Authentication as a Service Changes the Game

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Jason Hart, Authentication and Cloud Visionary, Safenet
An increasingly mobile workforce, the move to the cloud, and the proliferation of mobile devices used by employees are blurring the boundaries of the traditional network security perimeter. Organizations are having difficulty affording, implementing and managing consistent, unified access policies to corporate resources.

Join your fellow professionals for insights into the changing market forces and the move to SaaS, and then understand how Authentication as a Service can enable companies to pursue a consistent authentication policy across the organization with speed, ease and a significantly reduced spend.
May 10 2012
46 mins
Authentication as a Service Changes the Game
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  • Daten schützen durch Verschlüsselung! Aber wie? Sep 8 2015 12:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Armin Simon, Northern EMEA Channel Manager
    Verschlüsselung ist langsam, kompliziert und schwer zu managen! Diese Vorurteile sind lange überholt. Verschlüsselung ist heute wichtiger Bestandteil einer umfassenden Sicherheitsstrategie.
    Armin Simon zeigt Ihnen in diesem Webinar, wie Sie als Security-Verantwortlicher Verschlüsselung in Ihrem Unternehmen auf ein solides Fundament stellen. Welche Ansätze haben sich bewährt und wie finden Sie die für Ihr Unternehmen passendste Lösung?
  • Best Practices for Securing the Mobile Employee Aug 11 2015 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Himanshu Verma, Director, Authentication-as-a-Service, Gemalto
    Join us on August 11th to gain expert advice on enterprise application and mobile security. Here you will learn market dynamics, possible risks and effective solutions you can use while working within your budget.
  • Cloud Attack: Unsharing Your Business in The Cloud Recorded: Jul 8 2015 34 mins
    Jason Hart, VP Cloud Solutions - Gemalto
    In this presentation we will examine real cases that show how vulnerable cloud and virtual environments can be without the correct controls. You will see how easily controls can be bypassed and compromised, why software keys are simply not good enough, and how your personal life threatens your business and work life. Join us on July 8th to learn what we call, unsharing your data.
  • Trusted Crypto in the Cloud: Best Practices for Key Ownership and Control Recorded: Jun 16 2015 47 mins
    Stephen Helm, CTO Office, Identity and Data Protection, SafeNet Gemalto
    Traditionally, organizations needing encryption for cloud applications have had to purchase an HSM and manage encryption keys on premises, or have had to trust the cloud provider with the keys, complicating security and compliance matters. These challenges have prevented many of the most security conscious companies from migrating sensitive workloads and data to the cloud.

    Join Stephen Helm as he explains how you can solve these issues, exploring crypto in the cloud, and providing best practices for key ownership and control.
  • Zeitenwende durch Edward Snowden Recorded: Jun 2 2015 49 mins
    Armin Simon, Senior Manager Channel Sales, SafeNet/Gemalto
    Seit Edward Snowden ist bekannt, wie systematisch Informationen ausgespäht und manipuliert werden. Was hat sich seither wirklich verändert und was ist die konsequente Schlussfolgerung? Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie sie auf Basis einer angepassten Sicherheitsstrategie die richtigen Lösungen für Ihre Sicherheitsanforderungen finden.
  • Five Guidelines for Supporting Secure Employee Mobility Recorded: May 19 2015 38 mins
    Mor Ahuvia - Product Marketing Manager, DP Product Marketing
    From their first cup of coffee, to meetings in the field and late night conference calls—today’s workers expect a seamless continuum of access to enterprise resources. And while remote network access, virtual desktops and cloud applications are invaluable assets for these employees, the increasingly splintered data ecosystem is wreaking havoc among the unprepared—be they IT, security or compliance professionals. So how can IT administrators service 100s, 1000s or even 10,000s of users while keeping management overhead low? Can security staff support mobility and remain unruffled in the face of a data breach? And exactly how can compliance stewards ensure they have the visibility they need to smoothly undergo audits? This webinar will provide the answers.
  • The Virtual World Exposed: Hacking the Cloud Recorded: May 12 2015 35 mins
    Jason Hart, VP Cloud Solutions, SafeNet, Larry Ponemon Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute
    Join Gemalto in collaboration with Ponemon on May 12th as we reveal recent study results on how hackers are attacking the cloud.

    This presentation will use live demos to show how vulnerable cloud and virtual environments can be without the correct controls. Examples will include the following topics:
    •Do companies really know how to store data in the cloud?
    •The need for multi-factor authentication and why software keys are not good enough
    •Data governance rules and regulations
  • Surveillance: Protect Your IP From Watching Eyes Recorded: Apr 29 2015 39 mins
    Stan Mesceda, Product Manager of High Speed Encryption, Gemalto
    Join Gemalto on April 29th to hear Stan Mesceda, Senior Product Manager at Gemalto give his expertise on data in motion and the importance of High Speed Encryption
  • IAM and Authentication Trends in 2015 Recorded: Mar 24 2015 60 mins
    Doron Cohen, Chief Technology Officer and VP, SafeNet Authentication
    The Identity and Access Market (IAM) is undergoing exciting changes. Increased cloud adoption, cyber-threats and the speedy adoption of mobile computing is affecting how enterprises approach access security and authentication.

    Getting insight into these trends can help you prepare your organization for better and more effective Identity and Access policies during the coming year.

    Join us on for a webinar on “IAM and Authentication Trends in 2015”, on March 24, 2015, where you can hear all about Identity and Access trends and developments from an industry expert.
  • Stop SSL-Encrypted Attacks in their Tracks! Recorded: Mar 17 2015 47 mins
    Stephen Helm, Product Manager, SafeNet & Danny Luedke, Product Manager, F5 Networks
    Join us on March 17th to learn how SafeNet Luna HSMs integrate with F5 Networks BIG IP load balancer to protect the integrity of the SSL communications.
  • Security and The Internet of Things Recorded: Feb 17 2015 64 mins
    David Etue
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. Join us on February 17th to learn how the Internet of Things will play a role in your future and what changes will be happening in security.
  • Building a Crypto Foundation Recorded: Jan 29 2015 57 mins
    Mark Yakabuski
    Building a Crypto Foundation
  • The Cyber Security Playbook: Securing Budget and Forming Allies Recorded: Jan 20 2015 49 mins
    As a defender of sensitive information, you are no stranger to the ever-changing breadth of security threats your organization faces. Not only are you expected to protect sensitive corporate and customer information from those threats, you are also expected to support massive IT infrastructure changes around where sensitive data is being stored and who and how it can be accessed. All of this with little internal enthusiasm for new projects and a stagnant security budget!

    Whether you are a CISO, CIO, or any employee responsible for protecting sensitive information it is time to fight for the resources you deserve!

    This session will reveal new strategies for:

    •Finding financial and operational support for information security initiatives across the organization;
    •Enlisting new, and at times, surprising allies for your information security projects;
    •Building a virtual team of ‘defenders’ across the organization.

    REGISTER TODAY for this insightful best practices session
  • The 6 Vulnerabilities of the Retail Payment Ecosystem Recorded: Dec 9 2014 40 mins
    Alexandra Lating - Product Marketing Specialist
    The retail payment ecosystem is a complicated and highly vulnerable system filled with multiple stakeholders responsible for security, such as hardware device manufacturers, software application providers and financial institutions. As a retailer, you rarely control the security for each piece of the payment ecosystem. But you still need to know everything about the process including:

    •The 6 ways your data is most vulnerable
    •How your data could be attacked
    •Which security stakeholder is responsible for protecting your data
    •What security solution should be implemented

    Join our live webcast on December 9th for more information on the vulnerabilities of the retail payment ecosystem, and what they mean for all security stakeholders, especially retailers.
  • Encryption and Payments: How Recent Breaches are Changing the Approach Recorded: Dec 3 2014 73 mins
    Stephen Helm, Product Marketing – SafeNet Paul Hampton, Product Manager - SafeNet
    We’re sure you’ve all heard about it in the news. With more than 2 billion records lost or stolen since 2013, how can you be sure your organization’s current security scheme will stand up against malicious attacks?

    Join SafeNet’s webinar, “Encryption and Payments: How Recent Breaches are Changing the Approach to Data Protection in the Payment Ecosystem” to learn how your organization can improve its current strategy. Encryption and tokenization have long been used to secure transactions that occur in the payment ecosystem, but our HSM experts will discuss how to take this approach to the next level. By dissecting the payment ecosystem, we’ll uncover a variety of vulnerabilities in the current process and demonstrate how to use encryption and key management more effectively.
  • Secure Enterprise & Cloud Applications w/ SafeNet Next Generation Authentication Recorded: Oct 29 2014 42 mins
    Danna Bethlehem
    The ability to access any corporate application, whether it resides on the network or in the cloud, ensures your employees have mobility and business agility. Anywhere, anytime remote access from any device however, increases management loads for IT professionals and obscures visibility into which employees are accessing what applications – and when.

    Next Generation Authentication from SafeNet offers frictionless authentication delivered from the cloud, combined with transparency, trust and control, allowing you to secure access to diverse applications and meet security regulations in a shifting IT landscape.

    Featuring fully automated processes and support for a broad IT eco-system, frictionless authentication empowers organizations to protect numerous applications with strong authentication. A broad range of authentication methods and form factors ensures optimal risk mitigation and end user satisfaction.

    Join us to find out how Next Generation Authentication from SafeNet let’s you more easily secure more applications, protect more identities - and adapt to changing IT environments – while achieving the right balance for your business and security needs.
  • Busting the Top 5 Myths of Protecting Data in Motion Recorded: Oct 8 2014 59 mins
    Stan Mesceda, Product Manager of High Speed Encryption, SafeNet
    Fibre tapping is on the increase due to the high success rate currently enjoyed by cyber criminals targeting data in motion. A recent survey* conducted by Trustwave and published in their 2013 global security report, found that “Attackers were more successful at maintaining persistence and harvesting data in transit than they were at attacking stored data. Despite this a recent Spiceworks survey* of IT pros found that “29% of respondents are not encrypting ANY data in motion.”

    Add to this that high profile fibre tapping cases are becoming public news and increasing, and all of this contributes to the real need to protect data in motion from cyber threats.

    By protecting the data itself with encryption you render it useless to a 3rd party, but as with all technology applied to a business need, this brings about some common myths.

    Join this live webinar and hear Stan Mesceda, Senior Product Manager, High Speed Encryption, de-mystify the top 5 most common myths about protecting data in motion, listed below:

    •Ethernet is inherently secure/Fibre is not tappable
    •VPN/MPLS/IPSEC doesn't affect performance
    •My carrier is required to let me know if my data is breached
    •Encryption is complicated
    •Encryption is only affordable for the big guys

    Then following this discussion, learn about the business and technology benefits of encryption data in motion.

    Register today to join this insightful webinar

    *survey stats quoted are from the Trustwave 2013 Global Security Report and Spiceworks Voice of IT survey deployed to 200 IT pros worldwide conducted on behalf of SafeNet, July 2014
  • High-Assurance Encryption: Key Security Best Practices Recorded: Jul 17 2014 46 mins
    Stephen Helm, Product Marketing – SafeNet
    Encryption is fundamental for security but it is only as strong as the protection afforded to the cryptographic keys. If the keys are compromised, the encrypted data can be compromised.

    By utilizing a hardware root of trust to secure cryptographic keys and provision encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services, you can provide your agency with reliable protection for transactions, identities, and applications.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to protect your cryptographic keys by easily integrating hardware security modules to your applications to secure:

    PKI/Certificate Services
    Digital Signatures
    Database and File Encryption
    Web Services
    Cloud Services

    Join your fellow professionals for this best practice session on effective encryption key management.
  • Fibre Tapping: How to Protect Your Data in Transit with Encryption Recorded: Jul 8 2014 5 mins
    Fibre tapping is not child’s play but if you’re criminally minded, there are options such as Evanescent Fibre Coupling to expose data in flight across high speed networks. With a very small signal loss – less than 1% - it’s practically undetectable. SafeNet shares how to protect data in motion against fibre tapping with encryption in this new video.
  • Recent EU Data Breach Regulations: Are you EU compliant? Recorded: Jun 26 2014 58 mins
    Gloria Marcoccio - IT Regulations & Information Security Expert, Jason Hart, VP, SafeNet
    Guidance to achieving compliance with new EU regulations

    With the EU Regulation 611/2013 for ISP/TelCo operators coming into force, the European regulatory framework is giving more precise guidance on the required security measures. The key objective of the EU Regulation is to limit data breaches and incidents.

    Measures that limit data breaches and incidents are central to the EU regulations, when applied correctly by an organizations security teams.

    Encryption is the most important recommended measure to achieve compliance and allows the data to become unintelligible. With Encryption organisations can reduce the residual privacy risks to a negligible level.

    Extended EU regulations with a wider target are expected: The new EU Data Protection Regulation and the Directive on Networks & Information Security (NIS) are both pending EU final approval to come into force.

    Attend this webinar and discover how to keep your customers data safe and reduce the risk of having to notify a data breach to your customers under the new EU regulations.
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