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Agile Capitalization for Greater Business Value - 1PDU

With disruptive technology advances, software assets play an increasingly important role in creating a competitive advantage. It’s time for organizations to recognize and manage business software as a strategic corporate asset. To keep up with the speed of business, companies turn to agile practices to deliver better customer value faster. Challenge: agile software development is too often misunderstood and misreported, impacting taxation, higher volatility in Profit and Loss (P&L) statements, and dramatic, unnecessary staff cuts in an economy where talent retention is paramount to foster innovation. To avoid those negative implications, companies can evolve their financial reporting practices to leverage the financial advantage of agile so they can benefit from the significantly increased tax savings and investor interest associated with agile capitalization. This session will unravel the benefits of agile capitalization and explain how to appropriately interpret and apply generally accepted accounting standard (GAAP SOP 98-1 and ASC 350-40) so your organization can increase its agile adoption to deliver more business value faster to customers.

This event qualifies for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU credit).

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Recorded Apr 7 2016 45 mins
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Presented by
Pat Reed, Agile Alliance Director and Catherine Connor, Portfolio Agility Solutions Specialist at CA
Presentation preview: Agile Capitalization for Greater Business Value - 1PDU

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  • Business Outcome Management – The Undervalued Business Priority Jun 14 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing
    It’s not enough to say you are focused on achieving business outcomes, you have to actually run your business that way

    There has been a lot of focus recently on shifting the focus of portfolio management from project outputs to business outcomes. It’s an important evolution, but how do organizations achieve it? In this webinar industry expert Andy Jordan and CA’s Jim Tisch discuss the concept of business outcome management, exploring the following key areas:

    •The challenge of managing outcomes when there are so many unknowns
    •Elements of business outcome management
    •Integrating business outcomes with the organization

    Andy and Jim will not only explain how business outcome management works, and why it’s crucial, they’ll provide attendees with practical tools to begin improving the quality of outcome management in their own businesses. Don’t miss the opportunity to kick start your strategic performance, sign up today!
  • Ask an Agile Expert Virtual Discussion Jun 12 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Laureen Knudsen, Executive Management, Agile Advisor
    Here's your opportunity to ask an agile expert. Every organization undergoes different pain points during their agile transformation. We've been a part of many of those transformations, and our experts can offer insights and best practices for your organization to overcome those pain points. Join Laureen Knudsen, Advisor, Executive Management at CA Technologies, agile expert and co-author of Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization and resident agile expert, on Tuesday, June 12, for your opportunity to ask the questions on your mind as your organization starts, expands and scales agile across multiple teams and departments.
  • Certain Uncertainty Recorded: May 17 2018 48 mins
    Evan Leybourn, Founder and CEO, Business Agility Institute
    The world is changing more rapidly than ever before and organizations of every size are struggling to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers. The simple fact that the average lifespan of a company has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century demonstrates that not all organizations are prepared for this new reality. It is only high-performing, adaptable and agile organizations that will leverage, lead and thrive in this ambiguous and unpredictable market. We call this business agility.

    The problem with a statement like that is that there is no common definition of what business agility means. And that’s actually a good thing. In a dynamic and changing market trying to lock it down will defeat the very advantage it brings. Instead, I want you to start thinking of business agility as the common thread. An adaptable and sustainable narrative that binds & guides, rather than directs, us into the uncertain future.
    This session will cover the state of business agility around the world. We’ll look at the Domains of Business Agility, interspersed with case studies from 4 multinational organizations in both the banking and utilities sector.
    In this session you will learn:
    • Domains of business agility
    • How to work with Finance and HR to increase agility in your current organization
    • How Business Agility is being adopted by organizations around the world
  • How Will Future Technologies Like Automation & Blockchain Disrupt PPM Workflows? Recorded: May 17 2018 35 mins
    Doug Page, Senior Advisor on Strategy, Portfolio and Project Management, CA Technologies
    An accessible mobile internet and the app economy changed the way we work over the last decade. Since then we have seen a fast progress in the world of automation, machine learning and data sciences. These new improvements in technology have mobilized companies and organizations to be faster and more efficient. But it has also come at a cost.

    With Blockchain revolutionizing everything from retail operations to finance, we will take a hard look at how a combination of these technologies will change the way the PMO operates. We will look at the potential pros and cons of how fast emerging technologies create disruption and how to get ahead of it.
  • Fostering Innovation with Lean Startup and SAFe Recorded: May 17 2018 46 mins
    Dean Leffingwell, Cofounder and Chief Methodologist, Scaled Agile, Inc.
    The marketplace is changing so quickly that we need a paradigm shift in how we enable innovation in the large enterprise. When an innovation culture is relegated exclusively to the startup, our biggest brands—those who employ most of the people and drive most of the world's economy—are at risk for their very survival. And yet, sometimes it seems that the larger and more successful the company, the more difficult it is to innovate. 
Fortunately, Lean and Agile development gives us many of the tools we need to apply that momentum to new innovations, and to do so at enterprise scale. And now, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and other industry trends bring new mindsets and thinking to bear on this challenge.

    In this session, Dean Leffingwell will illustrate how seemingly disparate practices—like Agile, scaled Agile, Lean Startup, Lean UX, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery—need not be separate initiatives, but rather a continuum that helps enterprises delivery more innovative solutions at a velocity they could only imagine before. From Minimum Viable Product to Minimum Marketable Feature, to the-smallest-package-that-can-be efficiently-released-into-production, Dean will discuss how reducing batch size enables fast feedback, and is the one elemental practice that binds them all.
  • Roadmapping: Accelerate Your Innovation Recorded: May 17 2018 36 mins
    Linda Chase, PPM Product Manager, CA Technologies
    Most of us are stuck building roadmaps from the ground up, filling out hundreds of required fields just to get started. But there’s a better way. Join Linda Chase, CA PPM Product Manager, to learn how to get alignment between your business goals and investments by planning from the top down with roadmaps. Simplify your roadmap and bring new ideas to market faster.
  • Agile Portfolio Management: Where Worlds Meet Recorded: May 17 2018 43 mins
    Andy Jordan, President, Roffensian Consulting S.A.
    In today’s business world the ability to consistently deliver against strategic goals is critical to success. That’s the role of portfolio management, but with strategies continuously evolving in response to new challenges and opportunities, businesses need to learn how to adapt planning and deliverables to deliver customer value and optimize business results.
    In this thought provoking webinar, industry expert Andy Jordan will explore the emerging trend for agile portfolio management. He will explore a number of key elements including:
    •The need for consistent and reliable business information – not just data
    •The ability to conduct predictive analysis - managing forwards, not backwards
    •A culture of business agility driven execution at all levels of the portfolio
    Andy will look at the importance of an agile culture that is constantly evolving and will provide you practical tools to help shift your organization to the leading edge of strategic success.
  • How to Keep Robbie the Robot from Taking Your Job Recorded: May 17 2018 42 mins
    Donna Fitzgerald, NimblePM, Inc.
    There are three things that are certain about the future:

    1) IT has embraced Scrum/Agile as the primary approach to software development
    2) AI will impact all jobs that have significant reporting and process compliance functions
    3) Creative human beings, who can help other human beings get something done, will never be out of a job.

    The good news is that while everyone can learn and practice basic project management skills (we can all cook a Thanksgiving Day dinner) being a successful specialist in helping people get work done, under conditions of uncertainty, with tight time, frames and limited budgets is an innate talent. Join us as we discuss how today’s PMs can begin showcasing the skills that innately equip them for contributing to the digital future.
  • A CIO’s Secret Weapon To Building A Customer-Centric Organization Recorded: May 17 2018 44 mins
    Jeffrey Hammond, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester
    Join major industry analysts, practitioners, customers, and industry leaders as they explore how CIOs of modern organizations are turning to Agile practices as their digital transformation backbone and operational guide.

    Business leaders everywhere are plotting out their digital transformation strategies, and how to get closer to customers - fast. But how can CIOs of organizations mired in legacy applications, outdated processes and limited resources increase their delivery, velocity and get to market more quickly?
    During this virtual session, guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, Jeffrey Hammond, will discuss:

    •Why CIOs need to consider Agile transformations as a key digital transformation enabler
    •Why scaling Agile is a top transformation technology/process choice
    •How Agile transformations start and where they start within an organization
    •Exactly how organizational transformation occurs beyond your dev teams
    •How an Agile transformation can increase organizational velocity and decrease dev strain
    •How Agile software with robust data, metrics and analytics is critical to completing an Agile and digital transformation."
  • The Over-Commitment Trap: Failure Without Even Trying Recorded: May 17 2018 45 mins
    Andy Jordan, President, Roffensian Consulting S.A.
    Your organization is over committed, Andy Jordan guarantees it. Andy, a globally recognized expert of strategic project delivery discusses this problem with Jim Tisch from CA. He’ll explain why organizations struggle to focus on the key business investments that can deliver success by:
    •Abdicating accountability for strategy
    •Allowing work to be defined from the bottom up
    •Failing to focus on innovation at all times
    You know you aren’t delivering everything your organization expects. Join Andy to learn why, and what you can do about it.
  • Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization Recorded: May 17 2018 46 mins
    Doug Dockery, Senior Director, Agile Management and Laureen Knudsen, Advisor, Executive Management, CA Technologies
    Transform your entire organization, not just a part of it. Take a modern look now that the world is focusing on business agility rather than thinking about team-level or even scaled Agile.
    Many people and businesses believe that “doing Agile” will solve all their business and organizational problems. The truth is that “doing Agile”, especially team-level agility, is not the same as being an agile organization.
    Authors Doug Dockery and Laureen Knudsen share their years of experience in transforming corporations and organizations to successfully compete and win in today’s fast-paced markets. Using proven techniques and stories of actual experiences in a multitude of organizations, Doug and Laureen relate what it takes to successfully transform your organization, as well as how to tell if your transformation is working.
    This webinar details what you need to know to transform your business to deliver value and thrive. Coverage includes:
    •What Agile means to an executive and the benefits you should be seeing
    •The top failure modes and why so many transformations fail
    •A framework for success, including an operational framework and a transformation framework
    •How big data internal to a company is needed to successfully run a world-wide corporation today
    •The definition of a modern business and what it looks like
  • Agile Business Planning: The New Reality Recorded: May 17 2018 39 mins
    Jesse Fewell, Founder & Principal Coach, Fewell Innovation, LLC
    Business planning isn’t only occurring more frequently, it’s fundamentally changing. CA’s Jim Tisch is joined by Agile and business performance expert Jesse Fewell to discuss the new realities of business planning. Among the topics they’ll cover are:
    •Strategic agility – building an organization designed to continuously evolve
    •Agile portfolio techniques built around adaptive planning
    •The need to not just do Agile, but to be agile
    Jesse’s signature style will challenge your preconceived ideas of Agile and offer new ways of thinking about optimizing business performance today. You cannot afford to miss this webinar.
  • Achieve Sustainable Business Agility with Agile Coaching Organizations Recorded: May 17 2018 46 mins
    Seshadri Veeraraghavan, Director - PD&D, IHS Markit | Technology
    Learn about IHS Markit's Agile Transformation and how they have created a highly effective and impactful Agile Coaching organization that works across silos to enable the company to take firm and confident steps towards business agility.
  • Business Agility and the Modern PMO Recorded: May 17 2018 47 mins
    Mark Price Perry, Business Driven PMO Evangelist, BOT International
    Projects deliver outputs, but businesses need outcomes. Today’s PMO must enable that transformation, embracing business agility concepts to deliver consistent achievement of business goals and to drive top down innovation into every area of project delivery. Join Mark Price Perry, the man who literally wrote the book on the Business Driven PMO, and CA’s own Jim Tisch as they discuss:
    •How to transform outputs to outcomes consistently
    •The importance of innovation focused strategy and the role of the PMO in making it happen
    •The modern, business driven PMO as the cornerstone of strategy execution
    If your PMO is still driving people, process and tools, or if it still focuses on a single department, it is significantly hurting your chances of success. Sign up now and learn how to change your future.
  • Portfolio Management and Strategic Agility Recorded: May 17 2018 47 mins
    Steve Denning, Author and Independent Management Consulting Professional
    Agile management has become necessary to survive, but is it enough to thrive? Many organizations have embraced Agile management on the assumption that if they upgrade existing products and services through cost reductions, time savings or quality enhancements for existing customers (i.e. operational Agility), they will realize financial gains. Owing to increased competitive pressures, this assumption often proves incorrect.

    Drawing on the findings of his new book, The Age of Agile (AMACOM, 2018), Steve will show how proper portfolio management includes the next frontier of Agile management: Strategic Agility, i.e. generating innovations that create entirely new products and markets, and that turn non-customers into customers. Strategic Agility often offers the prospect of greater financial gains than merely improving the existing business. Steve will show what’s involved in achieving Strategic Agility, including a playbook for systematically generating market-creating innovations and the necessary shift in culture that is required.
  • The Struggle Between Agile and Project Management Recorded: May 17 2018 49 mins
    Rick Morris, President, R2 Consulting, LLC
    Agile is not a fad, it is a reality. In today’s application economy almost every company is a software company. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Agile is new. However, there is a struggle that seems to be happening between the understanding of the Agile world and the Project Management world. What does it mean to be Agile? If we are an Agile company, do we need Project Management? Is one better than the other?  Can the two exist with each other? 

    As organizations are looking to eliminate the barrier between ideas and outcomes the impacts of how to prioritize, execute, allocate funding and resources, and embrace change amplify the need to understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone. Rick will discuss real life experiences and even how his own thinking has been transformed in what will be an entertaining, enlightening, and lively discussion.
  • Agile Development’s Impact on Your Project Finances Recorded: May 17 2018 48 mins
    Sonja Furneaux, Project Portfolio Consultant, CA Technologies
    With the shift to more agile-based development cycles, the PMO and her counterparts in Finance are faced with new challenges properly tracking capital and operational expenditures in accordance with the law. Sonja Furneaux, a project portfolio consultant with long experience in financial management, will guide us through the obstacles and show us how to set up and run project finances aligned both with latest Agile methodologies and accounting policies.
  • Make the Business Case for Big Room Planning: Overcome the Quantification Bias Recorded: Apr 27 2018 61 mins
    Ken Clyne, Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant
    Many IT and technology companies are scaling agility by introducing Big Room Planning (BRP), or PI Planning (if you’re a SAFe® shop), as a seminal event in their planning calendar. Those who have experienced a BRP know the return realized from greater collaboration, transparency, and alignment. They’ve seen it, and they’ve felt it.

    It’s that last part that gets us in trouble. We expect others to make that leap of faith based on feelings. Really. Try having that discussion with your CFO. It’s not easy to overcome the quantification bias. If you’re hoping to bring together 150 people from across the globe, you need a solid business case. Sending your sponsors to observe a BRP can help greatly but what if you can’t get them to buy in. At this stage, many just give up.

    Join Ken Clyne, on Friday, April 27, 10am PT / 1pm ET, as he discusses:

    -The goals and key activities of Big Room Planning
    -The hard costs of Big Room Planning
    -The economic benefits of Big Room Planning

    We have taken our years of experience leading some of the world’s most interesting companies through Big Room Planning and coupled that with our practice using cost of delay as a technique to help us make good economic decisions. We will show that it is possible to quantify the more tangible benefits of Big Room Planning. Our data is not scientific but, it is empirical, and the results are compelling.
  • Ask an Agile Expert Virtual Discussion Recorded: Apr 17 2018 52 mins
    Laureen Knudsen, Executive Management, Agile Advisor
    Here's your opportunity to ask an agile expert.

    Every organization undergoes different pain points during their agile transformation.

    We've been a part of many of those transformations, and our experts can offer insights and best practices for your organization to overcome those pain points. Join Laureen Knudsen, Advisor, Executive Management at CA Technologies, agile expert and co-author of Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization and resident agile expert, on Tuesday, April 17, for your opportunity to ask the questions on your mind as your organization starts, expands and scales agile across multiple teams and departments.
  • The Value of Time in Project Management in a Hybrid World Recorded: Apr 10 2018 62 mins
    Andy Jordan, Roffensian Consulting Inc. and Jim Tisch, CA Product Marketing
    Today’s business world is moving faster than ever. When organizations are running as fast as they can to remain ahead of the competition it’s easy to forget the importance of measuring and managing that speed. In this webinar CA’s Jim Tisch is joined by PPM and PMO thought leader Andy Jordan to discuss why it’s never been more important to effectively manage time on projects. Among the topics covered will be:

    •The similarities and differences when managing time across waterfall, Agile and hybrid approaches
    •The importance of delivering consistent performance against time to solution and time to market criteria
    •The balance between ultimate speed and repeatable speed
    •Techniques for managing time effectively without impacting other aspects of performance

    Presented with Andy’s signature upbeat and thought-provoking style, this webinar will not only challenge your perceptions of time management, it will offer practical approaches to improving the way you manage time in your organization.
Educational Webcasts for Business & IT Professionals
Join the CA BrightTALK Channel to learn how Agile solutions and services, and Project & Portfolio Management (Agile Management) can help companies plan, execute, and deliver more work, more rapidly. Our industry experts and featured analysts will delve into topics that matter most to PPM and Agile professionals and practitioners and will provide practical advice and tips on how you can gain business agility and use it to your advantage in the App Economy.

Some sessions are approved for Project Management Institute (PMI) Personal Development Credits (PDUs).

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  • Title: Agile Capitalization for Greater Business Value - 1PDU
  • Live at: Apr 7 2016 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Pat Reed, Agile Alliance Director and Catherine Connor, Portfolio Agility Solutions Specialist at CA
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