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Ready, Steady, Slow..... Is your mobile app ready to perform?

Ready, Steady, Slow..... Is your mobile app ready to perform? Better Mobile Performance Testing with HP Software and Shunra.

Does your mobile app live up to user expectations? How do you know what your mobile user experience will be before you deploy?

End users expect applications to perform as well or better on their mobile devices. They do not necessarily consider the inherent constraints presented by mobile networks, yet latency, bandwidth limitations, packet loss and jitter all affect the end user experience. By capturing and virtualising real mobile network conditions, performance tests yield reliable results that quickly point to remediation and optimisation efforts that can be tested and validated to optimize end user experience.

Join us on this session to learn how to leverage HP Software and Shunra to capture real-world network conditions and virtualise those conditions within the lab in order to create a reliable test environment.
Recorded Apr 17 2012 52 mins
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Presented by
Matthew Brady, Senior Performance Engineering Consultant, Shunra Software; Ian Wales, Industry Specialist, HP Software
Presentation preview: Ready, Steady, Slow..... Is your mobile app ready to perform?

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  • ArcSight 2020: The Evolution of the SOC Jul 21 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Mychalczuk, Dir. Product Mgmt, Security Operations and Eugenio Marrero, Sales Engineering Mgr, Micro Focus
    ArcSight turns 20 this year! The cybersecurity industry has experienced non-stop growth and change over the last two decades, and security solutions like ArcSight have continually worked to evolve and adapt to these changes.

    Join ArcSight Specialist Gene Marrero and ArcSight Commander Mike Mychalczuk as they discuss the journey of SIEM and what lies ahead for SOC teams as they strive to advance their threat detection and response capabilities. It’s an hour you don’t want to miss as we look back on 20 years in security, and unveil the latest and greatest of our upcoming ArcSight 2020 release.
  • Creating a Single Source of IT Truth in a Multi-Cloud and Containerized World Jul 16 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Doron Orbach, Senior Product Manager, Bill Dyck, Product Manager and Wes Heaps, Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    Organizations are embracing Hybrid IT across multiple clouds, containerized micro-services, and traditional on-premises infrastructure. However, most organizations struggle with accurately knowing what they have in their environment, how it is configured, and what happens if something changes: particularly when adopting multi-cloud and containers.

    Discover how you can accurately know what you have, if you are compliant with infrastructure configuration policies, and how business services are delivered—no matter if you are using on-premises IT, multiple clouds, or containers. Building a single source of IT truth using Micro Focus Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB allows a more unified and converged approach across IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Security for better compliance to configuration and software license usage policies, faster IT service resolutions, and more efficient IT Operations.
  • Four Steps to Ensure Software Delivery Success in Today's Environment Jul 14 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Julian Fish, Director, Product Management and Mark Levy, Director, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    Events and sudden market shifts can dramatically change the business outcomes for many companies. Today's environment is forcing a transition from the physical world to the digital and virtual world. Companies are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives in order to just survive, while IT organizations are being asked to do more with less. Knowing how to quickly, efficiently, and successfully release and deploy software is critical for the business to succeed.

    Come join us as Julian Fish and Mark Levy provide the four key steps you need to implement in order to successfully release and deploy software in today's environment. In this live webinar you will learn:

    • Why delivery velocity alone is not enough
    • Where cost savings can be made without impacting efficiency
    • What successful release governance means to your business – and the risks associated with poor governance
    • How to ensure deliverables are adding significant value to your customers and stakeholders
  • Reaching Zero Trust Access Control while Maintaining Low Friction Jul 7 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Gireesh Kumar, Sr Product Manager, NetIQ Access Management & Stephan Jou, Interset CTO, Micro Focus
    As organizations elevate their security to Zero Trust level, maintaining or even improving the user’s experience remains paramount. Learn how the NetIQ Risk Service brings user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) with out-of-the-box machine learning models. Using Micro Focus Interset powered machine learning, IT security teams now have access to personalized security to build individualized context. Organizations can use this level of personalized security to keep friction low for users accessing sensitive information while protecting themselves from malicious outsiders attempting to exploit it.

    The NetIQ Risk Service is the new central point of risk evaluation and scoring for the NetIQ product line.
  • Network Operations Management – Accelerating the AIOps Revolution Recorded: Jul 2 2020 57 mins
    Jon Kies, Manager, ITOM Product Marketing and Brian Kaplan, Sr. Product Manager, Micro Focus
    AIOps is helping enterprises manage complex IT challenges such as dynamic changes in architectures, siloed teams, and an exponential growth in data. Network administrators are also undergoing a transformation as they’re being asked to manage this increased complexity with fewer resources while reducing errors.

    Join us for this webinar on July 2nd, 2020 to learn how Micro Focus is at the forefront of this transformation with Network Operations Management. We will show you how to incorporate automation as an integrated component of network management, and integrate data stores with our AIOps solution to speed machine learning and enable automated remediation.
  • Innovative modernization for today’s Mainframe Applications Recorded: Jul 1 2020 61 mins
    Eddie Houghton, Guy Sofer, Graham Owen and Derek Britton, Micro Focus
    Enterprise Suite 6.0 product launch

    Building on our investments in mainframe application technology, Micro Focus introduces brand-new insight, integration and flexibility capabilities with its latest Enterprise Suite release. Join this webinar to learn more.
  • Addressing IT Ops Challenges Today and the Future “New Norm" Recorded: Jun 26 2020 48 mins
    Dominic Colsen, Micro Focus
    As many businesses move away from infrastructure level monitoring and towards a serverless compute model, we offer a new perspective on how to transform into an agile service-driven organization.
    Watch this latest on-demand webinar from Micro Focus and gain insights into:

    1. How to migrate, deploy and govern cloud and on-prem workloads
    We examine how you can easily at scale and securely migrate workloads to free up servers, with near-zero downtime and risk. Discover how to optimise hardware utilisation, including maximizing your VMs, and make vital applications accessible to all.

    2. How to use AIOps and analytics to bring clarity and automated monitoring and remediation
    Learn how to achieve full-stack monitoring, without paying for additional infrastructure but by implementing full cloud monitoring to extend your event management.

    3. How to improve and optimise the user experience – as a consumer of IT Operations as a service
    Discover how to scale your on-prem IT operations using synthetic transaction monitoring to optimise your cloud user experience and promptly alerted you to any degradation in application performance or availability to reduce your mean time to resolution and ensure application stability.

    4. How to monitor, manage and adapt across a distributed across your IT ecosystem, including the adoption of containers and ultimately, microservices.

    Understand how to manage your modern network (at capacity) that is now distributed across your highly complex IT ecosystem, while being in a position to adapt to change, quickly.
  • New modernization solutions for your Micro Focus COBOL applications Recorded: Jun 24 2020 74 mins
    Scot Nielsen and Ed Airey, Micro Focus
    Visual COBOL 6.0 product launch

    In an ever changing IT world with new pressure to digitize corporate IT, developers need new ways of understanding and modernizing established COBOL systems. Visual COBOL 6.0 introduces new code slicing capabilities enabling developers to visually extract, refactor and build re-usable COBOL APIs for rapid deployment across the enterprise.

    This latest release also features new container orchestration support using Docker and Kubernetes to intelligently manage your COBOL applications within a container architecture.

    Join us on June 24 for a closer look at the next generation of COBOL technology supporting today’s modern developer—Visual COBOL 6.0. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from the Micro Focus team, experience a live demo and pose your questions to our panel of COBOL experts!
  • Are ITSM and Enterprise Service Management one and the same? Recorded: Jun 18 2020 62 mins
    Eveline Oehrlich, VP and Research Director, Research In Action and Michael Pott, Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    Services, applications and processes are more connected than ever through digital transformation. IT teams have mastered the delivery and management of services, and other enterprise functions such as HR, finance, legal, marketing are ready for a service automation revolution now. Yet, business innovation and operational excellence compete for resources with the continuous improvements around employee and customer experience, all in light of a growing skill gap. Your ability to automate IT services qualifies your team to offer and manage digital services for your business teams.

    Join Eveline Oehrlich, VP and Research Director at Research In Action and Michael Pott, Product Marketing Manager at Micro Focus for a one-hour session to explore the convergence of IT, Enterprise and Operational Service Management touching on the human, process and technology requirements for such a digital service transformation journey.

    Learn how to go about managing any service efficiently and effectively and get ready for intelligent service automation and intelligent services through tactical and strategic steps to your service management convergence.
  • What’s New in Fortify 20.1 Recorded: Jun 16 2020 53 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Jimmy Rabon and Dylan Thomas, Micro Focus
    The Micro Focus Fortify 20.1 release, available now, provides a continued march towards the key strategic initiatives of the product suite with accelerated language support, providing end users with actionable results, continuing to expand our open source solution with Sonatype, hybrid delivery methods and shifting application security left. These initiatives and updates to the products support why Fortify was not only named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing for the 7th consecutive year, but also named #1 for Enterprise organizations in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report.

    In this webinar we will cover the newest and best features of Fortify Software Security Center, Fortify Static Code Analyzer, Fortify WebInspect, and Fortify WebInspect Enterprise. These added features, along with the current capabilities, prove why Micro Focus Fortify leads the market for Application Security.
  • Tech Tips: Access & integrate mainframe data with RPA via terminal emulation Recorded: Jun 10 2020 55 mins
    Kris Lall, Scott Vitkus, Mike Mackes, Donovan Deakin and Que Mangus, Micro Focus
    As organizations look to increase business efficiencies and improve service to their customers, they’re turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to provide businesses the ability to accomplish these objectives. But what about data that’s locked up in mainframe applications? Can enterprises leverage this data in their RPA initiatives? The answer is an emphatic yes.

    Micro Focus provides a range of options for enabling the integration of host data into these RPA initiatives. Whether RPA developers prefer to integrate via web services or more traditional application programming interfaces, like HLLAPI or .NET, Micro Focus supports a programmatic interface that will optimally support the developer’s integration project.

    Join us for this webinar to see how developers are leveraging host data in their RPA initiatives.
  • Shift Performance Testing Left to Overcome Obstacles to DevOps & Agile Practices Recorded: Jun 9 2020 53 mins
    Gil Kedem, Product Manager, Performance Engineering, Micro Focus
    With the change in software development practices from waterfall to Agile to DevOps, the definition of “shift-left” testing needs to expand and evolve just as the entire development lifecycle has evolved. Performance testing is becoming a team sport/effort. Everyone, including RnD, is responsible for end-to-end quality. To avoid having performance testing be a bottleneck, teams must shift-left performance testing and get the developers and devtesters invested in quality earlier.

    Join this session to learn how the LoadRunner family enables shift-left performance testing with tools specifically designed for developers and performance engineers to work together seamlessly, while reusing assets, sharing comprehensive, real-time analytics, and without leaving their usual developer ecosystem. See how easy it is to plan, run, and scale performance testing leveraging existing investments in testing infrastructure.
  • Micro Focus OneSource Recorded: Jun 9 2020 2 mins
    Find out more about Micro Focus OneSource. Any questions, please contact: Aodan Breathnach, aodan.breathnach@microfocus.com or Peter Gadd peter.gadd@microfocus.com
  • Proactive response to the new norm- codeless configuration & change management Recorded: Jun 5 2020 125 mins
    Neville Ward, Micro Focus. Dean Clayton, Micro Focus and Noel Hopkinson, Micro Focus
    Welcome to the Micro Focus Agile ESM Workshop. This on-demand event is split into two sessions – this is the second and the first session is available here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/6633/417185
    In this session, resident Micro Focus ESM expert, Noel Hopkinson, looks at how to introduce an easy to use self-service portal, before handing over to Dean Clayton, Product Manager for SMAX, Micro Focus’ ESM solution, and Dean will be demonstrating how to boost efficiency by using virtual bots and also the recently launched Max on your mobile.
    Then, we welcome Neville Ward, leading ESM Strategist and Change Management expert as he discusses how to quickly execute changes to your service desk offering, using predictive analytics, allowing you to remain agile in the continuously changing working environment we currently find ourselves in. Before finally, we welcome back Noel to join Neville, as they demonstrate how to build apps specific to your business need in just 15 minutes.
    Discover Agile ESM for Business Continuity today with this on-demand webinar.
  • How can your ESM & ITSM support the new norm? Recorded: Jun 5 2020 51 mins
    Neville Ward, Micro Focus. Noel Hopkinson, Micro Focus and Dean Clayton, Micro focus
    Welcome to the Micro Focus Agile ESM Workshop. This on-demand event is split into two sessions – this is the first, to watch the second session, click on the link https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/6633/417187

    In this first session industry expert, Barclay Rae (ITSMF and SDI Consultant) provides advice and best practice methodology that will ensure your enterprise service desk remains agile and responsive to the changing needs of your business. Especially, as working from home becomes the ‘new normal’ and your service desk becomes the ‘face’ of your business for customers and employees alike.
    Barclay lends his expertise to demonstrate how you can utilize your current service desk to support the “new norm” and how to expand the functionality of your service desk to help maintain business continuity.
    Discover the importance of Agile ESM for Business Continuity today with this on-demand webinar.
  • How Top Performing Organizations are Succeeding with AIOps Recorded: Jun 4 2020 45 mins
    Michael Procopio, Product Marketing Manager, Operations Bridge, Micro Focus
    What are the top performing organizations doing differently to almost double their proactive detection of performance issues and to improve MTTR by 4X? Join us for this webinar on June 4th, 2020 to learn how IT Ops teams are implementing AIOps to improve their outcomes based on a study of more than 800 companies.

    Join this interactive webinar if you’re interested in understanding how your organization can leverage AIOps with machine learning and big data analytics to improve root cause analysis and automate remediation across your hybrid IT environment. And, get a first-hand look at how Micro Focus extends AIOps with extensive monitoring automation and IT process orchestration. You’ll walk away with a refined perspective on the most impactful developments in the industry and receive free access to the insightful research presented in this webinar.
  • Conquering the Authentication Challenge of Zero Trust Recorded: Jun 2 2020 61 mins
    Andras Cser, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester, Kent Purdy, Product Marketing & Troy Drewry, Sr Product Mgr, Micro Focus
    As an organization's hybrid-cloud environment continues to expand far and wide beyond their control, the need for a zero-trust model is becoming mandatory. This higher level of digital security morphs identity verification from onetime event to a model where nothing consuming protected information is trusted by default.

    In this webinar, Andras Cser, VP, Principal Analyst with Forrester, and Kent Purdy and Troy Drewry of Micro Focus discuss how the zero-trust security model has forced a new paradigm onto authentication implementations as well as best-practices to secure all of your environment.
  • Mitigating Threats with Agility During COVID-19 Recorded: May 28 2020 29 mins
    Jeremy Lahners and Mario Daigle, Micro Focus
    Of course, criminals and other malicious actors are taking advantage of COVID-19. Of course. Anything is fair game to this crowd of bad actors. On top of dealing with unprecedented numbers working from home, Security Operations now must deal with the most unscrupulous group who are ramping up their attacks and targeting some of the most vulnerable amid the chaos.

    When a change of this magnitude happens, you hope you’re set up to adjust, and fast. If you don’t, either your workforce is caught flat-footed, or you’re vulnerable.

    These are both bad outcomes.

    That’s why speed and agility are not just for Olympians (who will sadly miss the 2020 games - here’s hoping it’s just a one-year delay!). If you have the right technology setup, where it requires minimal overhead and gives the most flexibility, you give yourself a fighting chance to adjust quickly and safely, keeping folks working remotely where possible, and minimizing business slowdown.

    Join Jeremy Lahners and Mario Daigle as they talk about the current Security Operations climate, new attack methods that are emerging, maybe do a little venting, and share ideas from successful customers that have managed to stay safe and productive.
  • Insights from Global RPA Survey Recorded: May 26 2020 61 mins
    Travis Greene, Director of Product Marketing, Micro Focus and David Gehringer, Principal, Dimensional Research
    Micro Focus recently surveyed business and technology professionals around the globe about their experiences adopting and scaling RPA. By automating a range of processes—from HR and IT to sales, customer service, finance, compliance, and auditing—more than half of them have saved 30+ hours per week.

    But how should you start RPA? What scalability challenges will you face? And—are the business benefits real? Micro Focus recently asked RPA practitioners these very questions. Join our interactive Q&A webinar to hear their answers. We’ll cover:
    • Benefits to be gained—today and tomorrow—from RPA.
    • Key lessons learned by early adopters.
    • Critical capabilities needed to implement RPA.
    • Challenges companies face when scaling RPA.
    • How needs and challenges change as RPA experience grows.
  • Micro Focus Education Technology Virtual Forum Recorded: May 21 2020 121 mins
    Micro Focus and Academia Solution Specialists
    Protecting resources and ensuring reliable and secure remote access to continue the delivery of vital services are of top priority for us all.

    With this in mind, we are keen to proceed with our regular Educations Forums in a digital format to explore the latest industry trending topics, and how we can continue to help you accelerate and secure your journey to digital transformation.

    Across the interactive sessions, you will have the opportunity to gain an enhanced understanding of how Micro Focus can help:

    Secure your applications
    Discover, manage, secure and govern your data
    Improve identity and access management in Education

    David Grant, Software Solutions Manager, Academia
    Scott Leetch, Head of Fortify Sales UK&I, Micro Focus
    James McCann, Secure Content Mangement Pre-sales, Micro Focus
    Mick Rutherford, IAM Pre-sales, Micro Focus
Micro Focus UK - Perform Better
Micro Focus brings together an integrated portfolio of software, services, hardware and partner technologies to create IT management solutions, Information Management solutions, Business Intelligence solutions and Security Intelligence and Risk Management solutions that uniquely empower CIOs to leverage the new realities of a cloud-enabled world, manage business threats and risk, and deliver competitive differentiation.

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  • Title: Ready, Steady, Slow..... Is your mobile app ready to perform?
  • Live at: Apr 17 2012 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Matthew Brady, Senior Performance Engineering Consultant, Shunra Software; Ian Wales, Industry Specialist, HP Software
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