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Understanding Consumers' Digital Media Addiction

Real-time marketing meets real-time research: Understanding Consumers' Digital Media Addiction

The goal for marketers is to present the right advertising message to the right person at the right time - no matter whether a person is surfing social media, watching television, checking their mobile phone or walking into a store. This becomes more and more difficult as media consumption is ever-changing. Furthermore, while we need to keep different communication methods in mind and optimise our messaging for the medium, we should also approach consumers holistically, understanding that they are who they are on mobile devices, in their cars listening to the radio, or while watching television.

In addition to dissecting the typical consumer and their media consumption, we’ll discuss how this new world order requires complete cohesion between brands, their advertising and media agencies - all the while supported by smart, real-time market research. This presentation will focus on the consumers' role in that ecosystem and their ability to recognise and internalise the messages they are sent.
Recorded Mar 31 2015 69 mins
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Presented by
Lucy Tesseras (Marketing Week), John Bremer (Toluna), James Pickles (Toluna)
Presentation preview: Understanding Consumers' Digital Media Addiction

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  • The 2016 State of Marketing Attribution in the UK, France, and Germany Nov 22 2016 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Gavin Flood (Marketing Director, AdRoll EMEA) and Jim Clark (Research Director, Econsultancy)
    Attribution is often described as trying to find a single source of truth for the relative impact of every channel on the customer path to conversion.

    However, the proliferation of the marketing stack, advertising channels, and user devices has made that search ever more challenging, as have the various schools of thought around the best attribution strategies.

    Thus, AdRoll has partnered with Econsultancy to evaluate the state of marketing attribution in the UK, France and Germany. Join Gavin Flood, AdRoll EMEA marketing director, and Jim Clark, Econsultancy research director on November 22nd for a live webinar to make sense of attribution in 2016.

    In this webinar you will learn how to tackle numerous attribution challenges:

    - Learn why most organisations don’t carry out attribution across the majority of their campaigns and how to remedy this.
    - Benchmark your organisation against your peers and find out which methods and technologies they are using.
    - Discover the skills and training needed for successful attribution.
    - Ask any and all your questions live.
  • Funnel Vision: How to Improve your Digital Marketing Efforts Recorded: Oct 27 2016 57 mins
    Sarah Vizard (MW), Alan Fitzgerald (Head Market Specialist, AdRoll) & Éadaoin Murphy (Senior Manager, HubSpot EMEA)
    Digital advertising has proven to be an effective tool for many marketers as display ads enable you to reach new audiences and retargeting can allow you to reconnect with existing prospects and customers. But how can digital marketing be most effectively leveraged within an inbound marketing strategy?

    In this Marketing Week webinar, in association with HubSpot and AdRoll, learn how to:

    Define the inbound marketing and sales funnel

    Create effective ads to support your retargeting efforts

    Identify where in the inbound methodology various forms of ads are most effective
  • The Data Dilemma Recorded: Oct 12 2016 43 mins
    Charlotte Rogers (Marketing Week) and Steve McNicholas (Managing Director of Marketing Solutions at Callcredit)
    Data and analytics are the lifeblood of effective marketing and consumer engagement. However, we found many of the marketers we recently surveyed are facing a data dilemma. On the one hand, they know data analytics is integral to achieving their marketing objectives. On the other hand, many are struggling with the resource-intensive nature that navigating data demands. This data dilemma is two sides of the same coin, where marketers can feel overpowered, rather than empowered, by data.
    In this Marketing Week webinar, in association with Callcredit, we will explore some of the reasons behind The Data Dilemma and ways in which marketers can gain control over their data, to translate it into insight that drives growth.
  • Staying Ahead of Digital Disruption Recorded: Sep 29 2016 55 mins
    Leonie Roderick (Marketing Week), David Aponovich (Senior Director, Digital Experience - Acquia)
    Digital business isn’t just a fad. Digital business is now
    just business. And it has created a whole new level of expectations among your customers, prospects and new competition in your industry. Your organisation’s success will be determined based on your ability to deliver more personalised digital experiences that meet customer expectations in the moment, as well as your ability to move quickly to combat digital savvy competitors trying to push you aside.

    In this Marketing Week webinar, in association with Acquia, we will help you stay ahead and not fall behind in a world of digital disruption that’s changing faster than many can keep up with. We’ll talk about:

    - How to stay ahead of digital disruption, and customers’ changing demands, by blending the right combination of digital experience technology and organisational strategy
    - How personalisation, new modes of interaction like voice-based interaction (Amazon Echo), digital screens and signage, and other digital channels are expanding the definition of digital experience success
    - Describe common internal organisational barriers that cause you to fall behind and prevent you from moving quickly to stay ahead of the market and your stakeholders
    - Address how a flexible digital experience platform can help Business and IT to work together and provide a strong foundation for whatever comes next in a fast-changing, digital-first world
  • No theory or waffle – just 10 great personalisation campaigns Recorded: Sep 27 2016 44 mins
    Mindi Chahal (Marketing Week), Andrew Furlong (CRO Director at RedEye)
    Personalisation is the key to boosting sales, customer loyalty and conversion, yet only a handful of brands are doing it. How’s this for startling? 72% of companies say they know they need to implement personalisation but aren’t sure how to do it.

    Well that’s where we come in. Andrew Furlong, RedEye’s CRO Director, will not only explain the importance of personalisation, but give real, tangible actions you can take to start ramping up your personalisation efforts. We’ll be focussing on real-life campaign examples you can take away and implement quickly to rapidly see increased conversion, loyalty and ROI.
  • Amplify your Christmas marketing: How to capture the attention of early shoppers Recorded: Sep 7 2016 40 mins
    Sara Hajjar (AdRoll), Lucy Tesseras (Marketing Week)
    Savvy marketers are already planning their Christmas campaigns, tailoring their approach to win new business, maximise ROI and stay front-of-mind with customers and prospects.

    Join AdRoll and Marketing Week to find out what tactics and strategies can be used to prepare your business for digital-marketing domination this Christmas.

    Highlights include:

    oPlanning and delivering successful seasonal campaigns
    oSegmentation strategies and re-engagement tactics
    oMaximising historical data to drive sales this Christmas
    oUsing dynamic creative to drive higher conversion rates
    oExpanding reach across web, social and mobile

  • Applying the Mini-MBA in Marketing Recorded: Jul 28 2016 59 mins
    Mark Ritson & Russell Parsons
    In this entertaining and useful 40 minute webinar, Professor Mark Ritson will discuss the structure of the Marketing Week Mini-MBA in Marketing and the logic behind the approach. He will then look at some recent case studies in marketing where the topics he will teach on the Mini-MBA are directly applicable. It’s a great chance to learn a bit more about the September course but also to get Ritson’s take on some of the big marketing moments of the past few months.
    The topics covered during the session will include:
    -Brand Equity
    -Market Orientation
    -Marketing Communications
  • How to identify your most profitable customers Recorded: Jul 6 2016 59 mins
    Thomas Hobbs (Marketing Week), Jessica Stephens (CMO at SmartFocus)
    Imagine a world where all of your new customers guaranteed return on your marketing spend...

    Join this SmartFocus webinar, in association with Marketing Week, for insight into how you can target new, profitable customers and increase your company’s bottom line.

    Personalise in real-time to truly engage your customers, eliminate the need for extra resourcing, and contextualise at the top of the funnel to drive impressive growth for your business.

    Plus, discover:

    - Tactics around cross-channel content
    - Insight into real-time personalisation and contextualisation
    - Efficient strategies for finding new and profitable customers
    - How artificial intelligence is impacting the customer
  • Applying the Mini-MBA in Marketing Recorded: Jun 30 2016 64 mins
    Mark Ritson
    In this entertaining and useful 40 minute webinar, Professor Mark Ritson will discuss the structure of the Marketing Week Mini-MBA in Marketing and the logic behind the approach. He will then look at some recent case studies in marketing where the topics he will teach on the Mini-MBA are directly applicable. It’s a great chance to learn a bit more about the September course but also to get Ritson’s take on some of the big marketing moments of the past few months.
    The topics covered during the session will include:
    -Brand Equity
    -Market Orientation
    -Marketing Communications
  • The Future of Social Analytics Recorded: Jun 9 2016 40 mins
    Leonie Roderick (Marketing Week), Luke Moore (Head of EMEA and APAC Sales for Crimson Hexagon)
    At Crimson Hexagon, we help the leading brands and agencies globally keep up with the fast changing world of social media. As we grow and develop our social intelligence, we aim to ensure they can tackle three big challenges the future of social will bring: image analytics, trend spotting and advanced emotion detection.

    In this Marketing Week webinar, in association with Crimson Hexagon, we will aim to take on these three challenges, providing examples of how organisations can future proof their businesses to deal with:

    Image recognition and analytics
    With more than 1.8 billion images posted to social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Whatsapp every day, how can brands better analyse campaign performance, identify influencers and understand consumer audiences?

    Trend spotting
    People have been sharing opinions and interests on social networks for more than 10 years. What can brands learn by analysing 750 billion social posts about how your target audiences are evolving and what they are talking about?

    Advanced emotion detection
    As organisations become more sophisticated in their application of social intelligence across different departments and business units, how can organisations move beyond positive and negative sentiment to distil true meaning from social conversation?
  • Customer experience masterplan – Getting in the mind of the consumer Recorded: Apr 20 2016 65 mins
    Jonathan Bacon (Marketing Week), Skip Fidura (Client Services Director - dotMailer)
    Marketing is evolving from a “push” mentality – “Let’s push out everything we have to our customers and see what sticks” – to a customer-centric “pull” approach using personalised, valuable and relevant content that aligns with your customer’s experiences with your company.

    This Marketing Week webinar in association with dotMailer will help you understand how a holistic approach to customer experience can improve consumer’s perceptions of your brand and help boost sales.
  • How survey research can power your communications and create compelling stories Recorded: Mar 30 2016 58 mins
    Sarah Vizard (Marketing Week), Debbie Snewing (Toluna), Daniel Stauber (Golin), Kirsty Higgins (1KH Ltd)
    Creating compelling press releases and content is more and more important to today’s communications professionals. Survey research has always been a powerful tool to validate client pitches, and creative, and now many communications professionals are using survey research to help inform communications strategies and content development. To create content that resonates, you need to know what consumers are interested in and present it in a way that is relevant to them.

    In this Marketing Week webinar, in association with Toluna, you will learn:

    • How to craft surveys that create compelling stories that journalists want to cover
    • Using survey research to ensure that you’re touching on current trends, and consumer hot topics
    • How to use survey research as an anchor for your communications calendar

    Sarah Vizard, Marketing Week
    Debbie Snewing, Director - Media & Communications Sector, Toluna
    Daniel Stauber- Director, Research & Analytics, Golin
    Kirsty Higgins, Founder, 1KH Ltd.
  • Eight tips to build a killer content strategy Recorded: Mar 17 2016 57 mins
    Mindi Chahal (Marketing Week), Richard Whitehead (Workfront)
    We all know that content is king, but what is your strategy to building that killer content? A recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute shows that 63% of UK companies either don’t have a content strategy or it is undocumented.

    In this Marketing Week webinar, Richard Whitehead, Senior Director Solutions Marketing at Workfront, will share with you 8 tips and tricks that will help you build and document a killer content strategy. This will include strategies on team organisation, process and technology. Don’t go another year without a documented content strategy!
  • Metrics that matter: marketing metrics your CFO will actually care about Recorded: Mar 14 2016 41 mins
    Lucy Tesseras (Marketing Week), Adam Berke (AdRoll)
    In the digital world, marketing should be viewed as a revenue generator, not a cost centre. However, to make that vision a reality, you need to know what to measure and how to measure it.

    In this Marketing Week webinar in association with AdRoll, Adam Berke, CMO and President of AdRoll,and Lucy Tesseras, Features Editor at Marketing Week, provide a toolkit for the modern data-driven marketing organisation. With it, you'll learn how to demystify ROI conversations and expertly navigate the intricacies of marketing budgets.

    After the webinar you will receive:
    • Digital advertising attribution calculator
    • Marketing ROI budget calculator
    • Marketing sales estimator
    • Presentation deck
  • How to make the most of Instagram Recorded: Feb 29 2016 51 mins
    Mindi Chahal (Marketing Week), Alan Fitzgerald (AdRoll), Erica Moss (Bitly NYC)
    This year is going to be THE year of Instagram marketing. In the last quarter of 2015, Instagram rolled out paid programs for select partners and ad-tech companies.

    In this Marketing Week webinar in association with AdRoll; Alan Fitzgerald, Head Market Specialist AdRoll, and Erica Moss, Community Manager Bitly, break down just how businesses can make the most of Instagram from organic, paid, and partner campaigns.

    • Why Instagram might just be the best channel for social media marketing
    • Prime examples of how to build effective Instagram content
    • How to build great partner marketing campaigns
    • How paid ads on Instagram work & what companies can do to make them the most effective
  • Insights into 2016 digital trends: the customer experience imperative Recorded: Feb 25 2016 68 mins
    Jamie Brighton (Product & Industry Marketing - Adobe), Stefan Tornquist (VP, Research - Econsultancy)
    This live webinar will be led by key insights from Econsultancy’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2016 Digital Trends, published in partnership with Adobe.

    Based on trends and data gleaned from a global survey of 7,000 marketing professionals, hear lively discussion that will outline:

    - The importance of customer experiences to develop sustainable competitive advantage
    - Key dependencies such as personalisation, marketing automation and other implications for managing marketing activities
    - Trends that will impact your role and the wider competitive environment
    - First-hand examples of companies that are taking the lead to contextualise the insights that have surfaced from this research
  • Four ways to turn your creative team from fragile to agile Recorded: Feb 23 2016 49 mins
    Richard Whitehead (Senior Director Solutions Marketing - Workfront), Tom Banks (News Editor - Design Week)
    Your first love is being creative, so why does it feel like you work in a fragile house of cards, running from one thing to the next just trying to keep everything on track and everyone happy? You know you need to work in an agile way but where do you start? Stop the madness and get back to what you love most.

    In this Design Week webinar, in association with Workfront, we will give you four proven ways that other creative teams have moved from fragile to agile.
  • How to cut through the noise: the value of multi-platform advertising Recorded: Jan 26 2016 27 mins
    Liam Corcoran (Research Now), Leonie Roderick (Marketing Week)
    Understand the value of cross-platform advertising with leading insight from Research Now

    New research reveals different roles each device plays in the consumers’ path to purchase, highlighting the importance of cross-device, advertising activity.

    Join this Marketing Week webinar, in association with Research Now, to discover:

    •The value of multi-platform advertising
    •The methodology behind measuring digital effectiveness
    •The role each device plays in cross-device advertising campaigns

    Liam Corcoran (Division Director EMEA, Digital and Mobile, Research Now), will outline how Research Now measures campaign effectiveness uplift amongst those exposed to campaigns across two or more devices. Partnering with PHD, Manning Gottlieb, OMD, Celtra and the Association of Online Publishers, they measured the effectiveness of cross-platform campaigns by a major retailer and car manufacturer – understanding differences between creative, device and publisher.

    Register now and join Liam for this insightful look at how cross device advertising is becoming ever more integral to digital campaigns.
  • Good vs. great mobile engagement: getting the opt-in Recorded: Dec 16 2015 57 mins
    Lucy Tesseras (Marketing Week), Alyssa Meritt (Urban Airship), Neel Banerjee (Urban Airship)
    What separates mobile innovators from firms ticking the mobile box? It’s simple: ongoing customer engagement. The first key is getting customers to opt-in to notifications. On average, they are four times more engaged with apps and retained at double the rate of opt-out users. Urban Airship recently compiled the industry’s largest study of opt-in rates and trends to provide benchmarks across 15 different industries.

    In this Marketing Week webinar join Alyssa Merrit, head of strategic consulting at Urban Airship, and Neel Banerjee, senior product manager at Urban Airship, to learn if you are ahead, behind or (shudder) simply average in this webinar that will address key questions:

    • How do my engagement rates compare to peers?
    • What’s the difference between average and top performers?
    • Are notification opt-in rates remaining steady?
    • What are the top 10 tips to improve opt-in rates?
  • Social marketing in 2016: B2B and B2C perspectives from successful brands Recorded: Dec 3 2015 65 mins
    Sarah Vizard (Marketing Week), Rob Begg (Salesforce)
    In this Marketing Week webinar join Rob Begg, VP Product Marketing for Social Products at Salesforce, and leading brands to learn what strategies and trends are shaping social marketing for the coming year. Topics that will be explored include:

    •The visual web and how marketers are integrating Pinterest and Instagram into their strategies.
    •How the lines between paid, earned and owned are blurring in social marketing.
    •What types of content are on marketer's calendars in 2016.
    •How top brands are measuring the impact of social marketing on their business
Regular live webinars for marketing professionals
Premium channel delivering high quality content, featuring brand led case studies on the use of single or multi-channel marketing.

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  • Title: Understanding Consumers' Digital Media Addiction
  • Live at: Mar 31 2015 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Lucy Tesseras (Marketing Week), John Bremer (Toluna), James Pickles (Toluna)
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