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Aligning Projects with Business Strategy in an Era of Digital Transformation

At a time when digital transformation is driving significant change across all industry sectors, it is critical that organizations are able to align functional and cross-functional project activities to their strategic objectives. In the digital economy, the lines between technology, new product development, applications, service delivery and change management are increasingly blurred, and it's vital for the business to have an integrated view, not only to support strategic planning and investment prioritization, but also to effectively manage these initiatives through execution. The project portfolio management process must also evolve to handle both fast-moving digital initiatives and longer-term projects, with a shortened feedback loop that engages project teams and business stakeholders, and provides visibility at all levels. This session will address topics including:

·How to align projects to business goals in planning AND execution
·Why PPM is vital for a digital project portfolio
·How PPM can unify cross-functional initiatives
·When to consider changes to PPM processes
·Why project visibility is critical to successful business change

This event is approved for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) credit.
Recorded Mar 3 2015 46 mins
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Presented by
Tim Jennings, Chief Analyst & Research Fellow at Ovum Ltd.
Presentation preview: Aligning Projects with Business Strategy in an Era of Digital Transformation

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  • Organization Change Management in Agile Transformation Jan 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Saif Islam, Director Practice Services
    Introducing Agile to an organization fundamentally changes how people work and collaborate at individual, team and program levels. Change is hard. Large scale change is much harder.

    According to Mckinsey article, 70% large transformation initiatives fail to meet their objectives. Organizational, cultural, and behavioral change management is critical to any successful transformation.

    In this webinar, we will focus on:
    · Readiness for Change: Sense of urgency, executive support and shared vision
    · Execute Change: Communication, empowerment and quick wins
    · Sustain Change: Promotion of success and anchoring change
    Following the webinar we’ll leave time for Q&A, so bring your questions!

    Please join this webinar by Saif Islam (Director of Services) on Jan 26th at 1pm ET
  • Big Room Planning: Harnessing the Power of Agile at Scale Jan 26 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Jonas Högstrand & Andrew Sales
    Harnessing the Power of Agile at Scale with Big Room Planning

    Many organisations are already using agile methodologies like Scrum, but largely at an individual team level.
    But how do you ensure correlation and coordination between different agile teams? How do you ensure alignment between business strategy and execution level? And how do you provide business stakeholders with visibility to track the progress of ongoing projects and programmes – traditional and agile?
    The secret to succeeding with Enterprise Scale Agile is Big Room Planning; real-time collaboration, where teams identify risks early, untangle dependencies, and effectively plan their work aligned to business priorities and customer needs.

    In this webinar, Jonas Högstrand and Andrew Sales, will discuss:

    •What benefits organisations can achieve with greater levels of business agility
    •Why Big Room Planning is a core activity for succeeding with agile at scale and the agile behaviours it drives
    •How Big Room Planning works, who participates, what you do and why it’s worthwhile
    •How CA Agile Central supports Big Room Planning and provides visibility to track and steer the plans that are created

    Learn how to achieve faster time to market, improved quality, strategic alignment between IT and the business, and predictable delivery of features that delight customers.
  • How Process Automation Works Within the NOC & Infrastructure Jan 17 2017 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeremy Axmacher, Platform Engineer
    To cope with business demand, servers must be built – which is a highly manual process that often lacks standardization. Join this webinar with CA Technologies’ internal IT team, as they discuss how CA Process Automation enables them to automation core infrastructure tasks, including server deployment, maintenance and retirement – and saved their team 20 hours a day of manual work.

    You will learn:
    How CA Technologies’ internal IT team saves time automating triage and remediation
    How workflows can be easily adapted to detect issues quickly
    How new servers are now deployed within a matter of minutes with standardized builds and security protocols
  • Why Agile Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - 1 PMI PMP PDU Credit Recorded: Jan 12 2017 60 mins
    Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com
    Organizations are frequently tempted to modify and adapt their Agile approaches as they become more experienced.  As they then try and expand Agile use into other areas, or as they look for ways to integrate Agile and traditional project execution approaches they realize they are facing some unintended consequences.  Join Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com as he discusses how best to look at options for enhancing or modifying Agile at your organization and how to ensure you aren’t causing future problems.

    This session is approved for 1 Project Management Institute (PMI) PMP Credit.
  • How Process Automation Helps CA Technologies Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy Recorded: Jan 11 2017 40 mins
    Jeremy Axmacher, Platform Engineer
    When disaster strikes, your number one priority is fast recovery. But trying to determine the root cause of the problem can be a time consuming, manual process. Join this webinar with CA Technologies’ internal IT team, as they discuss how automation has helped them save time with disaster recovery through consistent, predicable processes – and enabled them to get up and running again seamlessly.

    You will learn:
    How to save money and time from outages – even when the worst happens
    •How to shift your focus from manual problem solving to fast recovery through automation and repeatable processes
    •How keeping an audit trail prevented the team from making the same mistakes in the future
  • The hybrid portfolio: Can’t we all just get along? 1 PMI PDU Recorded: Jan 11 2017 55 mins
    Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com and Jim Tisch, Dir Product Marketing, PPM
    Agile is here to stay, waterfall’s not going away anytime soon, and more and more organizations are creating hybrid project execution models that combine both. What does that mean at the portfolio level? If you’re struggling to manage a portfolio of different project approaches, if you have executives looking for common reporting metrics, or if you have frustrated project teams, this webcast is for you. Join PPM expert Andy Jordan as he explains:
    •Value based reporting that ignores the project execution approach
    •The importance of flexibility in portfolio planning and delivery
    •The need to create an environment that supports both Agile and waterfall
    •Some simple steps you can take today to improve hybrid portfolios
    The future of portfolio management will include both Agile and waterfall, unless you’ve mastered them both you need to attend this webinar.
  • CA PPM in der Praxis – Teil 4: Reporting - Portlets, Dashboards, Ad-Hoc Recorded: Jan 10 2017 35 mins
    Stefanie Siegmann/Principal Consultant PPM/CA Technologies/
    Im Projektmanagement gehört ein regelmäßiges Reporting zum Tagesgeschäft. Durch den Einsatz von vorgefertigten Reports lassen sich im täglichen Projektmanagementgeschäft erhebliche Zeiteinsparungen erzielen.

    In CA PPM finden sich eine Vielzahl von fertigen Reports zu den Themen Projekte, Ideen, Ressourcen, Finanzen, Portfolios, usw. Für Sonderfälle lassen sich auch Ad-Hoc-Reports je nach Bedarf schnell und einfach erstellen.

    Aber nicht nur Reports helfen einem Projekt- oder Portfoliomanager, sondern auch Portlets und Dashboards, die mit Real-Time-Daten einen ständig aktuellen Aufschluss über die momentane Situation geben.

    In diesem Seminar wird anhand von Beispielen aufgezeigt werden, wie Reporting die Aufgaben in CA PPM unterstützt.
    Hierbei werden wir auf folgende Themen eingehen:
    •Best Practice Einsatz von Analyse-Portlets und deren Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten.
    •Best Practice Einsatz von Standardreports
    •Erstellen von eigenen Ad-Hoc-Reports mit Auswertung unserer eigenen konfigurierten Datenfelder
    •Erstellmöglichkeit von eigenen Drill-Down-Reports über den Report-Designer

    Wir freuen uns darauf, Ihnen als Abschluss unserer Seminarreihe „CA PPM in der Praxis“ das Thema Reporting darstellen zu können, welches alle bisherigen Themen vereint.
  • How to do Big Room Planning Recorded: Jan 5 2017 58 mins
    Martin Burns, Agile Transformation Consultant
    Do you want faster time to market, improved quality, strategic alignment between IT and the business, and predictable delivery of features that customers actually want?

    The secret to preventing and overcoming common organizational roadblocks (unrealistic plans, too many priorities, lack of commitment, late delivery, finger pointing and blame) is Big Room Planning. Big Room Planning is real-time, collaborative release planning, where you identify risks early, untangle dependencies, and effectively scope your work so you can prioritize and deliver value faster. If you have multiple development teams collaborating on time-sensitive projects, join CA Agile Central Services Architect, Carolina Weibring, on Thursday, January 5, 10am PT / 1pm ET, to learn:

    •Why you should care about Big Room Planning
    •How big room planning works: who participates, what you do, and why it’s worthwhile
    •How to break down departmental silos and increase cross-functional collaboration

    Following the presentation, we will have ample time for Q&A.
  • How Process Automation Works with On-Boarding/Off-Boarding Recorded: Dec 15 2016 47 mins
    Jeremy Axmacher, Platform Engineer
    As many IT professionals know, on-boarding and off-boarding employees takes more than just a conversation with HR. There are dozens of tasks to do before during, and after, that require both time and budget. Join this webinar with CA Technologies’ internal IT team, as they discuss how they use CA Process Automation to automate their own on-boarding and off-boarding processes, remove manual errors, and speed up the delivery of services.

    You will learn:
    How a 12,000 employee company streamlines on-boarding and off-boarding
    How to simplify integration and save time through automation of tasks
    How to ensure employees get on-boarded efficiently so they can provide value faster, and off-boarded quickly and securely
  • Audits and Agile: Apples & Oranges? Recorded: Dec 14 2016 59 mins
    Laureen Knudsen, Agile Advisor
    In many organizations today—such as government, healthcare and banking—the pressure to comply with mandatory regulations feels in conflict with the pressure to move fast, release often and stay open to change. Even as more development teams adopt agile practices, regulatory agencies seem to prefer documentation over working software, templates over discussion, and governance over adaptiveness. So what's a high-compliance organization to do?
    One of the most often heard comments we hear when we talk agile in a highly-regulated environment is that it simply can't be done. If this is common thinking in your organization, you will not want to miss this engaging webinar.
    Laureen Knudsen will show you how to make agile audits easy. With more than 14 years of experience in regulated environments, Laureen designed a lightweight, auditable, product lifecycle allowing highly-regulated organizations to maintain regulatory compliance while reaping the benefits of agile methodologies.
    During this webinar, you’ll learn:
    •How to meet compliance requirements while shifting to agile practices
    •How to effectively use CA Agile Central project data to pass audits quickly and easily
    •How to streamline your product lifecycle
    Who doesn’t want an easier process when it comes to audits? Following the webinar we’ll leave time for Q&A, so bring your questions!
  • Strategic Agile vs. PPM – a grudge match or BFFs? Recorded: Dec 6 2016 57 mins
    Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing, PPM
    Agile is increasingly becoming a factor at the strategic level. There are a number of different frameworks for scaling Agile and they are starting to touch on the realm of traditional portfolio management. Does that mean portfolio management has to change? Does strategic Agile have to adapt? Are we going to end up with multiple portfolios? In this engaging webinar portfolio management expert Andy Jordan breaks through some of the confusion and offers guidance on:
    •How to incorporate more strategic Agile concepts into portfolio management
    •The importance of differentiating strategic Agile from Agile for strategic projects (they are different)
    •Minimizing disruption and maximizing commitment with strategic Agile
    •Leveraging Agile in all forms of portfolio management
    This webinar promises to challenge some of the Agile stereotypes that exist as Andy offers innovative ideas and approaches that promise to give all organizations a chance to improve portfolio success. Don’t miss out, register today.
  • CA PPM in der Praxis–Teil 3: Operatives Projektmgmt für Einsteiger und Experten Recorded: Dec 6 2016 55 mins
    Peter Saeckel/Advisor PPM/CA Technologies/
    In Teil 3 geht es um die Aktualität der Daten der laufenden Projekte. Hierzu müssen operative Daten zeitnah und exakt eingebracht werden. Wurde ein Projekt genehmigt, wird es mit geeigneten Mitarbeitern ausgestattet und die Arbeiten verteilt. Es geht aber auch um Zeitrückmeldung der Projektmitarbeiter, Erkennen von Verzögerungen, Handhabung von Change Requests, Überwachung von Kosten uvm. Sollte einer dieser Faktoren zu einer Umplanung des Projekts führen, muss dies auch im Projektportfolio ersichtlich werden, damit die dortige Planung mit validen Daten arbeiten kann.
  • The Role of the Agile Scrum Master Recorded: Dec 1 2016 49 mins
    Justin Klos, CA Technologies, Services Architect
    A scrum master is the facilitator for an agile development team and provides essential benefits to enable success and remove obstacles.

    Join, Justin Klos, Services Architect, to learn more about the ScrumMaster role. Our three objectives for this webinar:
    •Proficient in Scrum Master role, values, & ceremonies
    •Preparedness to facilitate backlog refinement, daily meeting, & sprint planning
    •Understanding of how to produce artifacts including the product backlog, sprint backlog, & team health metrics

    Following the webinar, we’ll have Q&A, so bring your questions.
  • How LabCorp Improved Resource Management with CA PPM Recorded: Dec 1 2016 60 mins
    Paul Soper, Director of IT Project Management at LabCorp, and Walter Angus, Senior Consultant at CA
    For healthcare companies, managing priorities, projects and resources can be a critical factor in getting to market faster, improving patient outcomes and even saving lives. For LabCorp, working with Rego Consulting to develop an innovative new approach to IT Resource Management—using CA PPM—has powerfully improved their IT Organization’s ability to respond to business needs in delivering solutions. Join LabCorp’s Paul Soper, along with Rob Greca from Rego Consulting and Walter Angus from CA Technologies, to learn how LabCorp utilized data they were already collecting to develop IT labor capacity and supply/demand balancing without creating new business processes. This BrightTalk webinar will be Thursday, December 1 1:00 PM Eastern.
  • From Failure to Success – Get There in Fewer Sprints Than Thought Possible 1 PDU Recorded: Nov 15 2016 60 mins
    Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com
    Join Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com as he provides a guide to building a foundation for success before your Agile transformation actually begins. In this presentation, he will address the importance of executive buy-in, setting realistic expectations and aggressive but reasonable growth plans, communication, and the ability to measure progress appropriately. By attending this session, you will learn the importance of a commitment to organizational evolution and the recognition that things can take time - Agile isn’t a silver bullet that makes all problems disappear immediately.

    This session is approved for 1 Project Management Institute (PMI) PMP Credit.
  • CA PPM in der Praxis – Teil 2: Projekt Portfolio Management – State of the Art Recorded: Nov 15 2016 50 mins
    Andreas Aschauer/Principal Consultant PPM/CA Technologies/
    Sämtliche Projekte laufen wie geplant, werden rechtzeitig fertig, halten die geplanten Kosten ein und erfüllen die gesetzten Ziele zu 100%!

    Wenn diese Aussage auf Ihr Unternehmen zutrifft, dann können Sie den Teil 2 der PPM Webinar-Reihe gerne auslassen. Für alle anderen bietet sich hier eine Gelegenheit zu erfahren, wie mit CA PPM laufende und geplante Projekte in Einklang mit den Strategien des Unternehmens gebracht werden können. Wie die Machbarkeit aller Vorhaben anhand der vorhandenen Ressourcenkapazitäten und Finanzbudgets definiert werden kann.

    Und sollten Sie hierbei Engpässe bei Ressourcen oder Budgets erkennen, bietet CA PPM die Möglichkeit von Planungs-Szenarien mit denen verschiedene Varianten Ihrer strategischen Planung durchgespielt werden können und ein Optimum ermittelt werden kann.

    Während im Teil 1 der Webinar-Reihe „CA PPM in der Praxis“ die Möglichkeiten des Applikation Portfolio Managements betrachtet wurden, behandelt dieser Teil 2 das Thema Projekt Portfolio Management. Hier werden Projekte, die u. A. als Resultat des Applikation Portfolio Management entstehen, im Sinne einer Geschäftsjahresplanung oder auch unterjährigen Umplanung betrachtet, bewertet und lanciert.

    Wir freuen uns auf Sie.
  • The Role of the Agile Product Owner Recorded: Nov 10 2016 55 mins
    Yvonne Kish, CA Technologies, Principal Agile Consultant
    The Agile Product Owner is typically the project’s key stakeholder. They have a deep understanding of how products are used and the value they bring to both customers and the business.

    Join Yvonne Kish, one of our awesome Agile Coaches, to learn more about the Product Owner Role. During this webinar, we’ll dig into:
    •The definition of the Product Owner
    •How the Product Owner role fits within an agile team
    •What a Product Owner actually does

    Following the webinar, we’ll have Q&A, so bring your questions.
  • Do I look outdated in this tool suite? Recorded: Nov 7 2016 61 mins
    Andy Jordan, ProjectManagement.com and Jeff Moloughney, Sr. Dir Product Marketing, PPM
    We feel sorry for Andy Jordan, the presenter of this webinar. In his consulting practice he deals with many organizations looking to take project execution to the strategic level, but who think they can succeed with desktop project management tools, spreadsheets and sticky notes. Now Andy shares some war stories and provides practical advice on how to:
    •Recognize when you need new tools
    •Determine what kinds of tools you need
    •Build a tool suite environment that supports your business today and in the future
    •Use tools as an enabler for better performance
    This webinar promises a few laughs, but also a few sobering moments when you likely recognize your organization’s mistakes. Don’t become one of Andy’s war stories, sign up today.
  • Agile for Speed, productivity and … happiness  Recorded: Oct 27 2016 53 mins
    Longda Yin, Principal Agile Consultant
    Agile employees outperform so-called “hard workers” by nearly 20 percent, and research from Korn Ferry found that companies with more agile executives had 25 percent higher profit margins than their peers. Given the pervasiveness of agile in software development circles, and the pervasiveness of software as the backbone for every business today, it’s no surprise that agile tenets have pervaded employee expectations about the workplace. It’s why some of our agile coaches encourage customers to use employee happiness as a productivity metric.  
    Agile cultures are engaging cultures, and engaging cultures produce engaged employees. Are you ready to get going? We can help. Join us on Thursday, October 27, 10am PST / 1pm ET for this engaging webinar.
Educational Webcasts for Business & IT Professionals
Join the CA BrightTALK Channel to learn how Agile solutions and services, and Project & Portfolio Management (Agile Management) can help companies plan, execute, and deliver more work, more rapidly. Our industry experts and featured analysts will delve into topics that matter most to PPM and Agile professionals and practitioners and will provide practical advice and tips on how you can gain business agility and use it to your advantage in the App Economy.

Some sessions are approved for Project Management Institute (PMI) Personal Development Credits (PDUs).

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  • Live at: Mar 3 2015 3:00 pm
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