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Low Touch Time Tracking

Check out the new time tracking in Clarity, which shaves hours of your administrative chores. Easily manage team members' time by quickly reviewing detailed summaries. Add, adjust and approve work on the fly. Turn on configurable time sheets to put the power in the hands of your users.
Recorded Mar 26 2020 31 mins
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Presented by
Mark Davis, Solution Consultant, Broadcom
Presentation preview: Low Touch Time Tracking

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  • What's New in Clarity 15.8.1 Jul 23 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dave Sprague, Product Management, Broadcom
    New capabilities are on the horizon to keep you ahead of the competition with roadmap enhancements with a new set of import tools, timesheet improvements single click bulk approval uploads, field level security on custom investments, support custom investments types & mixed bookings in staffing, configurable grids with benefit plans and branding that provides the ability to add a theme, color and their own icon.
  • Clarity Strategic Roadmapping Jun 25 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mary Lichtenauer, Solution Consultant, Broadcom
    The fastest way to innovate, Clarity comes with strategic roadmaps that eliminate organizational fatigue, cutting annual planning from weeks to hours. With drag-and-drop speed you craft new ideas with your team. Then add budgets, resources and tasks as you go. Top-down strategic planning combined with bottom-up agile execution.
  • Broadcom vs. Atlassian: Digital Business & Agile Management Solution Comparison Jun 23 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Apprize 360
    Now more than ever before, the modern enterprise is under significant pressure from an uncertain economy to create innovative solutions and rewarding customer experiences. At the same time, companies must achieve their business goals and financial targets. But not all solutions are best for every business. You are not alone. Hear industry expert analysts from Apprize 360 as they review what you need to consider when choosing the right solution for your enterprise.
  • Rally Quality Management Metrics Jun 18 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Rally Software) and Rob Greca (Rego Consulting)
    In part 4 of the Rally Quality Management series, you’ll learn more about the types of metrics Rally has to help you in your Quality Management efforts. We’ll cover some additional applications you can use to track Test Cases, Test Sets and Defects. We’ll also show you how you can create dashboards to help your team use these apps in their daily Quality Management efforts.
  • Five Things You Need to Know About ValueOps Jun 3 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Laureen Knudsen
    ValueOps is a powerful integration of Clarity and Rally software creating an industry-leading Digital Business & Agile Management Solution. Find out how ValueOps can have a substantial impact across your organization by removing the historic silos between business and IT. This creates more trust and improves the flow of value. Hear lessons learned and how to get started from an industry veteran.

    Register now to find out how to optimize the flow of value in your organization from our CTO, Laureen Knudsen.
  • Industry Leading Financial Capabilities with Clarity May 28 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sonja Furneaux, Broadcom Solution Consultant
    Clarity’s financial and planning pages have been redesigned to mimic Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in both look and feel with powerful new capabilities within project cost plans & transactions. Track not only planned and actual costs but units and revenue as well. Get updated on how to best plan and actualize capitalization through transformation change.
  • How Rally is Bringing Industry-Leading Data Privacy to Customers Recorded: May 21 2020 25 mins
    Patrick Walsh (IronCore Labs) and Michele Kubicek (Rally Software, Broadcom)
    Join Rally and IronCore Labs for a 30-minute webinar discussing how the two companies partnered to bring industry-leading data privacy to Rally’s customers. While there is an inherent risk in storing sensitive data in the cloud, Rally is the first agile lifecycle management solution to take security a step further by offering customers advanced data controls.

    Who should attend:
    - Companies who store sensitive data with Rally or wish to do so
    - Companies with strict security departments
    - Security-minded product or business managers and their security teams

    What you’ll learn:
    - What Rally does to protect your data
    - New options you have to take deeper control of your data
    - How to take advantage of Rally’s new privacy options

    Bring your questions for a 15-minute Q&A following the main presentation.

    About the Speakers:
    Patrick Walsh has 20 years of experience building security products and Enterprise SaaS solutions. Most recently he ran an Engineering division at Oracle bringing productivity and insights to the world’s largest companies. Now Patrick leads IronCore Labs, a technology platform that helps businesses get back control of their data so they can meet increasingly stringent data protection requirements.

    Michele Kubicek is a Manager of Product Management at Rally Software. She has 14 years of proven leadership experience in building agile teams and promoting a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Michele is most driven and inspired by seeing her teams thrive and tackling complex challenges in creative ways.
  • Boas práticas para planejamento remoto (Best practices for remote planning) Recorded: May 20 2020 62 mins
    Andrei Monteiro é o team lead de consultoria na América Latina para soluções de gestão da Broadcom (Clarity e Rally).
    Saiba mais sobre boas práticas para planejamento remoto em uso por nossos times de desenvolvimento, e ver como a gestão ágil da Broadcom pode tornar as cerimônias remotas mais colaborativas e eficientes.

    This is the Portuguese version from the Webinar: Agile practices for remote planning.
  • Prácticas de agilidad para planeación remota- Best practices for remote planning Recorded: May 19 2020 58 mins
    Andrei Monteiro. Team Lead de consultoría en Latinoamérica para soluciones de gestión de Broadcom (Clarity y Rally).
    Conozca más sobre buenas prácticas para planificación remota utilizadas por nuestros equipos de desarrollo.

    This is the Spanish version from the Webinar: Agile practices for remote workers.
  • From Chaos to Clarity: How to re-plan your investments Recorded: May 14 2020 17 mins
    Lisamarie Manso, Clarity Solutions Consultant, Broadcom
    When you get back from the Covid-19 disruption, the first thing you should do is plan for the future. And this time you need a real plan – a plan that’s going to recover your business. That’s going to build resilience, re-engage and re-empower your people. That’ll start the process of rebuilding your business by seizing the opportunities that are ahead of us. You need a restart.

    That’s where Clarity from Broadcom comes in handy. No PowerPoint presentations, no hours of manual Excel updates. Just the ability to quickly pull together ideas for products, objectives and initiatives, tie them to your strategies, budgets and people, and then monitor the business outcomes. And if (when) things change, you have the ability to easily drag and drop things around.

    Join Clarity Solutions Consultant Lisamarie Manso for a 20-minute discussion on re-planning your enterprise investments in the new digital economy.
  • Rally Quality Management: Defects and Defect Suites Recorded: May 14 2020 56 mins
    Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Rally Software) and Rob Greca (Rego Consulting)
    In part 3 of the Rally Quality Management series, you’ll learn how to create, edit, manage and delete Defects and Defect Suites. We’ll show you how to create a hierarchical display of defect suites and their related defects in your selected project. Lastly, you will gain best practices and dashboard apps you can use as you manage your defects and defect suites.
  • Clarity: A Product Overview Recorded: May 13 2020 3 mins
    Clarity from Broadcom
    With Clarity from Broadcom, you can manage your enterprise investments in multi-dimensional hierarchies and name them whatever you want, like products, projects or platforms. Then allocate people, work and money on strategic roadmaps with drag-and-drop speed. Add continuous planning with must-have prioritization and drawdown funding with point-and-click reporting and you have Clarity – the first-and-only solution for digital product management.
  • Clarity: Digital Product Management in Four Steps Recorded: May 13 2020 2 mins
    Clarity from Broadcom
    Organize, map, prioritize and empower. Follow the four steps of Digital Product Management in Clarity.
  • Virtual Agility: 24/7 practices for new ways of working Recorded: May 13 2020 28 mins
    Ian McGinnis and Dennis Petrillo
    Agile methods have never been friendly to the idea of distributed teams. Collaboration and face-to-face communication are core principles that date back to the Agile Manifesto, and many agile consultants have included ‘distributed teams’ in their list of agile failure modes. Despite these warnings, distributed agile teams have become more prevalent than ever before.

    Now, we find ourselves in a new reality. Self-isolation is having a profound impact on the way we work. Overnight, we’ve gone from advocating that agile teams are most productive when they work face-to-face, to the reality that team members on those teams must now work apart. This presents both a cultural challenge for teams, as well as an organizational challenge for the enterprise.

    Join us for a webinar on the topic of Virtual Agility, featuring Ian McGinnis and Dennis Petrillo (Executive Advisors at Rally), as they take a closer look at what it means to support and nurture virtual teams so that they can be empowered in a distributed agile environment. Topics include:

    - A common definition of Virtual Agility
    - 5 principles of Virtual Agility
    - Best practices for implementation

    Whether you’re brand-new to working in a remote capacity, or an agile expert looking for additional tips and tricks to bring back to your organization, you won’t want to miss this session.
  • Virtual Agility: Leveraging Rally for New Ways of Working Recorded: May 7 2020 34 mins
    Aaron Rusty Lloyd
    A 100% virtual world can seem chaotic at first. But being suddenly remote doesn’t mean that agile methods need to go to the wayside. With the right tools in place, you can enable your organization to adapt to rapid change and empower your employees to work in a distributed agile environment.

    View this webcast for an overview of how your organization can achieve Virtual Agility by leveraging Rally to:

    - Align Business and IT to acknowledge the change
    - Collaborate and provide virtual support
    - Work as a team to leave no one behind
    - Achieve business outcomes and be purposeful
    - Adapt to rapid change and be agile

    This webcast will benefit anyone currently using or considering Rally as their agile lifecycle management tool, as well as those working in a distributed or remote agile setting.
  • Prepare for Day One in the New Digital Business Recorded: Apr 30 2020 22 mins
    Brian Nathanson, Clarity Product Manager, Broadcom
    Because COVID-19 disrupted every aspect of our lives, we need to reassess the fundamentals of our business. There is a need to press the restart button, to create a Day One of the post COVID-19 world. But like a corporate merger, the first day back brings both opportunity and dread. Recovery isn’t about resumption, it’s not about restarting what was stopped, it is about embracing new opportunities, prioritizing investments, embracing innovation and delivering rapid success. Come learn how Broadcom’s ValueOps Digital Business and Agile Management solution, combining industry-leading Clarity and Rally Software, can help you with:

    - Adaptive strategy management
    - Embracing new and changed business models to optimize digital relationships
    - The shift to an innovation-driven, digitally-enabled operating model

    Join Brian Nathanson, Clarity product manager, for a 20-minute discussion.
  • What's new in Clarity 15.8? Recorded: Apr 23 2020 50 mins
    Dave Sprague, Product Management, Broadcom
    Stay on top of ways to be innovative and productive with the new capabilities including investment hierarchy enhancements, configurable project cost plans, saved view enhancements, investment board drill downs, staff module configurable in Ideas, field level security and continued timesheet enhancements.
  • Augmenting Rally Remote PI Planning with Rentouch Recorded: Apr 21 2020 42 mins
    Greg Gould, Chris Pola, Silvio Wandfluh
    Are your teams prepping for PI Planning using sticky notes, sharpies, spreadsheets, white boards and other tools outside of Rally? Is your organization suddenly completely distributed and struggling with old ways of working? Are you finding that you’re having to manually add the results of all of this work into Rally? In this webinar Rally’s Greg Gould and Chris Pola are joined by Silvio Wandfluh from Rentouch to show how Rentouch’s PI Planning app can be used in conjunction with Rally to automate and streamline these activities, to ensure that your planning is effective and your distributed organization is driving to the best possible outcome.
  • Rally Quality Management: Test Cases & Test Sets Recorded: Apr 16 2020 42 mins
    Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Rally Software) and Rob Greca (Rego Consulting)
    In part 2 of the Rally Quality Management series, we’ll cover how to create, edit and delete Test Folders, Test Cases and Test Sets. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how to create a hierarchy of test folders so you can organize and group your tests into functional areas. We’ll also cover some best practices and dashboard apps you can use in your testing efforts.

    About the Speakers:
    Rob Greca (Managing Director, Agile Services, Rego Consulting) has extensive PPM consulting and industry experience where he has led or assisted leaders through various strategic and transformation initiatives at all scales. With more than fifteen years of experience, Rob has broad industry exposure spanning technology, financial services, retail, utilities, and pharmaceuticals. Rob specializes in large scale, enterprise-wide strategic transformations. In his spare time, Rob spends time with his wife, three kids, two dogs, two cats, and the kids he coaches in a club he founded: The Innovator’s Lab.

    Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Director, Rally Sales Engineering) is one of those guys who is so interested in how people use and benefit from Technology that he evangelizes it every chance he gets. Before joining Rally Software as an Executive Advisor and Director of Sales Engineering, he worked as a Lean IT Consultant, Technical Sales Engineer, Services Architect and Developer (among other things). Luckily for him, being a Full Stack Technology Evangelist is never boring.
  • Lean Portfolio Management: The Future of Value Delivery Recorded: Apr 8 2020 70 mins
    Laureen Knudsen and Dean Leffingwell
    Within the SAFe® framework, the Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) competency aligns strategy and execution by applying Lean and systems thinking approaches to strategy and investment funding, Agile portfolio operations, and governance. With an increased focus on continuous planning and funding cycles, LPM shows you how to shift your mindset from project to product, improve business outcomes, and deliver value to your customers more quickly.

    Join Dean Leffingwell (SAFe® creator and Chief Methodologist) and Laureen Knudsen (Chief Transformation Officer, Lean/Agile BizOps at Rally and SAFe® Certified Lean Portfolio Manager), as they take a closer look at how Rally and Clarity support SAFe® 5.0 and the three dimensions of the LPM competency.

    This session is designed for EPMOs, Chief Strategy Officers, and Lean-Agile Transformation Leaders to get an understanding of the advancements in LPM. Whether you follow SAFe® closely, or are just interested in the various ways industry leaders are discussing Business Agility, you don’t want to miss this session.
Drive digital transformation at scale by fusing business with IT.
ValueOps from Broadcom is a Digital Business & Agile Management Solution comprised of industry-leading Clarity and Rally Software. Join our webinars to learn how ValueOps can help you drive more value and less waste for your business. Subscribe to this channel for the latest webinars and information from digital business and agile industry experts.

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  • Presented by: Mark Davis, Solution Consultant, Broadcom
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