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Proving IT's Value To The Business

In a recent CIO Magazine survey on the Top 10 CIO Issues, business alignment, cost control, governance (both IT and regulatory), plus marketing IT's value were all listed. Increasingly, today's IT leaders need to manage and prioritise investments and actions, improve control over IT's contribution to the business from top to bottom, and visibly demonstrate IT's business value.

Hear about the industry's first systematic approach.

The HP IT Performance Suite provides a systematic approach to sensing and measuring the entire IT-controlled landscape into a consolidated view for IT leaders. It spans every IT proces - starting with strategy, planning, and governance and extending across the management of applications, operations, information, and security.

Join this webcast to hear how your peers have been able to:

* Align IT activities with business strategy & objectives
* Demonstrate IT value to the business with clear KPIs
* Perform better across every IT process
Recorded Nov 22 2011 52 mins
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Presented by
Dan Wood
Presentation preview: Proving IT's Value To The Business

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  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines Oct 18 2018 10:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Kevin Lee, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus.
    Continuous Delivery Pipelines: Automating the value stream through continuous release

    Join us for this 40-minute webinar to find out what Continuous Delivery is all about and how multi-application deployment pipelines can be implemented across both new and existing applications.

    Continuous Delivery

    •The Journey to Continuous Delivery – what is Continuous Delivery and why the IT industry is transitioning to it.

    •Implementing Continuous Delivery – what are some of the challenges of implementing Continuous Delivery and some recommendations for implementing it in complex multi-modal organisations.

    •Demonstration of the Micro Focus solution.
  • How the Enterprise can Utilise Open Source - Developing, Testing and Monitoring Jul 31 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Rob Stock and Ray Tomany, Senior Solutions Architects
    You may rely on open source to develop, test or monitor your applications. In Micro Focus, our business depends on it.

    Every product that we release uses or adds value to open source software.
    In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can protect and extend your organization’s strategic investment in open source software for application delivery management.
  • How to Deploy Your Service Desk Your Way - Seamlessly, Flexibly and Quickly Jul 24 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Nev Ward and Noel Hopkinson, Senior Solutions Architects
    While ITSM is often delivered via software as a service (SaaS), businesses today are looking for different deployment options. The world is in flux, and strategies evolve. Businesses using SaaS today may need to migrate to a private cloud in the future. Similarly, some companies have strict security and compliance policies around data sovereignty, making on-premises deployment mandatory. That’s why it’s important to factor deployment flexibility into your evaluation of modern ITSM solutions.

    This webinar will cover:
    1.How Flexible Container Technology provides Portability, Faster Time to Value, and Lower TCO
    2.How seamless upgrades can be achieved in conjunction with Codeless Configuration
    3.How you can now consume new and innovative capabilities with equal speed, whether the solution is on premise, in a SaaS model, or in the public cloud.
  • Extending Data Protector & HPE StoreOnce into the Cloud Recorded: Jul 19 2018 59 mins
    Nigel Blake, Presales Consultant, Micro Focus & Brynn Harrison, Storage Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
    Attend our informative 50-minute webinar to learn how Data Protector and HPE StoreOnce can utilise Cloud storage from AWS and Azure.
  • NetOps 2.0—Transforming Your Network for Digital Relevancy Recorded: Jul 3 2018 18 mins
    Dominic Colson, Senior Solutions Architect
    The complaints are always the same. “It’s slow, it’s down, it’s slowing me down,” they say. But how can you optimize network performance when you are bombarded by digital demands? Gartner analysts say we need to take a new approach to network operations—and they call it NetOps 2.0.

    Attend our informative 40-minute webinar to learn:

    •What the NetOps 2.0 approach is all about.

    •Why it is important to shift to NetOps 2.0 now.

    •How your team can acquire the skills necessary to embrace advances in network automation, diagnostics, and analytics.

    •5 ways that Micro Focus® Network Operations Manager can help your NetOps 2.0 team improve network performance and reduce downtime. (See how in our demo.)

    Forty minutes! That’s all it takes to start moving towards network relevancy in the digital age.
  • How to find the time to test your mobile applications - and what to do with it Recorded: Jun 28 2018 44 mins
    Rob Stock and Ray Tomany, Senior Solutions Architects
    Mobile solutions are the pillar of digital transformation, but half of companies in a recent report said they struggle to even find time to test their applications. This and many other challenges to master the quality and end user value of mobile applications are frontiers to be conquered.

    Join us on our webinar where we will show how businesses can focus on consistently improving the user experience of their mobile channels using Micro Focus application delivery management.
  • Boost Efficiency & Agent Productivity with Built-In Analytics & Machine Learning Recorded: Jun 27 2018 33 mins
    Nev Ward and Noel Hopkinson, Senior Solutions Architects
    The traditional service desk is manual and reactive, primarily addressing large volumes of tickets and user requests. A 2017 Help Desk Institute survey identified that 55% of organizations saw an increase in ticket volumes. The cost of resolving those issues also increased—with the cost per ticket rising from $18 in 2016 to $25 in 2017.
    In this webinar, we will demonstrate why machine learning and built in analytics are not just a nice to have add on feature, but are essential native components of any modern Service Management solution.

    This webinar will cover:
    1.The value of machine learning in accelerating the ticketing process.
    2.How to empower Problem Management with analytic capabilities that can help agents identify patterns across structured and unstructured data sources.
    3.How to take key performance indicator (KPI) goals and measurements to the next level by providing actionable insights to drive process improvement.
  • File Dynamics and File Reporter Recorded: Jun 15 2018 64 mins
    David Condrey, Engineering and Ed Shropshire, File and Print Product Line Manager at Micro Focus
    The new Micro Focus File Governance Suite makes network data administration easier by not only letting you know what you’re storing and who has access to it, but lets you in turn, establish policies that automatically clean up, move, archive, and delete, and a variety of other management actions. Additionally, the File Governance Suite offers data protection capabilities that protect High-Value Targets on your network from the potentially catastrophic effects of a ransomware attack.

    This webinar will show you some of the more notable features and capabilities of the File Governance Suite and how you can deploy the suite utilizing your current network infrastructure.
  • Fast and cost effective app security clearance with Fortify on Demand Recorded: Jun 4 2018 4 mins
    Dr Sandeep Shah, CEO & Co-founder, Tarilian Laser Technologies
    See how Fortify on Demand helped deliver a fast and cost effective app security clearance for TLT's revolutionary new medical device.
  • Engage with Your Users Recorded: May 31 2018 26 mins
    Nev Ward and Noel Hopkinson, Senior Solutions Architects, Micro Focus
    Join Micro Focus Senior Solution Architects in this live webinar as they show how the digital economy is changing the way people engage with technology.

    More workers, especially millennials, expect to get from the workplace the same consumer-grade user experience they get in their personal lives. This expectation carries over into every business interaction, including the service desk, where users are looking for smart, personalized self-service, and zero wait time using Micro Focus Service Management Automation solution.

    This webinar will cover:

    1.How the use of virtual agents can resolve issues on their own with a minimum of service tickets.
    2.How social collaboration enhances the user experience.
    3.How Chatbots enable sophisticated real-time collaboration among IT teams for more timely and effective incident resolution
  • Visibility from Waterfall to DevOps and everything in between Recorded: May 23 2018 44 mins
    Kashif Husain, Senior Solutions Architect and Jonathan Sprake
    With most enterprises using a mix of Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid methodologies for the delivery of their applications decision makers are struggling to get end-to-end visibility in to the progress of their products and services. With the trend towards autonomous teams using tools of their choice, find out how Micro Focus’ Octane can help by aggregating data from various sources to help plan, build, test & track progress regardless of your chosen methodology or toolset.
  • Analytics Everywhere Investigate 2.0 Virtual Workshop Recorded: Apr 26 2018 64 mins
    Steven Riley and Michael Yeh Technical Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    Micro Focus® ArcSight Investigate enables organisations to proactively respond to and decrease the impact of security incidents. ArcSight Investigate is a next-generation hunt and investigation solution built on a new advanced analytics platform to serve the evolving needs of security teams.

    During this on-demand workshop, our experienced Micro Focus instructors walk you through the new Investigate 2.0 environment:

    •Learn by experience - use cases illustrate the simplicity of the new query language.
    •Leverage the visualisations and dashboards to gain greater visibility into your security posture.
    •Start understanding how this new tool can be used by existing analysts for hunt activities.
    •Use search queries to increase the speed of identifying attacks.
    •Learn how to perform hunt scenarios such as comparing outbound data baselined against possibly infected hosts.
  • How to integrate Security & Compliance into your Continuous Delivery pipelines Recorded: Apr 23 2018 61 mins
    Kevin Lee, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus.
    Learn the reasons for and techniques behind DevSecOps and how to integrate it into your existing continuous delivery pipelines.

    •What is DevSecOps - and where does it fit in?
    •Continuous Inspection - how automated continuous inspection can help detect potential security issues early in your development lifecycle.
    •Secure Deployment – how to secure your deployment process to deploy from a known source (aritfact repository) and with secure credentials (password vault).
    •Recommendations – for implementing DevSecOps in your delivery process.
    •Demonstration of the Micro Focus solution.
  • Optimising the Quality Portfolio Recorded: Apr 23 2018 27 mins
    Mark Turner, EMEA PPM Pre-Sales Consultant and Toby Marsden, Director of ADM and DevOps Solutions
    Webinar looking into a managerial view of what is happening in your programs and portfolios. In a hybrid world, where delivery is ever accelerating, Micro Focus explores how you can step back and examine combined views of all of your work, products and applications in real time.

    Project Portfolio Management
    • Visibility - Do you lack aggregated visibility into your team’s workload?
    • Assessing Work Items - Are work items delivered before you can even assess them?
    • DevOps - Do you need visibility, feedback and assessment of your DevOps processes?
    • Agile Tools - Do you deliver work from multiple agile tools?
    • Quality - Do you lack an aggregated view of quality across all your business lines, programs, products and projects?
  • Enhancing classical IT services monitoring and diagnostics tools Recorded: Apr 20 2018 25 mins
    Dominic Colson, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    Enterprise AIOps and Big Data

    Join us for this 40-minute webinar to find out what big data analytics is all about and how multi-vendor solutions deployment can be implemented across both new and existing applications.

    •The story so far–While IT operations have tended to specialise in either one of big data or machine learning new strategies are now leading to platforms that need to combine both solutions.

    •Big Data–What is Big Data and where does it fit in IT Operations?

    •Recommendations–Ensure comprehensive insight into past, present and future states of IT systems by selecting AIOps platforms that are capable of ingesting and providing access to log data, text data, wire data, metrics, API data and social-media derived user sentiment data.

    •Demonstration of the Micro Focus solution.
  • Testing Times for Mobile Applications Recorded: Mar 23 2018 38 mins
    Rob Stock, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    Mobile solutions are the pillar of digital transformation, but half of companies in a recent report said they struggle to even find time to test their applications. This and many other challenges to master the quality and end user value of mobile applications are frontiers to be conquered

    Join us on our webinar where we will show how businesses can focus on consistently improving the user experience of their mobile channels using Micro Focus application delivery management.
  • Unlock the Power of Big Data Recorded: Mar 22 2018 46 mins
    Anna Russell, Head of Data Security Consulting, Micro Focus and Reiner Kappenberger, Global Product Management, Micro Focus
    Big Data is an exciting concept and emerging set of technologies that hold seemingly unlimited promise to enable organisational transformation, gain new analytic insights and operational efficiencies. It is a unique architecture that enables low-cost, high-speed, parallel processing of huge data sets of structured and unstructured data. When used in an enterprise environment, however, the importance of data security becomes paramount. Organizations must protect sensitive customer, partner and internal information from an increasing array of advanced threats and risks, and must adhere to a complex set of privacy laws and compliance requirements.

    These challenges often prevent organisations from maximising the value of their data. That’s why we’re running a new webinar series designed to offer telecoms a wealth of best practice advice to

    •Unlock the power of big data
    •Monitise data held
    •Securely migrate into hybrid environment

    Voltage experts Anna Russell and Reiner Kappenberger will be on hand to guide you through how Micro Focus has helped the world’s leading Telcos, using real world, big business scenarios and to help you gain an advantage.
  • Enterprise Operations: Automation for the multi-vendor Enterprise Recorded: Mar 14 2018 33 mins
    Dominic Colson, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    Join us for this 40-minute webinar to find out what the transition to AIOps (Gartner) is all about and why and where machine learning and automation needs to play a part in complex multi-vendor Enterprises.

    Enterprise AIOps and Automation
    • The story so far – why the IT industry is transitioning from Waterfall to Agile in IT Operations?
    • Operations Automation – the need for operations automation and what we really mean by it.
    • Recommendations – what “real” operations automation's look likes via some example practices being adopted by complex multi-vendor organisations.
    • Demonstration of the Micro Focus solution.
  • The Alternate Truths of Identity Management Recorded: Mar 13 2018 60 mins
    Robert MacDonald, Director of Solutions Marketing, Micro Focus
    What are the real truths?

    It is an exciting—and challenging—time in the identity management space. Digital disruptors like IoT, the Cloud, Hybrid, Blockchain, Shadow IT, DevOps, and more suggest a big change in identity management. What does that change look like?

    Tune in as we explore alternate truths including:

    - Received wisdom: applying what we know to future technologies
    - To start over, or evolve?
    - New drivers: identity management game changers
    - Are current identity management practices fit for purpose?
    - Identity Powered-Security: the enemy of alternate truths
  • Microservices, Containers, Clusters and PaaS Recorded: Jan 31 2018 57 mins
    Kevin A. Lee, Senior Solutions Architect at Micro Focus
    Learn the reasons for and techniques behind Containerization and what it really means to QA, Release and Ops in an existing IT landscape.
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