One Year In: SNIA's Updates for Cloud Storage CDMI Standard - Panel Session

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Moderator: Tony Dicenzo, SNIA and Alex McDonald, Chair of the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative Education Committee
The SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative is rapidly gaining momentum as it promotes the Cloud Storage industry and SNIA's Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard. A panel, which will feature the co-chairs of CSI, will discuss:

A panel, which will include leaders of CSI, will discuss:
- Recent announcements by vendors to support the CDMI standard
- Plugfest opportunities to test vendor implementations
- Future directions for the CDMI specification,
- Opportunities to learn more about the cloud storage and the CDMI standard..
Oct 16 2012
33 mins
One Year In: SNIA's Updates for Cloud Storage CDMI Standard - Panel Session
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  • Moving Data Protection to the Cloud: Trends, Challenges and Strategies Nov 17 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Thomas Rivera, SNIA-DPCO Co-Chair; Mark Carlson, SNIA Cloud Storage TW –Co-Chair; Alex McDonald, SNIA Cloud Storage–Co-Chair
    There are various new ways to perform data protection using the Cloud and many advantages of using the Cloud this way. However, IT managers need to carefully study all the alternative approaches and the experiences of others (good and bad) to avoid the pitfalls, especially during the transition from strictly local resources to cloud resources. In this live Webcast we will discuss:
    •Critical cloud data protection challenges
    •How to use the cloud for data protection
    •Pros and cons of various cloud data protection strategies
    •Experiences of others (good and bad) to avoid common pitfalls
    •Cloud standards in use – and why you need them

    The short presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with audience participation.
  • Storage Performance Benchmarking: Part 2 Oct 21 2015 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Ken Cantrell, Mngr, Performance Engineering, NetApp; Mark Rogov, Advisory Systems Engineer, EMC; J Metz, R&D Engineer, Cisco
    The Webcast aims to bring anyone untrained in the file performance arts to a common base with the experts. Discover some commonalities and differences between basic Block and File terminology and learn:

    · Basic File Components and the meaning of the data workloads
    · Main characteristics of various workloads and their respective dependencies, assumptions and environmental components
    · The complexity of the technology benchmark interpretations
    Discover why file performance benchmarking truly is an art and reach enlightenment via the industry-grade common sense and presenter's guru-esc advice.
  • Data Center Congestion Control Sep 15 2015 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Chad Hintz, SNIA-ESF Board Member,Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco; David Fair, SNIA-ESF Chair, Intel
    How do new architectures being deployed in today’ s data centers affect IP-based storage? Find out in this live Webcast that will discuss new architectures and a new congestion control mechanism called CONGA. Developed from research done at Stanford, CONGA is a network-based distributed congestion-aware load balancing mechanism. It is being researched for use in next generation data centers to help enhance IP-based storage networks and is becoming available in commercial switches. This Webcast will dive into:

    •A definition of CONGA
    •How CONGA efficiently handles load balancing and asymmetry without TCP modifications
    •CONGA as part of a new data center fabric
    •Spine-Leaf/CLOS architectures
    •Affects of 40g/100g in these architectures
    •The CONGA impact on IP storage networks

    Discover the new data center architectures that will support the most demanding applications such as big data analytics and large-scale web services.
  • Data Storage Security Panel Discussion Aug 18 2015 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Wayne Adams, Chairman Emeritus, SNIA Board of Directors; Panel to follow
  • The Benefits of Flash in Enterprise Storage Systems Aug 13 2015 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Bob Plumridge, SNIA Europe Chairman (HDS)
    Join Bob Plumridge, SNIA Europe Chairman, as he presents a brief overview of the solid state technologies which are being integrated into Enterprise Storage Systems today, including technologies, benefits, and price/performance.

    He will then describe where they fit into typical Enterprise Storage architectures today, with descriptions of specific use cases.
  • Expert Panel: Cloud Storage Initiatives – An SDC Preview Recorded: Aug 4 2015 55 mins
    David Slik, CoChair SNIA Cloud Stor TWG; Mark Carlson, CoChair Cloud Stor TWG; Yong Chen, Tex Tech Univ; Alex McDonald, Chair
    This year’s Storage Developer Conference (SDC) is expected to draw over 400 storage developers and professionals. Get a sneak preview of key cloud topics that will be covered at SDC in this live Webcast where an expert panel will discuss:

    · Mobile and Secure - Cloud Encrypted Objects using CDMI
    · Object Drives: A new Architectural Partitioning
    · Unistore: A Unified Storage Architecture for Cloud Computing
    · Using CDMI to Manage Swift, S3, and Ceph Object Repositories

    You’ll learn how encrypted objects can be stored, retrieved, and transferred between clouds, how Object Drives allow storage to scale up and down by single drive increments, end-user and vendor use cases of the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI), and we’ll introduce Unistore - an innovative unified storage architecture that efficiently integrates heterogeneous HDD and SCM devices for Cloud storage systems.
    This Webcast is live so please bring your questions for our esteemed panel of experts.
  • Storage Performance Benchmarking: Introduction and Fundamentals Recorded: Jul 30 2015 66 mins
    Ken Cantrell, Mngr, Performance Engineering, NetApp; Mark Rogov, Advisory Systems Engineer, EMC; J Metz, R&D Engineer, Cisco
    The first installment of our performance benchmarking Webcast series, “Storage Performance Benchmarking: Introduction and Fundamentals” aims to bring anyone untrained in the storage performance arts to a common base with the experts. In this first webcast, gain an understanding of the complexities of benchmarking modern storage arrays and learn the terminology foundations necessary for the rest of the series. This includes:
    •The different kinds of performance benchmarking engagements
    •Metrics: why the “right” metrics matter, and an introduction to the variety of metrics that may be relevant to your business
    •Terminology basics: iops, op/s, throughput, bandwidth, latency/response time
  • Does Your DR Replication Strategy Match Your Business Needs Recorded: Jul 23 2015 49 mins
    Gianluca Mariani, SNIA Europe Italy Committee (HP)
    Data unavailability results in lost revenue, customers or business failure. Of the companies experiencing disasters, 43 percent never reopen and 29 percent close within two years.

    Join Gianluca Mariani and other members of the SNIA Italy committee as they discuss the best disaster recovery replication strategies, focusing on defining SLAs, choosing the right architecture, choosing the ingredients, and how cloud can play a part in DR.
  • Hyperconvergence without the Hype Recorded: Jul 21 2015 39 mins
    Adam Moreland, Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix
    Hyperconverged infrastructure provides a vastly simpler and more economical alternative to legacy datacenter architectures built with separate servers, storage and network resources. Many hyperconverged solutions are based on the same technologies powering the world’s largest web-scale datacenters, and are now finding their way into mainstream enterprises. Join an industry veteran discuss where hyperconverged infrastructure belongs, and how it fits into your datacenter strategy.

    Attendees will learn:

    · The fundamentals of hyperconverged technologies
    · What applications and workloads are best suited for these platforms
    · Things to consider when selecting a hyperconverged solution for your organization
  • Critical Considerations for Remote Office Branch Office Solutions Recorded: Jul 21 2015 39 mins
    Dale Degen, Worldwide Senior Marketing Manager, Storage for HP
    This presentation on Remote Office Branch Office Solutions will ask and answer the questions:

    - What business demands drives ROBO growth?
    - What are key considerations in designing your solution?
    - Simplicity of deployment / mgmt.
    - Sizing of resources appropriate to ROBO workloads
    - Business Continuity needs of ROBO applications
    - Reach / availability of technical support
    - How does HC satisfy the needs for ROBO?
  • Applications, Hyper-Converged and the Data Center Recorded: Jul 21 2015 19 mins
    Leah Schoeb, Solutions & Performance Manager, Intel
    Hyperconverged technology is a term used to describe what some
    vendors are calling 'infrastructure in a box' or 'all-in-one solution.' Virtualization and storage
    administrators understand that it can make sense to couple virtualized
    storage with a virtualized server instance in some cases to create a
    virtualized infrastructure.
    However, there are several issues to consider before plunging into a hyperconverged deployment.

    This session will discuss the applications benefiting from a hyper converged solution and how it fits into your data center.
  • Survey of Leading Hyper-Converged Systems Recorded: Jul 21 2015 49 mins
    Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist & Analyst at Evaluator Group
    There are many variations and offering of Hyper-Converged systems as more vendors seek to capitalize on successes. This presentation will discuss differentiating elements for Hyper-Converged systems and review the different offerings covered in Evaluator Series Research.

    Attendees of this presentation will take away a comprehensive understanding of products on the market and decision criteria to consider when making a purchase.
  • Hyper-converged Systems: Overview and Considerations Recorded: Jul 21 2015 49 mins
    Russ Fellows, Analyst and Sr. Partner at Evaluator Group
    What are Hyper-converged systems and how do they compare to alternatives? We provide an overview of the applications and environments best suited to Hyper-converged products, and discuss aspects of consideration when evaluating products.
  • Advanced Data Reduction Concepts Recorded: Jul 10 2015 43 mins
    Sandro De Santis, SNIA Italy Committee (IBM)
    Since arriving over a decade ago, the adoption of data deduplication has become widespread throughout the storage and data protection communities. This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of deduplication and covers topics that attendees will find helpful in understanding todays deduplication design trends

    Learning Objectives

    -Have a clear understanding of current deduplication design trends
    -Have the ability to discern between various deduplication design approaches and strengths
    -Recognize new potential use cases for deduplication and other data reduction technologies in various storage environments
  • The 2015 Ethernet Roadmap For Networked Storage Recorded: Jun 30 2015 63 mins
    Scott Kipp, President of the Ethernet Alliance; Dave Chalupsky, Chair, IEEE P802.3bq/bz TFs; David Fair, Chair - SNIA-ESF
    For over three decades, Ethernet has advanced on a simple “powers-of-ten” speed increases, and this model has served the industry well. Ethernet is changing in big ways and the Ethernet Alliance has captured the latest changes in the 2015 Ethernet Roadmap. SNIA is pleased to welcome Scott Kipp, President of the Ethernet Alliance and David Chalupsky, Chair IEEE P802.3bq/bz TFs and the Ethernet Alliance BASE-T Subcommittee to present the Ethernet Alliance’s 2015 Ethernet Roadmap for the networking technology that underlies most of future network storage.

    SNIA has focused on protocols and usage models and more or less just takes Ethernet for granted. The biggest technology disruption in the storage space is the emergence into the mainstream of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), FLASH in particular. NVM increasingly moves system bottlenecks from the storage subsystem to the network. Developments in NVM -- most recently 3D FLASH -- assure that the cost per GB will continue aggressive declines and demand for bandwidth will go up. NVM will become more prevalent, making the roadmap for Ethernet increasingly more important to the storage networking community.
  • Data Protection in Transition to the Cloud Recorded: Jun 25 2015 47 mins
    Fabio Di Niro, SNIA Italy Committee (Cisco)
    Organizations of all types and sizes are moving many, but usually not all, applications and data to public and private clouds, and the hybrid environments thus created are an increasing challenge for those responsible for data protection. There are many new services available in the cloud for backup and disaster recovery that can help, but IT managers want to avoid setting up separate data protection procedures for each of the parts of their hybrid environments.

    Learning Objectives

    - Have a clear understanding of how current trends in data protection and in cloud-based computing and storage are impacting each other.
    - Gain increased knowledge regarding new cloud-based alternative approaches for data protection.
    - Have the ability to make good decisions when changes in data protection are required by new hybrid in-house plus cloud environments.
  • Hybrid Clouds Part 2: Case Study on Building the Bridge between Private & Public Recorded: Jun 10 2015 63 mins
    Glyn Bowden, SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative Board Member; Alex McDonald, Chair, SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative
    There are significant differences in how cloud services are delivered to various categories of users. The integration of these services with traditional IT operations will remain an important success factor but also a challenge for IT managers. The key to success is to build a bridge between private and public clouds. This Webcast expands upon our earlier SNIA Hybrid Clouds Webcast where we looked at the choices and strategies for picking a cloud provider for public and hybrid solutions. Join experts from the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative to hear:

    •Best practices to work with multiple public cloud providers
    •The role of SDS in supporting a hybrid data fabric
    •Hybrid cloud decision criteria
    •Key implementation principles
    •Real-world hybrid cloud use case

    This will be a live and interactive event, please bring your questions for our experts.
  • Block Storage in the Open Source Cloud called OpenStack Recorded: Jun 3 2015 62 mins
    Walter A. Boring, Software Engineer, HP; Alex McDonald, SNIA-ESF Vice Chair
    Storage is a major component of any cloud computing platform. OpenStack is one of several Open Source cloud computing platforms that exist in the market today. It happens to be the largest and most widely supported. The OpenStack block storage service provides persistent block storage resources that OpenStack compute instances can consume. This includes secondary attached storage similar to the Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) offering. In this presentation, we will take a dive into:
    •How block storage works in OpenStack
    •What storage protocols are currently supported
    •How it all works together with computing instances
  • Persistent Memory Advances: Solutions w/ Endurance, Performance & Non-Volatility Recorded: May 28 2015 55 mins
    Mario Martinez, Director of Marketing, Netlist
    Persistent memory solutions deliver the endurance and performance of DRAM coupled with the non-volatility of Flash. This webinar will update you on the latest solutions for enterprise server and storage designs, and provide insights into future persistent memory advances. A specific focus will be NVDIMM solutions, with examples from the member companies of the SNIA NVDIMM Special Interest Group.
  • Privacy vs Data Protection Recorded: May 27 2015 44 mins
    Alex McDonald, SNIA Europe Board Member (NetApp)
    After reviewing the diverging data protection legislation in the EU member states, the European Commission (EC) decided that this situation would impede the free flow of data within the EU zone. The EC response was to undertake an effort to "harmonize" the data protection regulations and it started the process by proposing a new data protection framework. This proposal includes some significant changes like defining a data breach to include data destruction, adding the right to be forgotten, adopting the U.S. practice of breach notifications, and many other new elements. Another major change is a shift from a directive to a rule, which means the protections are the same for all 27 countries and includes significant financial penalties for infractions. This tutorial explores the new EU data protection legislation and highlights the elements that could have significant impacts on data handling practices.

    Learning Objectives:
    -This tutorial will highlight the major changes to the previous data protection directive
    -Participants will understand the differences between these key terms
    -Participants will learn the nature of the Reforms as well as the specific proposed change
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is a not-for-profit global organization, made up of some 400 member companies spanning virtually the entire storage industry. SNIA's mission is to lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of information.

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  • Title: One Year In: SNIA's Updates for Cloud Storage CDMI Standard - Panel Session
  • Live at: Oct 16 2012 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Moderator: Tony Dicenzo, SNIA and Alex McDonald, Chair of the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative Education Committee
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