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The Power of Data Centre Automation

Time-to-market in Financial Services is critical. So are compliance and operational efficiency. Delays can lead to loss of market share and lost revenue. Lack of compliance can lead to regulatory fines. And operational inefficiency costs money.

Data Centre Automation accelerates the provisioning of the infrastructure necessary to support business services. It also enforces good practice and automates manual tasks.

Please join us to learn more about the The Power of Data Centre Automation. Chris Masse, CTO for HP Enterprise Services’ Global Data Center Services, will share his experience of:

-The challenge of managing the data centre manually.
-How he started the process of automating the data centre.
-The biggest hurdles. Overcoming them. The time it took.
-The benefits and his future plans.
Recorded Mar 28 2012 52 mins
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Presented by
Fil Zanasi, Market Specialist, Financial Services and Chris Masse CTO, HP Enterprise Services Global Data Center Services
Presentation preview: The Power of Data Centre Automation

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  • Do you know how to prioritize your open source findings? Dec 15 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Director of Product Marketing and James Rabon, Director of Product Management, Micro Focus
    Come learn how Fortify and Sonatype have co-developed “susceptibility analysis” to allow developers and application security engineers to understand whether a publicly disclosed vulnerability has been actually invoked in your custom code, and more importantly, whether attacker controlled input reaches that function. No magic, no empty promises, just good research from Sonatype to the patching function and deep dive static analysis from Fortify.
  • The Shift to Performance Engineering Dec 8 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Scott Moore, Performance Expert/Evangelist, Scott Moore Consulting
    In today’s digital marketplace, it goes without saying that now is not the time to let technical issues add more disruptions to your operations. It is critical that you engineer performance from the start, as everyone owns part of the process to deliver high quality, high availability applications.

    This means that the user experience and the performance of your application must be incorporated throughout the application lifecycle. Whether you maintain a high-volume, digital storefront or other business critical applications, performance engineering can help your organization spot and mitigate potential trouble spots.

    In this webinar, Scott Moore will share insights on the trends shaping performance engineering and how to ensure performance anywhere in the development lifecycle.

    Topics include:
    • What is Performance Engineering and why it is important?
    • The difference between performance testing and performance engineering.
    • Key trends in driving the shift to performance engineering.
    • Modern Performance Engineering solutions that fit your business needs.
  • Wrapping up ArcSight 2020 Dec 1 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Mychalczuk, Dir Product Management, Security Operations, Micro Focus
    As we all know, 2020 was anything but a normal year. With changes across the globe affecting the cybersecurity industry, we have all had to intelligently adapt our limited resources to ensure resilience. Within the same year, ArcSight has made incredible strides to help security teams like yours defend what matters most to create a more resilient SOC. The newest release, ArcSight 2020.3, continues to deliver on this goal by simplifying your security operations through the Cloud, SOAR, and SIEM. This release aligns with ArcSight 2020.1 and 2020.2 to improve ArcSight’s next-gen capabilities and enable your team with intelligent tools.

    Join Michael Mychalczuk as he presents the key takeaways of ArcSight 2020.3, including the importance of SaaS and SOAR in your security toolkit. He will also reflect on the evolution of ArcSight during 2020, including the progress made to deliver a truly end-to-end SecOps solution. We’ll then touch on the future of ArcSight and how it will help you achieve true cyber resilience.
  • ESM: Accelerate IT and Business Service Autonomy Recorded: Nov 19 2020 59 mins
    Vesna Soraic, Product Marketing Lead, Micro Focus & Travis Greene, Sr. Director of ITOM Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all businesses towards delivering new digital services. Analysts predict accelerated digitization by three to four years. As we recover, returning to the old normal is insufficient – we must use this disruption to give business and IT users alike the autonomy they crave to get work done.

    In recent years, leading companies have been adopting Enterprise Service Management (ESM), starting with an enterprise service desk and progressing to automated service delivery and support for non-IT services. But ESM is not just implementing ITSM concepts into HR, facilities and other corporate functions. It is about giving users the freedom to work the way they work best.

    For that to work, your ESM approach is going to need a level of automation and AI that exceeds the pre-pandemic old normal. Join our webinar to learn how to:

    • Create a single, enterprise service catalog with automated fulfilment, including public cloud services
    • Act on every enterprise service request without building technical debt with entirely codeless workflows
    • Automate your processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across teams, tools and environments
    • Leverage embedded AI to deliver more resilient services, everywhere
    • Create the business case for ESM

    Register now and find out how enterprise service management can help your business adapt to the new normal with resiliency for the future.
  • What's new in the UFT Family Recorded: Nov 18 2020 62 mins
    Michael O’Rourke, Stefan Untereichner, Mirek Novotny and Eran Bachar, Micro Focus
    The UFT Family – Test Earlier, Smarter and Faster with Enhanced AI-Based Capabilities for Exceptional Experiences on Any Device

    Micro Focus UFT Family’s latest releases build on existing AI-based capabilities and extends them to developers for shift left testing. Together with further enhancements for faster and smarter testing, developers and testers will reduce test creation and execution time, boost test coverage, increase resiliency of testing assets, and cut down on test maintenance efforts.

    Join the Micro Focus Product Management team for an overview of the upcoming UFT Family’s November releases—featuring products within the Functional Testing portfolio. In this webinar, you will get a first look at the top features and enhancements across the UFT Family, all designed to help you test faster, test smarter, include more testers in the team, and achieve superior outcomes.

    Key takeaways include:
    • UFT One – the UFT One 15.02 release provides new features and enhancements that accelerate end-to-end functional test automation with one intelligent solution for enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities.
    • UFT Developer – the UFT Developer 15.02 and UFT Developer 16.0 (early access) releases provide new features and enhancements that focus on strengthening capabilities for Developers and Testers, improving their ability to begin testing in the software development lifecycle as early as possible.
    • UFT Mobile – UFT Mobile 3.5 release provides new features and enhancements that help organizations to develop, debug, test, monitor and optimize mobile apps with an enterprise level, end-to-end lab of real mobile devices and emulators.
    • Service Virtualization – Service Virtualization 5.4 offers a wide range of updates to help testers and developers remove the “wait time” that slows app delivery by creating realistic simulations of APIs and Virtual Services.
  • How to Build a Strong IAM Foundation with Identity Governance and Administration Recorded: Nov 17 2020 58 mins
    Rick Wagner, Director, Product Management, Patrick Gookin, Sr. Product Manager; Lara Bender, Product Marketing Manager
    Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) provides the identity foundation that powers today’s most important security initiatives, including Zero Trust, Digital Transformation, and Cyber Resilience. With a comprehensive IGA program, you'll have the critical capabilities and identity services to bridge data and product silos and adapt at the speed of change.

    Join us for this webinar on Tuesday, November 17th to learn how IGA:
    • Delivers the key capabilities that underlie all successful digital transformation initiatives
    • Dramatically reduces the complexity, cost, and risk of integrating standalone identity and access management (IAM) capabilities
    • Enables cyber resilience by providing a continuous approach to compliance and security
  • Tech Tips: Extend Enterprise Security to the Mainframe Recorded: Nov 11 2020 55 mins
    Que Mangus, Barbara Ballard and Mike Mackes, Micro Focus
    When it comes to security organizations want to be sure that their systems are protected. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a key control to ensuring that only authorized individuals access your critical assets, including the mainframe. Where mainframe organizations struggle is extending enterprise security control to mainframe applications. The practice of separate authentication should be reevaluated, the mainframe must be integrated with enterprise security controls.

    Join us on this webinar to:

    • Hear real world examples
    • See a live demo
    • Learn how customers are using MFA for both the enterprise and mainframe applications
  • Top Takeaways from the 2020-21 World Quality Report (session 1) Recorded: Nov 10 2020 55 mins
    Malcolm Isaacs, Head of Product Marketing, Functional Testing Portfolio, Micro Focus
    The World Quality Report 2020-21 (WQR) has launched! This annual report is the only global study that analyzes responses from over 1750 QA/testing managers, CIOs, and other IT Professionals in 32 countries, across ten industry sectors, and discusses the trends shaping QA and testing today, along with recommendations for addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

    This year’s report highlights an increase in expectations from QA, such as supporting business growth and ensuring end-user satisfaction.

    Join us as we discuss all the key findings from this year’s report, including:
    • Agile and DevOps adoption is steadily increasing, resulting in QA teams becoming orchestrators of quality
    • AI adoption is increasing, but more progress remains to be made
    • Automation momentum has risen throughout the QA lifecycle, but benefits aren’t being fully realized
    • The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation programs, pushing organizations to improve their approach to QA
  • IT Ops Tech Talk - Sharepoint Challenges Solved Recorded: Nov 10 2020 25 mins
    David Wallace | Aodran Breathnach | Micro Focus
    Indulge yourself. Grab your morning coffee and take a quick, 20-minute break with Micro Focus IT operations management experts, partners, and industry thought-leaders.

    During this coffee-break-length session our engaging host David Wallace, director of Micro Focus ITOM UKI, interviews Aodran Breathnach, as they discuss the challenges and frustrations that is experienced with SharePoint sites – Expensive developers, long content publishing cycles, corporate branding enforcement issues, and many more.

    Luckily, during this 20 minute chat with David, Aodran offers a new perspective on how to simplify and speed-up the development of Sharepoint sites for improved ROI.

    Watch on-demand today and maximize your sharepoint management.
  • Adapting to New Realities: Running and Transforming IT at the Same Time Recorded: Nov 10 2020 58 mins
    Shawn Fitzgerald, IDC, Richard Carpenter, Micro Focus and Joe Garber, Micro Focus
    The current COVID-19 pandemic has altered how societies, economies, and businesses operate in the near- to mid-term. Digital transformation (DX) is even more relevant and germane as organizations are now being forced by macro-economic factors to be more competitive and as digital ways of working are becoming the new normal.

    Join this webinar to learn about a “high tech and low drama” approach to Digital Transformation and how your organization can be more resilient.
  • Analytics Accelerate (Securely) into the Cloud Recorded: Nov 3 2020 61 mins
    Sid Dutta and Rich Gaston, Micro Focus Voltage
    Today, every enterprise is a data company, collecting, storing, and processing high-value data for insights and innovation. But traditional IT is not flexible or scalable enough to manage the explosion of data at rest, in transit, and in use in analytics platforms and data lakes. Forward-looking enterprises are using data-centric security to protect privacy and unleash the power of secure analytics.

    With the expansion and overhead of IT infrastructure, the cloud becomes an easy choice for its virtually infinite scale, on-demand provisioning, high availability, and many other advantages. But frequent data breaches in the cloud mean security and privacy concerns are also increasing – and presenting barriers to rapid cloud adoption.

    Learn how businesses are removing the obstacles to data protection and privacy in the cloud. Join us for this webcast to understand how to:
    • Simplify the acceleration of analytics into cloud environments through cloud-agnostic, data-centric protection
    • Provide faster decision support and add business value while dramatically reducing the risk of data breach and privacy non-compliance in multi-cloud deployments
    • Take advantage of native cloud services for ETL, object storage, streaming, data lakes, visualization, data discovery, catalog, and other services – all seamlessly integrated with data-centric security
  • IT Ops Tech Talk - How to Improve the User Experience Recorded: Oct 21 2020 22 mins
    David Wallace | Emily Martin | Micro Focus
    Indulge yourself. Grab your morning coffee and take a quick, 20-minute break with Micro Focus IT operations management experts, partners, and industry thought-leaders.

    During this coffee-break-length session our engaging host David Wallace, director of Micro Focus ITOM UKI, interviews Emily Martin, as they discuss the challenge resulting from the ‘new norm’ is simple–do more with less.

    From an IT Operations perspective, it is about obtaining optimum value from your existing software, ensuring that changes to working practices are understood and planned, and how to fully engage your customers to make the most of your organisation’s software investment.

    Join David and Emily for this quick 20 minute chat, as they explore how how to improve your user experience to realize your business objectives.
  • SecOps in 2020: Insights from the SOC Recorded: Oct 20 2020 60 mins
    Steve Piper, CEO, CyberEdge Group and Mark Fernandes, Chief SecOps Strategist, Micro Focus
    The upcoming 2020 State of Security Operations Report, with insights collected from over 400 IT security professionals across the globe, will offer a unique perspective into how security operations has changed during this unusual year.

    Join us for this webinar with CyberEdge Group CEO Steve Piper and Micro Focus Chief SecOps Strategist Mark Fernandes as they discuss the results of the report, with a particular focus on people, processes, business perspective, and technology. We’ll also cover MITRE ATT&CK usage, cloud security migration, and the unique SecOps challenges brought on by COVID-19.

    We look forward to having you join us.
  • Building Business Resilience with Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Recorded: Oct 15 2020 61 mins
    Charles Betz, Forrester; Conan de Faoite, FireEye; Charl Joubert, University of Pretoria; Vesna Soraic, Micro Focus
    An increasingly volatile environment is challenging service support organizations worldwide. Trends to remote work combined with high expectations for responsiveness make delivering services more difficult than ever. Employees need not only IT services, but also seamless access to business services such as HR and supply chain. Furthermore, as organizations become increasingly digitally dependent, the resilience of their systems becomes ever more important. The modern organization must be able to rapidly identify issues and dispatch the right teams to fix them, in environments of growing complexity.

    Come to this webinar and learn:

    • How ESM is centrally positioned to support the knowledge worker
    • The impact of COVID-19 on the service desk
    • How digital organizations are adapting to the new normal, and keeping their systems available
  • #COBOL60: Then, Now and Next Recorded: Oct 14 2020 66 mins
    Russell Hollick, SYSPRO, Dr. Lisa Landgraf, Educator, Bob England, Consultant and Ed Airey, Micro Focus
    It’s time to celebrate the remarkable journey that the COBOL language has taken over the past 60 years. Join Micro Focus and special guests for an entertaining and expert panel discussion that explores both the past, present and future of this legendary language. Pose your questions to this group as we tackle many familiar and modern industry topics across technology, education and community. Gain access to the latest resources supporting #COBOL60 including next generation of COBOL technology. Don’t miss this capstone event for #COBOL60. We’ll see you there!
  • The new—and secure—approach to the software development lifecycle Recorded: Oct 14 2020 36 mins
    Scott Leetch, Application Security Specialist UK&I and Simon Howard, Application Security Pre-sales Consultant, Micro Focus
    Turn on the news today, and you’ll see how hacks and other cyber threats are wreaking havoc on businesses across the globe. What you might not know is that 84% of security breaches exploit vulnerabilities at the application layer. And almost 79% of applications contain at least one critical or high vulnerability.

    While the statistics are staggering and application security awareness is increasing, there is still a continued challenge to reduce the friction between development and security to enable developers to build new applications better and faster, while also ensuring that the applications are secure.

    Join us for this session to look at new approaches to the software development lifecycle (SDLC)—a new SDLC that looks holistically at the software development process and integrates security testing from beginning to end.

    We’ll draw on the knowledge of our AppSec Experts and provide real-world use cases that clarify and reinforce the need for a rapid transition to a holistic approach to application security.
  • The Future of DevOps: Beyond Continuous Delivery Recorded: Oct 13 2020 38 mins
    Julian Fish, Director, Product Management and Mark Levy, Director, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    With over 77% of Enterprises undergoing some form of DevOps transformation, many are questioning the value that their transformation is providing. How do enterprises switch from a technology-centric mindset to a transformative mindset, exposing more organizational value and increasing the ROI of expensive change programs?

    Join Mark Levy, Director of Product Marketing and Julian Fish, Director of Product Management in this live webinar as they discuss:
    • Why Agile should extend beyond the scope of software development
    • The challenges introduced by just focusing on “product delivery”
    • Why top performing organizations are exploring value-based product delivery
    • How to overcome organizational inertia and drive business value
  • Behind the Privacy Shield:The Art of Data Protection Recorded: Oct 8 2020 56 mins
    Paolo Balboni - EU ICT, Privacy & Data protection lawyer at ICT Legal Consulting/Tobias Fuertjes –Presales Cons. Data Privacy
    In a globalized digital world, purely national thinking is no longer enough. The flow of data across national borders has become a matter of course and happens in seconds. When the EU-US Privacy Shield was put into effect in 2016, data exchange with the US was placed in a stable state. Now, however, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has overturned the agreement, with immediate effect.

    This means that data exchange with the US is not permitted in many cases, so the time has come for international companies to act. After all, businesses worldwide depend on a functioning international data exchange and, thus, corresponding data protection. How can you:
    •Continue to share data with business partners in the US while reducing regulatory risks?
    •Protect your sensitive data and at the same time not restrict your business partners in their work?
    •Use cloud platforms and CRM systems from US companies more securely?

    The answer? Encryption!

    Join this exciting webinar with data privacy experts to learn how your organization can safely navigate international data exchange. We’ll walk you through practical, relevant use cases to discover answers and the actions you can take:
    •What are the immediate and long-term consequences of the ECJ ruling
    •What the data protection authorities require, which data you should protect, and how
    •How encryption can help you meet legal requirements
    •How encryption must look to meet your business needs

    We look forward to having you join us.
  • Innovative Terminal Emulation for Unisys and Airlines Recorded: Oct 7 2020 56 mins
    Kris Lall and Que Mangus, Micro Focus
    InfoConnect Desktop 17.0 Product Launch

    Join us for the InfoConnect Desktop 17.0. release webinar. InfoConnect Desktop connects desktop and mobile users to Unisys, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, IBM and HP 3000 mainframe systems and it includes print delivery options and software development tools built specifically for the airline industry. Secure, manageable and easy to use, this solutions continually delivers new and better ways of doing business. Attend this webinar to learn the latest in this innovative terminal emulation solution.

    Just a few of the topics covered is this webinar are:
    • Virtualized environments with support for the Windows 10 “Windows as a Service” update
    • Increased security with support for SAML authentication to the Host Access Management & Security Server (MSS)
    • Strengthened security with TLS 1.3 and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) support
    • Modern platform support including Red Hat Linux and its default desktop user experience, GNOME 3
  • Adding Intelligence to Adaptive Access Recorded: Oct 7 2020 62 mins
    Andras Cser, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester and Gireesh Kumar, Sr Product Manager, NetIQ Access Management, Micro Focus
    With so much sensitive information being consumed by remote users, most organizations have some level of an access control strategy in place. Setting access control right is very hard and often results in poor user experience. While the array of potential device and network options used for access creates various blind spots, the one constant metric is the user's behavior. But effective access control is more than having the raw user metrics, but rather leveraging a solution that is simple to set up, use and maintain.

    Join us to learn about intelligent access control:

    • Andras Cser of Forrester will kick off the discussion with real-world examples and observations illustrating why user context needs to play a central role in managing access, and then how User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) helps achieve it.
    • Gireesh Kumar will explain how Micro Focus can automate the assessment of behavioral analytics that finds high-risk access, invokes a higher level of identity verification and/or adjusts the user’s current authorization based on the risk at hand, all in a model that is easy for IT and security teams to apply to their environments.
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  • Presented by: Fil Zanasi, Market Specialist, Financial Services and Chris Masse CTO, HP Enterprise Services Global Data Center Services
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