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Emerging Market Debt Q4 2013

Emerging Market Debt Q4 2013
Recorded Jan 24 2014 19 mins
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Presented by
Brett Diment
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  • ETFs and portfolio management in a robo world Jul 12 2017 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Adam French, Co-founder and CEO
    Technology doesn’t just make investing more convenient and accessible but fundamentally better as well.

    Learn how to use technology to move beyond the world defined by modern portfolio theory and how to use data and empirical evidence to construct risk-targeted portfolios for the modern world.
  • Opportunities that exist as a result of market volatility Apr 13 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Derek Bradley, Panacea Adviser & Edward Park, Brooks Macdonald
    Panacea Adviser has teamed up with BrightTalk and Brooks Macdonald for a free webcast to support and educate Financial Advisers.

    Time: 11.00-11.45am
    Date: 13th April 2017

    This 45 minute webcast will cover:

    - the recent market and economic environment
    - potential issues of the current volatility in world markets
    - opportunities that can exist as a result

    It will then detail some of the vehicles that can be used to dampen the impact of volatile markets.

    The webcast will be led by Edward Park. Edward is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and manages bespoke discretionary portfolios on behalf of a number of Brooks Macdonald clients. He also assists in the formulation of the Brooks Macdonald investment process as a member of both their Asset Allocation and Investment Committees.

    This in-depth, thought provoking session will be of real value to you and your firm and not one to be missed!
  • Managing Multi-Asset Portfolios in Uncertain Times Apr 12 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Rory Mcpherson (Head of Investment Strategy, Psigma Investment Management)
    Psigma’s Head of Investment Strategy Rory Mcpherson will be discussing the current market environment and considering what this means for economies and investors alike. In particular, he will address:

    · The state of the global economy: what are the challenges and where are the opportunities
    · What are policy makers doing / what are they likely to do
    · How healthy is the investment opportunity set?
    o What are valuations like?
    o What are earnings like?
    · How bullish / bearish are investors and is now the time to be buying?
    · How do we at Psigma believe one should be positioned in this market
    · To finish with closing comments and questions
  • HNW Asset Allocation trends: Europe and Americas Recorded: Feb 28 2017 47 mins
    Bartosz Golba, Head of Content – Wealth Management (GlobalData)
    Political turbulences – it’s enough to mention US election and Brexit referendum – only added to the list of factors significantly affecting global asset allocation strategies in 2016, particularly in Europe and North America. Looking forward, how can wealth managers adjust their HNW clients’ portfolios in 2017 to make sure that they are not encouraged to try alternative investment managers?

    This webinar sheds light into what is and will be driving investment choices in the European and American HNW space now and in 2017.
  • HNW Asset Allocation Trends in Asia Pacific Recorded: Feb 23 2017 33 mins
    Heike van den Hövel, Senior Analyst – Wealth Management (GlobalData)
    Diverging economic trends across the globe, and increased market volatility have resulted in significant differences when it comes to high net worth (HNW) investors’ asset allocation strategies.

    This webinar sheds light into what’s driving investment choices in the HNW space now and as we go further into 2017.
  • Asset allocation and future returns Recorded: Feb 15 2017 30 mins
    James Hutton
    We all know that past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but by examining historical data of the principle asset classes and applying it to what we know of the current economic environment, we can make projections. This helps match up different asset allocations to a client’s financial requirements. James Hutton, Fund Manager of the Sarasin Model Portfolios, explains how.
  • Outlook for Critical US Small Cap Sectors Recorded: Feb 14 2017 41 mins
    Geoff Dailey, CFA; Jon Stephenson, CFA; Eric McLaughlin, CFA
    In this webcast our senior equity research analysts in energy & financials and healthcare will discuss our outlook for the year and where we see challenges in the following sectors:

    Energy - Our reasons for optimism; Why we believe a rebound on profits is underway; Rewarding the fittest

    Financials - Improving fundamental outlook and reasons for investing;
    Deregulation; How various scenarios might play out

    Healthcare - Legislative Landscape; Valuations; M&A; FDA Approvals
  • Your Guide to ESG Reporting Recorded: Feb 9 2017 149 mins
    London Stock Exchange Group
    Join us to learn about how companies can provide effective ESG reporting and investors can use this information for investment decisions. Hear from organisations including the UN PRI, Aviva, Unilever and CCLA Investment Management.
    09:00 Welcome & role of LSEG in enabling issuer-investor communication
    09:15 Sustainable Stock Exchanges: Market need for ESG Guidance
    09:35 Launch of LSEG Guidance
    09:55 Investor panel: Challenges, Expectations and Approaches
    10:40 Issuer panel: Challenges, Perspectives and Opportunities
    11:25 Closing remarks

    View the full agenda and speaker information: http://www.lseg.com/events/guidance-esg-reporting-investors
  • How effective is the “True Styles” methodology? Recorded: Feb 8 2017 28 mins
    Erik Rubingh, Chris Childs
    Erik Rubingh, manager of the Global Equity Market Neutral Strategy, will explain the impact of the unique ‘True Styles’ methodology on raw equity factor performance. Chris Childs, Director in the Multi Strategy Investments team, will then highlight the appeal of the strategy from the perspective of building a multi-asset portfolio.
  • Trends and Insights in Asset Management and Banking: Let's get digital Recorded: Jan 27 2017 22 mins
    Anthony Christodoulou, Founder, Robo-Investing
    How are ETFs used to construct portfolios and deliver goal-based investing solutions? How do data and artificial intelligence help to understand investor behaviour, manage compliance risk, and deliver personalised content?

    All this and more will be covered by Anthony Christodoulou, founder of Robo-Investing Europe, an event which features the top thought leaders in digital wealth management and investment solutions.
  • US Equities: Implications of Trumponomics for Growth Financials and Industrials Recorded: Jan 24 2017 36 mins
    Joel Rubenstein & Mike Clulow, Senior New Capital US Equity Portfolio Managers
    With Donald Trump taking his place as the 45th president, join us on this webinar to discuss how the new administration will affect the US market and which sectors stand to benefit from Trumponomics.
  • How to join the asset allocation competition? Recorded: Jan 19 2017 13 mins
    Oren Kaplan
    On SharingAlpha investment professionals are able to create a virtual fund of funds and build their own proven track record in terms of asset allocation. CAIA Association has decided to sponsor an asset allocation competition that will start of Feb. 1st. In this webinar we will demonstrate how to create your virtual fund of funds and how to follow your performance.
  • Market Outlook and Portfolio Positioning: Dealing with an uncertain world Recorded: Dec 16 2016 33 mins
    Rory Mcpherson (Head of Investment Strategy, Psigma Investment Management)
    Join this presentation where Rory will discuss valuations and business cycles across core asset classes and future returns these imply.

    Discussion points will include:
    · Quick re-cap on 2016: what’s changed and what does this imply for core asset classes
    · What are the big themes for next year?
    · What is the “right” portfolio mix for next year?
    o What are valuations like
    o What are the risks
    o Where are the best opportunities
  • Beyond the shadow of QE Recorded: Dec 7 2016 43 mins
    Daniel Morris, Senior Investment Strategist (BNP Paribas Investment Partners)
    Is this this beginning of the end of QE? Will interest rates finally end their continuous downward march? What happens to equity markets if they do? Listen to our 2017 Investment Outlook, “Beyond the Shadow of QE”, to find out how to take advantage of the changing landscape with Daniel Morris, Senior Investment Strategist.
  • One month on from the Trump Tantrum – our outlook for 2017 Recorded: Dec 7 2016 35 mins
    Eric Vanraes, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at EI Sturdza Investment Funds
    One month on from the Trump Tantrum – our outlook for 2017
  • Stirrings of an end to financial repression Recorded: Nov 16 2016 41 mins
    Francis Scotland, Co-Director of Global Macro Research, Brandywine Global
    Francis Scotland, Brandywine Global’s Co-Director of Global Macro Research, discusses why cyclical and secular forces around the globe are transitioning the world economy to a period of slow but gradual improvement in global growth, an outcome at odds with developed country bond markets that seem priced for something far worse.
  • Today & Tomorrow – What’s The Prognosis for Fixed Income Recorded: Nov 16 2016 45 mins
    Robert Vanden Assem, CFA Managing Director & Jonathan Davis, Vice President, PineBridge Investments
    How does a fixed income investor survive and thrive in a zero interest rate world? Rob Vanden Assem and Jonathan Davis from the PineBridge Developed Markets Fixed Income team present an interactive exploration into today’s shifting fixed income markets. Where are the opportunities now, and how can investors position their portfolios to benefit whilst avoiding undue risk. Join them as they reveal their prognosis for the future of fixed income.
  • Did the Central banks lose the war? Recorded: Nov 10 2016 49 mins
    Eric Vanraes, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at EI Sturdza Investment Funds
    1. Why you should still stay invested in bonds

    Because bonds are a natural hedge of other asset classes such as equities but it means that you MUST favour high-quality bonds only, with good liquidity and without high correlation to equities in order to deliver positive performance when stock markets are in negative territory.

    2. What are the asset classes that should be favoured?

    In EUR, we favour APP (Asset Purchase Program) bonds (Govies + PSPP + CSPP), i.e. bonds bought by the ECB (EUR 80 billion/month) and in USD, we stay overweight long US Treasuries (both 30y nominal bonds and TIPS which are inflation-linked). In USD, we also favour high quality emerging bonds (but high quality only). We avoid any kind of bonds which eventually behave like equities in bear markets (high yield, deeply subordinated bank debt).
  • What comes next: A post election analysis and outlook Recorded: Nov 9 2016 22 mins
    Pam Woo, CIO - US Equities; Steve Friedman - Senior Investment Strategist; and Daniel Morris, Senior Investment Strategist
    This 30-minute webcast will dissect the outcome of the previous day’s historic US presidential election and provide clarity and likely consequences of the outcome.

    Topics to be discussed include:

    - Our thoughts on the incoming president’s economic agenda and surprises from election day.
    - How do we expect policy issues such as trade and immigration to be effected?
    - Will the outcome trigger volatility?
    - How do we expect stock prices and bond yields to move as a result of the election?
    - What possible implications do we see for particular sectors?
  • Bento for One Webcast – Getting ready for 2017 Recorded: Nov 4 2016 32 mins
    Sarah Paul, Panacea Adviser & John Joe McGinley, Glassagh Consulting
    As we move towards 2017 we all need to consider what our businesses will look like in this new landscape. It's vital we all have an action plan to take our ideas forward. In the first of a three part series, Panacea Adviser and Glassagh consulting will look at how you can:

    - Define the key opportunities for you and your clients in 2017
    - Set yourself the goals to take your business forward and most importantly
    - Start to draft your 2017 business action plan

    This 30 minute session and is one not to miss and can help any business no matter their experience.
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  • Title: Emerging Market Debt Q4 2013
  • Live at: Jan 24 2014 11:30 am
  • Presented by: Brett Diment
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