceptions of your company may be formed based solely on their interactions with IT systems, so IT success is critical to winning customer experience.

    During this webcast, we’ll discuss the framework, best practices and methodologies that can help IT transform from simply assuring component availability to assuring successful customer interactions.
  • Speed up SAP with Scale-out All-Flash Storage Recorded: Oct 22 2013 48 mins
    Webcast: Speed up SAP with Scale-out All-Flash Storage

    Join us for this informative Kaminario webinar where we will demonstrate how running Sap application on Flash can result with significant performance improvement. We will review the different type of Flash solutions available and address pressing industry questions that directly relate to your SAP application needs and usage.
    More companies have started to utilize SSD Flash to improve the performance and reliability of key applications. We will discuss some of the following topics:
    •Which SAP applications are good candidate for Flash
    •How to identify if your SAP application will run faster on SSD
    •Identify what is the optimal Flash solution for SAP applications
    •How the Kaminario K2 solution fits into resolving typical SAP performance issues
    •ROI for running SAP application on Kaminario K2, and more.
  • On the Edge of Mobility – Building a Bridge to Quality Recorded: Oct 22 2013 64 mins
    Businesses can't truly succeed in the mobile app space without quality. The absence of quality results in a poor app experience and the loss of customers. Despite this, mobile apps have raced away leaving quality trailing. Now IT is faced with the challenge of catching up and driving quality into the future of mobility, without putting the brakes on.

    During this webinar you will hear top tactics for building a bridge from where you are today to a comprehensive and effective mobile test program. You will take away a new approach to the mobility versus quality challenge.

    Key Points

    Gain insight into your development and testing challenges – the plethora of devices, OSs and versions, the nature of the apps, and the pressure of agile processes
    Learn how to create a new strategy that encompasses people, process, and technology
    Learn how to translate your strategy into an actionable roadmap
    Explore how to provide short-term capabilities while working to a long-term plan
    Find out how to choose the right quality management partner
  • From Zero to Deployment: Step-by-Step Implementation of Microsoft Azure IaaS Recorded: Oct 15 2013 58 mins
    This session offers an opportunity for IT professionals in all disciplines to witness and experience from zero to deployment in minutes on an emerging computing platform. It is an accelerated learning of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) and Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets. We will start with a brief overview of Microsoft Azure and the IaaS solution, then walk through a deployment process while examining essential components of Microsoft Azure IaaS.

    For those who would like to follow along, you can acquire a Microsoft Azure 30-day free trial subscription at to be able to deploy resources.
  • Why SaaS Application Integration Requires New Tools and Strategies Recorded: Oct 10 2013 49 mins
    As more businesses use SaaS applications, making sure they are compatible with legacy applications is key to ensuring efficient and automated processes. Join this webinar to learn about different tools and strategies that you'll need to make your applications integrated and efficient.
  • HP ALM and Test Data Recorded: Oct 10 2013 48 mins
    Test Data Management is a key issue in Test Management. The most important issues today are the availability, access and management of representative data and the related privacy aspect. Customers want the ability to sample and mask production data or the possibility to generate from scratch such data. A key element is the respect for referential integrity: when I take a sample of my customers I want to be sure I have the correct, related orders and payments.

    This cases study will –through a life demo- show how you can sample and mask data in a simple and easy way. It will start by explaining the” user " requirements, the functional requirements, the technical challenges and a life demo on how to define the source and target data and on how easy it is to sample and mask the data you finally want.

    Discussions with seasoned test managers learned us that test data management is a real pain point with a huge impact on the testing cycle in both duration and cost.
  • Best Practices: Architecting Secure Access to Microsoft Azure IaaS Recorded: Oct 10 2013 46 mins
    Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides customers the ability to easily host both Windows and Linux virtual machines in the cloud, as well as allow businesses to provide secure access to these custom built servers. This session will demo the use of Azure IaaS and outline how to architect secure access to these cloud services using a site-to-site VPN.

    To get access to your free, 1-month Microsoft Azure trial, go to
  • DevOps: The Future of ITSM and ITIL Recorded: Oct 9 2013 46 mins
    Cloud computing allows development teams to get applications into production faster. ITSM leaders must adopt new strategies and change existing processes or risk becoming a bottleneck. Successful cloud computing requires the DevOps -- the fusion of development and operations with the goal of accelerating time to market and reducing time to value. The good news is that ITIL is uniquely positioned to accelerate DevOps -- but it requires changes to existing ITSM processes. In this session Hank Marquis will show you:

    - How to tune and tweak ITIL processes to shift your operations into high gear and make sure your organization benefits from cloud computing
    - The ways cloud changes business, and how IT has to respond to remain relevant
    - The changes existing ITSM/ITIL processes require to avoid becoming a bottleneck
    - How ITIL is uniquely positioned to facilitate DevOps

    Hank Marquis is the Practice Director, Cloud Solutions, at Global Knowledge, and a DevOps thought leader. He has extensive experience in this area: recently he was a sr. level Director for Infrastructure & Service Architecture at Fortune 50 Lowes where he was responsible for the “Plan” in a Plan-Build-Run IT organization moving full-speed into SoMoCo -- social+mobile+cloud, including DevOps. Hank’s a well-known practitioner with 30+ years I&O and AppDev experience. He’s also an ITIL Expert, reviewer and contributor to ITIL Service Strategy 2011, and a published author of service management and application development books.
  • Streamlining IT Operations with Windows Azure Recorded: Oct 8 2013 46 mins
    While few would call the use of cloud-based technologies a "quiet revolution", Microsoft's Windows Azure platform has expanded into a wide range of different services that can be leveraged to reduce costs and increase IT efficiency. The challenge for IT professionals is to arrange the pieces of the puzzle into an optimal arrangement for many different types of workloads. This presentation will focus on practical advice for using SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS approaches to building private, public, and hybrid clouds. It will include examples of applications and workloads that could benefit from the use of cloud technology, and the benefits and drawbacks each approach.
  • The Many Faces of PaaS Recorded: Oct 8 2013 45 mins
    By now, enterprises understand the value of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), but there still is much confusion about Platform as a Service (PaaS). This confusion is one reason why enterprises have been slow to adopt PaaS. Why is there so much confusion? This presentation will help clear up the confusion of all the different types of PaaS offerings in the marketplace.
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The webcasts in this channel will highlight trends and best practices for the application development lifecycle as well as how to make sure your application maintain a steady level of service.

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  • Title: Mobilizing Enterprise Apps – Too Many Apps, Not Enough Time
  • Live at: Jan 10 2013 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mandeep Khera & Pascal Jaillon, moTwin & Sanjiv Goyal, CEO, Droisys
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