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How Process Owners Can Build Their Own ‘Apps’ in 15 Minutes Using SMAX Studio

Codeless configuration is commonly accepted as the only way to ensure that process modifications can be seamlessly incorporated into software upgrades without requiring teams of programmers to make the changes.

Join this webinar to discover how Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX) Studio takes codeless configuration to the next level by enabling new process-based applications to be created in minutes. Designed for IT and line of business personnel, SMAX offers fast and risk-free configuration and extension of service management applications.

With SMAX, Enterprise Service Management is delivered out of the box and is based on content such as HR workflow management, ideation and proposal management, and portfolio optimization—all of which can be easily extended or complemented with brand new content using SMAX Studio.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How SMAX Studio offers faster Time to Value and Lower TCO
How our modern user interface enables the instant creation of new applications
How the required data model, business rules, forms, notifications, reports, and user-defined actions can be created without coding
Recorded Dec 14 2018 28 mins
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Presented by
Neville Ward, Senior Solutions Architect & Noel Hopkinson, Senior Solutions Architect
Presentation preview: How Process Owners Can Build Their Own ‘Apps’ in 15 Minutes Using SMAX Studio

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  • DevOps Tools: Bridging digital transformation Recorded: Sep 26 2019 35 mins
    Dominic Colson | Stuart Ellershaw | Alan Humphrey | Micro Focus
    In the previous webinars, we demonstrated the importance of a combined DevOps and Ops compliance strategy. Now, we’ll show you how by combining them, compliant DevOps can help you reduce your meantime to repair.

    Watch this live demo of AIOps via Micro Focus OpsBridge and Operations Orchestration to see how these solutions can help you:

    - Reduce the Mean Time to Know – using synthetic user transaction to identify real-world user issues to reduce mean time to know by 30%
    - Reduce the Mean Time to Identify – using AIOps and machine learning to consolidate and correlate events to reduce mean time to identify issues by 70%
    -Reduce the Mean Time to Repair – using operation-efficient automation, reduce mean time to repair by 10%
    - Reduce operation efficiency times by 50% – using operational task automation

    Examine how the Micro Focus ITOM Suite of Apps can help organisations like yours meet your DevOps goals.
  • Avoid DevOoops! Your guide to adopting compliance Recorded: Sep 26 2019 25 mins
    Dominic Colson | Stuart Ellershaw | Alan Humphrey | Micro Focus
    Everyone has heard about Dev, even DevOps – but what about SecOps and compliance?

    You probably don't want to face a multi-million fine because of a customer data leak, likely to occur as a result of a lack of protection within an an app - but who is responsible for operational app security? Not Dev, they simply build the application. Not Sec, they simply monitor and alert you if there is a problem. So, it becomes the challenge of Ops!

    Join Alan, Dominic and Stuart as they look at how including compliancy as a bolt-on is no longer adequate. Instead, compliancy of your security policies must be built into the complete DevOps workflow. If you are responsible for IT Operations, ensure you come to this webinar and learn:

    - The importance of having security compliance built into the Dev process, rather than bolt-on
    - How security policies help operations maintain healthy applications
    - The importance of, and how to write and implement a response plan to handle potential security breaches.

    Don’t wait for a legacy fault to suddenly raise its head potentially leading to fines. Join our webinar for the latest SecOp strategies.
  • Plan for Ops: The Challenge to DevOps Recorded: Sep 26 2019 32 mins
    Dominic Colson | Doriane Alba | Mirco Focus
    Join our webinar to understand the challenge of combining the Agile Strategy traditionally adopted by Dev, with the goal to develop and release applications within budget, and as quickly as possible, with the contrasting Waterfall Strategy adopted by Ops, which is a step by step approach to maintain a stable IT environment.

    The Agile Strategy meets the needs of your organisation, but often the at the expense of the Waterfall Strategy that supports operational reliability. If this is a challenge you face, then attend this webinar and learn how to:

    - Plan and develop security driven applications
    - Why you need to monitor non-persistent compute using docker and cloud technologies
    - Automate development seamlessly into operations using PaaS solutions

    Discover how leading with Ops and the provision of an PaaS system for use by Dev, can solve your DevOps challenge.
  • Technical deep dive demo of latest RPA technologies Recorded: Sep 25 2019 43 mins
    Emiliano Tizzoni, Micro Focus | Alain Salesse, Micro Focus
    Discover how to ignite your enterprise productivity by welcoming new robo workers and liberating your employees’ brainpower!

    Join RPA solutions experts Alain Salasse and Emiliano Tizzoni as they introduce a new way of doing business with Micro Focus Robotic Process Automation Solutions. You’ll discover how they can give you the power to build, secure, and scale automate business processes, from legacy mainframes to the latest SaaS apps.

    During this live demo, you will see:

    - The easy-to-use design studio – enabling you to record screen actions and design end-to- end workflows
    - The implementation of cross-platform connections – combining UI automation with API integration methods
    - How to secure robots – using unique IDs and encrypted, role-based
    credentials for centralised management
    - The flexibility of robots – both resilient, detecting UI changes and automatically adapting as needed, as well as scalable, responding automatically to workload changes.

    See for yourself how we have used our 40 years of experience automating legacy applications and modern user interfaces to create this single, purpose-built RPA solution.
  • Transform Beyond IT: identifying RPA use cases Recorded: Sep 25 2019 41 mins
    Gregory Rohmer | David Wallace, Micro Focus
    There’s a lot of hype about the business potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and in the previous webinar, we examined why.

    In this webinar, you’ll hear about some real-world RPA use cases: How a multi-national telco cut process costs by 40% with selective RPA implementation. How a banking group overcame manual processes through integration between legacy systems and modern applications. And, how an electronics company improved operational efficiencies.

    Join Gregory Rohmer and David Wallace as they demonstrate that wherever there’s a time-consuming task that involves the use of a legacy application, RPA can help.

    Don’t be one of those organisations that has employees spending too much time working on mundane, repetitive, error- prone tasks, when they could be adding value to your business!
  • Understanding RPA – Your Digital Transformation Strategy Recorded: Sep 25 2019 41 mins
    Gregory Rohmer | Patrick Kennedy, Micro Focus
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a key driver on the digital transformation journey—which is why, according to Deloitte, 53% of companies surveyed are ready to begin implementing RPA.

    Don’t get left behind! Join Gregory Rohmer and Patrick Kennedy from Micro Focus as they examine the business challenges that a professional RPA strategy can address—giving companies the power to build, secure, and scale automated processes across any enterprise.

    During this webinar, you’ll find answers to the most common RPA questions:

    - Why do you need intelligent RPA to support your digital transformation journey?
    - How do you automate with minimal changes to existing systems and apps?
    - What should you be automating across the business and not just within IT?
    - How do you plan your automation approach and RPA strategy, and what obstacles should you be aware of?
    - How do you identify your business case? Can RPA really help to reduce costs?

    Robots are faster and more accurate, and they reduce costs. Can you afford not to investigate the art of what’s possible?
  • Improve service; Using Analytics-led Automation Recorded: Sep 24 2019 51 mins
    Scarlett Bayes, Service Desk Institute | Neville Ward | William Morris, Micro Focus
    Join us for this final webinar on automation and learn how it can transform your IT Service Desk.

    Scarlett Bayes from the Service Desk Institute (SDI) will discuss how AI, Automation, and Machine Learning can transform your traditional ITSM solution into an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tool that delivers IT efficiency, improves service levels, and speeds up time to resolution. Scarlet will also point out efficiencies driven by automation that can be implemented across your enterprise environment.

    This session offers a live demo of SMAX, our Micro Focus Service Management tool, presented by Neville Ward. SMAX automatically routes service requests, finds answers with advanced search, and offers virtual agents, social collaboration, and ChatOps driven by automation to identify patterns in incidents and solve requests quickly.

    Register now to gain greater insights into how automation is reshaping service management.

    Scarlett Bayes, Industry Analyst, Service Desk Institute
    Neville Ward, ITSM Solutions Specialist, Micro Focus
    William Morris, IT Service Management Sales Expert, Micro Focus
  • Enhance productivity: Recognise Automation Use Cases Recorded: Sep 24 2019 50 mins
    Marc Bernis | Simon Rogers | Micro Focus
    In this webinar, our Automation Strategist, Marc Bernis will present a wide range of key automation use cases that cover your business estate. For example, have you considered HR processes? These are often employee dependent, which is why many companies are outsourcing their HR teams to a location where salaries and overall cost of infrastructure are lower. Yet, you could simply automate these and other processes to reduce costs, improve the accuracy of tasks, and boost efficiency in your organization.

    Join Marc & Simon and learn how to recognise mundane, employee-dependent, and therefore high-cost processes that can be automated—from Finance to Administration and, of course, across your IT environment.

    Discover today the processes that can be automated and start reducing costs, improving accuracy of tasks and boost organisational efficiencies.

    Marc Bernis, Automation Strategy Consultant, Micro Focus
    Simon Rogers, Senior Sales Executive, Micro Focus
  • Reduce costs: Successful Automation Strategies Recorded: Sep 24 2019 49 mins
    David Wallace | Marc Bernis, Micro Focus
    If you look at the processes within your business, you’ll probably be surprised—not only by the number, but also by how many are highly employee dependent. Now stop and consider that you aren’t the only one to notice. As the CIO, your CEO is looking to you and IT to make these processes more efficient and lower costs—all while the complexity of the IT environment and the demand for IT resources is increasing.

    Before you decide to cut processes, attend this webinar to learn about how to successfully leverage analytics and machine learning to drive automation strategies that blur the lines and replace human participation with technology, enabling consistency and scale.

    Join automation experts David Wallace and Ken O’Hagan as they present a guide to creating an automation strategy, including:

    - Identifying the processes you have
    - Creating a detailed design plan to identify each step within a process
    - Using the four-box methodology to prioritize your processes
    - What to measure once the process is live
    - Launch considerations, from training to awareness

    By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a step-by-step guide to creating and implementing a successful automation strategy, supporting your first step in the digital transformation journey.
  • ALM Octane – Eliminating Waste & Bringing Order to the Chaos of DevOps (Part 1) Recorded: Sep 20 2019 41 mins
    Rob Stock, Ray Tomany Senior Solution Architects
    ALM Octane was built from the ground up to give organisations the ability to scale delivery processes beyond the team level and meet the needs of the enterprise.
    One of its core abilities within this is to make sense of the myriad of different systems todays organisations have. Open source, 3rd Party, multiple delivery and development methodologies, not to mention all those test systems – trying to make sense and analyse all this information can be nigh on impossible. Enter ALM Octane.
    Join this 2-part webinar to hear how organisations use the many capabilities of ALM Octane to eliminate the daily waste of manually trudging through many different systems, just to do what really should be the most simplest of tasks
  • Good Identity Governance – have you adopted a risk informed approach? Recorded: Sep 17 2019 31 mins
    Steve Garry, Micro Focus & Mick Rutherford, Micro Focus
    Often, when organisations attempt to become compliant with privacy policies and regulations, they end up with point solutions that sit on the sidelines because they don’t provide the key insights needed to help mitigate ever-present insider threats.

    At Micro Focus, we’ve worked with many different cross-industry corporations to help them successfully implement identity governance solutions. We understand the delicate balance between too little and too much access—and what it takes to get it right.

    Join us for this webinar to learn about how proactively managing security and identity risk in a centralized, structured way can help you avoid the most common issues that create risk.

    We’ll explain how a risk-based approach can ensure that:

    - Any changes to access will conform to corporate policies
    - Access already granted is appropriate
    - Violations can be proactively and automatically detected and remediated

    We’ll also highlight the tools that you can implement to achieve a risk-informed approach to Identity Governance.

    Steve Garry, Identity & Access Management Sales Specialist, Micro Focus
    Mick Rutherford, IAM Solution Consultant, Micro Focus
  • A Unified Approach to Data Life Cycle Management and Security Recorded: Sep 3 2019 14 mins
    David Kemp, Business Strategist & Andrew Clake, Pre-Sales Manager in the Security, Risk & Governance division of Micro Focus
    Business Information Supply Chain: A unified approach to Data Life Cycle Management and Security

    Micro Focus has obtained insights from both Public & Private Sector clients on the key aspects of both data life-cycle management, as well as the security implications when continually managing identities, applications and data across the enterprise.

    During this short session, we will be running through a simple planning info-graphic which details the benefits of:

    • Having an overall view of the risk and strategy elements involved when managing data from creation to disposition
    • Enabling a risk assessment and the prioritization of issues to be addressed
    • Consequently deducing the validity of existing technology solutions and identifying gaps for remediation

    David Kemp as Business Strategist and Andrew Clake as Pre-Sales Manager in the Security, Risk & Governance division of Micro Focus UK&I
  • The Week that Data Privacy Became Personal! Recorded: Aug 8 2019 21 mins
    David Kemp, Business Strategist, Security, Risk & Governance Division, Micro Focus
    The anniversary of GDPR inception on May 25th, 2019 passing without any significant regulatory enforcement in the UK may have provided a false sense of security.

    But just when you thought we had all negotiated safely through GDPR, the week of 15th July 2019 developed into the week that data privacy got real!

    Join this webinar to take a closer look at:
    - The recent GDPR implications
    - Why not to take GDPR compliance for granted
    - How to optimise compliance to advance your business.
  • How AI and Automation Can Improve Your Service Desk Recorded: Jul 24 2019 34 mins
    Noel Hopkinson, SMAX Specialist and Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    Join our webinar and learn how AI and automation can transform your service desk.

    In this 45-minute webinar with our service management expert, Noel Hopkinson, you will learn how AI, automation, and machine learning can transform your traditional ITSM solution into an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tool that delivers innovative, enterprise-wide services.

    Get ready to see real-world applications that demonstrate how:

    •AI and machine learning can improve IT efficiency.
    •Automation improves service levels and speeds up time to
    •Efficiencies driven by automated support can be implemented by
    other departments.
    •“Bots” can deliver a self-service catalogue for user-led resolution.
    •All of the above can be implemented seamlessly with Micro Focus
    Service Management Automation X (SMAX).

    Register now to gain greater insights into the latest technologies reshaping service management today.
  • Accelerate your SAP Transformation Recorded: Jul 15 2019 53 mins
    Ahmed Singer & Jonathan Sprake, Senior Solutions Architects, Micro Focus
    Meet our Application Delivery Management (ADM) portfolio

    In the latest in a series of webinars on Test Automation, Ahmed Singer & Jonathan Sprake, Senior Solutions Architects, presents Micro Focus ADM: Accelerating SAP Transformation.

    It is a walk-through of the Micro Focus® Application Delivery Management (ADM) portfolio and how these solutions can help to ensure a successful SAP transformation, at any scale.

    With solutions for Service Virtualisation. lifecycle management, functional and performance testing, and service virtualisation the Micro Focus ADM portfolio for SAP is uniquely positioned to help ensure success.
  • Rugged Continuous Delivery Recorded: Jun 18 2019 37 mins
    Rob Stock, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    Improving pipeline release velocity and security.

    Continuous Delivery is the direction of travel for the IT industry – but where does your business meet the buzzwords? And – crucially – how can it improve release times and maintain security in your pipelines?

    Find out. Join Rob Stock, Senior Solutions Architect, for Rugged Continuous Delivery: Embedding security and release activities into your Pipelines.

    This 40-minute session explains how Micro Focus ALM Octane enables a more rugged approach to Continuous Delivery that can embed security and release activities into your pipelines.
  • Creating Digital Experiences for Higher Education Recorded: Jun 12 2019 47 mins
    Micro Focus experts Neville Ward, SMAX Specialist, and Noel Hopkinson, Solutions Architect.
    How to get it right for faculty and millennial students

    If you need to support both faculty and digitally savvy millennial students—efficiently and within budget—complete the form opposite to register for our 45-minute webinar on 12 June 2019, at 11:00 a.m. BST, in partnership with WM Promus. Then get ready to learn how the latest release of Micro Focus Service Management Automation X can help you:

    •Introduce intuitive self-service portals that expedite time-to-resolution.
    •Help students help themselves with smart virtual desk agents.
    •Offer peer-to-peer knowledge management support.
    •Meet individual department needs with dynamic automated workflows.
    •Create your own applications within minutes using our entirely
    Codeless Configuration feature.
    •Strengthen security with flexible in-cloud and on-premise deployment

    With machine learning, analytics, and codeless automation, you can deliver new levels of service and workflow efficiencies to individual departments—transforming your traditional ITSM solution into a modern Education Service Management (ESM) tool.
  • Micro Focus Service Virtualization: Quality, not constraints Recorded: May 29 2019 52 mins
    Jonathan Sprake, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    Test Automation: Focus on quality, not constraints.

    Functional and Performance Testing is easier when using an intuitive web dashboard providing regular updates on who is using what, when, and how it is performing.

    So Micro Focus® Service Virtualization enables teams to easily create realistic simulations of service behaviour. It removes development and testing ‘wait times’ that can delay application delivery.

    Join this webinar, Micro Focus Service Virtualization: Quality, not constraints, and presenter Jonathan Sprake, Senior Solutions Architect, will explain how we can make Test Automation as simple as reading this.
  • Hit Your NetOps KPIs – Here’s How: Webinar Details Recorded: May 23 2019 22 mins
    Dominic Colson, Senior Solutions Architect at Micro Focus and Stuart Ellershaw, Senior Solutions Architect at Micro Focus
    Your NetOps KPIs are probably pretty straightforward — cut IT costs, mitigate risk, and improve productivity. What’s not so straightforward is how to meet them. We’re here to help.

    Attend our webinar to learn all about the latest, most effective automation, orchestration, and secure network operation tools and processes available. We’ll cover:

    • What NetOps 2.0 is all about.
    • The 5 steps to successfully delivering NetOps 2.0.
    • How to change by policy and not by chance.
    • Reducing your tool chain and increasing release ROI
    • How Network Operations Management from Micro Focus can accelerate
    your KPI success.

    Sign up now. Just fill out the form opposite!
  • Insights from SITS (Service & IT Support Show) May 2019 Recorded: May 22 2019 42 mins
    Neville Ward, Senior Solutions Architect
    Unable to make The Service Desk & IT Support Show (SITS) this year? Then join the Micro Focus team as we present the highlights from the show, comprising of customer testimonials and industry insight, including the latest discussion on the difference between a traditional ITSM tool and the latest Forrester Wave report introducing the cutting-edge ESM tools on offer at Europe’s leading Service Desk event!

    Join us as we examine how traditional and manual ITSM tools simply cannot keep up in the digital era - and look at the introduction of ESM (Enterprise Service Management) solutions, including:

    1) How Machine Learning and AI are fundamental parts of any Service Management solution

    2) How codeless automation supports KPI and SLA success.
    3) How Flexible Container Technology provides Portability, Faster Time to Value, and Lower TCO!
Micro Focus UK - Perform Better
Micro Focus brings together an integrated portfolio of software, services, hardware and partner technologies to create IT management solutions, Information Management solutions, Business Intelligence solutions and Security Intelligence and Risk Management solutions that uniquely empower CIOs to leverage the new realities of a cloud-enabled world, manage business threats and risk, and deliver competitive differentiation.

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  • Live at: Dec 14 2018 4:40 pm
  • Presented by: Neville Ward, Senior Solutions Architect & Noel Hopkinson, Senior Solutions Architect
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