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Rally Quality Management Overview

Welcome to Part 1 of the Rally Quality Management series. The Quality Management page provides you with a single location to organize and manage your test cases into test folders, which is invaluable when planning and organizing your test efforts. In this introductory webinar, you will learn how to navigate the Quality Management page in Rally and learn how you can toggle various views to display, rank and organize your test cases and folders.

About the Speakers:
Rob Greca (Managing Director, Agile Services, Rego Consulting) has extensive PPM consulting and industry experience where he has led or assisted leaders through various strategic and transformation initiatives at all scales. With more than fifteen years of experience, Rob has broad industry exposure spanning technology, financial services, retail, utilities, and pharmaceuticals. Rob specializes in large scale, enterprise-wide strategic transformations. In his spare time, Rob spends time with his wife, three kids, two dogs, two cats, and the kids he coaches in a club he founded: The Innovator’s Lab.

Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Director, Rally Sales Engineering) is one of those guys who is so interested in how people use and benefit from Technology that he evangelizes it every chance he gets. Before joining Rally Software as an Executive Advisor and Director of Sales Engineering, he worked as a Lean IT Consultant, Technical Sales Engineer, Services Architect and Developer (among other things). Luckily for him, being a Full Stack Technology Evangelist is never boring.
Recorded Mar 18 2020 45 mins
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Presented by
Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Rally Software) and Rob Greca (Rego Consulting)
Presentation preview: Rally Quality Management Overview

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  • What's New in Clarity 16.0? May 27 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Linda Chase, Product Management/Marketing Broadcom
    We are very excited for the new enhancements in this release.  Product management and development have been working very hard to update the software.  Join us for an informative update!  
  • Explore Clarity Teams Mar 25 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Mary Lichtenauer, Broadcom Solutions Engineer
    Working as a team is critical to any business success. Clarity lets you fund, staff, and manage work for your development and business teams, using staffing views for ad-hoc changes and capacity planning, scoreboards to manage team level to-do's, and easy-to-use collaboration for faster decisions. Learn more about working with teams in Clarity with Mary Lichtenauer, Broadcom Solutions Engineer and Clarity expert as she takes us through the business benefits.
  • The Art and Science of the Rally Organizational Hierarchy Mar 18 2021 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Pola, Rally Solutions Engineer and Andrea Schilde, Rally Product Manager
    Learn how to effectively model your organizational structure in Rally. A fundamental requirement for any organization scaling agile, the ability to plan and track work across all phases of the product development life cycle is dependent on how information both flows and gets elaborated across different planning horizons managed by different teams at all levels. When you model the organizational hierarchy properly [in Rally], then Rally automatically provides powerful data flows and roll-ups to facilitate the planning, tracking and governance ceremonies at all levels in the end-to-end product lifecycle. Join us as we talk about the Rally Organizational Hierarchy best practices and provide a live demonstration to help learn by doing/example. Get ready to go from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ with Rally.
  • What’s New in Clarity 15.9.1? Recorded: Feb 25 2021 51 mins
    Linda Chase, Product Management/Marketing Broadcom
    Wow, another year has passed and 2021 is full of lots of enhancements. We changed our release cadence to February, May, August and November. Join us and learn what’s new!
  • Enhance your PI Planning with Rally® Recorded: Feb 18 2021 58 mins
    Jarrod Reed, Rally Solution Engineer & Jason Deno, Rally Solution Engineer
    SAFe® PI Planning increases communication, collaboration and visibility by
    helping teams in the Agile Release Train (ART) synchronize, collaborate, and align on workflows, objectives, releases, and more. But how do you know that you are getting the most out of your PI Planning? Are you and your teams adequately prepared going into the event? And what happens after the big planning event?

    In this session Rally Solution Engineers Jarrod Reed and Jason Deno will share best practices for the before, during and after PI Planning and will show how Rally Software equips you to be successful at all three so you can get the most out of your PI Planning.
  • Leveraging Queries and Filters in Rally Recorded: Feb 11 2021 62 mins
    Sagi Gabay, Solution Engineer, Rally and Aaron Rusty Lloyd, Global Capability Specialist, ESD BizOps
    Rally users have a universal need to get information from the platform and customize the data to provide the information to make informed decision. Join Sagi Gabay and Aaron Rusty Lloyd for an informative session on how you can leverage queries and filters to customize Rally to get the data you need, when you need it.

    This session will cover Rally filters and queries as they pertain to Rally apps deployed on your dashboard and custom pages. Many of these apps leverage Rally queries and filters to help you fine tune the information as it applies to your needs. We will also introduce Rally’s Object Model and equip you with the vocabulary and the know-how to develop your own Rally queries and deploy them into your apps.
  • Linda's Corner: Project Management Recorded: Feb 11 2021 21 mins
    Linda Chase (Broadcom) and Andy Jordan (Roffensian)
    That Clarity handles project management is hardly earth shattering news, we know, but do you realize just how well Clarity handles project management? In the latest episode of Linda’s Corner, we learn how easy it is to ensure consistency across hundreds or thousands of initiatives, adjust allocations and tasks, manage finances, and track and report on all of the above. It’s so simple and intuitive Linda explains all of that in just a few minutes! #EveryoneLovesClarity
  • Clarity Quick Tips & Tricks for Big Impact Recorded: Jan 28 2021 45 mins
    Sonja Furneaux, Broadcom Solution Consultant
    Text messaging was the unplanned killer app for the phone because it was simple and removed objective friction. Come learn what surprisingly simple Clarity capabilities and efforts are tipping user adoption and data accuracy from sporadic and forced to viral value.
  • Linda's Corner: Resource Management Recorded: Jan 15 2021 15 mins
    Linda Chase (Broadcom) and Andy Jordan (Roffensian)
    This time Linda shows us how to get the right people on the right job. Juggling labor and non-labor resources can be challenging, so Linda takes extra care to explain how to simplify the process in Clarity.
  • Clarity Customers Talk: Managing Resource Capacity Recorded: Dec 15 2020 56 mins
    Lynn Reling, Solution Engineering, Broadcom
    One of the toughest aspects of investment planning is scheduling the right people, for the right job, at the right time. Team versus individuals, hard or soft bookings, roles and locations – resource capacity planning is a juggling act that requires skills and experience, which long-time Clarity customers Cerner, Erie Insurance Group, Voya Financial and Montefiore Medical Center will share with us during this live on webcast.
  • What’s New in Clarity 15.9? Recorded: Dec 10 2020 37 mins
    Linda Chase, Product Management/Marketing Broadcom
    To stay ahead of the competition, it’s wise to not only to stay on top of the competitors in your market, but to stay on top of new capabilities in your software solutions. Clarity releases every quarter and includes numerous enhancements for Transforming Project Management, Reinventing Resource Management, Top-down Planning, Lifecycle Management and Customer Voice. Join us and stay ‘On Top” of what’s new!
  • Linda's Corner: Financial Management Recorded: Dec 9 2020 18 mins
    Linda Chase (Broadcom) and Andy Jordan (Roffensian)
    In this episode of Linda’s Corner, Linda Chase shows us how Broadcom’s Clarity platform supports the creation of powerful budgets and cost plans, while allowing for different views of the data for different users. She also shows the ease with which analysis of actual expenditure can be performed from macro-level summaries to individual transactions. #EveryoneLovesClarity
  • Digital Product Management Recorded: Dec 3 2020 37 mins
    Mary Lichtenauer, Broadcom Solutions Engineer
    One of the reasons projects have difficulties in retaining stakeholder engagement is that those stakeholders don’t think in terms of projects. The project is simply the vehicle the business uses to implement change. What stakeholders care about is the impact of that change on the business. That’s what DPM delivers – aligning the work being done with the ways an organization achieves value – the digital products and the value streams those products roll up to. Join us and learn.
  • Driving Business Outcomes with Digital Product Management Recorded: Nov 17 2020 25 mins
    Lynn Reling, Solution Engineering, Broadcom
    The way companies organize to bring products and solutions to market is being rewritten. Join this 30 minute webinar to learn about how organizations are shifting to a customer-centric view to deliver business outcomes.
  • Kanban at Scale Recorded: Nov 13 2020 61 mins
    Dan Green, Rally Product Manager and Aaron Rusty Lloyd, Global Capability Specialist, ESD Broadcom
    In a complex organization delivering value quickly and efficiently can be a challenge - especially at scale. The Kanban method provides a means of managing the flow of value while focusing on continuous improvement. It focuses on productivity and efficiency without overworking teams

    Join Broadcom’s Dan Green and Aaron Rusty Lloyd as they dive into the inner workings of the Kanban Method. They’ll take a journey into how the method originated and it’s practical implementation, including tips and challenges discovered in their many years of working with customers to improve Business Agility through consulting and Agile transformations.
  • Scheduling Options within Clarity Recorded: Nov 12 2020 38 mins
    Matthew Palicki, Solution Engineer, Broadcom
    This session will present a high-level comparison of various scheduling options within Clarity and firsthand experiences with Open Workbench (OWB), Microsoft Project Integration ( MSP) & built-in tools. Key areas will be discussed such as: Tool Complexity, Scheduling Focus, Resources, Reporting Licensing Cost and High-Level Features. Join us and learn which tool is best for your team!
  • Linda's Corner: Working with Roadmaps Recorded: Nov 12 2020 22 mins
    Linda Chase (Broadcom) and Andy Jordan (Roffensian)
    Join Broadcom’s Linda Chase as she demonstrates the power and flexibility of Clarity roadmaps in this first episode of Linda’s Corner. Linda, and industry-expert Andy Jordan, explore how strategic roadmaps simplify and improve the planning process with rapid creation and adjustment, powerful visualizations and easy to use analysis. (E1S1)
  • Are your OKRs just OK? Recorded: Nov 10 2020 60 mins
    Andy Czuchry Jr, Global Strategy, Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies | Ian McGinnis, Global Strategist ESD BizOps Broadcom
    OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are just OK if used for topics that are known: goal setting, success metrics, status updates. OKRs become great when used for managing the unknown: strategy tied to execution, alignment around value, and feedback on a trajectory.

    Applied correctly, OKRs can help you flesh out the biggest problem areas in your organization so you can start to monitor and measure progress. Applied incorrectly, OKRs will bring no additional value to your organization than your old goal-setting methods.

    In this session, we will share how we have used a simple 3-question template to help some of the largest companies in the world establish great OKRs using Unknown Management, or highlighting and bringing to focus the root causes for why you aren't meeting your goals. Some examples of real customer's Unknowns are: Why do we keep working on things that do not fulfill our strategies? Why do we have so many delays in getting the right things done? How do we know we are building the right stuff? Why do we miss targets?

    • Identify the key areas of focus where OKRs can provide the most value
    • Understand how the unknowns in your organization impact success (and why OKRs can help)
    • Learn to use a 3-question template to define great OKRs

    About the Speakers:

    Andy Czuchry, Jr, Global Strategy, Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies
    • 20+ peer-reviewed published articles on enterprise agility, AI, leadership and entrepreneurship
    • Chair of the Business Agility Transformation for a global Community of Excellence
    • Holder of 2 US Patents
    • ADP President’s Achievement Award

    Ian McGinnis, Global Strategist, ESD BizOps, Broadcom
    • Architect of agile solutions with over 30 years of experience in software development
    • Worked directly with Fortune 100 companies to help them adopt true business agility
    • Subject matter expert and senior advisor on topics related to scaling agility across an entire organization, allowing companies to realize the full benefits of agile
  • How we use SAFe® at Rally Recorded: Nov 4 2020 58 mins
    Nancy Failla and Aaron Rusty Lloyd
    In our previous session, we discussed how we support SAFe ® within the Rally platform. Now we’d like to take things one step further and show you how we actually use the Scaled Agile Framework® at Rally to manage our Agile Release Train! Join Nancy Failla and Aaron Rusty Lloyd as they take you through some best practices and a walkthrough of our use of the Rally platform, providing real world examples and tips and tricks that we use as part of our SAFe ® implementation here at Rally.
  • Clarity New UX Administration Key Features Recorded: Oct 22 2020 38 mins
    Mark Davis, Solution Consultant, Broadcom
    The Clarity administration capabilities can create magic. Well, almost. Learn how to use blueprints to build quickly and display only what's needed to get the job done. Organize investment hierarchies and name investment types any way you want. If you're bold, you might even deploy custom objects. And with the new field-level security you can get down to the nitty gritty. Refresh on how easy it is to use Clarity in this short overview.
Agile Management and Digital Product Management
Webcasts about Rally's agile management and Clarity's digital product management.

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  • Title: Rally Quality Management Overview
  • Live at: Mar 18 2020 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Aaron Rusty Lloyd (Rally Software) and Rob Greca (Rego Consulting)
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