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Steps to take right now in challenging times

In the first of the Verizon Small Business Webinar Series, Mike Michalowicz shares hands-on expertise in small business survival for challenging times - from strategic planning and cash flow to taxes. Mike talks live with our host, Ramon Ray, to offer specific steps you can take now and how to be ready to grow after the crisis. Mike Michalowicz is the entrepreneur behind three mutli-million dollar companies and author of Profit First, Clockwork, The Pumpkin Plan and Fix This Next.
Recorded Apr 7 2020 57 mins
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Mike Michalowicz, SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Author of Fix This Next
Presentation preview: Steps to take right now in challenging times

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  • Verizon Presents: Welcome to the New Workplace Apr 21 2021 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Natalya Cappellini & Ramon Ray
    Welcome to the New Workplace, a future-focused webinar series, is brought to you by Verizon. Join us for our third installment, "What's on the Horizon for Construction?," as expert Natalya Cappellini joins us to explore new trends and opportunities shaping the construction world.

    Key takeaways will include:

    • Strategies that connect workforces from design firm to suppliers and the job site
    • New solutions including digital collaboration, scanning, wearables, drones, and more
    • The importance of security while staying connected in real time during projects

    Meet your speaker & host:

    Natalya Cappellini is a construction expert, the founder of Curato, and a popular TV contractor who's worked with HG TV's Build Me Up and Animal Planet's Animal Cribs.

    Host Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, author and speaker, as well as the founder of Smart Hustle Media.
  • Verizon Presents: Welcome to the New Workplace Recorded: Apr 7 2021 47 mins
    Sophie Wade & Ramon Ray
    Welcome to the New Workplace, a future-focused webinar series, is brought to you by Verizon. Join us for our second installment, "Big leaps for small businesses." In this interactive webinar, we will explore how small businesses can evolve to meet new workplace challenges and opportunities.

    Key takeaways include:

    • Ensure your approach to cyber security is holistic with dedicated resources
    • Transform your approach to helping employees with your customer journey
    • Put empathy into action to build a sense of community for remote workers

    Meet your speaker & host:

    Sophie Wade is a workforce innovation specialist, founder of Flexcel Network, speaker, author, and authority on future-of-work issues

    Host Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, author and speaker, as well as the founder of Smart Hustle Media
  • Making Virtual Meetings Feel More Personal Recorded: Nov 17 2020 31 mins
    Ramon Ray, Author of “Celebrity CEO and owner of Smart Hustle Media & Jeremy Sherwood, Opus Interactive
    Making Virtual Meetings Feel More Personal - A conversation with Opus Interactive.

    A webinar series brought to you by BlueJeans, by Verizon.
  • Social Content 101: Create videos that captivate customers. Recorded: Oct 20 2020 50 mins
    Mari Smith: Facebook Marketing Expert and author of "The New Relationship Marketing"
    Mari Smith joins us again to complete her series on social media for your small business. Mari is a premier Facebook marketing expert and author of “The New Relationship Marketing”. In this episode, Mari will share tips on how your business can create captivating social videos that engage your audience and reach new customers.

    Don’t miss “The Queen of Facebook” as she answers questions in a live Q&A!
  • Adopting a new growth mindset for your small business Recorded: Oct 13 2020 48 mins
    Dr. Sabrina Starling: The Business Psychologist™ with host Ramon Ray
    Dr. Sabrina Starling is the author of the best-selling series “How To Hire The Best” and founder of Tap the Potential. With her unique specialty in business psychology, Dr. Starling will share how you can focus on growing your business by hiring right, creating value and maximizing your best customers.
  • Staying lean, staying strong: A small business survival guide. Recorded: Oct 6 2020 46 mins
    Rhonda Abrams: Entrepreneur, USA Today Columnist and author of “Now What?!”
    Rhonda Abrams is an author, entrepreneur and USA Today columnist. An expert on small businesses, her new book, “Now What?!” focuses on how to recession-proof your business. Join us as she shares how you can start and keep your business lean with smart advice you can use now. Plus, the first 500 people to sign on to the live webinar will receive a free e-copy of Rhonda’s new book*!

    You’ll learn how to cut waste and make the most of every dollar by:

    Cutting costs — Know what costs to cut and what to keep
    Firm negotiating — Set the terms of your lease and consider going virtual
    Managing inventory — Strategically reduce your inventory and save

    *This offer excludes webinar participants within the public sector.
  • The keys to explosive growth for your small business Recorded: Sep 29 2020 46 mins
    Jeff Hoffman, CEO, author, Film/TV/Music Producer
    A producer in film, TV, and music, Jeff Hoffman has won both an Emmy and a Grammy. As a successful entrepreneur, speaker and author, Jeff has a passion to support fellow entrepreneurs and joins us to share keys on how your small business can ignite new growth.
  • Using Scheduling Tools to Build Your Social Media Marketing Calendar Recorded: Sep 22 2020 28 mins
    Mari Smith, Facebook Marketing Expert
    Mari Smith is a premier Facebook marketing expert and author of “The New Relationship Marketing.” Hired by Facebook to teach programs throughout the US, she’s returning to our series by popular demand to share how you can run your social media like a pro with another valuable topic for small businesses: how to create a content calendar and utilize powerful scheduling tools.
  • 6 steps to rewire customer loyalty and boost your business. Recorded: Sep 15 2020 48 mins
    Jay Baer
    Everything has changed. Now, every business has to now function like a startup. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 5 years or 50 years, you have to fundamentally REWIRE the relationships between your organization and your customers. That’s why how you handle the
    marketing, customer experience, and customer service in your business over the next 6 months will have a MASSIVE IMPACT on your success over the next 6 years. Over the last few weeks, Jay has collected dozens of brand-new examples of how to steady your business and then move
    forward and GROW, even during these crazy times. Jay built a whole framework for this approach for this special event:
    ✔ Brand new research showing how customer expectations have shifted since pandemic
    ✔ Brand new research showcasing how customer loyalty is moving
    ✔ How to rebuild your customers’ knowledge
    ✔ How to unlock word of mouth (which is now a requirement)
    ✔ Tons of concrete examples (a few of them are hilarious) that will help you
    In all, Jay will show you the 6 specific steps you need to take to regain customer and staff confidence.
    If you’re in marketing, customer services, sales, operations, or business management this session is a MUST.
  • Help your business shine now with Facebook and Instagram stories Recorded: Aug 18 2020 48 mins
    Mari Smith, Facebook Marketing Expert
    Mari Smith is a premier Facebook marketing expert and author of “The New Relationship Marketing.” Hired by Facebook to teach programs throughout the US, she shares her experience on how your small business can tell its story and shine on social media during this new era.
  • How to create the ideal customer experience in the new normal Recorded: Aug 11 2020 46 mins
    Peter Shankman, Entrepreneur, Author, Founder of Help A Reporter Out
    Peter Shankman, entrepreneur, best-selling author and founder of Help A Reporter Out, joins us to share radical new ways to rethink the customer experience for your small business. Plus he’ll also explain why embracing neurodiversity and working remotely can become your advantage.
  • Learn the Lingo: Make your small business pop with the right audience. Recorded: Aug 4 2020 48 mins
    Jeffrey Shaw, Author of “LINGO”
    Jeffrey Shaw, speaker and author of “LINGO” joins our host Ramon Ray in this webinar to share how the right language can help attract your ideal customers.
  • Future-proof: How to create new small business offers for a COVID world. Recorded: Jul 28 2020 46 mins
    Karen Tiber Leland, President of Sterling Marketing Group
    Karen Tiber Leland, president of Sterling Marketing Group and bestselling author, joins us to share how you can pivot your business, build a currency of trust and create a new offering for a changing world.
  • Smart ways small business can manage and spend money Recorded: Jul 21 2020 47 mins
    Rhonda Abrams, Bestselling author of “Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies” with Ramon Ray, SmartHustle Media
    Up next! Ramon Ray hosts Rhonda Abrams to help your small business navigate tough times and plan a money management strategy for the long term.
  • How creative thinking can help you re-imagine your small business Recorded: Jul 14 2020 47 mins
    Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter, Author of "This Could Be Our Future" with Julie Hyman, Yahoo Finance
    Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter and author of “This Could Be Our Future”, joins us in this webinar to share how the power of creativity can transform your business.
  • How to Keep Your Business Secure & Resilient During Uncertain Times Recorded: Jul 8 2020 26 mins
    Dave Grady, Verizon Chief Security Evangelist
    SMBs might lack the resources and IT budgets of larger enterprises, but it’s not holding them back when it comes to innovation. In many cases, SMBs are quicker to adopt new ways of working. With the business productivity apps available today, SMBs are able to give employees more powerful and user-friendly tools than organizations 10x their size. Despite the high stakes, many SMBs are failing to take basic precautions.

    In this webinar you will:
    Take care of the basics of cybersecurity
    Review security training and awareness for your employees
    Review solutions that can help cover the basics including CylancePROTECT, DNS Safeguard, Rapid Response Retainer (RRR) and Security professional services
    User and device security protocols
  • How to sustain your business with one bold promise. Recorded: Jun 30 2020 49 mins
    Carl Gould, author of The 7 Stages of Small Business Success with host Ramon Ray of Smart Hustle Media
    Carl Gould, author of The 7 Stages of Small Business Success, joins this webinar to share how you can make your “bold promise” to retain customer loyalty and build long term success.
  • The key to fierce loyalty: An amazing customer experience. Recorded: Jun 23 2020 48 mins
    Shep Hyken, speaker, author and customer service expert with Ramon Ray of Smart Hustle Media
    Set your small business apart by creating amazing customer experiences. Shep Hyken will break down his six “Convenience Principles” to improve your customer satisfaction and create fierce loyalty.
  • Roadmap to Success for the New Small Business Majority Recorded: Jun 16 2020 46 mins
    Elizabeth Gore, Co-Founder and President of Hello Alice with host Ramon Ray of Smart Hustle Media
    With a new roadmap to success, small business owners are growing stronger together. Learn how Elizabeth Gore, co-founder of Hello Alice, believes we can empower what she calls the "new majority" of entrepreneurs.

    Co-founder and President of HelloAlice, supporting the largest community of small business owners launch and grow, Elizabeth Gore, talks about resources available to the new small business majority (women, people of color, persons with disabilities and veterans). Elizabeth will share data and trends to help small business owners increase success.

    HelloAlice (helloalice.com), a free multi-channel platform powered by AI technology, guides businesses owners by providing access to funding, networks and services.
  • Tech Adoption for Small Business through Covid-19 and Beyond. Recorded: Jun 2 2020 48 mins
    Shelly Palmer, Author, CEO and one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices on Tech with Host Ramon Ray of SmartHustle Media
    Coming up next, Ramon Ray hosts Shelly Palmer, advising how your small business can adopt new tech to help you pivot for the future.
Verizon Business Webinar Series
Free webinars designed to provide small business owners with knowledge and trends to help your business grow.

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  • Title: Steps to take right now in challenging times
  • Live at: Apr 7 2020 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Michalowicz, SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Author of Fix This Next
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