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Recorded Jun 9 2020 2 mins
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  • #COBOL60: Then, Now and Next Oct 14 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Micro Focus
    It’s time to celebrate the remarkable journey that the COBOL language has taken over the past 60 years. Join Micro Focus and special guests for an entertaining and expert panel discussion that explores both the past, present and future of this legendary language. Pose your questions to this group as we tackle many familiar and modern industry topics across technology, education and community. Gain access to the latest resources supporting #COBOL60 including next generation of COBOL technology. Don’t miss this capstone event for #COBOL60. We’ll see you there!
  • Tech Tips: Container Deployment Sep 16 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Graham Owen, Micro Focus
    Join Micro Focus and the Mainframe Solutions team as we explore new ways of maintaining and deploying your Mainframe applications. Learn how to take advantage of containerized platforms to enhance continuous integration, continuous delivery processes, and provide a scalable deployment infrastructure for your applications.

    Get all the latest information from our experts and ask them your questions.
  • Tips and Tools to Beat the Peaks with Proactive Performance Testing Sep 8 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Anders Nilsson, Sr Technical Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus
    Seems obvious, but ShowTime is no time to rehearse. Likewise, companies cannot afford to wait for seasonal spikes or another global pandemic to see if their applications can cope. Peak web or mobile traffic affects both external and internal apps and impacts revenue, brand reputation, and productivity. Testing teams need to strive for 99.99% availability and make sure they have consistent responsiveness under varying load conditions.

    To survive peak traffic, teams must plan for the big events they know about and prepare for those they don’t.

    Join this webinar to learn about:
    • Best practices for creating a robust peak traffic testing strategy
    • LoadRunner Cloud, the world’s leading cloud base performance testing solution
    • How to rapidly plan, run, and scale load tests without the need to deploy and manage infrastructure, in an efficient and cost effective manner
    • The must-have analytics and reporting capabilities required for peak traffic success
  • How to build an effective hybrid cloud management platform Sep 3 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Vesna Soraic, Senior Manager of Product Marketing and Alex Rwankuba, Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    If your business is like many others, it is running in a hybrid cloud because it needs flexibility and choice. Hybrid or multi-cloud is the new standard. And yet, despite the high quality of public cloud services and abundant documentation and learning opportunities from their providers, enterprises are tripped up on complexity and costs. How can enterprises keep pace with the intense demand for new cloud services?

    Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) makes it much simpler to satisfy demand for hybrid, multi-cloud services by automating fulfillment across a broad set of cloud-based platforms while transparently enforcing service governance during day-to-day operations.

    Join us for this webinar to learn:
    • How to provide a user experience which satisfies all users of cloud services, based on machine learning
    • How to offer a large variety of cloud service requests and configurations, while keeping your catalog lean
    • How to implement automated fulfilment by orchestration for both cloud service provisioning and maintenance
    • When and how to enforce governance in a way that business units appreciate, by defining policies together with IT
    • When should cloud management and service management converge
  • The Synergies with SAST and DAST Sep 1 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Rick Smith and James Rabon, Micro Focus
    Did you know that the combination of static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) application security testing methodologies provides a more comprehensive view of an application’s risk posture? Static analysis tools give security teams thorough feedback early in the SDLC, while dynamic analysis tools provide a quick win by immediately discovering exploitable vulnerabilities in either production or pre-production environments. Testing in both ways yields the most complete view of the risk posed by weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the application.

    Join members of the Micro Focus Fortify team to discover five reasons why SAST + DAST is vital to a successful, comprehensive Application Security program.
  • Explore the Path to Universal Policy Management Aug 18 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Charles Davis, Full Armor Corp and Tim Sedlack, Micro Focus
    Organizations must enforce security policies, configuration, and access controls consistently across their entire infrastructure, but the complexity and hybrid nature of today’s IT environments introduces new challenges. Brand new policy management solutions from Micro Focus can help.

    AD Bridge extends AD controls to Linux, UNIX, and cloud resources; Policy Compliance Assessor checks cloud readiness and migrates GPOs to Azure Intune, while Universal Policy Manager helps consolidate and simplify enterprise and cloud policy management.

    Attend this session to learn about these innovative and transformative solutions.
  • Top Four Benefits of AI-Powered Intelligent Test Automation Recorded: Aug 11 2020 60 mins
    Michael O’Rourke, Stefan Untereichner and Eran Bachar, Micro Focus
    From the Developer, to the test automation engineer, to the business analyst, learn how recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and intelligent test automation are helping teams to deliver the speed and resiliency required to support rapid application changes within a continuous delivery pipeline, with practical and immediate ROI.

    Join us for a lively debate, as our panel of experts discuss the top four benefits of AI-driven, intelligent test automation for Agile and DevOps teams.
  • ArcSight 2020: The Evolution of the SOC Recorded: Jul 21 2020 63 mins
    Michael Mychalczuk, Dir. Product Mgmt, Security Operations and Eugenio Marrero, Sales Engineering Mgr, Micro Focus
    ArcSight turns 20 this year! The cybersecurity industry has experienced non-stop growth and change over the last two decades, and security solutions like ArcSight have continually worked to evolve and adapt to these changes.

    Join ArcSight Specialist Gene Marrero and ArcSight Commander Mike Mychalczuk as they discuss the journey of SIEM and what lies ahead for SOC teams as they strive to advance their threat detection and response capabilities. It’s an hour you don’t want to miss as we look back on 20 years in security, and unveil the latest and greatest of our upcoming ArcSight 2020 release.
  • Meet expectations of Generation Y Recorded: Jul 21 2020 47 mins
    Neville Ward, Micro Focus Solution Consultant
    Time for a ticketless service desk?

    There’s always talk about improving the User Interface/experience of service desk tools – but are today’s tools and future product roadmaps meeting the expectations of Generation Y (Millennials)?

    Neville Ward, confessed member of Generation GH (Grey Haired), reviews the past 20 years, and discusses whether Service Desk Innovators have simply made the improvements thought necessary? But do these tools now meet the changing requirements of Generation Y - and what does Generation Y expect from their help desk?

    Watch this on-demand recording of Neville, as he fundamentally rethinks how the next generation will interact with your service desk. This will not just involve tinkering with the UI or UX but how will your service desk deliver an improved IT service that meets the expectations of the next generation.
  • Creating a Single Source of IT Truth in a Multi-Cloud and Containerized World Recorded: Jul 16 2020 59 mins
    Doron Orbach, Senior Product Manager, Bill Dyck, Product Manager and Wes Heaps, Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    Organizations are embracing Hybrid IT across multiple clouds, containerized micro-services, and traditional on-premises infrastructure. However, most organizations struggle with accurately knowing what they have in their environment, how it is configured, and what happens if something changes: particularly when adopting multi-cloud and containers.

    Discover how you can accurately know what you have, if you are compliant with infrastructure configuration policies, and how business services are delivered—no matter if you are using on-premises IT, multiple clouds, or containers. Building a single source of IT truth using Micro Focus Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB allows a more unified and converged approach across IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Security for better compliance to configuration and software license usage policies, faster IT service resolutions, and more efficient IT Operations.
  • Four Steps to Ensure Software Delivery Success in Today's Environment Recorded: Jul 14 2020 61 mins
    Julian Fish, Director, Product Management and Mark Levy, Director, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    Events and sudden market shifts can dramatically change the business outcomes for many companies. Today's environment is forcing a transition from the physical world to the digital and virtual world. Companies are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives in order to just survive, while IT organizations are being asked to do more with less. Knowing how to quickly, efficiently, and successfully release and deploy software is critical for the business to succeed.

    Come join us as Julian Fish and Mark Levy provide the four key steps you need to implement in order to successfully release and deploy software in today's environment. In this live webinar you will learn:

    • Why delivery velocity alone is not enough
    • Where cost savings can be made without impacting efficiency
    • What successful release governance means to your business – and the risks associated with poor governance
    • How to ensure deliverables are adding significant value to your customers and stakeholders
  • Enabling secure access and delivery Recorded: Jul 9 2020 65 mins
    Phil Richards, Micro Focus. Malcolm Trigg, Micro Focus
    Terminal emulation is still the primary method for users to access the applications running on Mainframe, mid-range, Unix and Unisys systems. Although the Micro Focus Host Connectivity solutions have been around for over three decades, they continue to evolve to meet the current and future demands of our customers.

    In this session, we will show how Micro Focus have enhanced their Host Connectivity solutions to assist with the latest security standards no matter whether they are internal, government or industry security mandates. We will also demonstrate how using the Micro Focus solutions can remove the complexity of automating/integrating host applications from a Robotic Process Automation tools (RPA) solution.
  • Connected development in the disconnected world Recorded: Jul 9 2020 68 mins
    Brian Crane, Micro Focus. Alwyn Royall, Mico Focus
    In this session we explore how Micro Focus exploits and enhances the latest IDEs so you can get the best out of your existing COBOL assets. Whether you are connected to your corporate system or working remotely, we will show how you can use advanced development and debugging techniques to support, develop and modernise your mainframe or distributed COBOL applications.
  • Reaching Zero Trust Access Control while Maintaining Low Friction Recorded: Jul 7 2020 60 mins
    Gireesh Kumar, Sr Product Manager, NetIQ Access Management & Stephan Jou, Interset CTO, Micro Focus
    As organizations elevate their security to Zero Trust level, maintaining or even improving the user’s experience remains paramount. Learn how the NetIQ Risk Service brings user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) with out-of-the-box machine learning models. Using Micro Focus Interset powered machine learning, IT security teams now have access to personalized security to build individualized context. Organizations can use this level of personalized security to keep friction low for users accessing sensitive information while protecting themselves from malicious outsiders attempting to exploit it.

    The NetIQ Risk Service is the new central point of risk evaluation and scoring for the NetIQ product line.
  • End User Productivity in the Enterprise – Shifting Focus in Shifting Times Recorded: Jul 7 2020 90 mins
    Ron van Herk & Robin Redgrave, Micro Focus Solution Consultant
    Today’s users need access to data anywhere, from any device. They need simple ways to self-serve and communicate. If you can meet their needs while securing the data and better aligning IT to the business’ needs, you can multiply employee effectiveness while improving employee satisfaction—all while reducing costs.

    Join us on Thursday 2nd July at 9:30am for this Special Interest Group where we’ll dive into the latest product releases and proven best practices for enabling your employees to securely access, share and edit files. We will also show you how to provide effective secure endpoint management, file and print services - simultaneously enabling you to lower costs and ensure compliance.
  • Next Generation SOC – Responding to the New Normal Recorded: Jul 3 2020 89 mins
    Markus Muessig, Guy Kramer & Rob Brewer, Micro Focus
    Enterprise-level Security Operations Centers (SOC) often spend valuable time resolving incidents that involve co-ordinating with various teams, solutions and external sources.

    To manage this challenge, providing SOC analysts with the ability to enrich, validate and act upon information from a centralised monitoring console is key. But how do you arm your analysts with the best possible means of identifying, prioritising and responding to security threats in today’s ever-changing landscape?

    Join our team of SecOps experts for this informative and interactive special interest group to find out. We explore what the ‘new normal’ is, the challenges and impact that it’s having on our customers in both the public and private sector, and most importantly how to address the ever-evolving challenges of today’s digital environment.

    We cover:
    •Yesterday’s and today’s challenges
    •The new normal and what we’re seeing and hearing
    •How to cultivate synergy between people, processes and technology
    •Information overload and how to deal with it
    •Top tips from our experts

    Markus Muessig, Security Operations International Practice Leads, Micro Focus
    Guy Kramer, Lead Security Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus
    Rob Brewer, UK&I Security Operations pre-sales consultant, Micro Focus
  • Network Operations Management – Accelerating the AIOps Revolution Recorded: Jul 2 2020 57 mins
    Jon Kies, Manager, ITOM Product Marketing and Brian Kaplan, Sr. Product Manager, Micro Focus
    AIOps is helping enterprises manage complex IT challenges such as dynamic changes in architectures, siloed teams, and an exponential growth in data. Network administrators are also undergoing a transformation as they’re being asked to manage this increased complexity with fewer resources while reducing errors.

    Join us for this webinar on July 2nd, 2020 to learn how Micro Focus is at the forefront of this transformation with Network Operations Management. We will show you how to incorporate automation as an integrated component of network management, and integrate data stores with our AIOps solution to speed machine learning and enable automated remediation.
  • Twenty Things: The New, the why would you live without & the stuff that you neve Recorded: Jul 2 2020 90 mins
    Rob Stock, Ray Tomany, Sean Bosklopper, Ahmed Singer, David Grant and Jonathan Sprake.
    Its common knowledge that Micro Focus uses its own tools to develop its own tools; Now think about that for a second - But then also couple it with the shared experience that we have with our customers and their own delivery of applications.
    Waterfall - Agile - DevOps - Whether in normal or what we now call new normal times, best practice always comes from experience, and nobody has that without scars; but learning from failure is what we as an industry do to push innovation.
    So of course, somethings work and of course somethings don’t – but when you draw on that huge wealth of experience, innovation prevails. When things work, let’s make them better – When they don’t let’s work out why, and let’s find a solution
    Amongst these and many others, we wanted to share just twenty things across our whole portfolio that helped shape ours, the industry and of course our customers thinking to develop quality applications.
  • Addressing IT Ops Challenges Today and the Future "New Norm" Recorded: Jul 2 2020 96 mins
    Ken O'Hagen, Micro Focus. Stuart Ellershaw, Micro Focus. Dominic Colsen, Micro Focus
    As many businesses move away from infrastructure level monitoring and towards a serverless compute model, we offer a new perspective on how to transform into an agile service-driven organization.
    Watch this latest on-demand webinar from Micro Focus and gain insights into:

    1. How to migrate, deploy and govern cloud and on-prem workloads
    We examine how you can easily at scale and securely migrate workloads to free up servers, with near-zero downtime and risk. Discover how to optimise hardware utilisation, including maximizing your VMs, and make vital applications accessible to all.

    2. How to use AIOps and analytics to bring clarity and automated monitoring and remediation
    Learn how to achieve full-stack monitoring, without paying for additional infrastructure but by implementing full cloud monitoring to extend your event management.

    3. How to improve and optimise the user experience – as a consumer of IT Operations as a service
    Discover how to scale your on-prem IT operations using synthetic transaction monitoring to optimise your cloud user experience and promptly alerted you to any degradation in application performance or availability to reduce your mean time to resolution and ensure application stability.

    4. How to monitor, manage and adapt across a distributed across your IT ecosystem, including the adoption of containers and ultimately, microservices.

    Understand how to manage your modern network (at capacity) that is now distributed across your highly complex IT ecosystem, while being in a position to adapt to change, quickly.
  • Innovative modernization for today’s Mainframe Applications Recorded: Jul 1 2020 61 mins
    Eddie Houghton, Guy Sofer, Graham Owen and Derek Britton, Micro Focus
    Enterprise Suite 6.0 product launch

    Building on our investments in mainframe application technology, Micro Focus introduces brand-new insight, integration and flexibility capabilities with its latest Enterprise Suite release. Join this webinar to learn more.
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Micro Focus brings together an integrated portfolio of software, services, hardware and partner technologies to create IT management solutions, Information Management solutions, Business Intelligence solutions and Security Intelligence and Risk Management solutions that uniquely empower CIOs to leverage the new realities of a cloud-enabled world, manage business threats and risk, and deliver competitive differentiation.

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