Hit the Jackpot with Predictive Power & Infinite Customer Insight

Mark Choueke, Pankaj Arora, Mark Perrett, Matt Chouard
Today’s marketing is becoming increasingly sophisticated as the
cloud changes the nature of customer relationships. This is driving
skyrocketing demand for predictive insight so marketers can
optimise every interaction in the customer lifecycle.

Learn firsthand how Tipp24.com, the lottery website operated by
Tipp24 Services Ltd., is using KXEN to boost targeting accuracy of
its marketing campaigns by up to 300% for its millions of

Over 400 of the world’s largest brands, including Barclays, Otto
Group and Virgin Media are using KXEN to hit the jackpot with
predictive analytics.

You could be too!
Apr 20 2011
75 mins
Hit the Jackpot with Predictive Power & Infinite Customer Insight
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  • Intelligence vs. Wisdom: The Single Customer View May 8 2014 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The Single Customer View is for making informed decisions, not just storing data.

    Marketers work with data from everywhere. Marketing databases, data marts, and customer databases have been talked about, built and rebuilt. In this webinar, we explore how simply gathering data to power intelligence isn't enough, the data must better inform the marketer to make better decisions - it must provide wisdom. We discuss how the fundamental facets of our personal relationships can be incorporated into a Single Customer View providing memory, perspective, and a trustworthy foundation for analytics, segmentation and campaign management.
  • The changing face of the UK: new insights for the connected world Apr 24 2014 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The last decade has seen significant changes to the social fabric of the UK. The new version of Experian’s Mosaic has identified new consumer groups like ‘Boomerang Boarders’ and ‘Rural Vogue’, which have changed the landscape of society beyond recognition. Understanding these changes and what they mean for your marketing strategy is now more important than ever.

    Join this live webinar to:
    - Understand how UK consumer profiles have changed
    - Find out what these changes mean for your marketing strategy
    - Get intelligence to reach your customers with the right message at the right time, every time

    Danny Thompson has been with Experian for over 13 years and has overall responsibility for the portfolio of customer insight products. For the last two years he has been dedicated to the development of Mosaic in the UK with the remit to deliver new and in-depth consumer insights utilising a mix of data innovation, analytics and cutting edge technology.
  • Driving Actions and Reactions: Engaging Your Customers In The New Digital World Recorded: Apr 17 2014 59 mins
    Your digital assets rest at the heart of any successful engagement strategy. Understanding how different asset types relate to the action and reaction you are attempting to drive is critical.

    Sitecore solution partner Precedent have recently published their latest report - “Driving Actions and Reactions: Engaging your customers in the new digital world” and in this free webinar Precedent reveal their key findings to look at control, influence, tactics and strategies online. Precedent will also discuss how to know your customers and gives tips on how to deliver them value.
  • The 10 hottest digital marketing trends for 2014. Recorded: Apr 10 2014 63 mins
    Plan your digital journey with leading research from Econsultancy and Adobe.

    Based on a global survey of over 2,500 respondents, Econsultancy’s Linus Gregoriadis will give key insights into what marketers are – and should be – prioritising in 2014. He will discuss that, while survey respondents acknowledge technology as a necessity for digital success, so too is finding the right mix of skills within their marketing teams to make the most of data and brand.

    Following this, Adobe’s Jamie Brighton will discuss how you can leverage the most out of your technology to stay ‘on trend’ – keeping up with your customers’ and the market’s expectations.

    Join our webinar to discover:

    •The evolving role of email
    •The most exciting opportunity for marketers in 2014
    •Key areas for marketing experimentation
    •The focus areas for B2B and B2C organisations
  • Exploring Attribution – A Display Advertising Case Study Recorded: Mar 31 2014 53 mins
    The world of Display advertising presents a vast opportunity for advertisers. But that opportunity comes hand in hand with challenges, some of which are big enough to require expert help in order to overcome them.
    Vishnu Balchand, Senior Product Specialist at Quantcast, is an expert within the field of Real Time Bidding (RTB) and has helped many brands unlock the potential of their display campaigns. Gary Revenson, Head of Technology at Maxus, is a pioneering adopter of new methodologies in display advertising.
    Together, Gary and Vishnu will discuss a case study which highlights how Quantcast and Maxus used campaign data to understand and measure the performance of campaigns through the use of "Split Funnel Attribution".

    Join this live webinar to learn more about:
    - The difference between Prospecting and Retargeting
    - How to select the right tactics
    - How to measure effectiveness across your plan
  • Marketing Perspectives 2014: The Revolution is Digital Recorded: Mar 24 2014 62 mins
    The Revolution is Digital! But are reactionary forces on the rise in marketing?
    In this year’s webinar discussing Marketing Perspectives, the longest running annual survey of UK marketing trends, we look at the progress of the digital revolution sweeping through marketing departments and ask:

    · Why are marketing departments still struggling to get to grips with the modern mobile consumer?
    · With the pressure on budgets off, are we in danger of slipping back into bad old habits?
    · Faced with a barrage of disruptive technological, social, and marketing forces, which are keeping marketers up at night?

    The Revolution is Digital.

    Also presenting:
    Dr Emma MacDonald from Cranfield University, Dr William Westlake from CloudEvolved and Tim Adler from Marketing Week
  • Beyond Email – Evolving to cross-channel marketing Recorded: Mar 19 2014 63 mins
    This Marketing Week webinar has been specifically designed to help you:

    · Evolve your current email strategies with 5 top tips
    · Optimise your customer’s experience of your brand across channels
    · Learn new techniques to help improve ROI

    Join Helen Streets, Global Product Marketing Manager, Cross Channel Marketing at Experian Marketing Services as she delivers this live webinar.
  • Revealing crucial strategies for engaging the "second screen generation" Recorded: Mar 12 2014 49 mins
    Ben Wallace, director of drpdigitalmedia lays out his top strategies, techniques and tips for connecting seamlessly with audiences using two devices simultaneously.
    Covering everything from events and exhibitions, through to experiential and standalone digital strategies – he will be laying out some of the best ways to interplay between two or more devices practically and cost-effectively. With the "iGeneration" now fully fledged, there are a number of new, exciting and innovative ways to personalise content, engage audiences and help change and direct their behaviour.

    This webinar will take you through the psychology of the second screener, through handy optimisation tips and ending with some great ways to measure your dual-device success
  • Using real time data to optimize your customer journey Recorded: Feb 19 2014 66 mins
    Marketers today want to use all their data to give richly optimized experiences to their visitors. Thought leaders in the space are achieving this via data layers to collect all sorts of data and push it in real time to their conversion solutions. Hear how these innovative digital marketing organizations are implementing real-time data layers across their websites in order to power their analytics and optimization programs. Also discover how digital businesses are accelerating their data and tag control to drive analytics and optimization success and therefore become far more agile.
    In this webinar, you will learn:
    • Best practices on how to implement a custom data layer for your site
    • How to use it to transform your data into actionable marketing initiatives
    • How digital businesses accelerate their data & tag control to become agile

    Speakers: James Niehaus, VP of analytics & digital strategy at Ensighten, Adrian James, managing director EMEA at Ensighten and Richard Clogg, Director of Data and Integration Services at Acceleration
  • Mastering the art of email deliverability Recorded: Jan 30 2014 53 mins
    Email - most commonly used communication channel in the world. Organisations rely on email to maintain dialogue with customers, to drive education, engagement and loyalty. And yet, 67% have had issues with deliverability in the last 12 months*.
    Harnessing your reputation with Internet Service Providers through improved accuracy is the key to ensuring your emails reach their intended destination. Real-time validation of email addresses can protect the integrity of your email data, which in turn will improve your conversion rates and performance.
    In this webinar we discuss:
    •The importance of email deliverability?
    •Protecting your sender reputation with ISPs
    •How we can improve the accuracy of your email data

    *Dynamic Markets/Experian Data Quality Global Research 2014
  • Making it Personal: 10 things you can do to drive better results on your website Recorded: Jan 23 2014 55 mins
    Getting visitors to your website is an important part of any digital strategy, but what happens when visitors arrive at your site? How is your website helping visitors to continue their digital journey with your organisation, and what goals is your organisation looking to achieve? What do you know about the users that visit your site – do you recognise different user types and adapt to their needs? This webinar with digital agency Lab will help your organisation to improve its Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

    Learn to understand your users – and their buying/conversion phases
    Improve your calls to action and create clear value propositions
    Importance of testing – split testing such as A/B and Multivariate
    Where the future is going and the power of context in personalisation
  • Amplify your Digital Marketing - Understanding the Real ROI of Content Marketing Recorded: Dec 16 2013 61 mins
    According to research reports from Aberdeen, Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and Forrester, one of the best ways to increase the impact of your content marketing strategy is to incorporate video into the mix. Join us for an informative conversation about how marketers are using video and content marketing to drive demand and build brands. We'll be sharing real world examples of how leading organizations are measuring and quantifying the ROI of content marketing and video.
    Join this live webinar to learn:
    •Cutting edge video and content marketing strategies. What are the leaders in the industry doing right?
    •Where video can be applied to generate the best results from your content marketing strategy.
    •Real world ROI. What kind of results can be expected?
  • Creating a Culture of Optimisation and Innovation Recorded: Dec 11 2013 56 mins
    Consumer touch points are everywhere: in-person, mobile, web, email, social, apps, call centre, and more. But despite the different ways that brands interact with their customers, what still matters most is the overall customer experience. To create winning customer experiences, companies must create a culture of optimisation and innovation.
    Join Victoria Reuter, eCommerce Director at JanSport‬, Matthew Niederberger, Channel Manager Conversion at Ziggo‬ and Mike Harris, VP EMEA at Monetate‬ for this webinar. Explore how to organise, create, and measure the memorable experiences your customers crave, bringing together the strategies of different business areas, including email marketing, website testing, data, and analytics.
  • Three steps to digital content success Recorded: Nov 13 2013 64 mins
    Learn how to use technology to avoid the classic content marketing strategy traps.
    Content is king in the digital world, but what is a content strategy and does your brand need one? Join Sitecore solution partner Reading Room' Digital Consultant Jonathan Von Abo, to discover the ingredients needed for a successful content strategy and how to use the right technology to enable it.
    Looking at real-life examples, Reading Room will explore the benefits of personalising content for specific audiences, get to grips with the content management process from initial creation to long term management and marketing automation, and identify how to send the right communication through the right channel, at the right time.
  • Connect the Dots: The Path to Conversion and ROI Recorded: Oct 31 2013 39 mins
    Understanding how your online display ad campaigns perform and your customers’ path to purchase is critical to optimising your investments. However, with the flood of available data it can be difficult to separate the signal from the noise.
    To fully understand how to measure your campaigns, it is important to clarify existing measurement shortcomings and then determine which metrics to focus on to drive ROI.
    In this webinar, Phil Macauley, Quantcast's EU Managing Director, and Pete Robins, agenda21 Managing Partner will explain:
    • The current challenges in understanding the effectiveness of online display advertising
    • A new approach to measurement to understand the metrics that matter when evaluating campaigns
    • How to better understand the value of reaching new prospects to drive ROI
  • Take the tablet - How to capture the growing tablet audience Recorded: Oct 9 2013 53 mins
    How does your website look on a tablet?
    The tablet experience of your website used to be an afterthought. But with over 30% of UK households now owning a tablet, marketers can’t afford to ignore this touch-point for their brand.
    Discover how to ensure your brand captures the growing tablet audience.
    Fusionworkshop’s experts cover the following:
    •How your content experience can be managed for the tablet
    •How some brands are leading the way
    •Growth in tablet use by specific demographics, such as seniors
    Register here to attend the webinar and ensure you have the insight you need to get ahead of the competition with this exciting new audience.
  • Digital Marketing Optimisation Recorded: Sep 19 2013 60 mins
    Join Adobe & Econsultancy for this live webinar to discover the results of Adobe’s 2013 Digital Marketing Optimisation survey. Find out what over 1800 digital marketers are doing to get ahead, from basic optimisation practices to robust strategies designed to maximise conversion, customer satisfaction and business performance.
  • Creating omni-channel brand experiences Recorded: Sep 4 2013 64 mins
    It is becoming ever more important for marketers to be able to think of every touch-point when creating a brand experience. Providing a consistent, efficient experience is no longer the goal, how can marketers translate the essence of their brand into every touch-point and every interaction?

    In this webinar, Ben Ireland and Gareth Ingram from How Splendid explore the creation of omni-channel brand experiences, showing how leading brands are tackling this area, and the success they are enjoying.
  • Customer Experience Management Recorded: Jun 13 2013 63 mins
    ** Live Peer Panel – watch leading marketers discuss how they measure and manage their customers’ experience**

    As more and more everyday interactions go digital, numerous brands are realising that customers won't engage with them unless the experience is seamless and convenient. But what makes up a great digital customer experience, and how do companies measure and manage customers' experiences across all platforms, so they know where to devote their attention? This feature will look at:

    Why customer experience management is the next big marketing battleground

    How can digital channels be used to optimise and personalise the customer experience

    What makes a great digital customer experience – what are consumers looking for?

    How can brands measure levels of loyalty and engagement across different digital touch-points?

    What difficulties are there in analysing different kinds of data (e.g. survey responses, net promoter score, web analytics, usability testing, etc)?

    What are the challenges of integrating off-line channels such as in-store retail and call centres with digital channels?
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  • Title: Hit the Jackpot with Predictive Power & Infinite Customer Insight
  • Live at: Apr 20 2011 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mark Choueke, Pankaj Arora, Mark Perrett, Matt Chouard
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