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SiriusDecisions & BrightTALK Interview: The Future of Sales & Marketing

Join the Co-founders of SiriusDecisions and BrightTALK in this video session as they discuss the key themes of the upcoming SiriusDecisions Summit Europe taking place in London 5 & 6 November 2013.
Recorded Oct 17 2013 23 mins
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Presented by
John Neeson, Co-founder, SiriusDecisions & Charlie Blackburn, Co-founder, BrightTALK
Presentation preview: SiriusDecisions & BrightTALK Interview: The Future of Sales & Marketing

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  • 6 ABM Programs to Consider Recorded: Nov 1 2017 58 mins
    David Lewis, CEO DemandGen, Nova Kopitar, Senior Solution Architect at DemandGen, Will Waugh, Consultant at DemandGen
    In Part 3 of our webinar series, we’ll explore technology solutions and programs available to support your efforts through the ABM account lifecycle. You’ll learn:

    •How the ABM lifecycle is different from traditional lead management
    •How to develop an account-based marketing strategy
    •How to get started with specific ABM programs, including dynamic content, nurtures and ad/website targeting
  • How to Implement your ABM Strategy and Systems Recorded: Oct 25 2017 52 mins
    David Lewis, CEO DemandGen, Nova Kopitar, Senior Solution Architect at DemandGen, Will Waugh, Consultant at DemandGen
    In Part 2 of our webinar series, we’ll take a deep dive into considerations for a successful ABM implementation. You’ll learn:

    • How to determine if you’re ready for ABM
    • What you need to begin a successful implementation
    • How to select the right AMB solution for your specific business needs
    • How to create and execute an implementation project plan
  • Is ABM Right for You? Recorded: Oct 18 2017 58 mins
    David Lewis, CEO DemandGen, Nova Kopitar, Senior Solution Architect at DemandGen, Will Waugh, Consultant at DemandGen
    Everyone’s talking about Account-Based Marketing – but is it the right approach for your organization? And, if it is, how do you create an end-to-end process for identifying, managing and marketing to target accounts?Join Part 1 of our ABM webinar series to find out if ABM is right for you.
  • How To Integrate Predictive Marketing Into Your ABM Strategy Recorded: Aug 31 2016 63 mins
    David Lewis, CEO DemandGen | Tony Yang, VP of Demand Generation Mintigo
    Predictive marketing is a hot new technology that’s been gaining ground providing marketers a better way to score leads. With the rise of ABM, B2B marketers are beginning to see the value of applying predictive technologies to drive their ABM strategy. Unlike traditional lead generation, predictive can identify the best target accounts that will most likely buy, discover non-intuitive insights for personalized messaging, and more. In this session, we will share examples of how predictive marketing can power your ABM strategy.
  • How to choose the right Martech stack and Data for your organization Recorded: Aug 3 2016 61 mins
    David Lewis,CEO DemandGen, Ed King, CEO Openprise
    There are 3,874 vendors listed in the 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape, and the phrase “MarTech stack” yields over 50,000 Google results. What’s a rational way to decide what you actually need?

    Join experts from DemandGen and Openprise as they provide a strategic framework for deciding what systems and what data you need to be successful.
  • How to Unlock the Power in Your Marketo Programs Recorded: Dec 15 2015 59 mins
    David Lewis, CEO DemandGen, Nova Kopitar, Senior Solution Architect at DemandGen
    Join DemandGen as we walk through the keys to Unlocking the Power in Your Marketo Programs. During this webinar, DemandGen Senior Architects we will dive into Marketo and provide you approaches and best practices for strategic program design and utilization including…

    •How to effectively use channels, tags, and campaign tracking to deliver accurate program conversion and opportunity impact reporting
    •How to integrate marketing programs with global operational programs for streamlined system setup and improved system performance
    •How to leverage tokens and templates to support dynamic content and design templates
    •A phase-by-phase approach to applying best practices to your current Marketo program setup
  • Demystifying Predictive Intelligence: Using Technology To Find In Market Buyers Recorded: Oct 22 2015 60 mins
    David Lewis, CEO DemandGen
    Is it true that technology can now empower your sales and marketing teams with the ability to predict the buying patterns of prospective clients?

    As our world evolves into a technology-driven society, your consumer’s digital fingerprints are everywhere. Predictive marketing systems claim they can predict your next customer by mining these purchasing cues from digital behavior. Can this technology really tell us who will buy, what they’ll buy and when?

    Join host David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen as he interviews Scott Broomfield, CMO at Xactly and Zak Garner, Director of Customer Success at 6sense to understand how firms like Xactly use 6sense's predictive intelligence solution to gain insights of future buying patterns.
  • How to Build a Marketing Metrics and Analytics Dashboard Recorded: Oct 6 2015 60 mins
    Gaea Connary, Director of Consulting Services, DemandGen, David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen
    Every B2B marketing team faces the challenge of establishing a marketing dashboard to enable them to measure marketing’s impact on the business and communicate it to VP and C-level executives. For many, this initiative feels like a journey to find the Holy Grail.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about each of the 5 stages for defining and building your marketing dashboard and how to approach some of the more challenging aspects such as data capture, campaign attribution, demand funnel models, measuring return on investment and sorting through the various reporting tools and systems.
  • “State of the Union Address” on the Oracle Marketing Cloud Solution Recorded: Mar 25 2015 61 mins
    David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen, Kevin Akeroyd
    Join DemandGen for an exclusive “State of the Union” address on the Oracle Marketing Cloud from special guest Kevin Akeroyd, general manager and senior vice president for Oracle Marketing Cloud. Coinciding with Oracle’s first ever Modern Marketing Experience (taking place the following week in Las Vegas), David will ask Kevin to share his insights on what attendees can expect at the show -- including the future of Eloqua and Responsys, Oracle’s flagship B2B and B2C marketing automation systems.
  • The Anatomy of a High-Impact Marketing Operations Team Recorded: Feb 5 2015 63 mins
    David Lewis, CEO, Demandgen, Baxter Denney, Director of Marketing Operations, New Relic
    Join Baxter Denney, Director of Marketing Operations at New Relic, as he gives you a view into the anatomy of a high-impact Marketing Operations team. Baxter will share with you how a world-class Marketing Operations team can drive high growth within your organization.
  • Operationalizing the Demand Funnel Recorded: Nov 6 2014 63 mins
    Kevin Marasco, CMO, HireVue, Hosted by David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen
    Join DemandGen for an exclusive “In the Spotlight” webinar featuring, Kevin Marasco, CMO of HireVue, and learn how he operationalized his Demand Funnel to improve pipeline and get results.
  • How Five9 Doubled Their Lead Volume & Added $8.6M Annually Using Leadspace Recorded: Oct 7 2014 63 mins
    Doug Bewsher, CEO, Leadspace, Doug Sechrist, VP of Demand Generation, Five9, Hosted by David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen
    Join DemandGen for an exclusive “In the Spotlight” webinar featuring client, Five9, on how they implemented Leadspace to double their lead volume. Learn from Leadspace CEO, Doug Bewsher, how the company delivers an automated, closed loop solution so your records are complete, fresh and properly scored against your campaign goals.
  • Double your Inquiry-to-Close Rate with Next Generation Demand Funnel Recorded: Sep 4 2014 64 mins
    Jim Bell, CMO, Jaspersoft, Hosted by David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen
    Jim Bell, CMO of Jaspersoft and winner of the “Return on Integration (ROI) Award at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2014,” will tell his story of how Jaspersoft was able to get more out of the money they were spending on marketing while lowering their investment cost.
  • Just Add Data: The Path to Better Marketing Results Recorded: Jul 8 2014 56 mins
    Kathy Macchi - Data Expert Host: David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen
    Kathy Macchi, our DemandGen data and analytics expert, will share the six principles and recommendations for marketers who want to become best-in-class. Kathy’s focus on analytics is developing models to bring fact-based assessment to lead management that will help marketers build more effective lead generation and nurturing programs.
  • SiriusDecisions & BrightTALK Interview: The Future of Sales & Marketing Recorded: Oct 17 2013 23 mins
    John Neeson, Co-founder, SiriusDecisions & Charlie Blackburn, Co-founder, BrightTALK
    Join the Co-founders of SiriusDecisions and BrightTALK in this video session as they discuss the key themes of the upcoming SiriusDecisions Summit Europe taking place in London 5 & 6 November 2013.
  • How to Be a Revenue God Recorded: Sep 5 2013 48 mins
    David Pitta, Director of Demand Generation, BrightTALK
    Marketers are no longer measuring the success of their programs with simple metrics: opens, clicks, or page views. They are now challenged to align success metrics to prospects, leads, and pipeline development.

    However, is that enough for modern marketers to earn a seat at the revenue table? In order to grow a business, team and career, marketers need to know their contribution to the bottom line. Join David Pitta, as he shares how his team grew revenue in 12 months by 519%, increased the team from 5 to 15 people and furthered his career to senior management.

    In this webinar, you will learn practical and cost effective marketing strategies and tactics that include:

    - Developing a rich-media editorial calendar for your content
    - Winning prospects using proven community based marketing strategies
    - Growing revenue with integrated and measured marketing techniques
  • Optimizing Your Campaign Process Recorded: Aug 29 2013 58 mins
    Hosted by David Lewis, CEO, John Bokelmann, Senior Manager, Campaign Services, Angela Najab, Optimization Manage
    When you think about your next email campaign, is your first thought usually “How on earth am I going to get that done in time?”
    In this “meet the experts” workshop, you’ll discover:
    • The 4 levels of process management maturity
    • How to build an optimized campaign execution process
    • Actionable workflow examples and tactical tools
    These best-practice insights have been honed through thousands of successful campaigns.
  • Deciphering Customer Buying Patterns Recorded: Jun 6 2013 49 mins
    David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen
    How modern marketers can leverage a prospect’s “digital body language” to determine engagement and likelihood to buy.

    Your buyers are evolving and they are changing the buying patterns that we’ve traditionally observed. It’s stating the obvious that B2B Customers will take certain actions and make certain decisions in order to buy your products and services. But are these activities random? Are there patterns you can detect and leverage? Based on qualitative research conducted from companies using marketing automation and CRM systems, this webinar will teach you 10 ways to leverage online buyer behavior for your content strategy, lead scoring modeling, nurture triggering, and sales insight.

    What You’ll Learn:

    - Which behaviors do prospects commonly exhibit early in a buying cycle

    - What type of activity patterns suggest that it’s time for sales to engage with a prospect

    - How can online engagement be used in lead scoring models

    - Which activities should be used to trigger your nurture programs

    - How you should display these behaviors through your marketing automation and CRM system for better sales insight

    Join us for this exciting webinar hosted by David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen International, Inc. (www.demandgen.com) and author of Manufacturing Demand – The Principles of Successful Lead Management (www.manufacturingdemand.com).
  • Integrated Lead Management – How Data Driven Marketing Increases Revenue Recorded: Mar 14 2013 39 mins
    John Sweeney & Richard Harris, DemandGen
    Demand Gen are the world’s leading consultancy for Integrated Lead Management, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing. In this webcast John Sweeney and Richard Harris from DemandGen will provide practical insights learned from projects with data driven marketing departments.

    In this session you will discover how a data driven marketing approach feeds an integrated lead management system and delivers an increase in marketing attributed revenue. Content includes case studies from award winning clients leading the successful deployment of marketing automation platforms.
  • Establishing Your Demand Funnel: Having a Process from Click to Close Recorded: Jul 24 2012 48 mins
    Dave Lewis, CEO & Founder, DemandGen International
    Traditionally, the mind of the marketer is on demand generation: filling the funnel for the sales force. Today, while that’s still a key first step toward customer acquisition, Marketing’s role now extends far beyond the top of the funnel: to establishing the “sales and marketing factory.”

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to align sales and marketing by creating a demand funnel that provides the taxonomy, process, and metrics for effective demand generation.

    You'll learn:
    •How to start the process of aligning sales and marketing
    •Why a Demand Funnel is a critical first step for effective demand generation
    •Sample funnel models and case studies
    •How lead scoring and nurturing interact with the Demand Funnel
    •How the Demand Funnel should used to measure pipeline velocity

    David Lewis is a dynamic speaker, metrics-based marketer, and successful "Inc. 500" entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of DemandGen International, his team educates and works with sales and marketing teams on effective lead management, online marketing, marketing automation, and CRM systems. His speaking style is humorous and energetic; he keeps his audience continually engaged through interaction, sharing stories, and relating experiences.
    With 20+ years of sales and marketing experience, David and has team have helped 100's of the top sales and marketing teams improve their demand generation and customer acquisition programs. His extensive experience will provide you great insight into the challenges and opportunities of the sales/marketing relationship -- which is at the heart of every closed sale.
Key topics on leveraing Marketing Automation Technology
Browse our insightful webinars around lead management, demand generation, and using marketing automation technology most effectively to drive revenue for your organization.
Topics Include:
- Lead Scoring
- Lead Nurturing
- Data Funnel Reporting
- Data Governance
- Managed Services
- Product Spotlights

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  • Title: SiriusDecisions & BrightTALK Interview: The Future of Sales & Marketing
  • Live at: Oct 17 2013 12:30 pm
  • Presented by: John Neeson, Co-founder, SiriusDecisions & Charlie Blackburn, Co-founder, BrightTALK
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