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Webinar: Voice-based Authentication In The Cloud

Fast, convenient and secure user authentication is a must for companies that focus on providing their customer, prospects and employees with the best user experience possible. That’s why many of the most forward-looking enterprises are taking serious stock of their options for ways to identify and validate the people at the other end of a phone conversation. Voiceprints are emerging as attractive alternatives to vulnerable PINs and commonly asked questions, such as “mother’s maiden name” or “last 4-digits of your Social Security Number.”

A growing number of companies are using hosted services platforms to carry out voice-based authentication. A hosted approach provides them with levels of flexibility, affordability and scalability that premises-based approaches do not. They help “future-proof” implementations, making it easier to add applications, enrollees and “hooks” into complementary security and authentication infrastructure.

Join Opus Research, Voxeo and Voice Biometrics Group in a webcast that describes the demand for strong, context aware authentication; the variety of voice biometrics-based solutions; and the advantages of taking a “hosted approach” to meeting identification and verification challenges in ways that comply with security and privacy concerns associated with Financial, Healthcare, Insurance and Government Services.
Recorded Mar 20 2012 47 mins
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Presented by
John Amein, Senior VP Product Management, Voxeo, Peter Soufleris President, Voice Biometric Group, Dan Miller, Opus Research
Presentation preview: Webinar: Voice-based Authentication In The Cloud

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  • The Age of Voice Innovation, Part II: What Keeps You Up at Night Oct 5 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Joe Hagan, Chief Product Officer, LumenVox; Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Derek Top, Senior Analyst, Opus Research
    In this Age of Digital Transformation, it is a major challenge for Contact Center and CX professionals just to keep voice-based resources up and running… not to mention managing to keep technology fresh and add new capabilities. Too often they feel they are “damned if they do” buy into the view that the customer care is moving to chat and text or “damned if they don’t” keep the voice channel up-to-date with the latest and greatest AI-infused technologies. Join Opus Research and LumenVox executives to:

    • Identify elements of the voice channel most in need of an upgrade
    • Understand strategies and tactics for introducing AI-infused voice elements
    • Determine how to migrate elements with an uncertain future to proven solutions
    • Take advantage of those proven solutions at the lowest price
  • Making Bots Both Affective and Effective Sep 23 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Alya Yacoubi, Head of Zaion Lab AI; Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Derek Top, Research Director, Opus Research
    CX, Contact Center and Customer Care professionals are clamoring for solutions that make voicebots and chatbots more “affective,” meaning “sensitive and empathetic to customers’ emotional state”. Too often these initiatives are at odds with the core demand for self-service resources to be more “effective,” meaning “efficient and active” in helping customers complete their desired tasks.

    Join executives from Opus Research and Zaion in a video discussion and demonstration of technologies and approaches to making affective bots more effective for customers, specifically:

    • How does affective application of AI result in effective responses?
    • Can a bot really be empathetic?
    • What is the downside of mis-applying Emotional AI?
    • Is there a clear way forward for making the most of Emotional AI?
  • The Age of Voice Innovation, Part I: Attributes of the New Engine Recorded: Sep 14 2021 44 mins
    Joe Hagan, Chief Product Officer, LumenVox; Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Derek Top, Senior Analyst, Opus Research
    The Voice Channel for enterprise communications and customer care is the direct beneficiary of dramatic improvements in automated speech processing. Recognition and transcription are reaching unprecedented levels of accuracy; synthetic voices are often indistinguishable from humans; while voice biometrics detects both real and synthesized imposters reliably and at scale.

    Join Opus Research and LumenVox for a lively discussion of the factors that are giving new shape to the Voice Channel for both self-service and employee communications, including:

    • Pricing: Benefitting from single language models and steadily declining costs
    • Accuracy: Creating new services and use cases (Moore’s law moves to the cloud)
    • Tooling: Democratizing NLU to create voicebots and augmented IVRs
    • Scalability: Serving a diverse customer base across a spectrum of devices
  • Managed Customer Engagement – A Disruptive Way Forward for CX Recorded: Aug 19 2021 45 mins
    Derek Top, Opus Research; Dan Miller, Opus Research; Cory Good, [24]7.ai; Celene Osiecka, [24]7.ai
    Companies are scrambling to transform their businesses to meet the exploding digital demand. Delivering better CX experiences through "Managed Customer Engagement" helps reduce costs, increase automation and expand digital channel adoption. In this webinar, learn specific techniques to succeed with Digital Transformation initiatives. Topics include: Overcoming cross-departmental hurdles to connect technology silos; Unique integrations of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence (AI + HI); How to link teams, obtain executive sponsorship, and change mindsets; and What it takes to find the right partner.
  • Remote Identity Proofing: Security, Convenience, and Continuity Recorded: Jul 28 2021 53 mins
    Dan Miller, Opus Research; Derek Top, Opus Research; Conor White, Daon; Jason Beloncik, Daon
    Smartphones and other mobile devices are increasingly the first point of connection between individuals and their banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, universities, government agencies, and a growing variety of retailers. So when it comes to building trust, preventing fraud, and activating potential customers, a safe and efficient mobile onboarding experience is your gateway to a fruitful and long-lasting customer journey.

    And yet, many large and highly capable organizations are still struggling to safeguard, expedite, and otherwise optimize this process. All the while, fintechs and other digital-native businesses continue to siphon away customers by virtue of having mastered this one, crucial area of technical expertise.

    Join Opus Research for a conversation with executives from Daon, a market leader in biometric-based identity assurance, in a live, interactive webinar (Wednesday, July 28) to hear how identity proofing and onboarding can make or break the modern customer experience, and how your organization can take immediate, concrete steps to protect, enhance, and unify your identity processes at every stage of the customer journey.
  • Fulfilling Conversational AI’s Promise in Your Contact Center Recorded: Jun 28 2021 36 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research; Vijai Shankar, Vice President, Uniphore
    Over a year after the onset of the pandemic, contact centers have stepped up digital transformation plans at scale. To address common challenges, many organizations are turning to artificial intelligence and conversational service automation to deliver better customer experiences and employee efficiencies.

    For businesses, AI-powered applications enable time and cost savings, smarter customer services, and efficient CX management, plus reliable, actionable insights that facilitate decision making.

    If you are involved in defining digital transformation priorities heading into 2022, learn real-world use cases that deploy AI and Automation and major impacts on employee and customer experience.
  • New Truths About Self-Service: Enabling Conversational Service Automation Recorded: Apr 28 2021 40 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research; Prof. Levent Arslan, Founder & CEO, Sestek
    Overcoming business challenges for customer care by leveraging AI-powered solutions to improve efficiencies and customer experience. Hear real-world case studies from businesses utilizing the the "3 A's" - Automate, Authenticate, Analyze - support Conversational Service Automation.
  • Action Plan for ASR: Applications for Conversational Intelligence Recorded: Apr 6 2021 48 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst Opus Research; Scott Stephenson, CEO, Deepgram; Derek Top, Research Director, Opus Research
    Businesses are just scratching the surface when it comes to employing the insights derived from speedy, accurate automated speech recognition.

    In this webcast, Opus Research joins Deepgram to describe real-world Conversational Intelligence applications in contact centers, collaboration platforms and beyond. With confidence in accurate transcription, you’ll hear how firms:

    • Streamline development processes (capturing, indexing collaboration content)
    • Automate customer care and support (voicebots)
    • Promote customer retention (sentiment recognition)
    • Secure and personalize conversations
    • Comply with privacy regulation (scripting and redaction)
  • Delivering Business Value with Automated Speech Recognition Recorded: Mar 17 2021 47 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research; Derek Top, Research Director, Opus Research; Shadi Baqleh, COO, Deepgram
    A recent Opus Research global survey found businesses view speech recognition technologies used to capture, transcribe and analyze conversations as an emerging business opportunity. The global survey of 400 decision-makers across 8 industries centered on current and planned uses of “automated speech recognition” technologies, specifically "speech-to-text conversion" deployed in conjunction with natural language understanding or speech analytics.

    Many businesses are finding "accuracy" is table stakes for ASR-based solutions. Firms are putting a premium on real-time analytics and flexible deployment options.

    In this webinar, Dan Miller, lead analyst & founder with Opus Research, and Derek Top, research director, join Shadi Baqleh, COO of Deepgram, to learn how businesses derive value from ASR solutions. Topics include:

    • Exclusive data from a global survey of 400 business decision-makers
    • Combining voice recognition with search, commerce, and automation
    • Why implementations are largely use case driven
    • Redefining “voice of the customer” (i.e. better listening and intent recognition)
  • The Shift to Customized Voice Assistants: How Will You Compete? Recorded: Mar 9 2021 50 mins
    Dan Miller, Opus Research; Michael Zagorsek, SoundHound Inc.; Nithya Thadani, RAIN; Derek Top, Opus Research
    A global survey of 320 decision makers across 8 major industries has confirmed that voice assistants are becoming ubiquitous. While customer service, convenience, and loyalty top the list of the benefits, many organizations are unsure how to show ROI or monetize their investments in voice AI.

    Although two-thirds of companies have implemented a voice assistant, many have not fully customized the experience, and 33% are still sitting on the fence. Join us to learn what top brands are getting right and what you can do to stay competitive. In this webinar you'll discover:

    ● The most recent trends in voice investments
    ● Common challenges of a voice-first strategy
    ● The real value of voice assistants for top brands
    ● How to measure the success of a voice assistant
    ● Unseen opportunities for monetization and proving ROI
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: How to Infuse AI Into Your IVR Recorded: Feb 18 2021 44 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research; Grant Duncan, VP, Marketing, Voximplant
    In the coming years, expect upgrades to Conversational IVR systems to recognize the intents of callers based on natural language input and respond with accurate answers, recommendations or actions. A cloud-based approach brings these sophisticated capabilities within the reach of almost any business. In this live webinar, join Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder with Opus Research, Derek Top, research director with Opus Research, and Grant Duncan, VP of Marketing with Voximplant, to hear how to train IVRs — the workhorse of automated self-service — to be the cornerstone of your company’s digital self-service strategy. Topics include:

    * Real-world use cases for democratizing Conversational AI
    * Leveraging natural language input to respond with accurate answers, recommendations or actions
    * How a cloud-based approach brings these sophisticated capabilities within the reach of almost any business
  • The Commercial Case for Intelligent Authentication Recorded: Jan 11 2021 20 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research; Matt Smallman, Director, SymNex Consulting
    Developing a business plan for intelligent authentication requires a thought-out approach in order to make a wise investment. In the past, solutions for voice biometrics tended to be expensive and complex, suitable for only large enterprises. But today, many organizations are finding compelling options for fraud prevention and intelligent authentication in delivering operational efficiencies and improved customer experience.

    In this next installment of the “The Business of Intelligent Authentication” video series, Matt Smallman, director with SymNex Consulting, and Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder at Opus Research discuss the real-world realities in developing the commercial case for Intelligent Authentication.
  • Getting Contact Center Authentication Right in 2021 Recorded: Dec 15 2020 24 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research; Matt Smallman, Director, SymNex Consulting
    In today’s contact center environments, many businesses still rely knowledge-based authentication and passwords for customer identity and verification. As has been tracked for years, these authentication methods are prone to fraud and provide poor customer experiences.

    In this first installment of the “The Business of Intelligent Authentication” series, Matt Smallman, director with SymNex Consulting and Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder at Opus Research, have an in-depth conversation about the weaknesses of contact center security methods and what’s next in 2021 for redefining customer self-service with intelligent authentication.
  • The New Authentication Ecosystem: A Primer Recorded: Oct 20 2020 40 mins
    Dan Miller, Opus Research; Matt Smallman, SymNex Consulting; Shawn Edmunds, LumenVox
    Hear research findings and insights from the recently published "2020 Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention Intelliview: Solutions for Emerging Security Threats and CX Challenges"
  • Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention Intelliview Recorded: Sep 11 2020 25 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Derek Top, Senior Analyst, Opus Research; Matt Smallman, Director, SymNex Consulting
    Opus Research and SymNex Consulting provide enterprise decision makers with competitive context for evaluating selected solution providers supporting secure customer contact experiences and fraud prevention.
  • SMS + Automation: The Next Level in Conversational Sales and Analytics Recorded: Jul 23 2020 49 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder, Opus Research; Brian Craig, VP, Product Marketing, Marchex; Matt Berman, CEO, Sonar
    How textbots and SMS messaging can dramatically uplift conversions and drive critical actions that increase revenue

    Join Opus Research and Marchex for a comprehensive webinar on the rise of automation in SMS and how it can be applied to accelerate prospects through your sales funnel. Actual customer use cases of Marchex Sonar will provide real-life examples of what this technology can do for businesses today.
    In this webcast, you’ll hear how SMS, when integrated with automation and AI-powered workflows, helps businesses:
    • Accelerate lead qualification and sales conversion by offering
    • Boost sales productivity as much as 5X or 10X
    • Add new customers and revenue
  • Survival Guide to the 50 Shades of Phone-Based Fraud: The Pandemic Edition Recorded: Jun 25 2020 48 mins
    Opus Research and NICE
    There’s nothing like a first-ever global crisis to expose pre-existing performance problems and known security vulnerabilities in the customer care fabric of brands around the world.

    Join Opus Research and contact center software solutions provider NICE for this live, interactive webinar (June 25th) to hear about the latest industry trends and gather tips on how to fight fraud in the "new normal." Topics include:

    * How contact center operators are turning to cloud-based solutions implement the latest technologies for intelligent authentication and fraud-loss prevention

    * How workflows for both agents and customer will be permanently changed with the introduction of swift, strong and adaptive caller authentication

    * The need for contact centers to incorporate a checklist of intelligent authentication solutions including real-time, risk awareness, multi-factor and more.
  • Introducing Native Process Automation: AI-Infused Workflows for Contact Centers Recorded: Jun 2 2020 47 mins
    Jim Radzicki, TELUS International; Lance Fried, Thrio, Inc.; Dan Miller, Opus Research
    Cloud-based contact center specialist, Thrio, has introduced "Native Process Automation" (NPA) to help both customers and contact center agents complete their tasks. In this webinar, learn:

    * Why the global pandemic has permanently altered commerce and customer care for voice and digital channels
    * Integrating NPA into both agent and customer workflows
    * What it takes for cloud-based services to support both agent-based and automated self-service
    * How NPA delivers the benefits for Conversational AI
  • Measuring the True Effectiveness of Virtual Assistants Recorded: Mar 19 2020 48 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research; Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder & CEO, Haptik
    In this live, interactive webinar, Opus Research and Haptik discuss the following key topics:

    * How existing methods of measuring intelligent virtual assistant customer experiences have limitations
    * Defining "Intelligent Satisfaction Score" and how it is calculated
    * How brands and enterprises are deriving actionable insights in assessing true IVA effectiveness.
  • Enhancing Artificial Intelligence with Human Insight Recorded: Feb 20 2020 49 mins
    Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder, Opus Research; Patrick Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer, [24]7.ai
    How Companies Make the Most Out of Conversational AI Investments

    Opus Research and customer care experts [24]7.ai discuss how orchestrating interactions that involve AI and customer service live agents is no longer an “either/or” proposition – it now means blending the best of both in ways that take advantage of what each does best.
Intelligent Assistants, Intelligent Authentication, Conversational AI
News, information, and research detailing Intelligent Assistants, Intelligent Authentication Conversational Commerce. Webcasts include in-depth analysis of market forecasts, real-world case studies, and proven business value.

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  • Title: Webinar: Voice-based Authentication In The Cloud
  • Live at: Mar 20 2012 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: John Amein, Senior VP Product Management, Voxeo, Peter Soufleris President, Voice Biometric Group, Dan Miller, Opus Research
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