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The Truth About the Numbers Game

It's that time of year again - quotas are being handed out and it's time to figure out how to make the numbers. This recorded event will help sales leaders and sellers alike to create clear actionable plans for sales success in 2011.
Recorded Jan 27 2011 25 mins
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Bob Sanders
Presentation preview: The Truth About the Numbers Game

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  • The Two Words That Answer Every Objection You Will Ever Face Recorded: Oct 5 2011 58 mins
    Bob Nicols, AXIOM SFD Founder & CEO
    Every objection from every customer is unique. We can’t just assume that what worked for some buyers will work for all. Or can we? Is it possible that there are just two answers to every objection you will ever hear?

    Join us for a live web event that will change the way you and your sales team approach objections. This discussion will address what questions to ask and what information is needed to effectively handle ANY objection you will ever face.

    Learn how to:

    • Uncover “hidden” objections
    • Understand the difference between objections and conditions
    • Identify prospects that are simply trying to negotiate a better deal
    • Avoid “positional” negotiation and the damage it can do to the relationship
    • Create an environment of cooperation
    • Determine precisely what must be done (from the buyer’s perspective) to remove an issue

    Plus the two words that will be the final answer to every objection you will hear.
  • Why Selling “Benefits” Fails to Create a Sense of Buyer Urgency Recorded: Jun 2 2011 57 mins
    Bob Nicols, AXIOM SFD Founder & CEO
    You identified all of your customer's needs, created a polished proposal and clearly demonstrated the benefits of your solution. During the presentation, your customer agrees with everything. You leave feeling confident you’ve made the sale. But the call never comes.

    Join us for this highly informative web session that proves selling "benefits" can actually prolong the buyer's decision process and ultimately result in no decision at all. You’ll learn:

    • How to set expectations for presentations
    • The power of pain vs pleasure
    • Selling problems vs benefits
    • How to create a sense of urgency with your buyer
    • How to prove your solution is what they want to buy – NOW!
  • Want to Lose a Sale? Just Meet Your Customer's Needs. Recorded: May 3 2011 58 mins
    Bob Nicols, CEO and Founder of Axiom Sales Force Development
    Why need satisfaction selling is no longer sufficient and what every sales professional should do instead.

    "Needs satisfaction selling" has been the foundation for virtually every sales training program delivered for the past 30 years, providing multiple variations of a recurring theme. As many have discovered, satisfying a customer's needs no longer assures a sale. Unfortunately, there are too many providers who can, in some way, shape or form, meet the customer's needs. And if they all can, price becomes the determining factor for many buyers. What we sell begins to look like a commodity and margins fall.

    Join us for this exciting and informative web session to explore "beyond needs satisfaction selling"; what you and the buyer truly need to know to prove differentiation and superiority. You will discover:

    1. How we all fall in to the "needs satisfaction" trap
    2. The difference between needs and criteria
    3. How to convert needs in to criteria
    4. The areas of impact required to differentiate and prove superiority
  • Transforming Your Sales Conversations Recorded: Mar 24 2011 43 mins
    Bob Nicols, CEO and Founder of AXIOM Sales Force Development
    Nearly every sales person has heard this phrase at some point, "It is essential to learn about your prospect's business if you are going to maximize your impact on their organization and your sales performance." Unfortunately, very few do this effectively - most quickly gravitate to discussions about specific product needs, technologies or solutions while learning precious little about how the business really operates and what is truly important to the customer. This webinar will help you change all that by exploring:

    - The three reasons why sales people fail to gather meaningful information about their prospect's company.

    - The AXIOM Business Foundation Wheel™, which will provide sales people and managers with a clear template for engaging in meaningful business conversations.

    - A unique questioning model that will eliminate the pain of abrupt superficial conversations by providing a framework for truly productive follow up questions.

    - How direct and indirect opportunities make EVERY business issue uncovered useful when in positioning your solution.

    Join AXIOM Founder and CEO Bob Nicols for a presentation that will change the way your sales people approach customers and produce tremendous returns.
  • The Truth About the Numbers Game Recorded: Jan 27 2011 25 mins
    Bob Sanders
    It's that time of year again - quotas are being handed out and it's time to figure out how to make the numbers. This recorded event will help sales leaders and sellers alike to create clear actionable plans for sales success in 2011.
Your best source of knowledge for improving Sales Performance!
Training programs and sales performance initiatives fail for one primary reason—they fail to create the core behavior changes necessary to create lasting impact. The TRUTH about AXIOM Sales Force Development is that our programs combine the essential training, tools, coaching and reinforcement to achieve a true and lasting change in selling behaviors for Reps of all experience levels.

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  • Title: The Truth About the Numbers Game
  • Live at: Jan 27 2011 2:45 pm
  • Presented by: Bob Sanders
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